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Castle has developed its own special lexicon - key words and phrases - that have come to be used throughout the series

For other types of linkages between episodes, see also the Callbacks, Foreshadowing, and Metaphors pages.

  • "Always"
Key word spoken with quiet emphasis to underscore love/commitment between two characters in Castle.
  • Knockdown: Castle to Beckett in the back of the ambulance after she rewraps his injured hand and thanks him for having her back.
  • Countdown: Castle to Beckett while dying together in the freezer after she thanks him for being there for her.
  • The Dead Pool: Beckett to Castle in the precinct after he thanks for being a "one writer girl".
  • Killshot: Castle to Beckett in the precinct after she thanks him for giving her space to work through her PTSD.
  • Always: Alexis to Castle (and audience) in her graduation speech talking about how the most important people in your life become part of who you are and therefore never leave you.
  • Hunt: Castle's father (known as Jackson Hunt) to Castle in Paris when telling him he is proud of him.
  • Still: Castle to Beckett after the bomb that Beckett was standing on is defused and she thanks him for staying with her.
  • In the Belly of the Beast: Beckett to Castle in a letter she wrote to him in the event that she might die while undercover, telling him how much she loved him.
  • Truth
When used in reference to Johanna Beckett, refers not just the reality of things but also carries connotations of her mission and ultimate justice
    • Sucker Punch: Jim Beckett tells daughter Kate that her mother was a "devout believer in the truth" and that the "truth is still your weapon to wield"
    • Knockdown: Wrongly convicted Pulgatti tells Kate that her mother took his appeal case because she "didn't care that I was a thug..." and Kate follows-up with "All she cared about was the truth."
    • Always: Kate visits her mother's grave and on it is engraved "Vincit Omnia Veritas", which is Latin for "Truth Conquers All Things"
    • After the Storm: When confronting Sen. Bracken about ordering her mother's murder, Kate says that "I want the truth", to which Sen. Bracken responds "Never expect [the truth] from a politician."
  • Walls
Used in reference to Beckett's emotional barriers
    • Deep In Death: Castle tells Martha that "[Kate] may have built up a wall between us, but I am going to build a door in that wall. Or put up a ladder. Or dig a hole."
    • Rise: Beckett tells Castle on the swings that "After my mother was killed, something inside me changed. It’s like I built up this wall inside. I don’t know, I guess I just didn’t want to hurt like that again. Castle later tells her that "...we’ll figure it out. That wall inside won’t be there forever."
    • Undead Again: Beckett tells Castle "And, um, that wall that I was telling you about I think it’s coming down."
  • "I've been thinking..."
Phrase used several times by Castle and Beckett to initiate a potential conversation about their relationship, inevitably interrupted by something or someone else.
  • When The Bough Breaks: Castle to Beckett at the book launch party. Coming on the heels of saying she is "extraordinary", Beckett thinks he is leading into a conversation about the two of them but he goes on to talk about the case.
  • A Deadly Game: Castle to Beckett at the precinct following an argument. Beckett, having begun to reevaluate her relationship with Demming in favor of Castle, was clearly hoping that Castle would give her another opening to express interest in him, but he brought up the case instead.
  • Countdown: Castle to Beckett at the precinct. Coming on the heels of two near-death-experiences, Beckett's expressed desire for someone to be there for her and her disappointments with current boyfriend Josh, Castle tries to open a conversation about their relationship. However, he is interrupted by Josh's arrival at the precinct and abruptly ends the conversation, much to Beckett's disappointment.
  • 47 Seconds: Castle to Beckett at the precinct. Affected by the abruptness of the lives ended by a bombing, Castle is prompted to try again to tell Beckett how he feels, but is interrupted by Ryan with case information. Beckett tries to continue the conversation later but Castle backs out because he found out she was lying about remembering her shooting experience and about hearing Castle's "I love you" at that point.
  • Until Tomorrow vs. Good Night
Salutation used primarily in the context of the Beckett-Castle relationship, refers to the emotional state of the character as first explained in A Chill Goes Through Her Veins. "Until Tomorrow" is understood to be hopeful, whereas "Good Night" has a more melancholy connotation.
  • A Chill Goes Through Her Veins: Beckett & Castle exchange a "good night" because Beckett explains that she is a cop and cannot share in Castle's more hopeful outlook about life.
