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Nanny McDead

Nanny McDead
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Basic Details[edit]

Season 1, Episode 2 (2)

Original Air Date - March 16, 2009


Castle and Beckett investigate the murder of a young nanny found dead in a laundry room dryer and Beckett opens Castle's eyes to another side of her personality.

Episode Images[edit]

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Main Cast[edit]

Guest Cast[edit]

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  • Ama’ri – Nanny Kid
  • Jayne Brook – Claudia Peterson
  • Jason Brooks – Ian Harris
  • Claudia Choi – Video Tech
  • Sarah Drew – Chloe Richardson
  • Michael Graziadei – Brent Johnson
  • Melinda Page Hamilton – Diana Harris
  • Rodney J. Hobbs – Worker
  • Eamon Hunt – Frank Garrison
  • Ken Lerner – Lawyer
  • Len Lesser – Elderly Man
  • George Newbern – Howard Peterson
  • Lony’e Perrine – Bethany




Police Lawyer: Mr. Castle, be advised if you get injured following Detective Beckett to research your next novel, you cannot sue the city. If you get shot, you cannot sue the city. If you get killed-
Castle: My lifeless remains cannot sue the city?
Lawyer: Your heirs, Mr. Castle.
Beckett: Do I have to wait for him to sign or can I shoot him now?

Beckett: So?
Ryan: Mrs. Rosenberg, 9E here, comes down to put her clothes in the dryer, finds it’s occupied, comes down a half an hour later and she’s had enough. Decides to take matters into her own hands.
Beckett: Come on, you’re telling me an old lady killed someone over a busy dryer?
Ryan: What? No, she’s just tired of waiting around. So, she opens up the dryer to take the other person's clothes out. Finds Miss Fluff and Fold here instead.
Esposito: If that’s not a cautionary tale about poking around someone’s laundry, I don’t know what is.
Ryan: Dude, there is an etiquette involved. If the clothes were dry, Mrs Rosenberg had every right to put them in the basket. Now, if you're going to tell me that she folded them, then it gets a little creepy.
Esposito: I’m sorry, but if someone starts rooting around in my underwear without an invitation, I’m taking it as a serious breach of hygiene.
Beckett: I thought you went commando, Esposito?
Esposito: Well. It’s a seasonal thing.

Beckett: Exactly how much longer do I have to expect you to shadow me on cases like this?
Castle: It’s hard to say. When I’m writing a new character it’s hard to tell when inspiration might strike.
Beckett: I thought I was your inspiration.
Castle: Oh, you are, Detective, and in so many ways.
Beckett: Yeah, well, your inspiration might strike you sooner than you might think.

Castle: Are you really the one who has to call her parents?
Beckett: Easier to write about than to live through, huh, Castle?

Castle: Three men huddled around a computer, that better not be porn. And if it is, I want in.

Castle: What about the guy in 8B?
Beckett: Who?
Castle: 8B. Quiet guy, you see him everyday, only you never notice him. He noticed Sarah, she’s young. Beautiful. The kind of girl a guy like him would never have the chance with. (Looking at Beckett) We all know girls like that, don’t we? Well, first it’s just a game, figure out her schedule. When does she do her laundry? When is she alone? Then it becomes something more, something that he can’t control. He uses the stairs obviously, to avoid the elevator's cameras, and then he just waits. Concealed in the shadows and when she comes in to that laundry room, he pounces. And when he looked into her vacant lifeless eyes, he wanted to tell her, he never meant to kill her. All he ever wanted was to be noticed. That’s when he felt the heat of that dryer on his skin. So, he picks up her limp body in his arms and gently places it inside. He almost smiled at his good fortune when he found a quarter in his pocket, slipping it in to the slot, buying him time, to do what he does best…disappear. Just saying, better story. Coffee?
Capt. Montgomery: Let's see what we can find out about those neighbors. And someone better tell me who the hell lives in 8B.

Castle: Where is Hurricane Martha?
Alexis: In her room, taking a dramatic pause.

Alexis: How come we never had a nanny?
Castle: Well, your mother and I decided if someone was going to screw you up, we wanted it to be me. Only you managed to turn out fine somehow anyway.
Alexis: Surprisingly.
Martha: Is that the prodigal son I hear return from working the night shift? Catch any 'perps' today, kiddo? I did an NYPD Blue once, remember?

