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Basic Details[edit]

Season 3, Episode 13 (47)

Original Air Date - January 24, 2011


The lead detective on Beckett's mother's homicide case contacts Beckett out of the blue with new information on the case, but is gunned down in front of her and Castle before revealing what he knows. As they investigate the murder, they uncover a decades old conspiracy in which Johanna Beckett became unwittingly and fatally entwined, which leads to more danger for their colleagues and to a shift in their own relationship.

Episode Images[edit]

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Main Cast[edit]

Guest Cast[edit]

  • Scott Paulin - Jim Beckett
  • Jonathan Adams - Vulcan Simmons
  • Brian Goodman - Dave McCallister
  • John Kapelos - Joe Pulgatti
  • Max Martini - Hal Lockwood
  • Brian R. Norris - Chad Rodrick
  • Joel Polis - John Raglan
  • Chryssie Whitehead - Kathy Moore
  • Ajay Vidure - CSU Tech




Beckett: I remember you, Detective Raglan.

Detective Raglan: Lady, what part of no cops didn't you understand?
Beckett: He's not a cop.
Detective Raglan: Who the hell is he then?
Beckett: Someone I trust.

Captain Montgomery: What the hell am I going to do with you?
Beckett: You are going to let me work this case.

Captain Montgomery: But I know you. You are going to pick up those scissors, and run around the house with them, but I am telling you now walk, don't run. Go where the evidence leads, not the other way around. Do you read me?
Beckett: Yes sir. Loud and clear.

Captain Montgomery: You too Castle, clear out.
Castle: What'd I do?
Captain Montgomery: I don't need you playing Nancy Drew on this.

Captain Montgomery: What does it say on my badge?
Esposito: Captain.
Captain Montgomery: Now read the fine print. It says get your ass out there and solve Raglan's murder before I bust you both back down to traffic.
Esposito: Yes, sir.
Ryan: Yes, sir.
Captain Montgomery: You want to help her, find that shooter. Solve the damn case.

Martha: Richard, this isn’t one of your books. You don’t know the ending. You were just lucky yesterday.
Castle: You’re overreacting, Mother. Where is this coming from?
Martha: How the hell can you ask me something like that? Think of how much you love Alexis and that is how much I love you and don’t you dare ask me where this is coming from! You have gotten through most of your life on your wit, charm, and no small amount of talent, but that is the real world out there and you cannot charm your way out of a bullet.
Castle: You think I should quit?
Martha: I think you should be honest with yourself about why you’re doing this. You have written 22 novels before you met her and you didn’t need to spend every day in a police station in order to finish them.
Castle: It’s not about the books anymore.

Esposito: Everyone in that lobby is carrying a damn briefcase.
Ryan: (sarcastically) You should be a detective. (seriously) We can't come up empty on this one.
Esposito: I know, bro.

Castle: You know, I sometimes forget that you live with this every day. Josh know about this?
Beckett: No.

Beckett: I went through all of that 9 years ago. There is nothing.
Castle: Yeah, well a lot has happened since then. (Beckett turns and looks at Castle) Maybe you missed something.

Beckett: Castle, there’s something I need you to do.
Castle: Name it.
Beckett: Go home.
Castle: Forget it. Fear does not exist in this dojo.
Beckett: Look, I signed up for this when I put that badge on. You didn't. It's not your fight.
Castle: The Hell it isn't. I don't hang around you just to annoy you. I don't ride out to murder scenes in the middle of the night to satisfy some morbid curiosity. If that's all this was, I would have quit a long time ago.
Beckett: Then why do you keep coming back, Rick?
Castle: Look, I may not have a badge, unless you count the chocolate one Alexis gave me for my birthday. But I'll tell you this: like it or not, I'm your plucky sidekick.
Beckett: Plucky sidekick always gets killed.
Castle: Partner then.
Beckett: OK. What'd you find?

Pulgatti: Take it from me, there’s nothing more dangerous out there than a killer with a badge.

