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Basic Details[edit]

Season 3, Episode 24 (58)

Original Air Date - May 16, 2011


The lid blows off the murder case of Johanna Beckett when Hal Lockwood, the man who Beckett arrested for arranging her mother's murder, escapes from prison. The search for him leads Beckett and her team to discover the betrayal of someone they thought they could trust and threatens to destroy Castle and Beckett's partnership, as Beckett resumes her obsession with the case. In the end, her efforts may not be enough to save everyone she loves, as well as herself.

Episode Images[edit]

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Main Cast[edit]

Guest Cast[edit]

  • Scott Paulin - Jim Beckett
  • Sean Blodgett - Avery Zussman
  • Pricilla Garita - Bridge Officer
  • George Gerdes - Mike Yanavich
  • Brian Goodman - Gary McCallister
  • LaNiesha Irvin - Mary Mongtomery
  • Max Martini - Hal Lockwood
  • Matt McTighe - Chuck Ryder
  • Naomi Peters - Woman in Hallway
  • Judith Scott - Evelyn Montgomery
  • Malcolm Foster Smith - Dwight Haskell
  • Daniele Watts - Rebecca Montgomery




Beckett: I’ve been going to that prison every week for the last four months to have a staring contest with the devil and the devil just blinked.

Beckett: Whoever hired you, he can’t hide from me.
Lockwood: No sweetheart. You got it ass-backwards. You can’t hide from him.

Castle: How’s she doing?
Capt. Montgomery: Lockwood’s in the wind. Everything about her mom’s case just went to hell in a hand basket. How do you think?

Capt. Montgomery: (regarding Lockwood) You get a chance to put him down, do not hesitate. That sonavabitch doesn’t need to see the inside of another courtroom. You read me?
Esposito: Loud and clear.

Ryan: Mechanic says the chopper must have been stolen and returned before he even knew it was missing.
Esposito: He says he wouldn’t have even known anybody had used it if it weren’t for the bullet holes.

Alexis: Can’t imagine what it must be like for her. Solving murders and bringing closure to all those families, but never to herself.
Castle: It’s easier in my books. The just are rewarded, the wicked are punished. Unfortunately, real life isn’t that easy.

Jim Beckett: What happens when she finds him? I’ve already lost my wife over this. I’ve already lost…it took me years, but I’ve made my peace with that, but Katie? She won’t listen to me and she won’t back down, not unless someone can convince her that her life is worth more than her mother’s death. She cares about you, Rick. And unless you’re a lot dumber than you look I know you care about her. Don’t let her throw her life away.

Ryan: We keep them in evidence, refrigerated storage.
Castle: Isn’t that where you keep the…
Esposito: Don’t worry about it.

Esposito: She’s getting lost. She’s an inch away from the rabbit hole.
Castle: She’ll be fine. She always is.
Ryan: What if we come up empty?

Ryan: Beckett, we want him as bad as you!
Beckett: The hell you do! Nobody wants him as bad as I do, ok, nobody. So check it again!

Beckett: Castle, they killed my mother. What do you want me to do here?
Castle: Walk away. They’re gonna kill you, Kate. And if you don’t care about that…at least think about how that’s gonna affect the people that love you. You really wanna put your Dad through that? What about Josh?
Beckett: What about you, Rick?
Castle: Of course I don’t want anything to happen to you. I’m your partner. I’m your friend.
Beckett: Is that what we are?
Castle: You know I don’t know what we are. We kiss and then we never talk about it. We nearly die frozen in each others’ arms, but we never talk about it, so, no, I got no clue what we are. I know I don’t want to see you throw your life away.
Beckett: Yeah well, last time I checked it was my life, not your personal jungle gym. And for the past three years, I have been running around with the school’s funniest kid and it’s not enough!
Castle: You know what? This isn’t about your mother’s case anymore. This is about you needing a place to hide because you’ve been chasing this thing so long, you’re afraid to find out who you are without it.
Beckett: You don’t know me, Castle! You think you do, but you don’t!
Castle: I know you crawled inside your mother’s murder and didn’t come out. I know you hide there, same way you hide in these nowhere relationships with men you don’t love. You could be happy, Kate. You deserve to be happy, but you’re afraid.
Beckett: You know what we are, Castle? We are over. Now get out.

Martha: There’s only one person on the planet that can get you this pissed off.

Castle: If anything happens to her, it…
Martha: Go on? Oh, Richard, Richard. For a man who makes his living with words, you shouldn’t have a helluva time finding them when it counts. Darling, let me give you a word of advice, alright, from someone who’s better than half way through the movie. Don’t waste another minute of it!

