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Jessica Yu

Oscar-winning documentary-maker Jessica Yu has enjoyed a parallel career as a director of entertainment television since her first TV directing credit, for ER, in 2002. She has also directed multiple episodes of The West Wing, Parenthood, Grey's Anatomy and American Crime since winning an academy award for her short film Breathing Lessons in 1997. Her first Castle episode was The Blame Game in season 8, followed soon after by Backstabber.

Director of[edit]

Selected Additional Credits[edit]

  • American Crime - director of 2 episodes
  • Parenthood- director of 2 episodes
  • Scandal - director of 1 episode
  • Grey's Anatomy - director of 6 episodes
  • The West Wing - director of 3 episodes
  • In The Realm of the Unreal (documentary) – writer/director
  • The Living Museum (documentary) - writer/director
  • Breathing Lessons: The Life and Work of Mark O'Brien (documentary) - writer/director

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