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Lucky Stiff

Basic Details[edit]

Season 3, Episode 14 (48)

Original Air Date - February 7, 2011


The brutal murder of a lottery winner has Castle and Beckett up to their eyeballs in suspects, envious and angered by the victim’s sudden move from the poorhouse to the penthouse. As the precinct buzzes with fantasies of what our cops would do if they won the lottery, Martha struggles with the reality of such a decision when she suddenly inherits money she feels she doesn’t deserve.

Episode Images[edit]

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Main Cast[edit]

Guest Cast[edit]

  • Ned Bellamy - Logan Meech
  • Wilmer Caldero - Oz
  • Clare Carey - Noreen Hixton
  • Rachel Melvin - Nicole Hixton
  • Alastair Duncan - Reginald Easley
  • John Hemphill - Tom Walters
  • Brian Jones - Titus Page
  • J Salome Martinez - Todd Shipley
  • Joe Reegan - Shawn York
  • Gregory Alan Williams - Jim Van-Eps
  • Josh Wingate - Greg Page




Castle: Kill me now.
Alexis: You got the cell phone bill?
Castle: No, books from my publisher for back cover quotes. Wait, what about the cell phone bill?
Alexis: Nothing.

Beckett: One million dollars? Your mom must be in shock. Any idea what she’s gonna do with it?
Castle: If I’m lucky, get a place of her own.

Beckett: That’s a big gun. It’s too big for that entry wound. This isn’t the murder weapon.
Lanie: (to Esposito) Told you she’d spot it first off.

Easley: He had a habit of buying everything in sight. No thought to how much money he was flashing around or how dangerous it was to tell people that there was plenty more of it at home.
Castle: In New York, that’s like inviting someone back to your house to kill you.

Castle: All my years as a mystery writer point to one unequivocal killer: the butler did it.
Beckett: Oh…
Castle: Oh c’mon! How many cases have we actually had where there’s a butler as a potential suspect? It’d be a crime if he didn’t do it.
Beckett: And then he shows up the next morning and calls the cops?

Castle: Speaking of clever, I noticed at the crime scene you never mentioned what you would do if you ever won the lottery.
Beckett: No I didn’t.
Castle: Is that because it’s embarrassing? Oh, scandalous?

Beckett: Yeah, but if he’s a maintenance worker he could have picked up the bag after the dye pack went off.
Esposito: I don’t think so. (Ryan escorts a man in handcuffs with a face covered in blue ink past Beckett, Castle, and Esposito)
Castle: Either that guy really likes Avatar
Beckett: Or he’s our killer.

Shipley: I don’t know. It was dark.
Ryan: So’s your future, Todd, if you don’t start telling us the truth.

Castle: Hey Ryan? What would you do if you won the lottery?
Ryan: Winery.
Castle: (to Beckett) See. Everyone thinks about it.
Capt. Montgomery: Everybody thinks about what?
Castle: What they would do if they won the lottery.
Capt. Montgomery: Big ass boat, 60 footer, monster spinnaker hanging off the bow, two deep sea rods hanging off the stern.
Castle: Sweet.
Beckett: OK, while you guys are fantasizing about the size of your rods, I’m gonna go and interrogate our suspect.

York: (lazily) Can I get a soda?
Beckett: I’m not your flight attendant. I’m a homicide detective.

Beckett: Who gives away their car?
Castle: Someone who can afford to buy a thousand new ones.

Castle: Money doesn’t change who you are it just magnifies your personality.

Esposito: He also bought a house for the clerk who sold him the winning ticket, a mausoleum for his dead neighbor, and three acres on the moon.
Castle: Get outta town. He’s right down the crater from me.
Beckett: Why doesn’t that surprise me that you have property on the moon?
Castle: You know what, laugh it up. When the Earth is a desiccated husk, you’ll be begging to come live with me in the Nectar’s Basin.

Ryan: Hey. So I searched the car…
Beckett: Oh yeah, sorry. York is not our guy.
Ryan: That’s OK. Jersey impound lot’s nice this time of year.

