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Kate Beckett

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One of the best homicide detectives in the New York City Police Department, she is the daughter of Jim Beckett and Johanna Beckett, muse and eventual partner of Richard Castle. She is senior detective to Detectives Javier Esposito and Kevin Ryan.

She is a practical, rational woman as opposed to Castle who frequently explains away the crimes they investigate using fantastic theories he invents in his head. She does not believe in Santa Claus or psychics[1], aliens[2], or Big Foot[3] and frequently finds herself debating the plausibility of Castle's theories with Esposito against Castle and Ryan.

She is portrayed by actress Stana Katic.


Beckett was born November[4] 17[5], 1979. Starting when she was three, her father frequently took her to baseball games while growing up, and she remains a fan as an adult.[6]

When she was nine, she had her tonsils taken out and was so miserable, her mom took time off work to be with her. To help her recovery, Kate and Johanna would cuddle up in front of the television and watch the fictional soap opera Temptation Lane. Even as an adult and especially with her mother dead, Beckett finds watching the show comforting, saying it reminds her of home.[7]

Her grandfather was an amateur magician and frequently brought her to the famous Drake's Magic Shop after school in her early teens. Even though she has a very logical mind and is not prone to believe in the fantastic, she remains fascinated by magic tricks as a result of this experience.[8] She is also a comic book fan, having bought her first when she was 14 and envisioning herself as Electra if she had a choice of what character to be.[9]

She hints to Castle many times about having a wild past and according to an old high school friend, she was something of a wild child in high school ("the biggest scofflaw at Stuy"), dating a variety of guys and helping her friends learn how to kiss.[10] She spent one summer while in high school modeling[11] as opposed to waitressing, eventually earning anough money to buy a 1994 Harley Soft Tail Motorcycle, which she still rides.[12]

She attended Stanford University for a year and was pre-law, with a dream of becoming the first female Chief Justice of the Supreme Court[13], then transferred to New York University after her mother's death.[14] Between her junior and senior year of college[15], she spent a semester studying in Kiev, Ukraine.[16]

Mother's Murder[edit]

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Kate led the perfect life of a young Manhattanite with great parents, but in January of 1999 [17], when she was 19[18], an event changed her life forever: the murder of her mother Johanna Beckett.[19] She and her father, Jim Beckett, were supposed to meet her for dinner, but she never showed up. They had dinner and went home hours later to find a Homicide Detective named John Raglan waiting for them. He told them that Johanna had been stabbed multiple times. Her purse, wallet, and jewelry were all found, so robbery wasn't a motive. The detectives chalked the murder up to random gang violence and moved on, leaving the case unsolved.[19]

In remembrance of her mother, she wears her mother's wedding ring on a chain around her neck. As a remembrance of how she saved her father from the alcoholism he fell into after the murder, she wears his watch on her wrist.

Kate decided to enroll in the police academy to help find her mother's killer and to help others find the closure that she and her father never had. As she worked to get past her mother's murder, she found solace in reading Castle's books.[20]

A few months into their partnership, Castle asks her if she ever thinks about reopening her mother's case, to which she answers that if he looks into it, their partnership is over. She describes how in her first three years on the force she spent every waking moment of her free time looking for some detail someone overlooked previously. It took her over a year's worth of therapy to understand that if she didn't let it go, it would destroy her. She considers re-opening the case tantamount to giving an alcoholic a drink.[21] Castle disregards her warning to stay away from the case and finds that one of her mother's students and a law clerk were murdered around the same time and in the same manner. The medical examiner who did the autopsies never put all three killings together.[16]

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In Sucker Punch, Castle and Beckett come across a murder victim who Castle's friend, forensic pathologist Dr. Clark Murray, says was murdered by the same person who killed Johanna. The connection between the murders is the killer's use of a knife specially made for military Special Forces and how the murderer would stab his victims once to kill them, then multiple times to disguise the damage done by the first wound. Later in the episode, Beckett and Castle figure out that a hitman named Dick Coonan killed their victim and Johanna Beckett. Beckett demands to know who ordered him to make the hit on her mother, but when he pulls a gun on Castle, she is forced to fatally shoot him before he can answer. All Coonan says is "You'll never touch him."