Captain Montgomery: We'll talk about the definition of a direct order later. Right now I just want to know what you found.

McAllister: You don’t understand, Detective. You woke the dragon and this is so much bigger than you realize.

Lockwood: You tell me what I need to know, pro to pro, and I will put a bullet in your brain. You don’t, you jerk me around, and you will be begging me to before this night is up.
Esposito: I'm gonna to have to go with option B.
Ryan: Oh, yeah. We're definitely going to jerk you around.

Ryan: Listen, Ass Clown. I was in Catholic school for 12 years. They used to do this to me for talking in class.

Castle: (proudly, to himself) Castle, you've done it again.

Beckett: I'm open to dumb ideas here.
Castle: Good, 'cause I got one.

(After Castle's and Beckett's first ever kiss and Beckett's knocking out of a guard) Castle: That was amazing...the way you knocked him out I mean...it was.
Beckett: Let's go....yeah.

Esposito: I'm sorry bro, I can't watch this. Listen to me. You're too late. The cops already know all about ... me and your mom.

Beckett: Hey there, Chuck Norris. How's the hand?
Castle: Excruciating. How are Ryan and Esposito?
Beckett: Mild hypothermia, wounded pride. Guess which one will heal first?

Beckett: Thank you. For having my back in there.
Castle: Always.

Beckett: I put a lot of people in this place. Some of them want to kill me, others never been treated so fairly in their lives, so they form this attachment to me. It’s like I’m their favorite school teacher. Some of those people might visit you while you’re in here, like the ghosts that visit Scrooge. And after some time with them, you might find yourself a changed man. So I will be back here, week after week, to ask you who hired you, until that miracle occurs.


  • Click here for a link to the Murder Board for Johanna Beckett's case.
  • 47 is a reoccurring number on this show. This episode, the 47th episode of the series, included the first kiss between Castle & Beckett. Other references to 47 are:

Featured Music[edit]

  • Rise performed by The Frames - Beckett and Castle talk in the ambulance and Beckett visits Lockwood in jail.

Full Episode Recap[edit]

Retired NYPD Detective John Raglan loads a handgun and aims it at his chin, intent upon committing suicide. In another part of town, Detective Kate Beckett is working out in her apartment when her cell phone rings. She answers the call and finds Raglan on the other end. As he replaces the bullets from his gun into a box, he tells Beckett they need to meet because he has information about her mother, Johanna Beckett’s, murder that he needs to tell her. He orders her to meet him in one hour at a nearby coffee shop by herself. A little while later at Richard Castle’s loft, Castle answers his front door to find an emotionally shaken Beckett there. He invites her in, but she merely asks if they can talk.

Beckett and Castle arrive at the coffee shop. Raglan criticizes her for bringing a cop, but Beckett corrects him, saying Castle is simply someone she trusts. A waitress brings Raglan coffee and Beckett asks him what he knows. He tells her he is dying of lymphoma and describes how when he watched A Christmas Carol as a kid, the ghost of Jacob Marley scared the heck out of him with all the heavy chains that represented his past misdeeds trailing behind him. He explains how he made a lot of mistakes as a cop, and considers Beckett’s mother’s unsolved murder to be one of the heaviest chains he carries. He says he just did what he was told and cooperated out of fear. He then recalls how Beckett shot and killed the hit man who murdered her mother, Dick Coonan, and tells her “people noticed” when it appeared in the news. Beckett presses him about who hired Coonan and Raglan waves his hand, saying she needs to know the full story. He begins by saying the whole thing started nineteen years ago when he made a bad decision that led to lots of deaths, including Johanna’s. Before he can elaborate, a gunshot shatters Raglan’s coffee mug and he slumps to the floor. Beckett immediately pulls her gun, ordering the other patrons to get down and away from the window. She spies the bullet hole and calls on her walkie talkie for backup and an ambulance as Castle sees blood on her blouse. She assures him she is fine and the blood is Raglan’s. Castle presses some napkins to Raglan’s wound in an effort to staunch the bleeding, but he dies.