Capt. Montgomery: I coulda kicked Castle to the curb years ago anytime I wanted to. Only reason I kept him around so long is ‘cause I saw how good he was for you. Kate, you’re the best that I’ve ever trained, maybe the best I’ve ever seen, but you weren’t having any fun before he came along. We speak for the dead. That’s the job. We are all they’ve got once the wicked rob them of their voices. We owe them that, but we don’t owe them our lives.
Beckett: He said that we can’t win this.
Capt. Montgomery: He’s right. I spent most of my life walking behind this badge and I can tell you this for a fact, there are no victories. There’s only the battle. And the best that you can hope for is that you find some place where you can make your stand. If this is your spot, I will stand with you.

Capt. Montgomery: I put it all into the job, Kate, I became the best cop I could be. And then when you walked into the 12th, I felt the hand of God. I knew He was giving me another chance and I thought if I could protect you the way I should have protected her...

Beckett: Give me a name. You owe me, that, Roy.
Capt. Montgomery: No, Kate, I give you a name, I know you. You’ll run straight at him. I might as well shoot you where you stand.

Beckett: That’s why you brought me here, isn’t it? To kill me?
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Capt. Montgomery: No, I brought you here to lure them.

Beckett: Captain, please, just listen to me. You don’t have to do this.
Castle: Kate…
Beckett: (tearfully) No, please, no. Sir, I forgive you. I forgive you.
Capt. Montgomery: This is my spot, Kate. This is where I stand.

Lockwood: Don’t be stupid. You can’t hide her from us. From me.
Capt. Montgomery: You got that ass-backwards, boy. You can’t hide from me.

Beckett: Roy Montgomery taught me what it meant to be a cop. He taught me that we are bound by our choices, but we are more than our mistakes. Captain Montgomery once said to me that for us there is no victory, there are only battles, and in the end, the best you can hope for is to find a place to make your stand. And if you’re very lucky, you find someone willing to stand with you (looks at castle). Our Captain would want us to carry on the fight.

Castle: Stay with me, Kate. Don’t leave me, please. Stay with me, OK? Kate, I love you. I love you, Kate.


  • Click here for the murder board for Johanna Beckett's case.
  • This was writer Will Beall's final episode for Castle, as he leaves to pursue writing for film and other projects.
  • Of the fight scene between Ryan and Esposito, Jon Huertas said: We had choreographed two different versions of that fight. What was important to us was, in that fight that it’s not just about a fight...It’s more about, what are the emotional stages that these two are going through within the fight...What we shot is actually longer than what you guys saw. The episode was running long and we had to cut some of it down. It was intense because it was at the end of the night on our last night. We were filming really late, the network was trying to shut us down. We were under the gun and we were supposed to shoot on one location, but because the network was trying to shut us down, we went out the back door of our stage and created that alley using trucks...It was really intense. We were working really hard and fast. And so I think that came across in the episode, how crazy and intense it was.[1]
  • Regarding Castle's admission of love to Beckett in the episode's final moments, Executive Producer Laurie Zaks said: "There was a lot of thought about that, by the way, about whether to say it or not. The network and the studio were like, 'Does he have to say it?' and we shot it both ways. Once you saw it, it was like, 'He has to. He has to say it.' So I’m really happy that we went that way. So that was a source of discussion, does he say it? Does he think it?"[1]

Full Episode Recap[edit]

Richard Castle enters the 12th precinct one morning and gleefully announces to Detectives Kevin Ryan and Javier Esposito he is having a graphic novel, Deadly Storm, published which features his popular character Derek Storm. He shows them the cover art and they congratulate him. He asks where Detective Kate Beckett is so he can show her and Ryan says she has gone on her weekly visit to the prison where Hal Lockwood, the assassin who arranged her mother’s murder, is being housed.

At the prison, after greeting Beckett warmly, corrections Officer Chuck Ryker calls to have Lockwood brought down and is informed he has been transferred from a unit for high security prisoners to the general population unit. Beckett is shocked and explains that he needs to be returned immediately since he will kill retired cop and prisoner Gary McAllister just as he did McAllister’s former partner John Raglan, who originally investigated Beckett’s mother’s murder. Meanwhile, Lockwood finds McAllister in his cell and McAllister is resigned to his fate. As Beckett and other corrections officers race through the prison, McAllister prepares himself to die. When Beckett and the officers reach the cell, they find Lockwood covered in McAllister’s blood and holding a bloody knife. He surrenders and is taken into custody.