Beckett: What?
Castle: Would you quit your job? If you won the lottery would you quit being a cop?
Beckett: Well, what else would I do?
Castle: Supermodel...brain surgeon...American Gladiator!
Beckett: Oh you got me there, Castle. I’ve always wanted to leave the force and become an American Gladiator.
Castle: Why don’t you want to tell me?
Beckett: Because there’s nothing really to tell.
Castle: C’mon you must have a dream.
Beckett: Sure I do: solve this case, go home, take a nice long bath.

Beckett: Logan Meech.
Meech: Detective! I love what you’ve done to your…
Beckett: Sit down!

Castle: Is it safe to say there’s not an animal print left in New York City?
Martha: Very funny. Probably true.

Castle: Ah, Detective Beckett. Did you call to tell me a bedtime story?

Esposito: A winery, huh?
Ryan: Jenny and I visited one on our first vacation together.
Esposito: A hundred mill and you’re gonna become a farmer? That fiancée really has done some damage on you, bro.
Ryan: Like Lanie hasn’t changed you?
Esposito: Lanie?!
Ryan: C’mon, dude. We all know about the two of you.
Esposito: We…Castle and Beckett know too?

Beckett: You said earlier that money doesn’t change us it just magnifies who we are. What did your windfall magnify in you?
Castle: My inner child at first, kinda like Hixton. Private jets, five star everything. But then I realized the only luxury I truly care about is freedom, freedom to write, spend time with Alexis. Having that money just allows me to live life on my terms.
Beckett: You grew up.
Castle: Well, I wouldn’t go that far. That property on the moon? I just bought that last month.

Castle: Three armed cops and a writer makes four. You’re under arrest so get on the floor.

Suspect: Got out the joint for good behavior. Dude called us up said he needed a savior…
Castle: Stop rapping. I’ll buy the album.

Beckett: You know someone once told me money doesn’t change you it just magnifies who you are. You cared about Chet, maybe you could do something that would honor his memory somehow.

Beckett: (whispering in Castle’s ear) Get us some drinks and keep your eyes peeled for Oz, Okay?
Castle: (breathlessly) Okay. (Beckett dances off and Castle continues to stare at her until she catches him) Drinks. Got it.

Esposito: I play my firsts: sex and combat.
Ryan: I play his firsts too. What? That way we both win and it’s not awkward.

Castle: That is it for me. I am beat. See you tomorrow.
Beckett: Wait, you’re giving up? No more questions about my innermost jackpot dreams?
Castle: You said you didn’t have any.
Beckett: (coyly) Good night, Castle.

Beckett: So what is your big insight into a financial decision that I will never have to make?
Castle: You would use the money to honor your Mother’s legacy. On the way over here, I talked to the Dean of your Mom’s old law school. We talked about starting a scholarship in Johanna Beckett’s name. One that would provide a full-ride for a student planning to dedicate their career to those in the legal system who did not have a voice, the kind of people your mom championed. And, with your blessing, I would like to host a fundraiser to fund it.
Beckett: (serious) You just can’t stay out of my personal life can you? (grins) Thank you. That’s really sweet.

Featured Music[edit]

  • Loose performed by Benny Blanco and Spank Rock
  • Shake That A$$ performed by Jeff Russo - Greg Page and his friend's rap song
  • Money ($$$) performed by Tim Myers

Full Episode Recap[edit]

A middle-aged man climbs off the elevator of an apartment building and finds a trail of bills in the hallway leading towards the open door of an apartment. He enters the apartment where he works and finds his employer, a Mr. Hixton, dead with a hand gun next to his body.

At the Castle loft, Richard Castle looks over a box of books sent to him by his publisher for him to read and provide quotes to be printed on the back cover of each. Alexis, however, thinks he has received her cell phone bill, but upon finding out the real story, slinks into the kitchen innocently. Martha enters and Alexis hands her a letter which she identifies as being sent by the executors of her late fiancée, Chet Palaburn’s, estate. She opens the envelope, not expecting to find much inside, and is aghast when she pulls out a check for one million dollars. Castle and Alexis are equally shocked.

