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Murder, He Wrote

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Basic Details[edit]

Season 5, Episode 4 (85)

Original Air Date - October 15, 2012


When Castle whisks Beckett away to his house in the Hamptons for a romantic weekend, neither is expecting a murder victim to stumble onto his property and into his swimming pool. With their curiosities piqued, they agree to help the well-meaning and inexperienced police chief with the investigation while back in the city, Ryan and Esposito lend a hand as well, but are just as determined to uncover the identity of Beckett's mysterious new love interest.

Episode Images[edit]

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Main Cast[edit]

Guest Cast[edit]

  • David Burke - Chief John Brady
  • Brain Howe - Aaron Lerner
  • Don Stark - Vincent Cardano
  • Tamara Braun - Natalia Roosevelt
  • Shane Johnson - Deputy Adam Jones
  • Natacha Roi - Mrs. Franklin
  • J.R. Nutt - Casius McMunus
  • Patrick Robert Smith - Marty Bentley
  • Larry Rippenkroeger - ND Cop
  • Dwight Hicks - Lawyer




Martha: A man says ‘So what are we gonna do for dinner?’ Phfft! He is dead to me.
Castle: Alright. I will make reservations.
Alexis: Somewhere romantic.
Castle: Right.
Martha: And classy, because Kate Beckett is a classy kind of gal, you know?
Castle: Right.
Alexis: Under the stars would be nice!
Martha: Oh, and you know what else you can do under the stars!
Castle: (puts his fingers in his ears) Ok, la la la la la la la la!

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Castle: I thought I’d be fun to be here with you when the clock strikes five. You know, it’s like, New Year’s Eve, except without the kissing for obvious reasons, but there will be plenty of that this weekend.
Beckett: Will you just shut up!
Castle: No one is going to hear me. Look around you! You are in a roomful of detectives and not one of them has a clue. Beckett: Wow, Castle. Thank you for reminding me that I’m lying to a bunch of people I really care about so I don’t get fired on an ethics violation ‘cause I’m dating you.

Castle: I, for one, am offended that you’re not sharing.
Ryan: After all we’ve been through.
Esposito: Yeah, I think we deserve better.
Beckett: You know I have a couple ideas about what you guys deserve.

Ryan: C'mon, Beckett, just give us something. Like, is he handsome?
Castle: Yeah, is he... handsome?
Esposito: Or is he more of a badass?
Castle: (overenthusiastically) Yeah, is that it, Beckett?
Beckett: (rolls her eyes and leaves)
Castle: Is he a bad boy, James Dean? Is he a desperado? (chuckles to himself)

Beckett: It’s just, I can’t help but wondering how many other girls have gotten this tour.
Castle: Right. Well, I’m not gonna deny that I’ve brought other women up here, but none of them were you.

Castle: I’m sure you will find the temperature suitable, but if you would like it any warmer, I can change the temperature or I could just stop talking… (Sees Beckett has dropped her robe and is naked) Oh. You forgot your suit.
Beckett: I know.

Castle: (after a body just fell into his swimming pool) Call 911.
Beckett: D’ya think?

Chief Brady: We’re not interested in your arrangement.
Castle: Chief, Chief, uh, she’s not a-
Beckett: I’m not a prostitute!
Chief Brady: Oh, sure. So, is there anything you’d like to add to Mr. Castle’s statement, Madam? Ma’am?
Beckett: Yes, only that we didn’t hear any gunshots so that probably means that the killer used a silencer.
Chief Brady: Watch a lot of cop shows, do we?

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Lanie: Ok, I get that you don’t have a life, Javi, but you’re married, Kevin, so what’s your excuse?
Ryan: I-
Lanie: Whoever Beckett’s boyfriend is is none of your business.
Espsoito: C’mon, Lanie. You must know who it is. She went back to Josh didn’t she?
Lanie: Is this how you interrogate people, ‘cauase you ain’t doing nothing but pissing me off. Now, I don’t know who it is and I respect Beckett’s privacy, but I do know it’s not Josh because he’s been in the Amazon setting up free clinics for the last year.
Esposito: Are you sure about that? (He sees Lanie’s death glare)
Ryan: I think she’s sure.
Esposito: Yeah.

