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Lanie Parish

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Dr. Lanie Parish is an assistant Medical Examiner and Detective Kate Beckett's best friend. She is very loyal to Beckett and notices her connection with Richard Castle almost right away, frequently urging her, in her own sassy and direct way, to act on it. Otherwise, she tries to set Beckett up with other guys she knows or just encourage her to have more fun.

She is very good at her job and takes it quite seriously, but is not above hanging out with Beckett, Castle and the team outside of work: she joins Castle for his annual Halloween party[1] in Episode 2.6, and the gang for a going-away pizza party for Castle.[2]

As of the end of season 4, she has been working in the Medical Examiner's office for ten years.[3] Midway through season four, starting with Pandora, she takes on Alexis Castle as her intern.

Beckett picks her to be her Maid of Honor at her wedding to Castle.[4]

Lanie is played by actress Tamala Jones.

Love Interests[edit]

Lanie is single and does not mention any boyfriends until Poof, You're Dead, when it is revealed that she and Detective Javier Esposito are in a relationship. They think they have succeeded at keeping their relationship a secret from Beckett, Castle, and Esposito's partner, Detective Kevin Ryan, only the three figure it out, but agree to keep the fact that they know to themselves. Previously, Esposito had openly flirted with Lanie, only to have her brush him off.[5]

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They date until Demons in season 4, when they put their relationship on hiatus after the question of marriage comes up during a double date with Ryan and his fiancee Jenny. They continue to bicker afterward, prompting Beckett to observe, ironically, that they want to be together, but neither is willing to make the first move. In The Limey, Lanie admits that the relationship didn't work, but at least they tried and can call upon each other for an occasional "booty call." Over a year later, in Secret Santa, Esposito begins making overtures towards Lanie again in an effort to have someone with whom to spend Christmas, and while Lanie turns him down, she leaves the door open for them to get together in the future. They do in Reality Star Struck, when they are each others' dates for Valentine's Day and rekindle their relationship.

In an interview with Bollyspice.com, given while he was shooting season 5, Jon Huertas said the following about Lanie and Esposito: "One thing that they had cut out of the wedding episode, Ryan and Jenny’s wedding, it didn’t make it in, but she called it off with me because she didn’t believe in marriage...You know, she wasn’t into the marriage thing. I think Esposito was like, ‘what do you mean? We could get married one day’. She didn’t want to move that fast or even think about that. So I think Espo was a little hurt by it. Or not hurt, but surprised by it. She was like ‘hey, I like you, I want to do this, but we gotta do it on these terms’. Like an occasional booty call."[6]


  • Has a tattoo on her upper thigh of Chinese symbols that mean "Inner Strength".[7]
  • As a child, she dreamed of being a ballerina until "the girls" showed up.[8]
  • She admits that, when it comes to being intimate with a man, she likes chocolate and whipped cream bikinis, but nothing sticky.[9]
  • In one episode she reveals that she lost a lot of money in a precinct-wide pool where people bet on whether or not Castle and Beckett would get together.[10]
  • The character of Lanie was originally envisioned to be a Caucasian woman and to be merely a recurring role instead of a main character.[11]
  • Is a fan of soap operas, in particular the fictional soap Temptation Lane[12]
  • Hates her mother.[13]


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