In the apartment building where the dead body of Mr. Hixton was found, Detective Kate Beckett muses to Castle over how surprised Martha must have been and asks him if she knows what she will use the money for. Castle jokes that hopefully she will get her own place.

They enter the apartment and Castle is immediately impressed by the poker table, arcade games, motorcycle, and basketball hoop. Detective Javier Esposito joins them and explains that their victim, Jay Hixton, won $117 million in the Florida lottery last year. Castle guesses he went on a quite a shopping spree and calls such an act a typical mistake for someone who just came into money to make. Beckett supposes he is speaking from experience and Castle tells her when he scored his first bestseller in college he spent all the money in six months. Medical Examiner Lanie Parish fills Beckett in on the cause of death: a single gunshot wound to the chest. Judging by the wound, she believes a struggle ensued and the gun went off killing Hixton between 11p.m. and 2a.m. Beckett examines the gun lying next to the body and says it is too powerful to have created the fatal wound. Esposito slips Lanie a one dollar bill and she tells him she knew Beckett wouldn’t buy the gun as the murder weapon. She adds the gun that killed Hixton was a 9 millimeter automatic hand gun, and the one on the floor is a 357. Beckett begins building theory that the killer forced Hixton to open a nearby wall safe where the 357 was kept, Hixton went for the gun, struggled with the assailant, and was killed when the gun went off.

Esposito then notices the winning lottery ticket mounted in a frame on the outer door of the safe and cannot believe how valuable such a little piece of paper could be. Castle then asks everyone what they would do with $100 million. Esposito says he would buy a Ferrari, but Castle tells him he has one and that they aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Esposito disagrees, saying it’s still a fast car, but Castle says its speed won’t do any good when it’s stuck in rush hour traffic.

Beckett recalls them to the case, asking how much money was in the safe. The middle-aged man who found the body answers that $100,000 in cash was inside. Detective Kevin Ryan introduces the man as Reginald Easley, Hixton’s butler. Easley says his boss kept so much money so close by because he feound it reassuring, having come from a poor background. He goes on to say that lots of people knew he had so much money since Hixton spent wildly and never missed the chance to tell people how much he had, which Castle calls an invitation to be killed. Easley continues that he never saw the 357 before and that the bank bag containing the missing cash included a dye pack with a timer set to go off three minutes after it left the apartment. Beckett tells Ryan and Esposito to canvas the area for the bag and asks Easley when he last saw his boss. He says Hixton left around 5 to meet his wife for dinner. Beckett is surprised and Easley explains that Hixton was married with a teenage daughter, but that he and his wife were separated. He speculates that the money was the cause of their troubles.

Back the precinct, Beckett and Castle interview Hixton’s widow, Noreen, and daughter, Nicole. Noreen says initially they were very happy with all the money, but that soon things changed. Nicole says people looked at them differently with jealous eyes and that nothing they did was enough to change people’s minds, so they moved to New York to start over. Noreen continues saying the money became like poison since Hixton couldn’t stop spending it and Nicole became a drug addict. Afterward, Hixton began using the money for good reasons, such as helping out a soup kitchen in the Bowery where he went every day. She also says Hixton cancelled their dinner plans for the night before since something had come up that they both needed to deal with, but he wouldn’t tell her what.

Later, as Castle and Beckett walk to the soup kitchen, Castle tells her that the ultimate crime story ending involves the butler being the killer and that it’d be a crime if Easley isn’t their killer. Beckett disagrees, reminding Castle how he was the one who reported the murder. Castle calls it a clever attempt at misdirection then reminds Beckett how she never answered his question about what she would do if she won the lottery. She doesn’t answer, leading him to guess that it is something scandalous or embarrassing. She denies both, simply saying she really hasn’t thought about it.

They arrive at the soup kitchen and find a makeshift memorial to Hixton already on display in the front window. They interview the manager of the soup kitchen who says he had to stop Hixton from handing out hundred dollar bills like they were candy when the kitchen began attracting a bad element. He says he gave his money away almost compulsively, as if he felt guilty about winning, which Castle says is not unusual among lottery winners. Beckett asks if anything suspicious happened the night before and the manager describes how a man was hanging around most of the afternoon and approached Hixton when he arrived. Not long after, both left and never came back.