That night outside the coffee shop, Captain Roy Montgomery asks Beckett if she had backup with her, and before she can answer truthfully, Detectives Kevin Ryan and Javier Esposito interject that they were backing her up, but were down the block a bit when the shooting happened. Captain Montgomery doesn’t believe them and they move on. Beckett asks that he let her work the case, but he disagrees since she is too close to it and is already distracted from catching the killer by wondering what information he was planning on revealing about her mother’s case. She tries to convince him saying nobody knows her mother’s case better than she does. Captain Montgomery reluctantly agrees to keep her on the case, but sternly warns her to follow the evidence.

Inside the diner, a CSU tech extracts the bullet that killed Raglan from the booth seat. He says it is a .338 Magnum, a specialty bullet, and shows Beckett its trajectory which points back to the 4th floor of the building across the street. Esposito promises to lock it down and check to see if anyone saw anything suspicious. Beckett tells Ryan that she suspects the killer followed Raglan to the coffee shop and orders him to check with Raglan’s neighbors to see if anyone was lurking around his building. Castle emerges from the men’s room having washed Raglan’s blood off his hands. Beckett sees he is slightly disturbed and tells him it’s not unusual to react to a murder differently when it happens so close to you that you can see the victim die. Castle agrees and says he thought Beckett had been hit when he saw Raglan’s blood on her blouse. They exchange meaningful looks for a long moment, after which Beckett offers to drop Castle off at his loft on her way to the precinct. He refuses and she agrees to take him with her as Captain Montgomery answers press questions outside.

The following morning, Esposito reports to Beckett and Castle how he found no shell casings, fingerprints, or witnesses on the fourth floor, but that access to the floor is limited to people with a keycard. He tells them the building management is sending over a list of employees with keycards plus surveillance video. Ryan joins them and says he found Raglan had no family or next of kin and basically kept to himself, but did have an old friend from the force named Gary McAllister come over often to watch sports. Beckett orders them to bring in McAllister and tells Castle she doesn’t understand how something Raglan did nineteen years ago could impact her mother’s murder, which was 12 years ago.

Later, Beckett and Castle interview McAllister who says he last saw Raglan a week ago when he told him he was dying. He then asks why Raglan would want to meet Beckett when he was retired by the time she joined the NYPD. She tells him he was helping her with a cold case and how she believes he was killed by someone wanting to keep him quiet. She next asks what Raglan was into 19 years ago and McAllister dodges the question by saying Raglan was no angel and that the rules applying to police work today didn’t work back then. After, Beckett reinforces that she is only investigating his murder McAllister explains how Raglan racked up gambling debts years ago and agreed to work as a courier for notorious drug runner Vulcan Simmons to pay them off. He goes on to say how Simmons had lots of people killed and implies that by employing Raglan, he could easily make those murders disappear.

Later, Beckett runs through Simmons’ arrest file which she observes dried up several years ago. Esposito guesses he just got smart and moved on to bigger ventures. Ryan then mentions how Simmons used to run the drug trade in the neighborhood of Washington Heights, which stirs something in Beckett. She tells the guys how her mom and some colleagues had put together a campaign to rid that same neighborhood of drug dealers and must have run afoul of Simmons. Ryan also recalls how Dick Coonan was into running dope, which connects him to Simmons. Beckett and Castle build the theory that Johanna Beckett and her friends angered Simmons with their plan to clean up the neighborhood, so he paid Coonan to kill them then paid Raglan to write off the murders as gang violence. Esposito promises to have Simmons in an interrogation room before lunch.