Ryan: Well, we’re in the morgue with Lanie trying to figure out who Beckett’s boyfriend is.
Lanie: I have nothing to do with this nonsense.
Castle: Yeah, until you’re bagging their mangled bodies when Beckett finds out.

Esposito: Hmmm, that’s a pretty big favor to ask, Castle. We’re gonna need something in return.
Castle: The Ferrari.
Ryan: For a week.
Esposito: Each.
Castle: Seriously? Guys!

Chief Brady: You got a problem with how I do my job?
Castle: No, I would never use those words exactly-
Chief Brady: Oh, well how about these words: you and your hooker friend are under arrest for interfering with my murder investigation. Turn around.
Beckett: Thanks for the drink.
Castle: Cheers.

Beckett: I cannot believe that I let you convince me to get involved in another department's murder investigation.
Castle: Oh, like I had to twist your arm. Besides, does this guy look like he has a guilty conscience to you? (shakes McMurray) He's sleepin like a wittle baby.
Beckett: More like a baby chainsaw.

© 2012-2013 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Chief Brady: I will drop the interference charge if you help out with the investigation.
Castle: Sounds good to me!
Beckett: Excuse me for a second. (They move out of earshot of the Chief) Sounds good? We just spent two hours of our vacation in lockup, isn’t that enough?
Castle: Do you really think we’ll be able to relax without getting any answers? Without getting justice?
Beckett: Fine.

Beckett: And did you ask her about being his mistress?
Chief Brady: No! She didn’t mention that!
Castle: Yeah, suspects tend to hold back on stuff like that.

Beckett: Yeah, well, I don’t understand why they even care.
Castle: Eh, why do people care about Brangelina?
Beckett: Oh, so we’re Brangelina now?
Castle: No. No, no. We’re Ric-kate. No, we’re Kate-ick. Caskett. Ooh, that’s good! The whole murder thing.

Lerner: Everything else I told to Brady and his two consultants.
Ryan: Two consultants?
Lerner: Yeah, yeah, the writer, Castle, and his girlfriend.
Ryan: Girlfriend, wha, what do you mean, girlfriend?
Lerner: What does that matter?
Ryan: Hey! Hey! I’ll ask the questions here, pal! Are you telling me that Richard Castle brought his girlfriend in your interrogation?
Lerner: Yeah.
Ryan: What was her name?
Lerner: I don’t remember.
Ryan: Well, then describe her. Describe her, Lerner! Now!
Lerner: Ok, tall, medium length hair. What’s this about?
Ryan: What color? Give me a hair color.
Lerner: Uh, brown, brown eyes too. I think. Really pretty.
Ryan: Body type?
Lerner: Awesome! I mean awesome. She was like, thin, gorgeous. She was hot, she was really hot. Kate! Name was Kate!
Ryan: Son of a…

Castle: What else did Aaron Lerner say? Did he say anything else about anything else?
Ryan: Oh, you know, the usual I didn’t do it, you got the wrong guy. I’m pretty sure he told me everything he knows.

Castle: So, Chief Brady’s first time pulling his gun.
Beckett: Castle, maybe I should go in there.
Castle: You don’t have a gun.
Beckett: That never stops you.

Esposito: Well, the case in the Hamptons has been solved, but the case of the secret boyfriend remains open. It turns out Beckett’s FBI ex has been stationed in Europe for six months.
Ryan: Huh.
Esposito: What? You got anything?
Ryan: Nah. Nah, I was just thinking we should drop it. Let Beckett’s private life stay private.
Esposito: You mean give up? A real detective never gives up on a case, bro.
Ryan: You know it’s not a real case, right?
Esposito: You’re gonna tell me what a real case is?
Ryan: Uh, last time I checked it’s when there’s a murder.

© 2012-2013 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Castle: You know what’s funny? My cover was that I was coming out here to write and I actually got an idea for a book.
Beckett: Oh, Hamptons Heat. You’re serious about that, huh?
Castle: Well, I already have the story. That’s the hardest part.
Beckett: So do you have an ending yet?
Castle: Well, I had some ideas, but I’m open to suggestions.
Beckett: (seductively) How about this: The weekend hadn’t turned out exactly as Detective Heat had imagined, but now nothing, not even a murder on the beach, could stop her from getting what she desired most.
(Beckett & Castle kiss deeply)
Castle: That’s good.
(They kiss again)
Beckett: Can I get a writer’s credit?
Castle: We’ll talk.
Beckett: Ok.