Alexis: You were the crazy homeless woman.
Castle: And some might say still are.

Martha: You know, not everybody can sit at home in front of a laptop and claim to be employed.
Alexis: Really? You had a nanny?
Castle: Yeah, only we didn’t call them nannies then.
Alexis: What were they called?
Castle: Oh I don’t know? Alcoholics? Raving lunatics? No, no, no, wait, completely irresponsible middle-aged women who, instead of looking after me while you were acting, like they were supposed to, instead watched daytime television.

Castle: Okay. Gotta go, I would say don’t wait up but you'll be asleep by eleven.
Alexis: Ten thirty, it’s a school night.
Castle: (To Martha) Are you sure she’s got either one of our genes?

Lanie: But what I thought you might find really interesting is the fact that she had sex within the hours before her death.
Beckett: Sex?
Castle: I’ll explain how that works later.
Lanie: Might even have been within a few minutes of the murder, the heat from the dryer makes it hard to pinpoint.
Beckett: So you're saying she was raped?
Lanie: Hard to determine, there were no vaginal lacerations or presence of any semen.
Beckett: So what's the evidence of sex?
Lanie: Traces of spermicide. The guy wore a condom.
Beckett: Condom?
Castle: Boy, it really has been a long time for you, hasn't it?

Beckett: (About a suspect’s voicemail messages left on his ex’s cell phone) There's plenty more of those.
Castle: Yep, they make Alec Baldwin's messages sound like rainbows and unicorns.

Castle: "Don't leave town"? Don't you need probable cause for something like that?
Beckett: He doesn't know that, does he?
Castle: You can lie like that? That is so cool.

Beckett: You used to take your daughter to the park?
Castle: Spring, summer, fall we were here every day. Alexis's mom was doing community theater. She was on the road a lot, so I had custody. What?
Beckett: Nothing, I just never figured you for Mister Mom.
Castle: Some of the best days of my life.
Beckett: That's actually kinda nice.
Castle: Yeah, tell me about it. Do you know how many lonely single mothers there are in a Manhattan playground? And there I was between marriages.
Beckett: Exactly how many times have you been married Castle?
Castle: Twice.
Beckett: That's it?
Castle: Isn't that enough? How about you?
Beckett: Me? No. Never been.
Castle: Really?
Beckett: Yep.
Castle: You'd be good at it. You're both controlling and disapproving. You should really try it.
Beckett: I'm not an 'if at first you don't succeed' kind of a girl, Castle. When it comes to marriage I'm more of a "one and done" type.

Castle: You suspected him too?
Beckett: The husband? Duh!
Castle: You would really clean up at my poker game.
Beckett: Right, you, James Patterson, and the rest of The Times Best Seller list. No thank you, Castle. A little too rich for my blood.
Castle: We could always make it strip poker.
Beckett: Sorry, but I prefer mystery to horror.

Peterson: (About his affair) First of all. It’s not what you think.
Castle: When is it ever?

Beckett: Great, so all we have is a cheating husband with a possible alibi and no cell phone to run the perp's finger prints.
Ryan: I got something better.
Beckett: Please tell me it's that the mayor wants him out of here.
Castle: Have you ever noticed how she gets a little grumpy when she doesn’t have a suspect?

Ryan: Guess who wasn't where they say they were when Sarah Manning was killed?
Beckett: Who?
Ryan: Come on, you gotta guess.
Beckett: Ryan. Ryan, I'm not guessing.
Ryan: You're a killjoy, you know that.
Castle: Exactly what I've been telling her.
Beckett: (Looks at the post-it which Ryan has handed her) No way.
Ryan: Pretty good huh? Told you, you should have guessed.

Castle: Don’t worry about it. You’re not young enough.
Neighbor: Young enough for what?
Castle: To have sex.
Neighbor: What kind of cops did you say you were?
Beckett: He’s not a cop. I’m a cop.
Neighbor: And you’re looking for someone to have sex with?
Beckett: (She notices a little girl down the hall) Castle, look. (To the neighbor) So sorry to bother you.
Neighbor: Seventy-seven ain't beyond the realm of possibility, ya know!