Eventually, Detective Raglan contacts Beckett out of the blue, claiming to have new information on her mother's murder. She arranges to meet him, only to have him gunned down right in front of her.[17] Before he is shot, Raglan tells her certain people noticed when Coonan's killing ended up in the press and that he did what he was told when it came to sweeping Johanna's murder under the rug. He also tells her that 19 years ago he made a bad decision that eventually cost Johanna her life. As Castle and Beckett look further into her mother's murder, and Detectives Kevin Ryan and Javier Esposito investigate Raglan's, they discover 19 years ago Raglan was involved in a conspiracy to cover up his and two other cops' participation in a kidnapping ring whereby the cops kidnapped, threatened, and ransomed low level mobsters in an effort to control crime.
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The plan fell apart, however, when Raglan and his associates accidentally murdered an undercover FBI agent, Bob Armen, instead of mobster Joe Pulgatti, their original target. To cover up the crime, Raglan pinned the agent's murder on Pulgatti, who pled guilty and was eventually convicted. Seven years later, Johanna Beckett agrees to reexamine his case, with the help of a court clerk and two volunteers. All four are murdered by Coonan to prevent the kidnapping ring, and those behind it, from being exposed. As a result of both investigations, they cross paths with a shadowy man going by the name of Hal Lockwood, who kidnaps and tortures Ryan and Esposito in an effort to find out what they know about Raglan's murder and the conspiracy. They eventually discover that Lockwood murdered Raglan, but he refuses to give up his real name or the identity of who hired him to protect the conspiracy. Beckett vows to meet him every week until he decides he wants to come clean.

In Knockout, Beckett, Ryan, and Esposito discover that Captain Roy Montgomery, Beckett's mentor and their boss, knew all-along the real reason for Johanna Beckett's murder, but kept it a secret from Beckett in an effort to protect her and his family. Montgomery was one of the three cops who, along with Raglan and his partner Gary McAllister, were kidnapping and ransoming mobsters. It was also Montgomery who killed Armen, albeit accidentally, and stood by as Pulgatti was framed for the crime. He endeavored to be a good cop from then on to atone for his mistake, and when Beckett joined the NYPD, he saw protecting her as further penance. Montgomery also made a deal with the devil when he agreed to keep the conspiracy from Beckett in exchange for Lockwood's letting his family and Beckett live. However, when Beckett arrests Lockwood, Montgomery becomes a liability for not having kept his end of the bargain. The leader of the conspiracy breaks Lockwood out of prison to give Montgomery a choice: hand Beckett over to him to be killed, or have his wife and three children killed. Montgomery decides to lure Lockwood and his cronies into the open so he can kill them, but after he mails a stack of files to someone in an effort to ensure Beckett's protection. Beckett meets Montgomery, who confesses everything. When she asks who is behind the conspiracy, Montgomery refuses to say, knowing Beckett will go after him, but does say that he took all the ransom money that he, McAllister and Raglan accumulated and used it "to become what he is." Beckett forgives him and tearfully refuses to let him risk sacrificing himself, but Montgomery orders Castle to hide her for her own protection. He carries Beckett away, kicking and screaming. Montgomery succeeds in killing Lockwood, but dies in the effort. At his funeral, as she eulogizes her captain, Beckett is shot in the chest.

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Beckett survives being wounded and upon reuniting with Castle in Rise, she discovers that he found evidence of a joint bank account between Montgomery, McAllister, and Raglan, but the bank closed and its files were destroyed in a warehouse fire that was ruled accidental and all evidence about the sniper leads to dead ends. Beckett wants to push forward with the investigation, but is overruled by her new Captain, Victoria Gates. However, Beckett is unaware of the fact that Castle has made a deal with a mysterious man named Mr. Smith who promises to keep Beckett safe by blackmailing the conspirators with an incriminating file Montgomery sent him before he died. In exchange, Castle must ensure that Beckett backs away from the investigation. He succeeds without her knowing his true motivation.