Later on, Simmons sits in an interrogation room trying to anger Beckett by remembering how she would have been 16 at the time of his last arrest and most likely a hormonal teenager fond of making out in the back of her daddy’s car. After Castle tells him to knock it off and Simmons observes how Castle is “sweet on” her, Beckett refocuses his attention by asking how he knew Raglan. He smugly answers that his association with Raglan runs past the statute of limitations which would allow her to prosecute him for anything illegal. Beckett tries to intimidate him by revealing she is investigating a murder, but Simmons sees through her tactic – trying to make him uncomfortable by invading his personal space. Beckett tells him of her mother’s campaign with Castle adding how it must have made him mad, but Simmons sloughs off their words. Beckett shows him a picture of her mother’s dead body at the murder scene, demanding to know if he remembers her. Simmons ratchets up his goading by calling Beckett’s mom rich trash who got what was coming to her. He stands to leave and his final insult to Johanna pushes Beckett over the edge. She grabs Simmons and shoves him into the room’s reflective glass so hard it shatters. Castle tries to stop her, but she yells at him to back off. She holds Simmons inches from her face and promises to put him away forever while he merely laughs. Ryan and Esposito enter and get her and Castle to back off.

In Captain Montgomery’s office, he tells Beckett he has no choice but to let Simmons go because of their altercation and because they have no evidence that connects him to Raglan’s murder or Johanna's. She protests that he basically confessed to killing Raglan, but Montgomery severely admonishes her for playing right into his hands after he taunted her. He then removes her from the case, despite her vigorous protests, and tells her to go home. She exits his office, yanks her coat off her chair and leaves, ignoring Castle calling after her. Montgomery then sends Castle home as well and turns the case over to Ryan and Esposito. Out of loyalty to Beckett, they try to decline the assignment but Montgomery threatens to knock them down to traffic cops if they don’t follow his orders. He leaves them by saying the best way they can help Beckett is to solve Raglan’s murder.

Back at Castle’s loft, he tries to relax with a drink. His mother, Martha Rodgers, joins him and tells him she heard about the shooting on the news. She says he was lucky it wasn’t him who was killed and how this isn’t one of his books where he can control the outcome. He insists he is fine and asks why she is all of a sudden so worried. This angers Martha, who reminds him in a choked up voice how she loves him as much as he loves his daughter, Alexis, and that while he has used his charm and talent to great success, he cannot charm a bullet. Castle asks if she wants him to quit his shadowing of Beckett and she answers that he needs to evaluate why he spends so much time at the precinct when he didn’t do so to finish his previous books. He tells her his shadowing no longer has anything to do with his writing.

At the precinct, Ryan and Esposito review the surveillance tape of the fourth floor and Ryan says he figures whoever did the shooting most likely disassembled his rifle so it could fit inside a less-conspicuous briefcase. Esposito notices how every person on the video seems to be carrying a briefcase and Ryan makes a snarky comment in response. He immediately regrets his words and tells Esposito they can’t fail to solve the case. He then notices in the video how an unidentified man bumps into a woman and swipes her key card from her purse as she helps her off the ground. Esposito is disappointed, saying the card won’t lead them to the killer’s identity since it was issued to the woman, but Ryan tells him since the killer didn’t wear gloves and touched the woman’s arm, they should be able to lift a fingerprint off her skin, provided she hasn’t showered. Esposito is doubtful of the plan, but agrees and they leave.

In another part of town, Beckett sits alone in her apartment as a tear courses its way down her cheek. She answers a knock at her door to find Castle there. He asks where Beckett’s boyfriend Josh is and she tells him he is working in Africa. He then hands her a large bouquet of flowers which she accepts with a smile, calling the gesture sweet. She invites him inside and he accepts. As Beckett finds a vase for the flowers, Castle tells her how Montgomery’s kicking them off Raglan’s homicide doesn’t mean they can’t investigate her mother’s. He begins concocting a plan to steal Johanna Beckett’s case file, but Beckett only smiles and says she has something to show him. Castle follows her to her den, where she opens the shutters of a window to reveal an improvised murder board for her mother’s case. Castle admits to her that he forgets how the case haunts her every day. Beckett tells him Josh does not know about the murder board and that she put it together while he was in the Hamptons last summer. She also says she found out that besides her mom’s murder, a document clerk at the courthouse and two volunteers who worked with her were also killed around the same time. She admits she always assumed that the four were killed because of a case they were working on since Johanna requested a court file just before being murdered and the file has gone missing. Castle asks if she has looked through her mom’s things to find any clues as to what she was working on, but Beckett says she did nine years ago and found nothing. Castle suggests they look again.

