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Notable Characters Season 2

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Season 2[edit]

Deep in Death

The Double Down

Inventing The Girl

  • Teddy Farrow is a fashion designer that is more interested in his clothes than the death of one of his models.
  • Sierra Goodwin is a rival model of Jenna McBoyd. She was drugging Jenna and hired Will James to send stalker letters to Jenna.
  • Wyatt Monroe is a fashion photographer that would trade the models great pictures for sex
  • Rina: aka Katrina, now a fashion model, used to babysit Alexis

Fool Me Once

  • Patty Schultz was conned out of her life savings. She has been involuntarily placed in a mental hospital several times. Admitted to killing Steven - in her mind ... with a belt sander. She meditates daily about her cats and "killing that son of a bitch Steven".

When The Bough Breaks

Vampire Weekend

  • "Morlok" Morgan Lockerby Thinks he is a vampire, has porphyria (vampire disease) - causes skin blisters in sunlight. He bites Castle, freaking him (Castle) out.
  • Captain Malcolm Reynolds Castle was trying on his "space cowboy" Halloween costume. Alexis reminds him that there are no cows in space.
  • Vampire Mistress Vixen of the Den of Iniquity. She thinks Beckett is "making fun of the vampires".

Famous Last Words

  • Sky Blue the sister of Hayley Blue of the Blue Pill
  • Franco Marquez An obsessed fanboy who dresses up like Hayley Blue

Kill The Messenger

  • Chet Palaburn makes his first "appearance" (we see a picture of his younger self, never saw him in person) by making a friend request to Martha on "MyFace"[sic]
  • Winston Wellesley kept changing his story. He said that he 1) liked Olivia and paid for her funeral, 2) was her father and 3) has been and is gay.
  • Blake Wellesley is running for the Senate, wants to control the investigation (Captain Montgomery slaps him down) and as it turns out is Olivia's father (and he did not know it).

Love Me Dead

  • Paul Cho ex brother in law to Jack Buckley (the victim). He has a "slight fondness for girls:" NOT young girls, NOT fat girls, NOT school girls, but... call girls
  • Norman Jessup, Wordsmith. Convicted of driving a getaway car. Wants to be a locksmith. Castle can't bring himself to press assault charges against him. Is able to get out of Beckett's handcuffs without a key. Castle ends up riding in the back of Beckett's car with him.

One Man's Treasure

  • Mrs. Helen Parker is only notable because of Miss Sarah Reed (real name Lauren Branston). Helen is married to Sam Parker, Sarah is engaged to Jake Holland, but Sam and Jake are the same person (the victim).

The Fifth Bullet

  • Jeremy Preswick was given the name "J" in the precinct because he had amnesia and was at the crime scene. The "Fifth Bullet" was found embedded in the book he was carrying (Crime and Punishment) that saved his life.
  • Tory Westchester is "J's" wife -- not quite -- she faked being his wife. She has been in and out of mental facilities for over 10 years.
  • Emma Carnes is "J"'s actual ex-wife, whose story about the painting they bought on their honeymoon helps lead to the murderer.

A Rose for Everafter

  • Kyra Blaine to Castle she "is the one that got away" and Beckett finds out that "Castle does real"
  • Shelia Blaine is the mother of the bride (Kyra Blaine). Tells Castle: "Figures you would be at the heart of this mess" and "it was never about money, it was about character, which you would know if you had any" (wow, wow, wow).

Sucker Punch

  • Mario Mendoza, aka Turcho, is the Blade Man for the Latin Kings (they push drugs and girls). He was getting tortured (smashed in face, burnt hand, etc) in Rourke's place. He wanted to "keep it real" during the interrogation.
  • Molly was the girlfriend to Jack Coonan (the victim). She knew Jack's reputation - that's one of the things that attracted her to him. Challenges Beckett, saying: "You telling me you never had a thing for bad boys, Kate?" Beckett answers, "No comment"
  • Finn Rourke is a "gangster and runs the Westies out of Hell's Kitchen."
  • Jonny Vong sells a get rich quick real estate program on a late night infomercial. He "lost" his Laotian accent durring interrogation.