Castle is contacted again by Smith in Dial M for Mayor when the Mayor, with whose permission Castle is allowed to shadow Beckett, is framed for murder. Castle and Beckett prove him to be innocent, but Castle keeps his bargain with Smith by hiding from Beckett the fact that someone attached to the conspiracy planned the framing to oust the Mayor from office and Castle from the precinct.

The trail picks up again, when Beckett and the team identify Cole Maddox as the same man who shot her and who orchestrated a break-in of Montgomery's house to steal old family photos which will lead him to Smith's identity. As Beckett doggedly pursues the case, Castle reveals his contact with Smith and the deal he made to save her life and begs her to walk away from the investigation. She is furious and he ends their partnership after she refuses to give up, but Beckett forgives him when she barely survives a confrontation with Maddox. Maddox escapes and finds and tortures Smith into revealing where he has hidden the file. Beckett, Castle, and Esposito find it at the same time as Maddox, but Smith rigged the safe in which the file was hidden to explode once opened, resulting in Maddox's death and the file nearly being destroyed. The team, including Ryan, piece the papers together and discover an old bank account number indicating that the file included copies of money orders that show deposits of the ransom money taken from Montgomery, McAllister, and Raglan.

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They trace the bank account to a powerful U.S. Senator, William Bracken, but when Smith is killed, they realize not only is Beckett the next target, but they cannot prove Bracken's complicity. Refusing to be afraid anymore, Beckett confronts Bracken, who hides behind all the good he has done in office and reminds her she is powerless against him. She then threatens to go public with her evidence, which he doesn't know is scanty, and ruin his career if he tries to come after her or anyone she cares about. To make her point, she scratches him across his cheek, telling him the scar left behind will be a reminder that he should be afraid of her. He agrees to back off and Beckett is satisfied that she will eventually get justice for her mother.

In Recoil, Beckett must protect Bracken when she discovers he is the target of an assassination plot. She nearly destroys evidence that would have lead her team to a person of interest in the case, but changes her mind and eventually saves Bracken's life once the assassin tries to carry out his plans. Bracken returns the favor in In the Belly of the Beast when Beckett is kidnapped and forced to pose as an assassin, but her cover is blown when Vulcan Simmons recognizes her and orders her to be killed. The real assassin whom Beckett was imitating saves her life and Beckett realizes she and the Senator are square and that a showdown is likely to come. She also discovers, while kidnapped, that Simmons is running a money laundering operation that is funneling millions of dollars to Bracken's campaign for President, allowing him to avoid taking money from special interests.

Over the next several weeks, Beckett and Castle work at following Jason Marks, a political consultant, until he ends up dead. Leads point to Vulcan Simmons as the killer, so Beckett confronts him, but he offers up nothing. Then Simmons ends up dead and Beckett is framed for his murder, forcing them both to go into hiding. With Ryan's and Esposito's help, they find that Marks had been meeting with Captain Roy Montgomery's old friend Smith, who they thought was dead. Smith tells them that Marks promised that he could bring down Bracken by proving that his campaign money was dirty, but that Bracken's people got him first. He also says that Marks and Bracken know of a tape that a former associate of Bracken's made that proves his involvement in murder, conspiracy, blackmail, and the framing of Joe Pulgatti, but nobody knows where the tape is. While hiding out in a motel, Bracken finds Beckett and orders his thugs to kill her. She kills them, but not before passing out after having a glass bottle broken over her head. Castle rescues her and is driving to Canada when Beckett recovers her consciousness. She tells him she remembered a conversation from her first meeting with Montgomery where he suggested she look through her mother's personal effects for a clue to her murder. They sneak into Beckett's apartment, again with Ryan's and Esposito's help, and Castle helps Beckett realize that the code Johanna used in her date book indicated that she got the tape from Montgomery and must have hidden it the night she was murdered. Before they can take further action, all are arrested and taken to the precinct where Beckett breaks one of the elephants that sits on her desk, that used to belong to her mother, and finds the tape. All listen to Bracken incriminate himself on the tape, which vindicates Beckett. She then travels to DC where she arrests Bracken.