At the precinct, Beckett posts a sketch of the man on the murder board while Castle builds the theory that the man was waiting for Hixton for some reason. Beckett wonders why the man waited to kill him until after midnight and Castle why Hixton had his gun on him and why he needed one in the first place. Beckett says the serial number on the gun was worn off and Hixton’s fingerprints were found on the bullets and the gun, meaning he loaded it himself. Esposito enters with the bank bag he says was found empty in an alley behind Hixton’s building. He shows Beckett and Castle a set of prints created when the bag went off, which belong to Todd Shipley, a maintenance man in Hixton’s building. Beckett says he could have picked up the bag after the dye pack when off, but Esposito disagrees. Before he can explain, Ryan parades a handcuffed Shipley, whose face is covered in blue dye, past Beckett’s desk to an interrogation room.

In interrogation, Shipley maintains that he found the bag just as the dye pack went off. Ryan doesn’t believe him, but Shipley says he got off work, bought a soda, and then saw someone running out of the alley. He tells Ryan and Esposito to ask the man at a Korean grocery store from whom he bought the soda to vouch for him. Esposito whispers to Ryan that there is no way he could have walked down 20 flights of stairs from Hixton’s apartment and bought a soda in three minutes. He asks if Shipley saw Hixton at all during his shift and Shipley says he did, at around 11 when he came home. He noticed he was sweating, so he asked him what happened to his Escalade, since he saw him leave in it, but return on foot, and Hixton told him someone took it.

Later, Ryan confirms Shipley’s alibi with the grocery store and that Hixton’s SUV is missing. Beckett doubts it is a coincidence that Hixton had his car stolen the same day he is murdered. Esposito and Ryan guess that the killer stole the SUV, got the address off the registration then robbed Hixton’s apartment, killing him in the process. Castle doesn’t understand why Hixton didn’t report the theft, but instead just walked home. Beckett gets off her phone and pulls up the website of the tracking company that has located the whereabouts of Hixton’s SUV as heading for the Holland Tunnel into New Jersey, meaning the killer is trying to make a getaway.

Later, Ryan clamps a picture of Shawn York, who was caught with Hixton’s Escalade, and says no sign of the money was found inside. Beckett tells him to check again and as he heads off, Castle asks him what he would do if he won the lottery. He answers that he’d buy a winery, and Castle takes the opportunity to reinforce to Beckett how everyone has thought about their answer to his question. Captain Roy Montgomery joins them and Castle repeats his question. Montgomery says he would buy a boat, then details all the features he would want as if he’d given the subject lots of thought. Tired of hearing about it, Beckett says she is going to interrogate York.

In interrogation, she finds York with his feet propped up on the room’s table. He calmly asks for a soda and Beckett tells him she isn’t a flight attendant, and knocks his feet to the floor. She runs through his rap sheet and gets his attention when she adds murder. York says Hixton gave him the car and explains how he heard rumors that Hixton was open to giving people second chances, so he met him at the soup kitchen to ask for his help. He says Hixton told him he didn’t have his check book on him, but offered to give him his car, signing over the title right away. York adds that he told him he wouldn’t need it anymore. Beckett asks for his alibi and York says he went to a late movie.