In the precinct break room, Beckett tells Castle she suspects Lockwood’s transfer wasn’t an accident. Castle apologizes that she lost another lead on her mom’s case, but Beckett counters that Lockwood’s act opened up a new avenue of investigation for her. Ryan and Esposito poke their heads in and say the signature on Lockwood’s transfer order was forged and that the only people with access to the order were corrections officers and clerical staff, telling Beckett that someone was bribed. She asks both of them for full financial work ups on all employees of the prison and tells Castle their next move is to attend Lockwood’s arraignment.

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In the courtroom, Beckett marches right up to Lockwood and promises that whoever hired him can’t run from her. He very smugly corrects her, saying she can’t hide from him. As the hearing begins, Beckett notices three men in NYPD uniforms enter and sees that their uniforms have chrome accents, instead of the usual brass. Before she can raise an alarm, Lockwood gives a signal and one of the men tosses a smoke-canister into the room. Beckett knocks Castle to the ground then, through the smoke, sees the men brandishing guns and taking Lockwood away. She dives into the hall and finds Lockwood’s leg irons in the middle of the floor. Just as she gets outside, she sees Lockwood take off in a helicopter. She fires back at them, but to no avail.

Later back at the precinct, Captain Roy Montgomery is worried about Beckett given that all leads on her mom’s case just evaporated. Esposito tells Beckett that courthouse security was so used to seeing cops coming and going that they didn’t give Lockwood’s associates a second thought and that the facial recognition database registered no hits. Furthermore, the helicopter flew below the FAA’s radar ceiling making it impossible to track. Montgomery says the men will want to ditch the helicopter as soon as possible, but Esposito says he’s gotten no reports from other law enforcement agencies on a stolen chopper.

Ryan then shows everyone a recording of one of Lockwood’s prison phone conversations and explains how he made weekly collect phone calls to the same number, but the person on the other end refused to accept the charges until four days ago. On the call, a voice asks Lockwood about Charlie and Mike, which Esposito remembers from his days in the military as being code for "CM" or continued mission. Castle deduces that McAllister wasn’t the mission, but rather the means to spring Lockwood especially since any prisoner could have been paid to kill McAllister. This indicates to Beckett that Lockwood has a new target, which she suspects is herself. Montgomery disagrees, but Castle figures out that there must be a third cop with knowledge of Raglan’s and McAllister’s botched kidnapping which led to Johanna Beckett’s murder. Esposito says the old reports say nothing about a third cop, but Beckett says this doesn’t necessarily mean someone wasn’t there. While Beckett takes a cell phone call, Montgomery tells them to put a protective detail on Beckett and not to hesitate to kill Lockwood if the chance presents itself. Beckett ends her call and reports that New Jersey State Police found the helicopter.

At the hangar, Castle smells bleach in the helicopter’s cockpit, which Beckett says was used to destroy DNA evidence. Esposito and Ryan say that mechanics wouldn’t have noticed the chopper had been stolen at all except for the bullet holes in the fuselage from Beckett’s shots. She orders them to run background checks on the chopper’s owner and all employees of the airport. They head off to carry out their orders, leaving Beckett to wonder about the timing of Lockwood’s escape. Castle guesses it took some time for him to plan and develop the contacts to carry out the escape, but Beckett suspects there is another reason. Castle becomes concerned when she begins wandering off muttering about traffic cameras and APBs, but she flatly insists she is fine.

That night at his loft, Castle is looking over photos of Johanna Beckett’s crime scene, when his daughter, Alexis, joins him, unable to imagine everything Beckett is going through. Castle comments on how real life unfortunately isn’t like his books where the good guys always win and the bad guys always lose. The front door buzzer sounds and he answers to find Jim Beckett there.

Over coffee, Jim says he has heard great things about him from his daughter and asks how she is doing. Castle answers that it is hard to tell since she doesn’t share much, causing Jim to remember how she wouldn’t accept a night light as a kid out of pride. Things turn serious when Jim asks about Lockwood and Castle informs him he is a dangerous trained killer. Jim goes on to say how he cannot bear to lose Kate, since he already lost his wife, and that Kate needs to be convinced that her own life is worth more than Johanna’s death. He says he knows that they both care for each other and asks Castle to stop her from throwing her life away.

