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Basic Details[edit]

Season 5, Episode 16 (97)

Original Air Date - February 25, 2013


In the powerful conclusion of a two-episode story arc, when the FBI fails to get his daughter back, Castle takes matters into his own hands, reaching out to a shadowy fixer to help him recover Alexis. But Castle soon learns that his daughter's kidnapping may be part of an even more sinister agenda and gets help from an unexpected source.

Episode Images[edit]

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Main Cast[edit]

Guest Cast[edit]

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  • Dylan Walsh - FBI Agent Harris
  • Nestor Serrano - Gregory Volkov
  • Christopher Heyerdahl - Jacque Henri
  • Bernard White - Anwar El-Masri
  • Katherine Kamhi - Lina El-Masri
  • Crystal Allen - Pauline DeGarmo
  • Christopher Curry - Gaston
  • Paul Rogan - Le Taupe (The Mole)
  • James Brolin - Jackson Hunt, Castle's father
  • Branton Box - Volkov's Man
  • Chase Kim - FBI Specialist
  • Brandon Dunaway - FBI Tech




Castle: She sounded so scared. I could hear it in her voice, just like when she was a little girl. And there was nothing I could do.
Beckett: She wasn’t hurt, Castle, that’s what matters. That’s what we hold onto.
Castle: I just want her home.
Beckett: We’re not giving up yet.

Esposito: Kate.
Beckett: What?
Esposito: You should go. He needs you.

Martha: Richard, where are you?
Castle: I’m at the precinct with Beckett. Why?
Martha: Don’t lie to me, Richard. Beckett is here, your passport is gone. Now what the hell do you think you’re doing?
Castle: Getting my daughter back.

Esposito: Paris? What the hell’s he doing in Paris?
Beckett: He thinks that he can find her.
Ryan: What? So he’s Liam Neeson now?
Esposito: Neeson? Dude is barely Ashley Judd.

Beckett: He’s acting like a father and I have to act like a cop.

Castle: Beatrice, she must be, what, fourteen now? Patrice is going on nine? I want you to think about how it feels when you hug them, the look in their eye when you come home. And now imagine them gone.

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Degarmo: Listen, bitch, I don’t talk to cops. Now go get me my lawyer and then go to hell.
(Beckett kicks her chair over backwards)
Beckett: Do you have any idea what this is all about?! You think I’m some beat cop busting you on possession charges?! My partner’s daughter is missing and YOU…are in my way. Now you don’t talk to cops? I’m not a cop today, honey.

Castle: What are you doing?! That was a $200 phone!
Hunt: That’s how they track you. Now get in the car.
Castle: Hey, I am not getting in the car.
Hunt: Aww, don’t be an idiot. I’m the good guy.
Castle: Oh, you expect me to trust you?
Hunt: You’re still alive, aren’t you? What are you gonna do? Stay out here in the woods with all the dead guys?
Castle: Fine. I’ll get in the car.
Hunt: Given how you’re feeling so bad about your 200 buck phone, you might wanna pick up that $3 million briefcase. Take it with you.
Castle: At least tell me your name.
Hunt: Hunt. Jackson Hunt.
Castle: Sounds made up.
Hunt: It is.

Castle: What does this have to do with Alexis? Why would they take her?
Hunt: Because I was careless. Because somehow he found out who she was, who you were and he knew I’d come for her.
Castle: Why?! Why would you come for her?
Hunt: Because she’s my granddaughter. Richard, I’m your father.

Hunt: I couldn’t believe it when I read your first spy novel.
Castle: You read my books?
Hunt: Oh yeah. I greased some wheels at the CIA when you were trying to get access to some information for research. I know that’s not much, but for a minute there, it made me feel like a father. Now, I’ve been checking on your mom, on you, and Alexis your whole lives.

Castle: If you know me at all, you know I’ll do anything…

Hunt: What do you say, kid? You’ve been playing cop for years. Ready to play spy?

Castle: How will I know if you made it?
Hunt: Oh you won’t, not officially at least. I know this has been tough for you, Richard, I just want you to know, son, I’ve always been proud of you. Always.