Back at the precinct, the woman Esposito and Ryan saw in the video runs on endlessly about her relationship problems while her arm sits in an airtight chamber in an effort to light up the killer’s fingerprint. To Ryan and Esposito’s relief, a tech finds a print on her arm.

Back at Beckett’s apartment, she and Castle look through some of her mom’s things. Beckett finds nothing in Johanna’s date book since she had a convoluted system of keeping her appointments that she has never been able to decode. Castle flips through old photos of Beckett and her mom celebrating Christmas and on their way to ice skate at Rockefeller Center, and laments that there are no pictures of Beckett actually skating. Beckett laughs, remembering how she wasn’t a good skater and Castle pulls out the strip of negatives to be sure Beckett didn’t throw out the photos out of embarrassment. He then notices how the roll of film contained 24 exposures, but he only found 20 photos in the packet. He holds the negatives up to the living room window and sees what looks like an empty street in four of the pictures. They load these onto Beckett’s computer and she instantly recognizes them as being of the alley where her mom’s body was found. She is further confused by the fact that they were taken a week before the murder and says she always thought the alley was just a convenient place to dump her mom’s body. Castle wonders if maybe Johanna was looking into something that happened in the alley when she was killed and volunteers to go through the precinct archives to see what he can find, since Beckett is banned from the building.

At the precinct, Ryan and Esposito match the fingerprint from the chatty woman’s arm to a Hal Lockwood, who has a clean record and a credit history dating back only two years. Esposito guesses he is using an alias while Ryan finds that his credit card indicates he checked into a corporate hotel suite in Midtown. Later, they, along with a SWAT Team, bust into Lockwood’s hotel room and find him gone. In searching through his things, Esposito finds surveillance photos taken of Beckett outside the coffee shop where Raglan was killed.

That night at her apartment, Montgomery shows Beckett the photos and updates her on Ryan and Esposito’s progress on the case. He says the killer has been following her since Raglan’s murder and is a professional. Beckett says they need to let Castle know as well since he was in a couple of the photos and Montgomery agrees, saying Castle is back at the precinct having been caught in the men’s room looking through old reports. He informs Beckett that she has forced him to put a detail on her to keep her at home and safe, but she pleads with him to let her back to the precinct and back on the case. He refuses.

The next morning, Ryan tells Esposito that some capsules they found in Lockwood’s hotel room were identified as an anti-anxiety drug. Esposito remembers from his days in the Special Forces that snipers are trained to fire in between heart beats and that they often take such medications to slow down their heart rates so they have more time to fire. Ryan adds that the capsules were hand ground by an expert, leading Esposito to suspect Vulcan Simmons. Ryan disagrees and shows him symbols marked on each capsule which don’t match those used by Simmons, but rather a dealer named Chad Roderick.

Later on in an interrogation room, Roderick smugly claims his three previous arrests for drug crimes were misunderstandings and calls himself a simple college student with access to his father’s high-priced attorney. Ryan asks him if he knows why he was brought in and Roderick taunts them, guessing they just resent his higher social status. Ryan shows him the capsules and Lockwood’s picture and tells him they aren’t interested in his drug dealing, but want to know more about Lockwood. Roderick takes a quick look at Lockwood’s picture, denies knowing him, and says they can’t arrest him since they have no proof he did anything illegal. Ryan says they have no plans to arrest him, and Esposito adds that they will merely detain him for a while in a holding cell with a large sex offender. After Ryan promises not to prosecute him for selling the drugs, Roderick caves and admits to selling the capsules to a blonde woman named Jolene, but insists he has never seen Lockwood before in his life.

