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Nathan Fillion

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A veteran of television, film, and theater, Nathan Fillion plays the title character of famous murder mystery writer Richard Castle on Castle. He is probably best known for his roles in Joss Whedon's short-lived television show Firefly (and the subsequent film Serenity) and his internet miniseries Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, as well as a brief stint on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He got his start on the TV soap opera One Life to Live.

When he read the script for Castle, he immediately knew he would be perfect for the part, so, unlike anything he has done in the past, he went into the audition and told the producers to "Stop looking. I am this guy."[1] His co-star Susan Sullivan, who plays his character's mother Martha Rodgers, said "The thing that makes Nathan so good is that he reveals so much of himself through the character that he plays. His sweet side, his selfish side, his impatient side. It’s kind of all there. He uses himself very fully on this show."[2]

He has a reputation as a gentleman, and as being very loyal to former co-stars and directors with whom he has enjoyed working. Several actors and actresses with whom he has worked previously have appeared on Castle at his invitation, including Dana Delany. He also is known as a practical joker. Co-star Tamala Jones was an unfortunate victim when Nathan convinced an actor playing a dead body to suddenly pop up during one of her scenes and wave and speak to her, scaring her quite a bit. He has also replaced cast mates' real pens with special pens that give electric shocks and how he once kissed a particularly grotesque mannequin "just to gross people out."[3] Rumors also exist that he enjoys gluing coffee mugs to desks.

Castmate Seamus Dever says he is "a lot more like his character on Castle than he cares to admit. He's jovial and he's fun." [4] Tamala Jones observes that he is a sensitive man, as evidenced by his being an animal-lover: "Nathan rescued a cat, Spartacus...and it got very sick...You almost saw Nathan swell up with tears when he thought that the cat was going to die. And Spartacus has made it through and he’s very healthy. But Nathan is a very sensitive man and that’s what people don’t know. And that’s why we all love him so much in Castle because some of that comes across. You know, in the family scenes with his mom and daughter you see that caring part of him but you don’t really know how deep it is. He’s very kind and very sensitive about life in general and I love that about him."[5] Jon Huertas told Bollyspice.com "Nathan is probably one of the most giving, generous people that I’ve ever worked with. He’s always got a gift for someone, and he’s always looking out for if you need something. He’ll do it, he’ll get it. He’ll help you."[6]


  • Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • DOB: 27 March 1971
  • Height: 6′1″ (187cm)
  • Hair colour: Brown
  • Eye colour: Blue

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  • Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Sea of Monsters - Hermes, 2013
  • Wonder Woman (Animation – DTV) - Voice: Col Steve Trevor, 2008
  • Trucker - Runner, 2008
  • Waitress - Dr. Pomatter, 2007
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  • Slither - Chief Bill Pardy, 2006
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  • Outing Riley - Luke Riley, 2004
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  • Saving Private Ryan - James "Minnesota" Ryan, 1998
  • Strange and Rich (TV Movie) - 1994
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TV Series[edit]

  • Castle – Rick Castle, 2009-present (all episodes)
  • Robot Chicken – Episode 'Losin' the Wobble' (2007): The Flash/Roger Brown/Worker/Announcer (voices); Episode 'We Are a Humble Factory' (2009): Harry S. Stamper/Matt Trakker/Rick Berman (voices)
  • Desperate Housewives – Adam Mayfair (11 episodes), 2007-2008 (Season 4)
  • One Life to Live – Joey Buchanan (2 episodes), 2007
  • Drive – Alex Tulley, 2007 (6 episodes)
  • Lost – Kevin Callis, 2006 (1 episode)
  • Justice League – Vigilante, 2005-2006 (2 episodes)
  • Miss Match – Adam Logan, 2003 (6 episodes)
  • Firefly – Captain Malcolm ‘Mal’ Reynolds, 2002-2003 (all episodes)
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Caleb (5 episodes), 2003 (Season 7)
  • Pasadena – Rev. Glenn Collins (3 episodes), 2002
  • Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place – Johnny Donnelly (60 episodes), 1998-2001
  • King of the Hill – Frisbee Guy (voice) (1 episode), 2001
  • The Outer Limits – Michael Ryan (1 episode), 1999
  • Maggie Winters – Ronald (1 episode), 1998
  • Total Security – Troy Larson (1 episode)
  • Spin City – Guy (1 episode), 1996
  • One Life to Live – Joey Buchanan (2 episodes), 1994-1997


  • Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog (Internet Series) – Captain Hammer, 2008
  • Halo 3 (Video Game, Voice) – Sergeants, 2007
  • Jade Empire (Video Game, Voice) – Gao the Lesser, 2005


  • The Reluctant Resurrection – Edmonton Fringe Festival
  • One For the Road – ACME Theater


  • Featured in People Magazine's 2010 Sexiest Men of the Year issue
  • Co-star Molly C Quinn considers him her on set father since her own father is back in Texas.[1]
  • So enjoyed working on the TV show Firefly, that he frequently inserts subtle references (sometimes called Easter eggs) to the show into episodes.
  • Also inserts personal creative little sayings or gestures into episodes ("Nathanisms").
  • According to Molly C. Quinn, in addition to being something of a gadget-phile, he collects hi-tech flashlights in various shapes, sizes, and colors.[2]
  • Rescued a large cat named Spartacus with whom he shares his house.
  • Lost his hearing in his left ear in 1973.[7]


At the 2012 People's Choice Awards, Nathan was honored as the Favorite TV Drama Actor, based on online fan voting. In his acceptance speech, he thanked the crew of Castle in particular and, of course, the fans, in addition to his family, publicist, agent, and cast mates. He also was profusely grateful for daytime television soap operas, where he got his start: "I've never worked so hard. I've never worked so much. I've never worked with so many experienced actors who were willing to teach, who were willing to impart their experience and their wisdom and what they've learned and the mistakes they've made. It was all there for the asking. I could never have dreamed it would be so good. I could never have asked for it to be so good. I will never forget any of those people. I'm going to get weepy thinking about it. I'm here because of them."[8]

He was also nominated for a 2009 Satellite Award for playing Castle.


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