In the next several weeks, Beckett follows Simmons, eventually confronting him about the murder of a political consultant, Jason Marks. Simmons himself is killed not long afterward and Beckett is framed for the crime, forcing her and Castle into hiding. Ryan and Esposito discover that Marks had met with Capt. , who the team believed to be dead, but has merely been in hiding from Bracken. Smith tells Castle that there is a taped recording of Bracken that ties him to Johanna's murder and his other crimes, but nobody knows where it is. Bracken and his thugs eventually find Beckett, torture her, and attempt to kill her and make it look like a suicide, but she overpowers them and she and Castle escape. Beckett then remembers that Capt. Montgomery had once hinted that she should look into her mother's personal effects and realizes that Montgomery must have been the one to make the tape. While searching BEckett's apartment for a clue, Beckett and Castle are arrested, along with Ryan and Esposito, and taken to the precinct for booking when Beckett realizes that the tape may be hidden in the elephant figurines she has always kept on her desk and that used to be her mother's. Beckett succeeds at finding the tape which exonerates her. She interrupts a press conference Bracken is giving and arrests him, telling him his reign of crime is over.


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Her training officer Mike Royce, considered her "easy to teach" and "easy to impress", and supposedly, according to Esposito, retired once she became a detective because he "realized he couldn't do any better." Royce also tells Castle that when working with her, you had to be ready for anything. Two of his favorite moments with Beckett involve a time when she offered to show her boobs to a man brandishing a spear gun if he promised to put his weapon down, and when, in an effort to get a biker girl to rat out her gang, she offered to let the woman sleep with Royce.[22]

Beckett is the youngest woman to make detective in NYPD history, beating her Captain Victoria Gates by six weeks.[23] Beckett's former Captain, Roy Montgomery, considers her "the best detective I ever trained, bar none."[24]

Because of her mother's death, she has tremendous empathy towards the family members of the victims of the murders she investigates. She is also intelligent, has a saucy sense of humor which she often uses to tease Castle knowing he is an easy mark, and generally prefers to keep her personal feelings to herself since she hates being seen as vulnerable. Additionally, because she can relate to the victims of the murders she investigates, she treats her victims with great respect and is highly-professional, dedicated, and hard working. As Castle says to her "Most people who come up against a wall, they give up. Not you. You don't give up. You don't back down. That's what makes you extraordinary."

She has developed a close friendship with Medical Examiner Lanie Parish, who almost immediately recognizes that Kate is attracted to Castle and frequently urges her to act on her feelings. Lanie also offers to set Kate up on dates, telling her she needs more fun in her life.

Her badge number is 41319. She currently works at the NYPD's 12th precinct and likes to work the weirder homicide cases. Detectives Kevin Ryan and Javier Esposito make up her squad and are fiercely loyal to her.

At the end of season 5, while she has doubts about the future of her relationship with Castle, she accepts a job in Washington, DC as a Special Agent with the U.S. Attorney General's office, but is fired after she saves the life of the niece of a Russian mobster by leaking to the press that the CIA is trying to recruit the woman. She tries to be reinstated with the NYPD, but due to a hiring freeze put in place by the Commissioner, is unsuccessful until she helps a businessman find the daughter he put up for adoption. At the man's request, the Commissioner finds money to hire Beckett back.

Towards the end of season 7, Beckett begins studying for her captain's exam, but in an unexpected meeting with local political figures, she is encouraged to run for the New York state senate – leaving her with some big decisions to make for her future. In season 8, we discover that she has decided to become captain of the 12th Precinct.