At Beckett’s apartment, Beckett answers the front door and finds Castle there. He notices she is holding her service piece and realizes she spoke to Montgomery. Castle steps inside and Beckett tells him to go home since the case is her fight and not his. He refuses, saying he doesn’t shadow her because he wants to annoy her or follow her to crime scenes in the middle of the night for fun. She challenges him as to why he does continue to work with her, and he tells her he is her partner whether she likes it or not. When she stills worries that he could be hurt or killed, he sits on her couch and emphatically opens the file he brought with him, determined to stay. She grins in agreement and Castle explains how he found that an FBI agent, working undercover in the mob, was also killed in the same alley where Johanna’s body was found when his cover was blown. At the time, the alley backed up to a restaurant known to be a hangout for the mob that was shut down after the killing. Raglan arrested a low-level mobster named John Bulgatti, who was eventually convicted of the murder, having pled guilty. Castle asks Beckett since her mom was a civil rights attorney, if she ever mentioned Bulgatti or the FBI agent and she says no, leading Castle to suggest they talk to Bulgatti.

They interview Bulgatti at the prison where he resides and he denies killing the FBI agent, saying the murder was a kidnapping gone bad. He describes how three guys in ski masks pulled up to the alley and tried to kidnap him, but the agent fought them, and got shot in the process. Castle asks if the kidnappers could have been from a rival family and Bulgatti says no, since a truce had been called because of rumors that a gang of kidnappers were prowling the city and abducting mobsters regardless of their allegiance. He goes on to say that nobody else but the kidnappers, himself and the agent were in the alley that night and implies to Beckett that Raglan must have been one of the kidnappers otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to place him in the alley at the time of the murder like he did in his arrest report. Beckett asks Bulgatti about her mother’s murder and he tells her he recognized her as Johanna’s daughter as soon as he saw her. He then says that Johanna was the only lawyer he contacted who volunteered to look into his case and cautions Beckett to be careful since there is nothing more dangerous than a killer who is also a cop.

In the conference room at the precinct, Montgomery puts aside his anger at Beckett and Castle for disobeying his orders, and asks what they have found as Ryan and Esposito look on. They describe how Raglan and two other cops were kidnapping and ransoming mobsters nineteen years ago, but their plans went south when they mistakenly killed the undercover FBI agent instead of Bulgatti. Raglan pinned the murder on Bulgatti and seven years later when Johanna Beckett wanted to look into Bulgatti’s case, they hired Dick Coonan to kill her and her colleagues to keep the kidnappings from being exposed. Raglan wrote off the cases, but when he found out he was dying and wanted to come clean, they had him killed to keep him quiet. Ryan adds that they know one of the three kidnappers was Raglan’s friend McAllister since Esposito looked through old dispatch logs and found that he was the only unit backing up Raglan when he arrested Bulgatti. Montgomery orders them to pick up McAllister.

Later in the same interrogation room where Beckett and Castle talked to Vulcan Simmons, Beckett accuses McAllister of using Simmons as a red herring to throw them off his trail, but McAllister defends himself, saying he and Raglan were exacting their own brand of justice since the mob was getting away with committing tons of crimes then buying alibis to get off. He admits it wasn’t legal, but maintains it was the right thing to do. He also admits to being part of the kidnapping ring and describes how they would snatch someone, scare him for a time, and demand a large amount of money in return for giving him back. Beckett confronts him about hiring Coonan to kill her mother and he denies responsibility for Johanna’s murder. When Beckett presses him as to who hired Coonan, he refuses to give up the name, merely saying it is someone she’ll “never touch” and that the whole conspiracy is bigger than she could ever imagine. He then asks for a lawyer.

Back at her desk, Beckett guesses whoever McAllister is afraid of isn’t a cop and reinforces how they have to find the shooter who killed Raglan. Ryan and Esposito arrive and say they narrowed the search for a blond woman who bought the capsules found in Lockwood’s suite from Roderick to two women named Jolene. Beckett orders them to find Jolene Anders while she and Castle will pick up Jolene Granger. As they get into their patrol cars and pull away from the precinct, they fail to see Lockwood watching them from a nearby car. He pulls out from his parking spot and follows Ryan and Esposito.

