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Kill The Messenger

Basic Details[edit]

Season 2, Episode 8 (18)

Original Air Date - November 9, 2009


Castle and Beckett investigate the hit-and-run death of a bike messenger, brutally murdered to prevent him from delivering a package, the contents of which could free a wrongly convicted man from prison. In a surprising twist, this tragic death is linked to a murder case that Captain Montgomery investigated a decade earlier. To solve the present murder, Castle and Beckett must dredge up the past by uncovering the secrets and scandals of a prominent New York family.

Episode Images[edit]

© 2009-2010 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
© 2009-2010 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
© 2009-2010 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
© 2009-2010 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.


Main Cast[edit]

Guest Cast[edit]

  • Jill Andre – Lenanne Wellesley
  • Rod Damer – Bartender
  • Josh Daugherty – Trent Wellesley
  • Arye Gross – Medical Examiner Sidney Perlmutter
  • Jeff Harlan – Frank Davis
  • Gregg Henry – Winston Wellesley
  • Taneka Johnson – Edwina
  • Judy Kain – Sara
  • Sonya Leslie-Shepherd – Valerie Thompson
  • Ron Melendez – Jeff Dilahunt
  • Mark Moses – Bill Wellesley
  • Hattie Winston – Sally Niedermeyer




Alexis: And now you just need to select a photo for your profile page.
Martha: Okay. Should we go dramatic? Or commercial? Or sassy?
(Martha holds up three casting photos from her younger years.)
Castle: Don't you have anything from this century?

Castle: (Answers his cell phone) Yes, Beckett. Either there's a dead body or you just want to hear my sultry voice. Dead body it is.

Castle: (Spinning one of his wild theories) Kevin Bacon is a bike messenger who failed as a...
Beckett: Esposito, take him to school.
Esposito: The victim is Caleb Shimansky, an on-duty bike messenger. A masked suspect in a black four-door plows into him, killing him instantly. Then the suspect steals the messenger bag, jumps in his ride and jets off.
Beckett: See, that wasn't so hard.
Castle: No, no, it's good, if you like the dull, non-best-seller version.
Esposito: I thought I gave it some flair.

Capt. Montgomery: Do we know what was in the package?
Beckett: The, uh, courier company's looking into it right now. Whatever it was, somebody thought that it was worth killing for.
Castle: Off the top of my head, I'm gonna go with nuclear launch codes, Dick Cheney's soul on its way to the devil...

(Castle and Capt. Montgomery watch Beckett talk to a victim’s sister)
Castle: How does she do that?
Capt. Montgomery: Better than anyone I know.
Castle: You okay?
Capt. Montgomery: Her brother died trying to get something to me. No, I'm not okay.

Martha: I've been bombarded with friend requests. It's like a part-time job. And these exchanges are just ridiculous. Dot Ellison, who I have absolutely no desire to reconnect with, has just wasted 20 minutes of my life recounting the bravery of her cat passing a kidney stone.
Castle: Well, it could have been worse. She could have sent you a video.

Martha: Chet Palaburn!
Castle: Who's Chet Palaburn?
Martha: Star athlete, class president, homecoming king. My high school sweetheart. And my first!
Castle: I really didn't need to know that last part.

Jeff Dilahunt: What? Can't a guy and a girl just be friends?
Castle: Please.
Jeff Dilahunt: Are you two together?
Castle: Not yet.
Beckett: Absolutely not.

Trent Wellesley: Trust me, if I had that kind of money to throw around, I wouldn't be here sucking up to the old lady.
Castle: Nice.
Trent Wellesley: You think I'm rich because my last name's Wellesley, but my dad died when I was a kid. Mom and me had to pretty much survive off the handouts of relatives.
Castle: Oh, I suppose getting a job would be out of the question.

Castle: Jealousy. Money. Murder. Does it get any better than this?

Castle: Let me let you in on a little secret. You know how rich people stay rich? They are cheap.