The Third Man

  • Mickey Carlson is the newspaper deliver boy that is the "gentleman squatter". He stays in people's homes while they are away, cleans up after himself and leaves "hostess gifts".
  • Noel Du Preez is a pet shop owner who smuggles diamonds inside of snakes and he shoots at Castle.
  • Ms. Langford spills the beans that Castle is on the NY Ledger's "Top 10 Most Eligible Bachelors" and that it says that Beckett is his girlfriend.

Suicide Squeeze

  • Joe Torre as himself. Castle and Joe know and greet each other, Beckett has a serious fangirl moment: "That was Joe frickin' Torre, I have to call my dad!"

The Mistress Always Spanks Twice

  • Lady Irena of owner of Lady Irena's House of Pain (she's also an attorney). She tells Castle that her lipstick is Mistress Red.

Tick, Tick, Tick. – (Part 1)

  • FBI Smart Board and other Gadgets also seen in Boom. Castle loved the stuff from the beginning and Beckett became more impressed the more she saw it work
  • Donald Salt sold his pinky finger for $5,000 to a serial killer and he has an alibi for the murders
  • FBI Agent Jordan Shaw is in charge of the cool gadgets, respects Beckett and is mildly amused by Castle.

Boom – (Part 2)

  • FBI Agent Avery dark and handsome ('nuff said), and very loyal to Agent Shaw. Controls all of the cool gadgets

Wrapped Up In Death

  • Cacaw Te is a Mayan that sent reminders of what happens to grave robbers, has attacked tourists and knows how to "reverse the curse".

The Late Shaft

  • Ellie Monroe was a guest with Castle on the last show of "Bobby Mann Live". She threw herself at Castle (and left her clothes behind) in the name of "comforting" one another, but she just really wanted the role of Nikki Heat in the upcoming movie. What Castle didn't know until later was she was also having an affair with Mr. Weisberg, the president of the network because she wanted a role in one of his sitcoms.
  • Kayla Marks a young (low 20's) intern on Bobby Mann Live was having an affair with (married with several ex-wives) Bobby.

Den of Thieves

  • Ike Thornton was Esposito's old partner at the 54th precinct when Ike was "murdered" by orders of Victor Racine. Ike had faked his death and went underground because he knew he was being set up. Has been working to put Racine out of business since then.

Food To Die For

  • Madison Queller is a high school friend of Beckett. When Beckett breaks up Madison's date with Castle, Madison tells Beckett "you want to make little Castle babies with him ..."
  • Jennifer Wong was the final competitor to Wolf in Kitchen Wars NY; she lost to him and threatened to kill him.
  • Sandra Meyers says "Food turns me on, not as a sex toy, but the sensual act of cooking..." . She says that her husband uses enough sleeping pills at night that "she could shoot porn in the living room and he wouldn't know it".
  • Wesley Slade is a bookie. Hypothetically speaking, let's say that he made book for Wolf and he owed Slade a LOT of money. Wolf needed some "encouragement" and Slade's boys gave the "encouragement" and took the engagement ring for "incentive" - hypothetically speaking, of course. Wolf paid off his debt and got the ring back.
  • Domingo Verdugo is a line chef for Wolf, caught trying to leave the country with $5,000. Has enough scars on his face to make you believe he could be a killer.


  • Benny is a clerk at a sleazy hotel. Found a bag with $75,000 in it and headed to an Atlantic City casino for a weekend of gambling and girls and blew it all. "It was the best three days of my life."
  • Rebecca Strong is a lab tech at Damian Wilder's company. When questioned, she answered in "girl cry talk" that Beckett was able to "translate" for Castle.

A Deadly Game

  • Hans Brauer plays Spy-Venture role of a tough, high-up secret government operative.
  • Designate 145, real name: Andrea Fisher, plays Spy-Venture role of French Intelligence. She was having an affair with Roger Farraday (victim).
  • Lee Copley: Roger Farraday's business partner. He was having an affair with Roger's wife
  • Mrs. Melinda Farraday "I love my house too much to get a divorce". Was having an affair with Lee Copley (Roger Farraday's business partner)