Castle and Beckett arrive at the address of Jolene Granger to find her dead. Beckett calls Ryan and Esposito, who are in the stairwell of Jolene Anders’ building, to report this and they turn to leave. But before they get far and before Beckett can end the call, Lockwood drops a flash bomb down the stairwell. Later, Beckett talks to Montgomery who confirms that Ryan and Esposito have been kidnapped by Lockwood, who left their cell phones behind. Beckett figures out that this will prevent her from using the phones’ GPS tracking software to find them and Castle realizes Jolene Granger’s phone is missing, meaning she must have used it to call Lockwood. Castle begins searching Granger’s apartment for a cell phone bill.

Meanwhile, in a warehouse elsewhere in the city, the kidnappers remove hoods covering Ryan’s and Esposito’s heads. Lockwood congratulates them for getting closer to him than anyone has before, and tells them he needs to know exactly what their investigation has turned up so he can finish his job. As he speaks, his associates pour ice cubes into a vat of water and Esposito sees a high-powered rifle, most likely the one used to kill Raglan, nearby. He then offers a deal to Ryan and Esposito: they tell him what he wants to know and he will kill them quickly by shooting them in the head, or he can torture them until they beg for him to shoot them. Ryan and Esposito agree that they’d rather be tortured than reveal what they know and Ryan is dunked in the ice cold water, his head held beneath its surface.

Back at Jolene’s apartment, Beckett reads Jolene’s cell phone account number to Castle who enters it into the carrier’s billing system. It prompts him for Jolene’s mother’s maiden name and Beckett tells the tech on the other end of her phone to pull any information they can find on Jolene Granger.

At the warehouse, Ryan is still being tortured while Esposito looks on helpless and furious. Ryan is pulled out of the water and acts like the torture is no big deal. He is dunked again and Lockwood coolly explains to Esposito how his victims typically start out confident like Ryan, but eventually they cannot handle the effect of the ice cold water burning their throat. He yells that he will gladly stop when they agree to tell him what they know.

At Jolene’s, Castle and Beckett have successfully accessed her cell phone records and are looking through her call history. Beckett finds an unlisted number and asks the tech on her phone to find the location of where the call was received. A little later, she and Castle sit in her squad car outside the warehouse where Ryan and Esposito are being held. She sees a guard standing watch with a high-powered rifle by the only entrance and tells Castle he would recognize a SWAT team early enough to warn Lockwood, who would then likely kill Ryan and Esposito. At a loss for what to do, she asks Castle if he has any crazy ideas and he says he does.

They climb out of the squad car, giggling and holding onto each other like a couple of drunken lovers, and stumble in the guard’s direction. He sees them and begins walking towards them. As he gets closer, Beckett whispers to Castle how he’s not buying their act and reaches for her gun, only to have Castle swipe away her hand. He takes her face in his hands and kisses her a long kiss. In shock, Beckett breaks it off, looks searchingly into Castle’s eyes, then kisses him even more passionately, aware that the guard is still watching them. Their hands roam over each other and, in an effort to sell the ruse, they briefly allow themselves to be swept up in the moment. The guard finally chuckles to himself and begins heading back to his post. Beckett sees him over Castle’s shoulder and swiftly knocks him out. Castle tells her she was amazing, then after she shoots him a worried look, he covers himself by saying he was amazed by her takedown of the guard. They both collect themselves and head into the warehouse.

Inside, Esposito cannot watch any more of Ryan’s torture and calls for Lockwood to stop. His associate lifts Ryan’s head out of the water. Amidst gasps for breath, he pleads with Esposito not to tell them anything. Instead, he teases Lockwood, implying that he is sleeping with his mother. They both laugh, but Lockwood is not flustered. He calmly orders one of his associates to shoot out one of Ryan’s kneecaps and he is laid flat on the ground while Esposito struggles more than ever. The kidnapper cocks his gun and aims, but is shot in the chest by Beckett before he can fire. She keeps firing as she works her way into the warehouse. At the same time, Lockwood grabs his rifle and Castle finds a safe perch where he can look down on the action. Beckett takes out the third kidnapper, but is spied by Lockwood, who opens up on her. She escapes to a safe place and refills her gun with a new magazine. From his vantage point, Castle sees Lockwood take aim at Beckett. Just before he can squeeze the trigger, Castle jumps on him, knocking him to the ground and the rifle out of his hands. He lands three fierce punches to his face, knocking him unconscious.