Featured Music[edit]

  • Longing to belong performed by Eddie Vedder
  • Getaway performed by Latch Key Kid

Full Episode Recap[edit]

Richard Castle steps out of his bedroom, overnight bag in his hand, followed enthusiastically by his daughter, Alexis, and his mother, Martha Rodgers. He plays down his upcoming weekend vacation with Detective Kate Beckett at his house in the Hamptons and reminds them that if she gets a murder in the next half an hour, the trip may be off. Both women chastise him when he admits he hasn’t made any plans, so he promises to make reservations at a classy, romantic restaurant then leaves quickly as his mother hints at more romantic activities for the two of them.

At the precinct, Beckett nervously watches the clock and jumps when Castle sneaks up behind her. He admits he ignored their plan for him to meet her around the corner from the precinct since he wanted to be with her when she got off shift. She warns him that her colleagues will suspect something, but he brushes off her concerns and flirts with her. When the clock finally hits 5, he makes to leave, but is caught by Detectives Kevin Ryan and Javier Esposito. When questioned, he says he was headed to the Hamptons to write and decided to drop by to see if they caught a case. The guys then tease Beckett about her upcoming weekend with her mysterious boyfriend and Castle feigns ignorance, even acts insulted that she refuses to share the man’s identity with him. Ryan and Esposito agree and try to pull information out of her, but she remains tight-lipped. She leaves and Castle follows right behind her, arousing Esposito’s suspicions. He pulls Ryan into the break room and both agree that they owe it to Beckett, as part of her team, to found out who her boyfriend is in case he could be bad news.

Meanwhile, Castle and Beckett make the drive to his Hamptons house. Beckett is blown away by the estate initially, but while being given a tour, becomes insecure about how many other women have also been to the house with Castle. Eventually, she tells him of her worry and he reassures her by taking her hand and saying that the other women he brought to the house weren’t her. She grins and asks to see the swimming pool. That night, as they prepare to go for a swim, Beckett drops her robe to show that she plans on skinny dipping. She then quickly covers herself, saying someone is approaching, and a bloodied man stumbles onto Castle’s property and falls into the pool, dead.

Later, Castle gives a statement to the local police chief, Chief John Brady. He asks Beckett for her name and she provides it, but asks that he keep it out of the public record. He agrees, promising to be discreet and refuses to believe that she is not a prostitute. In an effort to make her point, she adds that since she and Castle heard no gunshots, the killer must have used a silencer, but Chief Brady merely suspects she is a fan of cop shows. Castle asks about the victim’s identity and Chief Brady says he was Randall Franklin, a weekender who attended a beach party nearby earlier that evening. A deputy then knocks and announces that they caught the killer, a drug addict named Cassius McMurray, who was found strung out on the beach with Franklin’s wallet in his pocket. Chief Brady isn’t surprised since drug arrests have doubled in the last six months, but Castle is doubtful. As they lead McMurray away, he asks if they found any blood splatter on his clothes, but the deputy and Chief Brady insist he is the killer. When Castle suggests that McMurray could have found the wallet, Chief Brady bids him a stern goodnight and Castle drops the matter.

The following morning, as Castle and Beckett lay in bed, he continues to turn over the facts of the case in his head. Beckett tells him to let it go since it isn’t their case and that his obsessing will ruin their weekend. To try to get his mind off things, she begins kissing him, only to have him continue thinking out loud. She gives up, figuring they would be able to get on with the weekend unless he gets some answers.

Later, Castle ends a phone call to the host of the party Franklin attended, and tells Beckett he recalls last seeing Franklin having an argument with a woman in a white dress at 8:15p.m., two hours before he died. Beckett reports that Franklin had been involved in an insider trading scandal at Lehman Brothers and testified against five of his former colleagues as part of a plea bargain. Noting their release dates from prison, Castle says any of them had motive to kill him and Beckett says any of the three women could have been who he was arguing with. Castle suggests they talk to Franklin’s wife in the New York City and says he knows exactly who to call for help.