Relationship with Richard Castle[edit]

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Beckett meets Richard Castle when she brings him in for questioning after recognizing two recent murders as copycat murders taken out of his books.[25] As she works with him to solve the crime, he finds himself inspired by her, and creates the character of Nikki Heat for his next book series, having experienced a bit of writer's block after killing off Derrick Storm, the main character in his most successful series. He uses his friendship with the Mayor of New York City to get permission to shadow her and her team for research on the series.

As Castle's inspiration for Nikki Heat, she becomes a target for sociopathic wannabe-writer Scott Dunn, who blows up her apartment. Castle saves her in the nick of time when he calls her to tell her that Dunn framed a man named Ben Conrad for the crimes, then faked Ben's suicide. She jumps into the cast iron bath tub in her bathroom and survives the explosion[26]

At first, Beckett hates having Castle follow her and likens him to "a nine-year old on a sugar rush, totally incapable of taking anything seriously."[25]. However, as they work together and Beckett sees Castle's warm relationship with his daughter Alexis and his mother Martha Rodgers, and realizes his propensity to think outside the box and approach murder cases from the angle of writer is actually useful in her investigations, she comes to respect him, trust him, value him as a friend, and develop feelings for him. However, his reputation as a playboy, his two failed marriages and Beckett's rational mind and desire not to be hurt as previous boyfriends have done, keep her from pursuing a relationship with him, despite many people telling her he would be good for her and that he cares about her. In A Deadly Game, the season 2 finale, when confronted with the possibility of Castle leaving the precinct for the summer and no guarantee that he would return in the fall, she finally breaks up with her boyfriend at the time, Detective Demming, and builds up enough courage to reveal her feelings to Castle. However, she is interrupted by Castle's ex-wife Gina Cowell with whom he leaves to spend the summer at his house in the Hamptons, and Beckett to piece her broken heart together.

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Throughout Season 3, with Beckett and Castle in separate relationships, Beckett is free to learn more about him and to flirt with him occasionally without worry of it developing into something she is not ready for. The two reach a deep level of friendship and trust as they watch their respective personal idols arrested for different murders, as Castle saves Beckett's life several times, and as they confide in each other about their pasts. She finally shares a kiss with Castle in Knockdown, for better or for worse, while re-investigating her mother's murder as part of the investigation into Detective Raglan's killing. The two approach a building where Beckett's colleagues Ryan and Esposito are being held captive, and impersonate drunken lovers out on the town to get close enough to knock out a guard. When Beckett senses the guard isn't buying their act, Castle kisses her. She backs away in surprise, then realizing how she must keep up the act, she kisses him and they fall into a long, passionate make out session.

However, when her mother's murder case unravels, and Beckett's life and sanity are at risk, Castle asks her to walk away from the case to spare those who love her the pain of possibly losing her. Beckett becomes furious with Castle and tells him their partnership is over, but he comes to her assistance again when Captain Roy Montgomery enlists his help in saving her from the assassin who arranged her mother's murder. As Beckett gives the eulogy at Captain Montgomery's funeral, she is shot in the chest, and, Castle finally tells her he loves her before she falls unconscious. She nearly dies on the operating table, but survives and recovers over the summer. During this time, she cuts off contact with Castle and Lanie, her closest friends and figures out that she cannot totally commit to a relationship with anyone until she solves her mother's murder.

When Castle asks her if she remembers anything about the shooting, she says no, but eventually reveals to a police psychologist that she lied to him: she remembers everything, including his "I love you." She spends most of season 4 perpetuating the lie, but Castle discovers it in 47 Seconds when he hears her tell a suspect under interrogation that she remembers "every second" of being shot. Castle is upset, and distant with her for several weeks, but in Undead Again they discuss the matter obliquely and come to an understanding. However, in the season 4 finale, Always, Castle brings it up again in the middle of another huge row over Castle having tried to discourage Beckett from pursuing her mother's killer. Beckett denies to herself that she returns Castle's sentiment until she nearly dies going after the sniper who shot her. She then goes to Castle, apologizes for hurting him, and they consummate their relationship.