Later, Beckett confirms York’s alibi and the authenticity of Hixton’s signature on the car’s title. She wonders why Hixton would do such a thing to which Castle answers because he could afford to buy several more. Beckett reviews what they know, which still leaves them wondering what Hixton was doing before he was killed. Castle wonders if he made any charges on his credit card which would answer the question. Esposito checks into it and finds that whatever Hixton did, he paid in cash since his financials record no activity on his credit cards. He lists Hixton’s odd purchases, including a race horse, a minority stake in a lingerie football team and a Bentley which he drove off a boat he was renting into the Hudson River. Beckett observes how the money must have really changed him, but Castle says in his experience it merely amplifies a person’s personality. Esposito adds that Hixton also bought a house for the clerk who sold him the winning ticket, a mausoleum for his dead neighbor and three acres of land on the Moon. Castle says it looks like his property is nearby his own lunar plot, and scoffs at Beckett’s teasing, saying that she’ll be begging to live with him there when the Earth is uninhabitable. Ryan joins them reporting that he didn’t find the money in the Escalade, to which Beckett apologizes for not telling him she had ruled York out. Ryan sarcastically expresses his appreciation for her letting him take a trip to the New Jersey impound lot, and says he found Hixton’s camera under the front seat. Beckett runs through the pictures and finds pictures taken the week before of someone it looks like Hixton had been following. Beckett tells him to show the pictures to Easley and Hixton’s family in hopes they can identify the man. She orders Esposito to contact Hixton’s cell phone carrier to find out where he was when he called his wife to cancel their dinner since they know he wasn’t at the soup kitchen.

Later, as she pours herself a cup of coffee, Castle approaches her. He asks if she would quit her job if she won the lottery and she asks him what he thinks she would do if she did. Castle begins fantasizing that she would become a supermodel, brain surgeon or American Gladiator, which Beckett laughs at. He presses her wondering why she doesn’t want to tell him, only she responds that there isn’t much to tell. He asks again if there’s a dream she has always wanted to fulfill and she responds that she merely wants to solve the case, go home, and soak in a hot bath. She then shows Castle the report from Hixton’s cell phone carrier which merely indicates that the call came from a block on Lexington Avenue, meaning they’ll have to canvas the area. Esposito says he remembers seeing the same block referenced in Hixton’s financial records. He finds records of Hixton writing two checks of $10,000 each to Meech Industries. Beckett recognizes the business as that belonging to a Logan Meech, a scam artist she had arrested several times.

Later, in an interrogation room, Meech tries to compliment Beckett, only she cuts him off, not interested in his flattery. He denies killing anyone and Castle asks if it is just a coincidence that Hixton was with him hours before he was killed. Meech admits that Hixton was an investor in what he calls a relief organization. Beckett wonders if Meech killed him because Hixton discovered he was being scammed and threatened to report him, only Meech maintains his innocence, saying he hadn’t seen Hixton in weeks. He changes his tune when Beckett tells him his landlord told her that Hixton was at his building the night before. Meech says Hixton came to see him to buy a gun for protection and that he told him his past was coming back to get him.

Outside interrogation, Beckett and Castle wonder why Hixton needed a gun, but are interrupted by Ryan and Esposito. They report that CSU found two sets of fingerprints in Hixton’s apartment, one belonging to Greg Page and the other to his brother Ty, both career criminals from the same town in Florida where Hixton used to live. Ryan says they were both released from prison in Florida last week due to prison overcrowding and Esposito adds that they also attempted to rob Hixton after he won the lottery, only Hixton recognized them and gave testimony at their trial that put them away. Castle guesses this is why Hixton bought his gun and Ryan agrees, saying Florida authorities told him the two stayed in town for only a couple days, then left, saying they were going hunting.

That night at his loft, Martha arrives home laden with shopping bags. Castle supposes she has spent a sizeable chunk of the money left to her by Chet, then jokes that there must not be a single animal print item of clothing left in the city. Martha initially brushes off his teasing then slumps heavily on the couch and tells Castle she has decided to return the money since she was on the verge of breaking up with Chet when he died and doesn’t feel like she deserves it. She says she plans on returning all of her purchases, except a faux fur coat, and giving back the money since it is the right to do. Castle agrees just as his cell phone rings. He answers and flirtatiously asks if Beckett is calling to tell him a bedtime story.

Later, Castle walks down a city street and climbs into Beckett’s squad car. She points out a maroon car parked nearby as belonging to the Page brothers whose whereabouts are unknown, meaning they have to sit and watch for them. She checks in with Esposito who reports no sign of them from his vantage point. He then teases Ryan about his plan to buy a winery if he hits the jackpot. Ryan defends himself saying he and Jenny spent their first vacation together at a winery, causing Esposito to remark about how much she has him whipped. Ryan retorts by saying Lanie has changed him too, and Esposito tries to laugh off his comment. Ryan stops him when he says they all know about his relationship with Lanie and Esposito’s chuckling quickly fades when he realizes he is serious.