Back in the morgue, Medical Examiner Lanie Parish is aggravated at Ryan and Esposito for poking into Beckett’s private life. The men explain that they think during her suspension, she leaned on one of her exes for support and the relationship grew from there, but she didn’t want them to think her weak, so she kept the name to herself. They ask Lanie about Beckett’s most recent ex, Josh Davidson, but she refuses to talk and grows angrier as they keep pushing her. She does say that it can’t be Josh because he’s been setting up clinics in South America for the last year.

Just then, Ryan’s cell phone rings and he puts Castle on speaker phone to weigh in on their search. When Beckett overhears the conversation, she is surprised and Castle warns them how ticked Beckett will be if she finds out. The guys say they aren’t afraid of her, so she grabs for the phone, but Castle keeps it out of her grasp and tells them about the murder then asks them to question Franklin’s wife. In return, Esposito makes him promise to lend both of them his Ferrari for a week each.

Mrs. Franklin says her husband hadn’t been in touch with his former colleagues and his commercial real estate investments were all that was making them any money. When Ryan and Esposito ask about the woman he was arguing with, she guesses it was his girlfriend.

Castle tells Beckett the girlfriend was Natalia Roosevelt and that Franklin’s wife discovered his affair and told him to go to the Hamptons to break it off. He spins the theory that he complied, they argued on the beach and Natalia killed him out of revenge. Beckett likes the idea, but wonders how they will prove Natalia is the woman Franklin argued with. Castle pulls up the list of party invitees on his laptop and finds Natalia had RSVPed positively. They also notice she is a Town Council member and owner of a popular local bar.

At Natalia’s bar, Castle and Beckett spy Natalia working the room. Beckett suggests he casually bring up the murder to see how she reacts, but Castle promises that he knows what he's doing. They approach Natalia and Castle immediately brings up her argument with Franklin, arousing Natalia’s anger. She calls over her shoulder for Chief Brady, who becomes so angry that Castle is interfering with the investigation that he arrests him and Beckett.

In the local police station lock up, Beckett is incredulous that she let Castle get both of them involved is someone else’s investigation, but he reminds her that she didn’t need much convincing. He also figures Cassius McMurray is innocent since his deep sleeping and snoring is indicative of a clear conscience. A deputy tells them the Chief wants to see them and Beckett stumbles as she heads for the cell door, having forgotten she is handcuffed to a bench.

In Chief Brady’s office, he offers them coffee then reveals he knows that Beckett is a detective and that he has never worked a homicide case before nor even pulled his gun. He also says McMurray tested negative to gunshot residue, meaning the killer is still free and offers to drop the interference charges if they help him with the case. Castle agrees enthusiastically, but Beckett drags him out of earshot to discuss things, feeling like they’ve wasted enough of their vacation. Castle appeals to her desire for justice and she reluctantly agrees. Beckett makes Chief Brady promise that word not get back to her precinct about her involvement and he agrees, so Beckett asks about ballistics, which the Chief says indicated that the bullets were 30 caliber, a rare type of gun typically used for hunting small game. She asks about the ME’s report, but Brady says it hasn’t come back yet, so Beckett suggests he lean on the ME and in the meantime they should question Natalia. Chief Brady says she has no motive, but changes his mind when Beckett tells him she was having an affair with Franklin.

Natalia is irritated that she is being questioned by two people the Chief arrested, but changes her tune when Beckett says she knows about her affair with Franklin. Natalia confirms that Franklin broke things off at the party, but says the argument was a result of her accusing him of using her to get her council vote to approve the helipad he installed on his property six months ago. She says at the time of his death she was at her bar and that when she left him, he’d gotten a text message on his phone around 8:30 and ran up the beach.

Back at the 12th, Ryan tells Esposito that the last text message Franklin received was from a burner phone, meaning whoever sent it wanted to remain anonymous. Esposito then says he placed a call to a friend of his in Robbery to see if Detective Tom Demming is Beckett’s new boyfriend.

Later on, Castle chuckles at the prospect that Beckett went back to Demming, saying she could do better. Seeing her icy stare, he ends the call and she wonders why he is helping them and why they are so interested in her personal life. Castle suspects it is for the same reason that so many people followed Brangelina, a.k.a., Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. He then tries to come up with a name for them and settles on Caskett. The Chief joins them, having confirmed Natalia’s alibi and says he has Deputy Jones canvassing the houses along the beach. He shows them the ME’s report which indicates that Franklin had seawater in his lungs, meaning someone took him out on a boat, explaining why nobody heard gunshots, with the intention of shooting him then disposing of the body in the ocean. Castle suggests they ask Cassius McMurray if he saw any boats since he was on the beach that night. He hazily recalls seeing a boat with a large red shark on the side out that night and, while Castle and Beckett think he is just delirious from withdrawal, Chief Brady disagrees.

