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Michael Connelly

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Michael Connelly is a real-life murder mystery writer who appears in Castle playing himself as one of Richard Castle's poker buddies. Episodes he has appeared in are Deep in Death, A Deadly Game, and Hollander's Woods.

He has said he loves the show because "It's a fantasy version of what I do!"[1]


Best known for his series of crime novels based on the exploits of fictional Los Angeles Police Department Detective Hieronymus Bosch, Michael Connelly became enthused about writing when he discovered the work of Raymond Chandler in college. He spent many years as a newspaper reporter in Florida, with crime as his beat, after college and was once nominated for a Nobel Prize for Journalism. His first Bosch novel, The Black Echo, was published in 1992 and was honored by the Mystery Writers of America with an Edgar Award for Best First Novel.

He is married and lives in Florida.


  • (2012) The Black Box (A Harry Bosch Novel)
  • (2011) The Fifth Witness (A Nicky Haller Novel)
  • (2011) The Drop (A Harry Bosch Novel)
  • (2010) The Reversal (A Harry Bosch, Nicky Haller Novel)
  • (2009) 9 Dragons (A Harry Bosch Novel)
  • (2009) The Scarecrow (A Jack McEvoy novel)
  • (2008) The Brass Verdict (A Harry Bosch, Nicky Haller Novel)
  • (2007) The Overlook (A Harry Bosch Novel)
  • (2006) Echo Park (A Harry Bosch Novel)
  • (2005) The Lincoln Lawyer (A Nicky Haller Novel)
  • (2005) The Closers (A Harry Bosch Novel)
  • (2004) The Narrows (A Harry Bosch Novel)
  • (2003) Lost Light (A Harry Bosch Novel)
  • (2002) City of Bones (A Harry Bosch Novel)
  • (2002) Chasing the Dime
  • (2001) A Darkness More Than Night (A Harry Bosch Novel)
  • (2000) Void Moon
  • (1999) Angels Flight (A Harry Bosch Novel)
  • (2008) Blood Work
  • (1997) Trunk Music (A Harry Bosch Novel)
  • (1996) The Poet (a Jack McEvoy Novel)
  • (1995) The Last Coyote (A Harry Bosch Novel)
  • (1994) The Concrete Blonde (A Harry Bosch Novel)
  • (1993) The Black Ice (A Harry Bosch Novel)
  • (1992) The Black Echo (A Harry Bosch Novel)


  • (2009) In the Shadow of the Master (Collected short stories by Edgar Allan Poe re-written by current mystery writers including Sue Grafton and Stephen King)
  • (2008) The Blue Religion (Collected short stories)
  • (2005) Murder In Vegas (Collected short stories)
  • (2003) The Best American Mystery Stories 2003 (Collected short stories)

Connelly's works have garnered him multiple awards for murder mystery writing. He has also written numerous short stories, produced a music CD (Dark Sacred Night: The Music of Harry Bosch) which features the music mentioned in his Bosch series, and appeared in a DVD (Blue Neon Night: Michael Connelly's Los Angeles) where he shows viewers the locations used in his books. In addition to The Lincoln Lawyer, Blood Work was also made into a movie with Clint Eastwood directing and starring. Lastly, he created and executive produced a science fiction series for television called Level 9 that ran briefly on the UPN network.

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