Meanwhile, Beckett asks Castle what personality trait his money magnified in him and he answers, initially it was his inner child, but he soon realized that it was the freedom it gave him to live life on his own terms that he really treasured. Beckett observes how it made him grow up only to have Castle admit that he bought his lunar property last month. Beckett grins widely just as Castle notices a man approach the Page Brothers’ car. Esposito holds the man at gunpoint and Ryan cuffs him as Beckett demands to know where the Page Brothers are. He says they are upstairs in a nearby building and the foursome seeks them out, finding them in a recording studio laying down a rap song.

Later, Ryan shows Beckett a bag containing only $60,000 out of the $100,000 taken from Hixton’s apartment. Beckett asks them if they spent the difference on their recording career after killing Hixton, and they say they came to New York to help Hixton. Greg explains that Hixton’s daughter had begun using drugs again and when he confronted the dealer, who goes by the name of Oz, and told him to leave her alone, he refused, so he called them to come to New York and scare him. Ryan shows Beckett a picture of Oz from Greg’s wallet and says Nicole told him she didn’t recognize him. Beckett concludes that Hixton must have given the picture to Greg so they knew who to go after. Greg admits that both of them jumped, beat up and threatened Oz, and says he is sure he is the one behind Hixton’s murder. Castle theorizes that Hixton bought the gun to protect himself from Oz and didn’t go to the police because it would have gotten his daughter in trouble. All of a sudden, a boom sounds from outside and Beckett tells Ryan to keep an eye on the Pages while Esposito, Castle, and Ryan go back outside and find the brother’s car engulfed in flames.

At the precinct the next day, Nicole admits that after she cleaned up, Oz found her and wanted her back as a client. She goes on to say how her father blamed himself for her getting addicted in the first place and told her he would fix things. Castle asks if she thinks Oz is capable of murder and Nicole says yes, before breaking down and blaming herself for her dad’s death.

Later, Esposito gives Beckett Oz’s file, telling her he has a reputation for selling high-end drugs to the city’s rich and famous and that he has used car bombs in the past. Castle guesses Oz killed Hixton then tried to kill the Page Brothers to cover his tracks. Beckett tells him to pick Oz up, but he says it will hard since he sells at night at clubs where he has a network of waiters and bodyguards that make it hard for anyone to get close to him. Castle says there must be a way to get to him and Beckett looks at him knowingly, saying they’re going to need his Ferrari.

That night, Castle and Beckett, dressed in a sexy outfit, arrive at his loft, where Martha greets Beckett warmly, asking if they are going out on a date while Castle excuses himself to change. Beckett explains that they have undercover work to do and says Castle told her about her problem with her inheritance. Martha explains how when she tried to return the money Chet’s kids refused to take it since their father loved her and that she doesn’t know what to do with it since all of her ideas seem selfish and petty. As Castle listens to their conversation unbeknownst to both of them, Beckett tells Martha how a friend of hers once said that money doesn’t change someone, but just magnifies their personality. She then suggests that she do something to honor Chet’s memory, which Martha thinks is a lovely idea. Castle joins them with the keys to his car and Beckett announces she is driving. Castle laughs her off, but Beckett is undeterred and snatches the keys from his hand.

The car weaves its way through traffic smoothly and pulls up to the curb outside the club where Oz is rumored to be. Beckett and Castle enter the club where Beckett quickly sheds her coat and begins dancing seductively while she scans the scene for Oz. She notices that she has Castle mesmerized and dances closer to him, eventually whispering in his ear for him to get them drinks and keep his eyes open. He is so turned on he merely grunts in acknowledgement. Beckett turns away and begins dancing even more seductively, leaving Castle helpless to do anything but continue watching her. Eventually, Beckett turns and catches him checking her out. She gives him a serious look and he finally heads to the bar and orders two drinks while Beckett spots Oz in a VIP area, flanked by bodyguards and women. As she approaches, Oz spots her, the women leave, and the bodyguard blocks her way. She drunkenly pleads for him to admit her, and he lets her pass after Oz nods his agreement.

