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Kissed and Killed


Kissed and Killed is one of Castle's bestselling novels, written in the years before he met Beckett. It is one of his 'standalone' books, not part of the Derrick Storm series. Although is not directly referenced in the show, it was mentioned in the original pilot.


(From richardcastle.net) Rookie detective Alexandra Jones grew up fast in the mean streets of the Bronx. But nothing could prepare her for the spate of murders currently plaguing the five boroughs: Someone is killing the city’s richest men by cutting off their tongues and – in a final coup de grace – lopping off their privates. Jones’ street-smart investigative skills soon lead her to the dark underbelly of the fashion industry, where beauty is a commodity easily bought and sold. It becomes clear that the killer is amongst those tossed aside after their youth has been used and abused. But as she sinks deeper into the fashion underworld, Jones discovers she’s become the latest target in the killer’s quest. Can she uncover the murderer in time or will she end up as yet another victim of their lethal rage?

References in Episodes[edit]

Mentioned in original pilot