Blake Wellesley: Well, I propose that all further interviews be coordinated by me and conducted at my offices. What do you think?
Capt. Montgomery: Thank you for your offer, Mr. Wellesley. It's very nice of you.
Blake Wellesley: Not at all. I'll give you my number.
Capt. Montgomery: Hold on. I, too, have a "however." Thank you for your offer, however, my detectives will conduct their investigation in any manner they see fit.
Blake Wellesley: Captain, I can get the commissioner on the phone in under a minute.
Capt. Montgomery: Well, tell him I said hi and I really could use a raise. I think we're done here.
(Blake leaves)
Castle: (To Capt. Montgomery) That was awesome.

Martha: What will Chet think if he expects 1980s Martha, and, pfft, present-day Martha shows up?
Castle: You tell anyone I said this, and I'll deny it. And I'm only gonna say it once. 1980s Martha was pretty great, but present-day Martha is pretty spectacular, too.

Perlmutter: When I crack this open, expect the foulest of foul stenches. (They all put on their masks and Beckett sucks in her breath.) Set?
Beckett: Okay.
Castle: Yeah.
Perlmutter: Ready.
(Perlmutter opens the casket to find a bunch of sacks.)
Castle: Is the body missing or did you just pull of an awesome magic trick? You are amazing, sir.

Castle: Let me borrow your magnifying glass.
Beckett: I don't have a magnifying glass.
Castle: Isn't that standard issue for detectives?
Beckett: No. Not since Sherlock Holmes.

Beckett: Are you looking at porn?
Castle: I use Ryan's computer for that.

Capt. Montgomery: He cleaned up all types of dirt for Senator Wellesley back in the day. He knows where all the bodies are buried.
Castle: And which ones need to be dug up.

Castle: And you get to give the messenger's sister some closure, too.
Beckett: Mm-hmm.
Castle: Though I don't suppose having answers makes it any easier.
Beckett: It does. In time.

Alexis: I can't believe how many lives were ruined over one woman's need to protect her family's reputation.
Castle: You will never have this problem. Between Grams and myself, our family reputation's already in ruins.
Alexis: Lucky me.

Martha: Oh. How superficial do you think I am?
Castle: Intensely. Mother, what is going on?
Martha: Present-day Martha is going on. I've had filthy, stinking rich. I've had broke, dirt poor. And you know what I want now? Fun. Just fun.
Castle: And if you aren't what Chet's expecting?
Martha: Oh, please, darling. Look at me. Come on. (She shakes her ruffled butt and Castle and Alexis laugh.) It doesn't get any better than that. Don't wait up for me, kids. Mama's on the prowl.
(Martha exits.)
Castle: Oh, that poor bastard.
Alexis: Is insanity inherited?

Full Episode Recap[edit]

Full episode recap from ABC.com


Who: Caleb Shimky, bike messenger
Found: on the streets of NYC
Where Killed: where killed
How: masked suspect runs into him with a car, killing him instantly

Killer: Frank Davis, the Wellesley family chauffeur, and "he fixes issues for the family"
Motive: Steal the victim's messenger bag - so robbery. But it was to cover up the crime from ten years earlier. When Lenanne Wellesley lost her faculties (mind) a family member was put in charge of her finances. Frank no longer had access to money to pay off Brady to keep quiet about his innocence in Olivia's murder. He stole Lenanne's ring to finance this last plan to have Brady murdered.

Who: Brady Thompson, serving time in prison for murdering Olivia
Found: in the prison yard
Where Killed: in the prison yard full of inmates and guards and NO witnesses!
How: someone put a "shiv" in Brady's back

Killer: Prison Guard Patterson - he received $15,000 in cash to monitor Brady's calls and to "hire" a Lifer to kill him.
Motive: money

Who: Olivia Debiasse, 20 years old when killed 10 years ago. Beckett has her body exhumed and the casket is empty.
Found: in her apartment
Where Killed: where found
How: bludgeoned to death, allegedly with a baseball bat, but the skull fractures (from the pictures) do not look like it was an attack with a bat

Killer: Lenanne Wellesley gave the order and Frank Davis did the deed
Motive: She felt that Olivia had crossed her, and "protected" her son from the scandal if anyone found out that Olivia was Blake's daughter. Lenanne said "take care of it" and Frank Davis - following orders - took care of it.

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