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Jim Beckett

Jim Beckett is Detective Kate Beckett's father and widower of Johanna Beckett, Kate's mother, who was murdered while Kate was in college, roughly ten years before Richard Castle and Kate meet. In A Chill Goes Through Her Veins (episode 1.5), Kate tells Castle how her Dad became an alcoholic after Johanna's murder went unsolved, but has achieved several years of sobriety. It is his watch that Kate wears on her wrist in remembrance of how she saved his life by getting him to sober up.

In Sucker Punch episode 2.13), he tells Kate how he couldn't sleep during her first year as a cop because he feared that the city would destroy her, but tells her not to be afraid of solving her mother's case.

In Knockout, he meets Castle for the first time and asks him to get Beckett to walk away from her mother's case, fearing her obsession with solving the crime will lead to her death.

As Kate fights for her life after being shot in the chest in Rise, it is Jim who pulls apart a warring Castle and Kate's boyfriend Josh Davidson in the hospital, telling them to stop "acting like three year olds" while Kate could be dying. Kate spends her recovery time at his cabin outside New York City.

Once Castle and Beckett have been dating for several months, they arrange a dinner for Jim to meet Castle's mother, Martha Rodgers, in After Hours. Initially, they don't get along, but eventually they bond over the mutual worry of the safety of their children.

When Beckett is torn between staying at the 12th Precinct and taking a job with the Attorney-General's office in Washington, she meets her father at a cafe for a heart-to-heart in Watershed. He tells her he is worried that she tends to "hide in her work", and says she need to make her choice, between Castle and career, for the right reasons.

In The Time of Our Lives, he appears at the end of the episode to walk Beckett down the aisle for her and Castle's whirlwind wedding.


  • He affectionately calls his daughter "Katie."[1][2]
  • Like his daughter, he is a baseball fan and like his wife, he is an attorney[3]
  • He is portrayed by actor Scott Paulin.

  • Click here for a link to the Murder Board for Johanna Beckett's case.


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