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Season 5 starts with Beckett hiding their relationship from her colleagues out of fear that if Captain Victoria Gates found out, she would terminate their partnership. Beckett also feels insecure periodically, especially when an aggressive entertainment reporter makes a play for him, when he takes her to his house in the Hamptons where he admits he's brought various women, and when her father, Jim doesn't get along with Castle's mother, Martha Rodgers. Despite her worries, she continues to believe in the relationship and in Castle even going so far as to believe him when he is framed for murder by the vicious serial killer 3XK. Her faith in their relationship begins to fade as they near their one year anniversary of being together and she gets the feeling that Castle is taking her for granted and doesn't want to consider their future together. As a result, she interviews for and is offered a job in Washington, DC. After much soul-searching, she decides she wants the job and meets Castle to tell him. Initially, judging by his demeanor, she thinks he intends to break up with her, but is shocked when he proposes. She says yes and the two recommit themselves to each other and to making their relationship work despite Beckett's being in DC and Castle's remaining in New York City. Although, her stint in DC is short-lived when she is fired and returns to New York City.

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In the months leading up to their wedding, they struggle with finding a date, a venue, and a dress for Beckett, only to discover when they try to get a marriage license that Beckett is already married to a con-man and ex-boyfriend named Rogan O'Leary. Beckett pays a visit to obtain a divorce and witnesses his kidnapping, drawing herself and Castle into a mystery that involves a preacher's affair with a pole dancer and a mobster who wants a loan repaid. As they work to find Rogan, they hear about a mistake with Ryan's tuxedo, get bumped out of their venue, and that Beckett's wedding dress has been ruined, leading Beckett to wonder whether their wedding is meant to happen, despite all the obstacles they've overcome. Castle reassures her that every fairy tale has obstacles that must be overcome and that they can't give up if they want the happy ending. After saving Rogan, getting her divorce, and after Martha's and Alexis's last minute reorganizing of the wedding to the house in the Hamptons, Castle disappears en route to the nuptials. Beckett arrives at the scene to find Castle's rental car engulfed in flames in a ditch.

Castle's disappearance is so baffling that the police investigation hits a dead end and is scaled back, and Beckett is forced to continue it almost alone. When Castle is found, adrift in a boat, in Driven, fully two months later, he cannot remember anything of what has happened to him. Reunited as a couple, they decide that getting married immediately while Castle is still recovering is a bad idea, so Beckett suggests they wait a month. However, not long afterwards Castle is knocked out by an explosion while they are pursuing a criminal, and has a vivid dream in which he wakes up in an alternative universe in which he and Beckett have never met, and everyone's life – Beckett's, his, and even Ryan and Esposito's – is much worse as a result. Inspired by the intensity of his dream, when he wakes up he asks Beckett to marry him right away, the same day. Beckett agrees and they rush to the Hamptons for an impromptu service with just Jim Beckett, Alexis and Martha in attendance. Standing overlooking the ocean in the house's garden at sunset, they exchange their vows with each other and are finally married.

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The next case calls on Beckett to pursue a suspect to a tourist theme ranch in Arizona, and Castle and Beckett, undercover as a married couple, have an impromptu Wild West honeymoon, complete with horse riding and cowboy hats, while solving the case.

In season 8, Beckett learns that Bracken had a partner in his money-laundering drug-smuggling business, that the business is still thriving, and that the partner has sent at least one "hit squad" to kill her for her interest. In a dubious decision to keep Castle from investigating - and thus putting himself in harm's way - Beckett moves out of the loft without revealing to Castle the danger she herself is in. Castle, therefore, thinks he must have messed up and spends several weeks trying to "win back" her favor. By mid-season, while Beckett is still hiding her investigation from Castle, they decide to take a break from their "time-out" and have several clandestine meet-ups for sex. Eventually, Beckett moves back into the loft and promises that when she makes any progress on the case she's secretly investigating, she will share it with him so they can take down the organization together.