Afterward, Beckett finds Castle in the back of an ambulance, his hand wrapped too tightly with an ace bandage. She climbs in, sitting across from him, and seeing his efforts at rewrapping his hand, carefully redoes the bandage. She tells him Ryan has mild hypothermia and Esposito’s pride was wounded then jokingly wonders who will heal first. She looks at Castle meaningfully, and thanks him for backing her up. He promises to do so always.

The next day, Beckett visits Lockwood in prison and asks who hired him, only to have him stare at her blankly in response. She thinks for a moment then tells him how some of the criminals she has put in the same jail where he now sits hate her, but others care about her for treating them fairly and most likely will not enjoy having him nearby. She guesses some of them will visit him, like the ghosts did to Scrooge, and after a while, he might be willing to tell her who hired him. Finally, she vows to come see him every week until he tells her who is behind the conspiracy that led to her mother’s death.


Who: John Ragland, retired detective of the NYPD
Found: Killed in front of Beckett and Castle
Where Killed: in a diner where they were meeting
How: shot by a sniper, through the diner's window, presumably shot through the heart

Killer: Hal Lockwood as an assumed identity, processed as John Doe. Additionally he has been watching Beckett
Motive: Hired to continue the cover up of Johanna Beckett's murder

Who: Jolene Granger, blond, 30's, she bought the pills for Lockwood (the pills helped him as a sniper)
Found: in her apartment
Where Killed: where found
How: tied up on the floor and it looks like she was strangled

Killer: Hal Lockwood (and possibly had the help of his three henchmen)
Motive: She was a link to Lockwood and he was "tying up loose ends"

Who: Johanna Beckett, Kate Beckett's mother
Found: in an alley on the lower west side, maybe Washington Heights?
Where Killed: where found, Saturday January 9th, 1999
How: Multiple stab wounds. Fatal wound delivered as a low angle thrust to kidney and knife was twisted. Other wounds were made after she was immobilized

Killer: Dick Coonan - see Sucker Punch, episode 213
Motive: Hired to kill her, real motive unknown

Who: Diane Cavanaugh
Found: near 65th and Amsterdam
Where Killed: where found, Sunday March 7, 1999
How: killed in the same manner as Johanna Beckett, multiple stab wounds, first to the kidney, followed by many others

Killer: Dick Coonan - see Sucker Punch, episode 213
Motive: Hired to kill her, real motive unknown

Who: Scott Murray
Found: Outside, behind a bar
Where Killed: where found, Sunday March 7, 1999
How: killed in the same manner as Johanna Beckett, multiple stab wounds, first to the kidney, followed by many others

Killer: Dick Coonan - see Sucker Punch, episode 213
Motive: Hired to kill him, real motive unknown

Who: Jennifer Stewart
Found: in Central Park
Where Killed: where found, Friday May 21, 1999
How: killed in the same manner as Johanna Beckett, multiple stab wounds, first to the kidney, followed by many others

Killer: Dick Coonan - see Sucker Punch, episode 213
Motive: Hired to kill her, real motive unknown

Who: Bob Armen, FBI agent, working undercover in the mob, killed about 19 years ago (1992)
Found: killed in the same alley as Johanna Beckett
Where Killed: where found
How: gunned down - looked like a mob hit

Killer: one of three masked men (probably cops). Joe Pulgatti was set up to take the blame and is probably innocent of this crime. Pulgatti was arrested by John Raglan and was backed up by Gary McCallister, his friend
Motive: Pulgatti says that three masked men came into the alley to kidnap him and Armen tried to stop them and in the scuffle he was shot and killed.

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