Beckett: We're running a test on the condoms we found in your medicine cabinet.
Castle: Ho ho, now there's something you never want to hear.

Esposito: Whoa, what about him?
Beckett: He stays here.
Castle: Whoa, no, come on, I already signed my life away, what more can you want?
Beckett: Okay, Castle, but it's accompany and observe, not participate and annoy. Got it?
Castle: "Participate and annoy" is much more fun, but all right.

Castle: So, looks like I made it through the case without getting injured, shot or killed.
Beckett: Yeah well, maybe tomorrow?
Castle: By the way, I really like that whole sisterhood thing you ran back there.
Beckett: I wasn't running anything, Castle. What that guy did had consequences only he'll just get to walk away.
Castle: Well not scot-free. I sense a pretty big divorce settlement in his future.
Beckett: Whatever it is, it won't be enough.

Alexis: Dad, thanks for being my nanny.
Castle: No sweat, kiddo.


  • Castle starts seeing the reality of murder and all of the people it touches
  • When Beckett shows her badge, you can see it's number is 0334

Full Episode Recap[edit]

We open to an apartment bedroom and underneath the bedroom a cell phone is found ringing. Going down to the laundry room of the same building we see a woman's body in the dryer as the dryer is running.

Richard Castle is seen working on paperwork with the New York Police Department lawyer. The lawyer stating that by signing these papers that he agrees that if he is in anyway injured, shot or killed, he nor his heirs can sue the city of New York. Detective Kate Beckett is in the room wanting to shoot Castle and gets a phone call regarding the body in the dryer. She leaves Castle at the precinct because he has paperwork.

Detectives Javier Esposito and Kevin Ryan are at the scene where Ryan tells Beckett how the body was discovered by an elderly woman who was tired of waiting for the owner of the clothes to empty it out. Esposito and Ryan get into an argument regarding the etiquette of the laundry room. The victim's name is Sara Manning and she is a nanny for one of the families in the building. Beckett is heading upstairs to talk to the family Sara worked for, the Petersons, and sees Castle waiting for her as she steps out of the elevator having been informed by Captain Roy Montgomery

The Petersons tell Castle and Beckett how wonderful Sara is with their son and tells them their routine (that Sara picks up their son after school at 2 PM and that she started her day at 11 AM) and that one or the other is always at home in time for dinner, and last night it was the husband's turn making him the last person to see Sara. Castle ask if Sara had any problems in her life specifically any problems with a boyfriend. The Peterson mention that Sara had a boyfriend, Brent, but they broke up and Sara never mentioned any problems with him. Beckett ask for Sara's parent's contact information but Peterson's don't know but Sara's bag is at the apartment and Beckett ask to take it with her. Beckett and Castle leave the apartment.

Castle asks why Beckett didn't ask more questions and Beckett responds that she wants to investigate herself first. Beckett sorts through Sara's bag and notices that there is no cell phone but finds Sara's Georgia license. And Castle asks if Beckett has to be the one to call the parents. Back at the precinct, Esposito, Ryan and Montgomery are looking through the security video of the rear elevator camera. Sara is seen going down the elevator to take the clothes to the washer, comes back to the elevator to go back to the apartment and forty minutes later goes back down to put the clothes into the dryer, yet is never seen going back up. And that nobody else is seen using the elevators until the old lady who found Sara, concluding that Sara's killer used the stairwell.

Ryan said that there was three maintenance workers on duty that day and that they will be running the names, Castle ask why just those names and not all the neighbors and Castle mentions that nobody really knows their neighbors that well in the city and uses the Son of Sam neighbors as an example and that a neighbor would make for a better story. Castle starts a story about someone living in 8B who is a quiet guy who doesn't get notice but he notices Sara and she is type of girl who he can't have and starts stalking her knowing her schedule and goes to the laundry room to talk to her but kills her and puts her in the dryer. The detectives are enchanted by Castle's story and Captain says to run all the names of the neighbors and to find out who lives in 8B.