The next morning at the precinct, Castle brings Beckett her usual coffee and tries to talk to her, but is interrupted by Ryan and Esposito who say that Ryker was in serious financial trouble, but suddenly came into $50,000 recently and didn’t show up for work that day. They all burst into Ryker’s apartment and find him dead of a gunshot wound to the head.

Medical Examiner Lanie Parish estimates the time of death as being around 9p.m. the night before. Castle notices Ryker made four phone calls to the same burner phone that Lockwood had been calling from prison, leading Beckett to conclude that he was negotiating payment for his help and he had no idea who he was dealing with. Ryan says the money Ryker was paid came through the United Arab Emirates via a Swiss Bank. Castle realizes the whole case is much bigger than they originally thought and Beckett tells everyone they’re going to have to bring the fight to the conspirators. She orders the guys to interview Ryker’s family, neighbors, and co-workers at the prison.

Back at the precinct in the conference room, Beckett talks to a colleague and friend of Ryker’s, Officer Haskell, who says he was an upstanding officer who all the prisoners respected. Beckett asks about girlfriends and Haskell says Ryker had been trying to get up the nerve to ask her out and that he had no knowledge of his financial problems.

Outside, Ryan and Esposito say they got the same story from all of Ryker’s co-workers. Ryan puts in that the security cameras at the hangar did catch a car leaving the scene the night of Lockwood’s escape, but that its license plate was blacked out. Castle helps Beckett figure out that only the police would know Ryker was in financial trouble because only they would have access to his financial history, meaning a cop is involved in the conspiracy. Beckett asks the guys to pull reports with both Raglan’s and McAllister’s names on them, but Esposito says they did so months ago and it led them nowhere. Beckett insists they do it again and when Ryan tells her they all want Lockwood as much as she does, she yells that nobody wants him more than her.

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Later in the conference room, Ryan, Esposito and Castle pore over old police records when Captain Montgomery asks about their progress. At his wits end, Ryan bets there wasn’t a third cop at all. Castle observes that Raglan, McAllister and the third cop could have amassed millions in ransom money which would give them the resources to pull off such an operation. Montgomery orders them to keep at it and authorizes all of them to have a beer even though they are still on duty. Esposito asks about Beckett and Castle says she hasn’t returned his calls and merely grabbed a stack of files before leaving for the night. Esposito now is worried about how close she is to slipping back down "the rabbit hole," but Castle reminds them how Beckett always bounces back. He then notices that an old arrest report has been altered and explains that older typewriters used cloth ribbon which would leave striations in the type face, but newer ones have no such problem. Based on when the report in his hand was done, the type face matches that of a typewriter used after the report would have originally been written, meaning someone’s name has been removed. All three take a picture of the report in case it disappears.

They explain to Montgomery that two other reports had been changed meaning that whoever was in charge of the records room at the time must have had knowledge of the doctoring. Montgomery orders Ryan and Esposito to find out who was manning the records room at the time, and they leave but Castle hangs back. He tells Montgomery he is worried that nothing will stop Lockwood from killing Beckett and begs him to take her off the case. Montgomery then recounts how he and Beckett met: he found her in the archives when she was a patrol cop looking over her mother’s case. He could have disciplined her since she wasn’t authorized to be there, but he didn’t because he knew "it wouldn’t stop her." Castle retorts that the same tenacity will get her killed, but Captain Montgomery counters that he is the only person who can make her back off.

Castle visits Beckett at her apartment and explains what he, Ryan and Esposito found, but Beckett questions him as to why he didn’t just tell her everything over the phone. After she prods him, he insists she is Lockwood’s next target and that while normally he is fine with trying to do the impossible, he doesn’t think they can win this time. She asks him what he wants her to do and is pained when he says she should walk away. He is adamant that she needs to think about how her death would impact the ones who love her and says that as her partner and friend, he doesn’t want anything to happen to her. When she doubts the status of their relationship, Castle angrily says he is just as confused, since they kissed and almost died in each other’s arms but never discussed either experience after the fact. All he knows is that he doesn’t want her to throw her life away. Beckett persists that it is her life rather than "his personal jungle gym." Castle then accuses her of hiding behind her mother’s case out of fear of not knowing who she would be without it. He adds that she also hides in relationships with men she doesn’t love out of fear of being happy. Beckett announces that they are over and throws Castle out.

In his office at his loft, Castle takes a long drink from a glass tumbler then hurls it at a poster of the cover art for his next Nikki Heat book, Heat Rises. Hearing the shattering glass, his mother, Martha Rodgers, comes running. Castle apologizes and sends her back to bed, but Martha knows it can only be Beckett who has upset him so much. She tells him Beckett is a grown woman and accustomed to risking her life because of her job, but Castle is undeterred. He tries to put into words how he would feel if something happened to Beckett, but, to Martha’s astonishment, fails. She takes his hands and intensely tells him not to wait to tell her his feelings.