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She cozies up to him and flirtatiously tells him she is looking for a good time. Oz spots Castle trying to make his way through the crowd with a drink in each hand and asks if he is her boyfriend. She says he is for now then resumes her playacting. When Oz slips her an ounce of drugs, she pins his head to the table and his hands behind his back. When his bodyguard goes after her, she kicks him in his groin and he falls to the ground, leaving Castle highly impressed. She reaches towards Castle with a hand indicating she wants something and he hands her one of the drinks. She shakes him off saying she needs her cuffs and he obliges, sipping his drink while she snaps them on Oz.

In interrogation, Beckett tells Oz she has him nailed on possession of drugs with the intent to sell, meaning he is in for a lengthy term in federal prison. She then confronts him about killing Hixton and trying to kill the Page Brothers. He admits to planting the car bomb for the Page Brothers, but denies killing Hixton, saying that he did go to see him, but someone else got a good look at him, so he fled. His description of the person is very close to that of butler Reginald Easley. Castle is immediately amused since it looks like the butler did in fact do it.

Back at the murder board, Castle describes why Easley committed murder as if he is at home writing one of his books. Beckett suggests that Oz is just trying to throw them off his trail with a red herring and asks what would be Easley’s motive. Castle guesses that he could have been sleeping with Hixton’s wife or it could have been the money. Ryan joins them and says Castle may have a point since Easley’s last few employers told him he resigned after some of their valuables went missing.

On the way to Hixton’s apartment, Castle continues to try and guess what Beckett would do if she struck it rich, saying she isn’t a frivolous person so she wouldn’t spend it on herself. As he talks, Beckett notices the door to Hixton’s apartment is ajar again, and pulls her gun. They find Easley inside calmly boxing up Hixton’s belongings. After Esaley denies being uncomfortable spending his days around such wealth, Beckett confronts him about his past: his mother was a poor seamstress; he trained to become a butler to the rich where eventually he couldn’t stand to see people spending in one day what his mother would make in a year. Castle adds that he became more jealous since Hixton won his money by merely getting lucky instead of working for it. Beckett accuses him of making Hixton open the safe and killing him in the ensuing struggle. Easley admits to stealing two first edition copies of Charles Dickens’ books, but says all the bad luck surrounding Hixton and his family made him have a change of heart, so he returned them. He explains that one night, after having drunk too much, Hixton told him he only ever played a certain combination of numbers that did not match the numbers on the lottery ticket, indicating to Easley that the ticket was stolen.

At the precinct, Castle and Beckett brief Captain Montgomery on their findings. Castle believes Easley’s story, while Beckett thinks it is made up. She says the mere fact that the numbers are different doesn’t mean he stole the ticket, while Castle thinks it explains Hixton’s behavior which indicates he didn’t think he deserved the money. Beckett remains unmoved, saying the theft of the ticket wouldn’t necessarily lead to Hixton’s death, to which Castle reminds her of her comment about how there are no coincidences in a murder investigation. Captain Montgomery agrees with Castle and supposes that when Hixton said his past was coming back to get him, he meant the ticket’s rightful owner was on his tail. Beckett then asks how they prove Castle’s theory and he responds that they key is in the numbers.

