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Notable Characters Season 1

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Season 1[edit]

Flowers For Your Grave

  • Stephen J. Cannell: (as himself) one of Castle's author poker playing buddies. Also appeared in Deep in Death, A Deadly Game
  • James Patterson: (as himself) one of Castle's author poker playing buddies. Also appeared in Deep in Death, A Deadly Game
  • Officer / Detective Frank McNulty: whenever you thought you should see Det. Kevin Ryan but didn't.

Nanny McDead

  • Howard Peterson: employer of the dead nanny, is having an affair - just not with the nanny
  • Claudia Peterson: employer of the dead nanny. Answers all questions directed at her husband. Lies to Beckett - because she was working on her divorce with her attorney
  • Brent Johnson: ex boyfriend of Sara Manning (the dead nanny). He's young and very nervious
  • Ian Harris: musician. the guy doinking the nannies while his wife was out.

Hedge Fund Homeboys

The remaining friends - they all lied about several aspects of the case...
  • Amanda: She used to be with Donny, but now with Brandon. She took the video of the shooting
  • Romy: She ID'ed the drug dealer in the line up, but lied about him being the one that shot Donny
  • Spenser: Beckett says: "Your gun, Your bullets, You Did It" -- but he did not do it
. . .
  • Mrs. Falcigno: fur coat lady with the "typical NY accent" and saw someone running in the park after the shooting. She yells over to Esposito: "Hey detective, get over here." Esposito: "You recognize someone?" Mrs. F: "No I miss your sparkling personality. This is the guy" (pointing to a picture in a book). Esposito: "You sure?" Mrs F: "You want to give me a lie detector?"
  • Kent Scoville: Beckett gets him to put himself in the park, running and then with the victim (Castle is way impressed). He's a drug dealer and during a "perp walk" Romy accuses him of shooting Donny.
  • Ian Yankman: Is Kent Scoville's attorney. "If past is prologue, then how are we doing on reconsideration" (WTF does this mean!). And it appears that he has the hots for Beckett (doh!)

Hell Hath No Fury

  • Bruce Kirby: private investigator, caught blackmailing Jeff Horn. Additionally, he criticized Castle's writing in his book: "In a Hail of Bullets"

A Chill Goes Through Her Veins

  • Sheriff Sloan: could not "think outside of the box" in Melanie Cavanagh's disappearance. Was annoyed that Beckett was "Monday morning quarterbacking" him.
  • Kevin Henson: the boyfriend of Melanie Cavanagh that Beckett and Castle interrogate in prison

Always Buy Retail

  • Meredith: Castle's first ex-wife and mother of Alexis Castle. Known as the Deep Fried Twinkie.

Home is Where the Heart Stops

  • Evan Mitchell: a breaking and entering thief, provided a bump key to a thug/thief. Opened up to Castle and told him how the thug operates and gave a description (sketch). Captain Montgomery knows his grandfather and father - because they are criminals too.
  • Caine Powell: a "ghost", cat burger, thief, handsome and charming. Castle based a character on him in a book and "put him out of business".


  • Lee Wax: author of several true crime novels. Castle says is "morally responsible" for Allison Goldman / Cynthia Dern's death.

Little Girl Lost

  • Will Sorenson: FBI agent, former boyfriend of Beckett, asked for her to work with him on the kidnapping case

A Death in the Family

  • Jacey Goldberg: "the elephant woman", addicted to plastic surgery. Her alibi was that she was in the hospital having more plastic surgery ...um... "down there".
  • Jimmy "the Rat Moran aka Jimmy Pretty: Federal witness in a mob case. Beckett and Castle scare him out of testifying. The mob killed his plastic surgeon while looking for him.
  • Owen: Takes Alexis to the Junior Senior Prom. First boyfriend to Alexis.
  • Candace "Hard Candy" Robinson: Assistant US Attorney - she makes mobsters cry.
  • Sal: a capo of a mob family. Greeted Castle saying "Richard-frigging-Castle. Master of the macabre. What brings you down off your cloud of money?" This was after he told his muscle to take him out back and kill him.