Back at the precinct, Beckett insists to Montgomery that she wants Castle gone. With surprisingly little resistance, he agrees and further says that he only kept Castle around because he saw how good he was for Beckett and how she had more fun while working with him. When she merely stares at her feet, he explains how they are the only ones who can speak for the dead, but that they don’t owe them their lives. He agrees with Castle that they can’t win on this one and tells her one thing he has learned from all his years as a cop is that many time there is no victory, only a battle and that the best you can hope for is "to find a place to make your stand." He promises a teary-eyed Beckett to stand with her.

Down in the archives, Ryan continues to doubt that a former cop is behind Lockwood’s escape. Esposito adds that it is most likely a retired cop and dreads interviewing any because they enjoy talking about the good old days. Ryan then notices that a Mike Yanavich ran the records room from 2002 to 2005 just before retiring and that he graduated from the academy in the same class as Raglan and McAllister. Ryan pulls up Yanavich’s contact information and finds that he relocated to Florida. Esposito says Ryan should call Miami-Dade police in the morning and vows to fly to Florida himself if necessary to find him.

Meanwhile, Captain Montgomery arrives home when Lockwood walks in on him holding one of his kids’ teddy bears. He reassures him they are safe and says his boss is very upset that he isn’t keeping up his end of their agreement to keep Beckett on a short leash in exchange for her life being spared. Lockwood orders him to turn Beckett over to him at the hangar tomorrow night, but Montgomery refuses. Lockwood then says it’s either Beckett or his family, a choice which is punishment for his, Raglan’s and McAllister’s sins.

The next morning, Montgomery sees his daughters off to school, telling them how proud he is of them then gives his wife Evelyn an extra kiss and says he loves her before she leaves for work. He removes a stack of files from a wall safe in his office, writes a note, and puts the files in an envelope to be mailed. Next he loads a hand gun and pistol with bullets.

Meanwhile at the precinct, Beckett pores over materials from her mom’s case. Her cell phone rings and she ignores Castle’s 23rd phone call. Ryan tells Esposito that, according to the Miami-Dade Police Department, Yanavich moved back to Brooklyn and now owns a cop bar in town. Esposito wonders how he could afford to buy a bar on a cop’s pension and Ryan suggests they ask him, but not tell Beckett. They leave as Beckett’s cell phone rings again. This time she answers when she sees it is Montgomery calling. He urgently tells her he got a break in the case and to meet him at the hangar where they found the helicopter. She agrees and leaves while Montgomery ponders the circumstances of what he has put in motion.

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That evening, Ryan and Esposito arrive at Yanavich’s bar and confront him about the altered records and some that went missing on his watch. He doesn’t dispute any of it and adds that he knows how Raglan and McAllister were bad apples, but insists he had no part of such activity. Esposito asks if they had any friends and Yanavich shows them a picture of a rookie he knew they ran with. When Esposito sees the picture is of Montgomery, and Ryan remembers how Montgomery said he didn’t know either of them, Esposito rips up the picture and stalks out of the bar.

Ryan follows him into an alley and tells him Montgomery has to be their third cop as well as the one who altered the arrest reports. He also realizes that he was so insistent that they kill Lockwood because he knew Lockwood would lead them to him. Esposito angrily refuses to believe it and walks away, but when Ryan tries to stop him, he turns and punches him. They grapple briefly and stop when Esposito has Ryan pinned against a wall. Both then realize they have to warn Beckett.

Alone at the hangar, Beckett calls for Montgomery who emerges from the darkness and cocks his handgun just as she gets a text message warning that he is the third cop. He confesses that when he was a rookie he looked up to Raglan and McAllister, so he participated in their kidnapping and ransoming mobsters. On the night FBI Agent Bob Armen was killed, it was his gun that accidentally fired the fatal bullet. From then on, he became the best cop he could to atone for his one mistake and when he met Beckett he knew it was a sign from God that he could redeem himself by keeping her safe. Beckett asks him point blank who killed her mother, but he refuses to say, knowing she’ll go head-long after him and die in the process. He merely says the person behind the conspiracy used their ransom money to become what he is today. He also explains that he does not intend to kill her, but used her to bait Lockwood into the open. Seeing the lights of an approaching vehicle, he demands that she save herself and calls for Castle to get her out. He appears and tries to drag Beckett away only to have her forgive Montgomery and beg him to reconsider. He remains unmoved, insisting he will end everything and that "this is where I stand." Beckett breaks down as Lockwood’s SUV comes closer and Castle finally carries her from the hangar, kicking and wailing. Outside, he pins her against her patrol car, lovingly quieting her and brushing hair from her face as she gently strokes his cheek.