He leads them to the marina where the manager identifies the boat as belonging to Aaron Lerner, one of the people Franklin testified against, and that someone took it out around 9:30p.m. the night of the murder. Beckett sees a red shark on the side of the boat and Castle tells her the killer would have had plenty of time to get to the water near his house around the time they saw the body. As they walk along the dock, Castle trips over a poorly tied knot as Beckett finds blood spatter on the boat. Just then, Aaron Lerner emerges from below.

In the police station interrogation room, Aaron Lerner claims he didn’t take his boat out last night and says, while he was angry at Franklin’s testifying against him, they both settled their differences and since he has had dinner at his house. At the time of the murder he was in a weight loss group meeting. He further points a finger at Franklin’s neighbor who he remembers angrily threatened Franklin a week before his death.

Later on, Chief Brady says Lerner’s alibi checks out and that he will have Deputy Jones canvass the marina to try to find out who took out his boat. Beckett asks about Franklin’s angry neighbor and Chief Brady is reluctant to involve him, eventually revealing him to be notorious mobster Vincent “The Scar” Cardono, explaining to Castle the mob-like style of Franklin’s shooting. Castle also recalls how Vincent’s cousin Sal has been trying to get Vincent and he to meet for years and now may be a good time, but Chief Brady begs them to leave Cardono to him and leaves to re-route traffic for a polo tournament.

Later on at Castle’s house, Cardono thanks Castle and Beckett for the dinner invitation and toasts his new friends then compliments Beckett’s cooking, to which Castle agrees. When Cardono flirts subtly with Beckett, Castle warns him not to make him do what someone did to Franklin. Cardono explains that he hated Franklin because of the helipad activity once a week around midnight, and that his complaints to the Town Council were ignored, proving to him that Franklin bribed someone. Castle none-too-subtly asks Cardono where he was when he learned of Franklin’s murder and Cardono is insulted that Castle would think him responsible for such a poorly executed murder. He angrily stalks out of the house and Castle agrees that he has a point.

That night, Beckett teases Castle about planning a murder for their weekend and he reminds her that murder is what brought them together originally. His cell phone rings and Chief Brady furiously says that thanks to the two of them, Cardono believes the Chief put them up to accusing him of murder. He threatens to out the two of them unless they stay away from the case then hangs up, ignoring Castle’s point that Cardono can be eliminated as a suspect.

Back at the precinct in the city, Ryan explains to Esposito that Franklin’s real estate deals involved his buying up distressed properties and turning them into condominiums, only he wasn’t renovating them at all, and yet his wife says the real estate was the only thing making them money. Suspicious, Ryan and Esposito visit one of the buildings and find it a darkened, deserted shell. Esposito’s cell phone chimes with a text and he tells Ryan his contact in Robbery says Demming has been dating a vice detective for the last four months. They hear something shatter and Ryan quiets him as they approach an iron door. They step through and find another closed door in front of them. Despite their trepidation, they pull their guns and burst through to find a lab for the production of methamphetamine.

Castle pours Beckett a glass of wine and explains that Franklin was using all of his newly acquired properties to make meth and Beckett isn't surprised he is dead since it is such a dangerous business. Castle says they can now pick up where they left off when Franklin fell into the pool and leans in to kiss Beckett, only to have her focus on the case. As much as he tries to romance her, she reasons that the killer knew about Lerner’s boat, something that only a Hamptons local would know about, but can’t figure out why he would be killed in the Hamptons rather than in New York where his labs are. It then hits Castle that perhaps Franklin ran part of his business in the Hamptons and Beckett seizes on the helipad. They theorize that he went to so much trouble to get it built and approved so he could use it to import his drugs and remember that Chief Brady said the drug problem has gotten worse in the last six months, which was when Franklin had the helipad installed. As they build their theory, the sexual tension between them also rises and Castle pulls Beckett to him for a passionate kiss, but to his frustration, she pushes him away, telling him to report their idea to Ryan and Esposito.