In the last scene of the final episode of the series, the story flashes forward seven years to show Castle and Beckett in the loft, which is now full of toys, with their three children, Lily, Jake and Reece, sitting down for a family meal.

One reason Beckett comes to respect, like, and eventually love Castle is because of the assistance he gives her when she uncovers clues to her mother's murder. After looking into the case without her permission in A Death in the Family, Castle learns how painful the case is for Beckett to deal with, so he leaves it alone. However, she slowly becomes increasingly comfortable talking about it around him because he respects her desire to keep it private from her colleagues, because he doesn't joke about it, because he provides her with a source of strength when it comes back into her life, and because he is as determined to solve it as she is. Nathan Fillion predicted that whenever Beckett did solve her mother's murder, and the major reason she was driven to become a cop is put to rest, she would eventually discover that "she's Castle's missing piece."[27]

Other Love Interests[edit]

Although, unlike Castle, she has never been married (she considers herself a "one-and-done kind of girl"),[28] she has been a bridesmaid multiple times[29]

Years prior to meeting Castle, she dated an FBI Agent, Will Sorenson, for six months. The relationship ended when he accepted a job offer in Boston and left town, leaving Kate bitter.[20] In The Time of Our Lives, Castle sees that Sorenson is getting married and has invited Beckett to the wedding, but she's not sure she'll go.

She briefly dates 12th precinct Robbery Detective Tom Demming, but breaks up with him when she discovers that her feelings towards Castle may run deeper than just friendship.[30]

She also admits to being in love with Mike Royce, her former training officer, because he was the only one who understood how her mother's death drove her. She tells Royce that the night she killed Dick Coonan, she had a dream where she was laying on the ground dying and he approached her, telling her to get up and keep working on the case. The next morning she wanted to call him, but didn't since they hadn't spoken in a long time. Royce responds that he never forgot about her or her mother's case. She also tells Castle that she wants him around when she finally does figure out who ordered the hit on her mother.

For a time in season 3, she dated Josh Davidson, a mysterious, attractive cardiac surgeon who also rides motorcycles. However, in Setup, Beckett confides in Castle that she has grown frustrated with his frequent absences to volunteer with Doctors Without Borders, even though this is what initially attracted her to him. She admits that him being gone allowed her to keep "one foot out the door" and that what she really wants is someone who will be there for her while she can be there for him. She reveals in Rise that they have broken up over the summer while Beckett was recovering from being shot because she realized she cannot fully be in a relationship until her mother's murder case is solved.

Beckett and Tom Demming, © 2009-2010 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
Beckett and Josh Davidson, © 2010-2011 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
Beckett and Will Sorenson, © 2008-2009 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.


  • Her middle name is Houghton[31]
  • Studied economic theory for a semester at New York University.[32]
  • Fans admire Beckett for her amazing wardrobe.
  • Castle brings her coffee every morning as a small gesture to show he cares about her.
  • Once dressed up as Gene Simmons from the rock band KISS for Halloween.[33]
  • Her favorite supernatural figure is Van Helsing, the monster slayer[34]
  • Was a big fan of the sci-fi television show Nebula-9 in college, even dressing up in costume as one of the characters, Lieutenant Chloe, along with friends. She tells Castle that Lieutenant Chloe "didn’t care what anybody thought of her and I kinda did, at that time...she was a scientist and a warrior and that was all in spite of the way she looked. It was like I could be anything and I didn’t have to choose."[35]
  • Is a fan of John Coltrane.[36]
  • Beckett was actually married...for 15 years, to a "degenerate compulsive liar" named Rogan O'Leary. She met him her freshman year at Stanford and they spent a wild weekend in Las Vegas, including a drive-through wedding that Kate never thought was binding. (6x23, For Better or Worse)

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