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LokSat is a code word connected with a clandestine drug and money-laundering operation, run by an unknown CIA analyst who was William Bracken's partner.


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The word LokSat first appears in the second episode of season 8, XX, as part of a note scribbled in the margin of a memo to Senator Bracken. The memo is declassified, but heavily redacted; Vikram Singh reviews it, presumably as part of his work with the Attorney General's office, and sends the memo on to Agent McCord and her team. Vikram assumes that the memo itself was the impetus for the murders of McCord, Hendricks, and their colleagues.

A digital image of the memo in question is retrieved by Vikram while he and Beckett are running from a team of assassins, and a mirror image of the memo is retrieved and cleaned up by Alexis Castle while she, Hayley, and Castle are trying to find Beckett. When Beckett goes to see William Bracken in prison, he's obviously terrified at the mention of the word LokSat, and later he's found stabbed to death in a solitary cell.

In addition to the word LokSat, there's something written and then crossed out on the same line; it turns out to be SB2011, which leads both Castle's and Beckett's teams to the same airplane hangar to confront the pilot of a plane with that tail number (8x02).

When Beckett asks "Rita" (a character who shows up in 8x02 to help Beckett and Vikram) what LokSat is, Rita replies, "I don’t know, exactly. What I do know is the person behind this is a very powerful and very dirty analyst inside the CIA." She goes on to report that the analyst was Bracken's partner and that his position in the CIA enabled him to cover up the illicit trade run by Bracken and Vulcan Simmons.


Vikram finds security footage showing an unknown man exiting the hotel where ADA Hyde was found dead. Beckett takes the photo and tracks down Michael Smith, who is trying to lay low in New Jersey. She presses him for information about the stranger without mentioning the word LokSat, and eventually Smith drops a hint about following the drugs that moved through Vulcan Simmons' operation.

Beckett checks out the "narcotic fingerprint" of some heroin from Simmons' case. In Mr. & Mrs. Castle (8x08), the heroin found on the victim's body turns out to be a match to that fingerprint, which appears to support the idea that Simmons' drug organization is still active.

Beckett investigates the death of an employee on a cruise ship and finds that the dead woman had inadvertently uncovered proof of a drug smuggling operation onboard. During the course of the investigation, Vikram and Beckett find out that the heroin being smuggled (the victim swallowed a packet of it) shares the same "signature" with that from Simmons' inventory. Further, they trace the method of unloading and transporting the drugs to a waste management company whose incorporation was written by the same lawyer now representing their suspect. The lawyer is public defender Caleb Brown.

A taste of homemade Korean food triggers a memory for Castle, and he recalls glimpses of walking in Hollywood, he thinks during the time he was missing in summer 2014.

Castle, Alexis, and Hayley are searching for clues as to Castle's possible presence in L.A. in 2014. Castle finds the Korean restaurant where he traded his watch for food, but though the owner remembers him, he can't tell him anything useful. While trying to solve a mystery for the Greatest Detective Society, they come across proof that Castle was indeed there, that his gunshot wound was inflicted there, and that he was there following a lead on LokSat. A video he left for himself mentions LokSat, the fact that Kate will die if she hears about it, and that Castle is going to have his memory altered so that he won't pursue it either.

Castle decides to tell Beckett everything he learned in L.A. in spite of his warning to himself. He and Beckett agree to join forces in the investigation.

Vikram finds a surveillance photo from an L.A.-area airport showing Caleb Brown with Brooks, the man who used spiders to interrogate Castle in XY. Brown was traveling under the pseudonym Peter McCaffery. Brown drops a hint to Beckett that he knows of their discovery and that she should back off for her own safety, which she of course refuses to do. Later that night, Brown tells Castle and Beckett about where and when he gets instruction from LokSat, implying that he's being forced to work for the operation.

Using the tip Brown gave them, Castle and Beckett lie in wait for LokSat's people to show up at a drop site. Instead, they're attacked by multiple shooters in black SUVs, escaping only when Mason Woods shows up to rescue them (driving a taco truck). He tells them that Rita sent him, but he doesn't want to know what they're up to. Beckett throws her and Castle's phones in a dumpster and accepts new phones from Mason, who claims the devices are untraceable.


This section contains spoilers as to the identity and intent of those behind the LokSat organization.

An old acquaintance and friend to Richard Castle, Who runs an organisation known as Greatest Detective Society. Known also as Mason decided to only use this as a hobby while their true dealings dealt with espionage, assassinations and drug running as well as other activities using their old CIA analyst work.

While LokSat is a cover a name used for one of Masons businesses to smuggle drugs and various other materials he may need to carry out his work under the table. He even used CIA resources over a long period of time to cover up his crimes and dealings made while working in the CIA as an analyst.

In the end at all his activities came crashing down, when federal and local enforcement agencies stormed a black site the CIA owned where Mason used this building to carryout the attempted assassination of Richard Castle and later on Kate Beckett but failed and was apprehended and taken into custody.

Cast of Characters[edit]

Characters involved in or investigating the LokSat operation

  • William Bracken
  • Vulcan Simmons
  • Caleb Brown
  • Vikram Singh
  • Mason