At Castle's loft Alexis Castle is cleaning up after dinner which her grandmother, Martha Rodgers, cooked. Alexis asked who got killed and Castle says the nanny. Alexis ask why they didn't have a nanny and Castle said that he parents decided that if anyone was going to screw up Alexis it would be him but Alexis turned out fine anyway. Martha makes an entrance and Alexis told her that they were talking about why she didn't have a nanny and Castle says he spared Alexis the story of all the nannies he had growing up. Castle complained that the nannies were irresponsible that instead of looking out for him were watching daytime television. Beckett calls Castle to met him somewhere regarding the case.

Castle and Beckett arrive at the morgue and Medical Examiner Lanie Parish states head trauma contributed to Sara's death because the force of the blows caused cerebral hemorrhaging. Sara was struck with the bleach bottle, fell forward and hit her temple at the edge of the table which caused temporal bleeding. Lanie mentioned that what was interesting is that Sara had sex before she was killed because there was traces of spermicide meaning the guy wore a condom and that Sara knew the guy.

Since there is no evidence of trauma and the fact that the guy wore a condom Beckett is reluctant to call the attacker a sexual predator. Captain ask where are they on the search of the cell phone and her service provider located the cell phone somewhere at or near the building. The phone records show that in the past two months there has been a dozen of incoming calls from the same number, which was a prepaid number and that the phone calls stopped a couple of weeks before she was murdered but, the outgoing calls stopped even before that meaning that she didn't want to talk to the person and that she was letting it get to voice-mail.

They find the ex-boyfriend Brent Johnson and Beckett and Castle question Brent. Brent mentions that he and Sara broke up a month ago and that it was mutual decision, however Castle plays the messages that Brent left on Sara's cell phone indicating that the break up was not mutual and that Sara was seeing someone else. The person who told Brent about Sara was another friend name Chloe Richardson and that Brent was at his job the day Sara was killed. Chloe f Castle and Beckett head to the playground where the doorman of the building say the nannies take the kids. Castle mentions that this brings up great memories of when he took Alexis to the playground. Castle mentions that he was between marriages at the time and that he had custody of Alexis because her mom was on the road a lot. Beckett ask how many times Castle has been marriage and he response to twice. Castle ask Beckett if she ever been marriage and she said no and that when it comes to marriage she is the "one and done" type person.

Castle and Beckett question Chloe and Chloe mentions how she got Sara the job with the Petersons. Chloe mentions that they sometimes get coffee before work and walk to work together and that they got coffee that day. Castle mentions that Chloe knew Sara was seeing someone else. Chloe says that Sara sometimes stay late at the Peterson and that they use to get off at the same time and catch the train together since they only live a few blocks away. In the past few months that the only time Sara stayed late at the Peterson was when it was Mr. Peterson's turn to be home for dinner.

Castle and Beckett go and talk to the Mr.Peterson. Beckett has alway suspected the husband but she wanted more details so she can ask more specific questions. Mr. Peterson admitted to having an affair but it wasn't with Sara but another woman at his work. And that he wasn't home the nights he was suppose to and that he called the house to check in and see if Sara was okay. Brent's alibi checks out and Ryan finds out that Mrs. Peterson wasn't where she said she was the day Sara was killed and that Mrs. Peterson's office said that she was unreachable when the school called that day. Mrs. Peterson knows about the affair because Sara told her and that the day of the murder she was at her lawyers getting ready to divorce her husband and she didn't want her husband to know.

Castle is in front of his laptop and Martha comes in and ask what Castle is doing now. Castle is watching a burned DVD of the security camera video. Martha says that he should stop stealing evidence and that she thought the whole point of following Detective Beckett was to help him to write and Castle said it is called research. Martha mentions that the last Derrick Storm novel better sell well because research doesn't pay the bill. Martha sees the nanny and says what woman in their right mind would allow a pretty woman like that into the house. Alexis comes in and also watches the video. Castle says that Sara had her cell phone when she went down with the laundry but doesn't have it when she goes down to use the dryer. Alexis mentions that it is probably in the apartment where she works but they couldn't find it there. Castle then notice that there is a five second time difference from when she goes to put the clothes in the washer and when she goes to put the clothes in the dryer, but there wouldn't be a difference if she was coming from the same place.