Later Castle writes the numbers from the winning lottery ticket on the murder board and says if they figure out their significance, it could lead them to the ticket’s owner and the killer. Captain Montgomery says he plays his kids’ birthdays and Esposito says he plays the dates of when he first had sex and when he first saw combat. Ryan agrees, saying he’d play the same numbers so both of them would be winners. Beckett denies playing the lottery and points out that if the ticket had been stolen, the rightful owner had had over a year to come forward. Captain Montgomery wonders if maybe the owner is dead, leading Castle to think Hixton murdered him. Then he remembers one of the odd purchases he made was a mausoleum for his neighbor. Esposito finds that one of Hixton’s old neighbors, Hank Walters, died the day the numbers were announced and Castle notices that Walters’ birthday matches three of the numbers on the winning ticket. Esposito says two days after his death, Hixton claimed his winnings and that Lanie reviewed the autopsy report and found no signs of foul play, concluding he died of natural causes. Castle theorizes that Hixton offered to help the sickly elderly Walters, who asked him to buy a lottery ticket which he does, only Walters’ numbers are correct and when he goes to tell him, Hixton finds Walters dead. He takes a day or two to consider what to do, and finally decides to claim the money. Beckett asks if Walters had any next of kin and Ryan says he has a nephew named Tom who lives in New York City.

In an interrogation room, Castle accuses Tom Walters of confronting Hixton when he discovered he stole the ticket, demanding restitution and killing Hixton in the struggle that followed. Beckett guesses that he then took off with the money in the safe and reminds him that as Hank’s only living relative, he is the only one with the motive to kill. Walters corrects her saying his uncle dated a woman for five years and became very close to her son, whose birthday matches the remaining three numbers on the ticket.

Later on, Beckett and Castle describe to Shawn York how they know that he discovered how Hixton stole the ticket, traveled to New York to confront him and met him at the soup kitchen, threatened him to the point where Hixton gave him his SUV to get him off his back, but it wasn’t enough. Eventually, York admits to going to Hixton’s apartment to collect the rest of the money, but says Hixton wouldn’t give it to him since he didn’t deserve it. They struggled over his gun, which went off, killing Hixton.

Outside interrogation, Beckett tells Castle something good came out of the case for Hixton’s family, since Nicole is returning to rehab with her mother’s support. Castle begins to collect his things to go home only to have Beckett stop him, surprised that he is giving up on his quest to find out what she would do if she inherited a fortune. He reminds her how she said she didn’t have any plans, to which she slightly coyly bids him good night.

At his loft, he finds Alexis and Martha looking over commercial property advertisements. Martha says she decided to use the money to open an acting school, since Chet encouraged her to use her talents to help others and that she plans on commissioning a portrait of him to hang in the building’s lobby to preserve his legacy. The mention of legacy stirs a thought in Castle’s mind.

At her apartment, Beckett is practicing playing the guitar and singing when her front door buzzer sounds. She opens up and Castle tells her he figured out what she would do if she won the lottery. Before she can invite him in, he rushes inside and guesses that she would put the money towards honoring her mother’s legacy. He explains that he called the dean of the law school where Johanna Beckett used to teach and arranged to set up a scholarship in her name that would be awarded to a student dedicated to helping those without a voice, like Johanna was so dedicated. He adds that with her permission, he wants to host a fundraiser to raise money for the program. Beckett is speechless, but finally remarks on how he cannot seem to stay out of her personal life. Castle is worried momentarily, but her serious look quickly evaporates into a warm smile. She thanks him for the sweet gesture and drops her eyes to the floor, embarrassed and flattered. He recovers and pulls out a list of invitees he has already put together. Beckett smiles even more widely and joins Castle at her dining room table to discuss the guest list.


Who: Jay Hixton, Florida lottery winner of $117 million
Found: in his apartment
Where Killed: where found
How: single gun shot wound (9mm automatic) to the chest and exited out of his back. Looks like he put up a fight due to abrasion on his arms. The gun lying beside him is not the murder weapon.

Killer: Shawn York, assault in El Paso, criminal trespass in Memphis, now murder in New York. Is the son of Jay's neighbor's girlfriend in Florida. The neighbor treated Shawn as his own son.
Motive: Greed - duh! Jay's neighbor in Florida had him buy a lottery ticket for him because he was not mobile. The man died on the day the numbers were announce and Jay kept the winning ticket - Greed again.

Who: Greg & Ty Page, Hip Hop ("Move That Ass") small town thugs
Found: in a recording studio
How: Car Bombing - they survived because Beckett was questioning them

Attempted Killer: Marvin 'Oz' Osminkowski (drug dealer)
Motive: Revenge for the beating they laid on him

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