Montgomery refuses to let Lockwood have Beckett, to which Lockwood smugly responds that he can’t hide her from him. Montgomery corrects him, saying that Lockwood can’t hide from him then kills Lockwood’s three cronies before Lockwood wounds him and hides. Montgomery searches for him and eventually is shot twice. As he lies on the ground, Lockwood says he’s going to kill Beckett despite Montgomery's efforts to protect her. Montgomery promises that he saw to it that nobody will ever come after her again, pulls his derringer and fires. Hearing the shot, Beckett breaks free from Castle and runs into the hangar. She finds Lockwood dead and Captain Montgomery’s lifeless body nearby. She stoops and cries onto her Captain’s chest.

In the days between Montgomery’s death and funeral with full police honors, Beckett tells Ryan, Esposito, and Castle to keep the real reason for his death a secret, so he will forever be known as a hero, figuring they owe him that much. At the funeral, all four serve as pallbearers as Martha, Alexis, Lanie, and Jim Beckett join Montgomery’s family in mourning. Evelyn Montgomery barely holds it together until she is given her husband’s folded American flag. Beckett eulogizes Montgomery as the person who taught her what it meant to be a cop.
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She recalls his words about there being no victories, only battles; that the best all cops can hope for is to find somewhere to make a stand; and that if one is fortunate, they’ll have someone to stand with. She pauses and gives Castle a meaningful look. As she continues her speech, he gazes over the cemetery and sees what looks like sunlight reflecting off something in the distance. He notices it twice more as a sharpshooter aims his scope at Beckett’s chest and fires. Hearing the gunshot and seeing Beckett hunch over in pain, he knocks her down as the other mourners drop to the ground and cops run in every direction. Finding one of her white gloves bloodstained, he cradles her head in one of his hands and begs her not to leave him. He then twice tells her he loves her, only to have her fall unconscious in his arms.

Filming Locations[edit]


Who: Gary McCallister
Found: in his prison cell
Where Killed: where found
How: Shanked (knifed) in his bunk
Killer: Hal Lockwood

  • Tie up one loose end
  • Escape from prison

Prison Escape: Hal Lockwood
How: Flash/Bangs in the courtroom and three fake NYC police officers
Who: With help of three henchmen and presumably a helicopter pilot

Who: Corrections Officer Chuck Ryker
Found: In his condo
Where Killed: where found
How: Shot in the head
Killer: Hal Lockwood (presumably)
Motive: Tie up one loose end - eliminate a "witness"

Who was Killed (not murdered not victims): Hal Lockwood's 3 henchmen
Found: in a helicopter hanger at a small airfield in New Jersey
Where Killed: where found
How: Gun Shot
Killer: Captain Roy Montgomery
Motive: Protect Kate Beckett

Who was Killed (not murdered not a victim): Hal Lockwood
Found: in a helicopter hanger at a small airfield in New Jersey
Where Killed: where found
How: Gun Shot (with a concealed derringer)
Killer: Captain Roy Montgomery (after he was fatally shot but before he died)
Motive: Protect Kate Beckett

Who: Captain Roy Montgomery
Found: in a helicopter hanger at a small airfield in New Jersey
Where Killed: where found
How: Multiple gun shot wounds
Killer: Hal Lockwood
Motive: Remove final obstacle before killing Beckett

Perp: Captain Roy Montgomery

  • ... is found out and confesses to being "the third cop" in the murder of Bob Armen
  • ... says he did not participate in Johanna Beckett's murder, but his actions in the Armen case lead to her death
  • ... will not say who "the Dragon" is

Motive: To confess to his prior misdeeds and to attempt to stop Lockwood and the Dragon from harming Kate Beckett

Who: Kate Beckett
Found: in the cemetery where the funeral for Captain Roy Montgomery was being held
Where Killed: (survived) - we are very confident in this
How: Shot by a sniper (rifle)
Killer: Unknown assassin presumably hired by "the Dragon"
Motive: Cover Up. Finally eliminate Kate Beckett and stop any further investigation into Johanna Beckett and Bob Armen's murders (presumably)


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