The next morning, Ryan confirms their theory, saying the helipad landings coincide with the shipment activity. Ryan adds that the flight manifest for the day Franklin was killed included Franklin and someone else. Esposito tells him to work on identifying the guest while he talks to an FBI buddy of his to see if Beckett has restarted her old relationship with Agent Will Sorenson.

Later on in an interrogation room, Ryan shows Lerner signed affidavits from the meth lab workers stating that Lerner would pick up drugs every Tuesday, leading him to suspect that the only reason he partnered with him was to get close enough to kill him so he could take over the meth business. Lerner recalls Franklin being spooked by someone who was angry at his moving in on his own drug business, but says he doesn’t know who and that everything else he told to Chief Brady and his two consultants, who he identifies as Castle and his girlfriend. Ryan seizes on this and demands to know about Castle’s girlfriend. Not remembering her name, Lerner describes her, painting a picture that, to Ryan, squares with Beckett’s description. Ryan is flabbergasted when Lerner finally remembers that the woman’s name was Kate.

Later on, Ryan tells Castle he was right and that he suggested Chief Brady find the killer by looking for someone already in the business and who hated Franklin for moving in on him. Castle is impressed with the theory, but Ryan tells him he figured it out after interrogating Lerner. Castle and Beckett hear this and are immediately horrified at the possibility that Lerner blew their cover. Castle tries to remain calm and prods Ryan about what other information Lerner gave up, but Ryan merely says he is confident he told him everything. Smiling widely, Ryan ends the call as Castle’s doorbell rings.

He finds Chief Brady there who says he spoke to Cassius McMurray who pointed to the marina manager, Marty Bentley as the local drug supplier. Beckett joins them and hears how the police searched Bentley’s residence and found the burner phone he used to text Franklin to get him to the marina. They congratulate the Chief who admits he’d have never solved the case without them and asks if they would join him on the arrest. Beckett prods Castle to refuse, but he agrees.

At the marina, Chief Brady and his deputies arrest Bentley and find a gun matching the bullets which were recovered from Franklin’s body as well as bags of meth on his boat. They again congratulate him as Castle admits that the case has given him an idea for a new book, Hamptons Heat. Bentley proclaims his innocence as he is lead away and Castle notices the knot he tripped over the day before is now tied neatly. He tells Deputy Jones to halt and figures Bentley tied the clean knot, being an experienced seaman, but whoever tied the sloppy knot isn’t and is also the same person who took the boat out and killed Franklin. Chief Brady then recalls that it was Deputy Jones who questioned Cassius McMurray about his connection to Bentley. Deputy Jones then pulls his gun and aims it at Bentley’s head, confessing that he killed Franklin because he moved in on his drug trafficking. He shoves Bentley to the ground and Chief Brady shoots him. Beckett rushes forward and cuffs him.

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That evening, Chief Brady reports that Jones bribed McMurray to accuse Bentley of being the drug supplier. He thanks them again for their help and Beckett toasts him for his conduct on the pier. They drink and Castle and Beckett, eager for some time alone together, wait patiently for Brady to leave. He finally gets the message, promises to keep their secret, and leaves. As soon as he is out the door, Beckett drags Castle to the bedroom.

Back at the 12th, Esposito tells Ryan that Sorenson can’t be Beckett’s new beau since he has been in Europe for the last 6 months and Ryan surprises him, saying they should let it go. As they head out to get a drink, Esposito nags his partner about his spirit and his dignity having disappeared.

Back in the Hamptons, Castle muses over the irony of having lied to the guys about going to the Hamptons to write and ending up with a plot idea after all. When he says he merely needs an ending, Beckett seductively suggests something as she climbs into bed with him to kiss him deeply. Castle registers his approval of the idea and her kiss, so Beckett asks if she can get full credit. He promises to discuss it later and they resume kissing as a shooting star streaks across the night sky over his mansion.


  • Victim: Randall Franklin
  • Cause of Death: Gun shot wound to the chest then pushed off a boat into the ocean to drown

  • Perp: Deputy Police Chief Jones
  • Motive: Revenge: Franklin was importing drugs to the Hamptons which took business away from Jones' own operation.

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