  • Deep In Death: After Castle apologizes for looking into her mother's murder without permission, Beckett tells Castle she'd see him "tomorrow" as a shorthand for expressing her forgiveness.
  • Undead Again: After telling Castle that she was seeing a therapist and that her walls were crumbling, Beckett asked "tomorrow?" and he responded in kind, serving as a shorthand for his forgiveness and his continued patience in pursuing a relationship with her.
  • Read a Book
  • Flowers for Your Grave: At the Tisdale crime scene, Beckett says she has "seen this" before. Ryan & Esposito are clueless and she follows with "Don't you guys read?"
  • Always Buy Retail: At the first crime scene, after Castle tells them that there is a pouch with a charm in it and explains about Vodun. Esposito "makes fun of it", and Ryan explains about Vodun. Everyone is "stunned". He says "Hey, I read" (Note: Vodun is referred to as Voodoo in some languages, referring to a similar religion but from other regions.)
  • Fool Me Once: Agent Grey makes reference to Heat Wave and says the sex scene is really steamy. Beckett is upset because Castle didn't give her a copy of the book. After he give it to her, she goes to the ladies room and starts looking for it. Castle pops in and tells her "its" on page 105
  • Safe Word: Apples
  • You Coming?
  • Flowers for Your Grave: While Castle is checking in at Jonathan Tisdale's office, Beckett walks by, gets the elevator and says: "You Coming?"
  • When The Bough Breaks: As Beckett goes off to investigate a new case, she turns, looks back at Castle, and says "You coming Castle?"
  • Always: When Castle stops to absorb the shock of Beckett accepting a date invitation, Beckett turns back to him and says "You coming Castle?" before moving on to the crime scene.
  • "It's Complicated"
Used in the context of Castle and Beckett's relationship, caries connotations of uncertainty/hesitancy which prevent them in moving forward with their relationship.
  • Boom – (Part 2) - Beckett to Agent Shaw after Shaw tells Beckett that Castle cares about her.
  • Eye of the Beholder - Castle to Martha after Martha encourages him to pursue another woman he found interesting.
  • 47 Seconds - Martha (quoting Castle) to Castle after she encourages him to tell Beckett how he feels
  • The Squab and the Quail - Beckett to Vaughn when describing her serious, yet unspoken commitment to Castle.
  • "Too Soon"
Used to reference a joke Castle makes regarding the crime currently under investigation as a playful, yet serious reminder to maintain respect for the victim
  • Hell Hath No Fury: Castle jokingly asks Beckett "what was it that turned you off? That he was wearing a rug?" - the rug being a reference to how the victim was found. After receiving Beckett's disapproving stare, Castle asks "too soon?"
  • Law and Murder: Castle noted that the murder suspect "Looks like he makes a killer cup of Joe" with a play on the murder victim's name "Joe". He sheepishly follows up with "too soon?".
  • Dreamworld: Castle jokes that he would rather die than drink anymore of the (implicitly bad) coffee McCord offered him, even as Castle was actually dying from a poison. After McCord grimaces, Castle asks "too soon?"
  • Same Thing, Same Time
  • Sherlock
  • Hell Hath No Fury: Kirby calls Beckett "Sherlock" in a derogatory manner
  • The Fifth Bullet: Castle says he should get a dog, and give him a magnifying glass and call him Sherlock
  • Headhunters: Det. Slaughter refers to Castle multiple times as Sherlock
  • I can hear you
  • TICK: Agent Shaw and Beckett are talking about Castle (who's sitting in the back seat) and Castle: "You know, I can hear you?"
  • The Mistress Always Spanks Twice: at the crime scene Lanie is examining the body (Castle, Beckett, Ryan and Esposito are there) and says "I can do the whip cream bikini, and prefers slippery to sticky" and Castle says: "She knows we can hear her?"
  • "Shut the front door"
    • In Fool Me Once Beckett says: "Shut the Front Door".
    • In Food to Die For Beckett's friend Madison says "Shut the Front Door" when Beckett walks up to her to start the murder investigation.
    • Castle repeats the exclamation in Almost Famous and The Final Nail.
    • In Always, Castle pushes Beckett backwards as he kisses her passionately, literally shutting his front door.
  • In To Love and Die in LA when Ryan and Esposito get a break in their investigation, they do the same fist pump as in Countdown after they saved Beckett and Castle from freezing to death.