Castle and Beckett are at the elevator and Castle tells Beckett that it takes 32 seconds to go from the 12th floor to the basement but it takes 37 seconds to go from the 15th floor to the basement so, Sara was on the 15th floor when she goes down to the basement to use the dryer. Castle randomly knocks at an apartment door and an old man answers and Castle dismisses him saying he is too old to have sex. Beckett then notices a woman with a child that Chloe takes care of. Beckett tells the woman that the police believe that prior to Sara's death that she was on that floor. The husband comes out of the bedroom and the wife says that he was here that day but the husband can't say whether or not Sara was there due the fact that he was sleeping because he works nights as a musician.

Castle ask to use the bathroom and passes a family portrait that includes Chloe, and Castle pretends to use the bathroom but is really looking around. He opens the cabinet and discovers the condoms. Castle whispers to Beckett about what he finds and then calls Sara's cell phone which rings and Mrs. Harris finds the phone under the bed.

Beckett and Castle interrogate Mr. Harris and he admits that he had sex with Sara on the day that she died and that Sara left the apartment a little before 1 PM and he is sure because everyday Chloe comes back from the park with Rebecca at 1 PM for lunch and that Sara left 10 minutes before Chloe came back with Becca. Mr. Harris lawyer comes in and ends the interrogation. The lab calls the Ryan and informs him the condoms found at Mr. Harris apartment is a match. They are about to pick Chloe up for questioning when they realize they don't have to because the elevator has time stamp. While watching the video they see Chloe using the elevator at 12:54 PM but Beckett realizes that Chloe does not have Becca with her. Chloe knows Sara's schedule and that she would have know that Sara was at the basement during that time.

Beckett and Castle go to Chloe's apartment, but Chloe isn't there. Chloe's roommate tells them that she went into the city because the family called saying that they needed her to babysit. Castle notices the family picture with Chloe except this time Mrs. Harris is cut out of the picture. Beckett realizes that Chloe knew that they took Mr. Harris in for questioning and that she is going after Ian Harris. They go to the apartment and see the door ajar with Ian Harris unconscious and Mrs. Harris and Becca in the bathroom. The doorman calls and that a tenant called saying that there is a girl in the laundry room and she has a knife.

They go down to the basement where Beckett says that Castle shouldn't go in. Beckett talks to Chloe who is rubbing the knife against her leg cutting herself. Beckett lowers her weapon saying she isn't going to shoot anyone and Castle comes in and Beckett says except you Castle if you take another step. Chloe mentions that while he was sleeping with Sara he was also sleeping with Chloe and telling Chloe that he as going to leave his wife for her. Chloe then reveals that she is pregnant. She said that she wanted to talk to Sara and say that her and Ian were in love. She left Becca at the park and went to the apartment to see if it was true because Chloe saw the way Ian was looking at Sara. Chloe got the truth when she saw the state of the bed. While Ian was taking a shower, she went down to talk to Sara. Sara didn't get how Chloe felt about Ian so when Sara turned around Chloe hit her with the bleach bottle and Sara fell. Chloe was scared so she put Sara's body in the dryer. Beckett was able to convince Chloe to put the knife down and Beckett kicks it away and Chloe is arrested and Ian is sent to the hospital.

Castle mentions how he liked the way Beckett did the whole sisterhood thing she ran during the standoff. Beckett said that she wasn't running anything and that what Ian did had consequences but he can just walk away. Castle counters saying not totally and sees a big divorce settlement in Ian's future, but Beckett says that it isn't enough.

Castle is writing on his laptop and Alexis comes in and ask him if he was surprised about who the killer was and he said he is. Alexis tells him it is okay to be surprised sometimes and he response that she surprises him everyday. Alexis tells him thank you for being her nanny, and Castle end ups look at an old photo of him and Alexis at the park when she was a toddler.


Who: Sara Manning
Found: In a clothes Dryer
Where Killed: In the laundry room of her employers apartment
How: Hit on head by a bleach bottle and then hit her head on the table as she was falling down

Killer: Chloe Richardson
Motive: Chloe was having an affair with Ian Harris and so was Sara. Ian and Chloe were "in love" and she wanted Sara out of the way.
Miscellaneous: In the "confession" Chloe had a very large knife and was cutting herself, possibly suicidal.

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