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Alexis: I have never in my life been so happy to be home.
Castle: Amen.
Alexis: I know we’re not supposed to talk about what really happened, but thank you, for everything.
Castle: Hey, that’s what fathers do.
Alexis: You think he made it out?
Castle: I wish I knew.

Beckett: I’m so glad you’re ok. Please don’t do anything like that again without me.
Castle: I won’t.


  • James Brolin got the part as Castle's father in this episode, partly because his wife, Barbra Streisand, is a fan of the show.[1]

Full Episode Recap[edit]

FBI Agent Harris briefs Richard Castle, Detective Kate Beckett, and the El-Masris that they know the men who took their daughters are Egyptian, based on the voices in the background of Alexis' Skype call. Castle demands to know why the girls were taken to Paris, but the El-Masris don’t know. When Ms. El-Masri reminds Castle that their daughter is in the same danger as Alexis, he quiets down. Captain Victoria Gates shows everyone a sketch of a man seen leaving the farmhouse where they thought the girls were, but nobody recognizes the man. Agent Harris says that they isolated Alexis’ Slype call as coming from a 30 square kilometer area, which Beckett says is the size of a large city, but Harris is hopeful that further analysis will yield a clue. In the meantime, they are following various protocols and getting the necessary permissions to move forward. Castle asks how long that will take and is frustrated when Harris answers a day or two and tells him to be patient.

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Beckett finds Castle in the hallway seated on a bench and gives him a cup of coffee. Castle recalls how scared Alexis sounded and that this time, he couldn’t help her. Beckett tells him to onto the fact that she wasn’t hurt and when Castle wishes for Alexis to come home, Beckett takes his hand. Captain Gates tells them that the kidnappers just made a ransom demand to the El-Masris.

They enter the conference room where Mr. El-Masri is arguing with Agent Harris about how to make the exchange. Their demand was $15 million Euros to be dropped off in three hours under a bridge by the Seine River. Mr. El-Masri says a relative of his wife’s lives in Paris and can make the drop and refuses to involve cops since the kidnappers said that if they see the police, they will his daughter. Castle asks about Alexis and Mrs. El-Masri says after her husband insisted, the kidnappers agreed to release both girls. Castle offers to repay him, but he refuses. Agent Harris says they can tap into security cameras covering that part of the Seine to try to see who the men are.

In the conference room, everyone watches the video feed. They see Ahmed El-Masri exit his car and wait for an approaching van. He pulls a duffel bag full of money out of his car, places it on the ground between himself and the kidnappers’ van, and sinks to his knees with his hands over his head. The kidnappers, all heavily armed and with their faces covered, take the bag, speed away, and seem to forget about Sara. Ahmed runs out of the frame and comes back hugging Sara, but no Alexis.

In the break room, Beckett tells Castle that Sara explained to Agent Harris that she and Alexis were separated during their escape attempt and that was the last time she saw her. Castle now feels that Alexis is a liability to the kidnappers, but Beckett disagrees. Castle insists and says he is going home to tell his mother, Martha Rodgers. He refuses to let Beckett to join him, saying he must talk to her alone.

Later on in Captain Gates’ office, Agent Harris agrees with Castle that since Sara was the target, Alexis is useless to the kidnappers and that they kept her as insurance. Beckett promises to solve Roger Henson’s murder believing it will lead her to whoever took Alexis and Sara.

That night, Detective Javier Esposito joins a tired Beckett in the conference room. She tells him Castle still isn’t returning her calls and that Roger Henson was off the grid in the weeks before he was killed, so she has no idea where to begin to try to find his connection to the kidnappers. Esposito says that his and Ryan’s search for a flight that left the area and went to Paris has turned up nothing, but they’ll expand their search in the morning. Esposito tells Beckett to go Castle and she agrees.

Beckett finds Martha at Castle’s loft, but doesn’t find Castle. When she asks where he is, Martha said he told her he’d be with Beckett at the precinct, but Beckett says she hasn’t seen him all day. Martha opens a desk drawer, calls him stupid, and then gets on the phone to call Castle. He answers and lies that he is with Beckett. When Martha tells him she knows he is lying, he admits he is in Paris to find Alexis.

The next morning, Beckett tells Detective Kevin Ryan and Esposito about Castle and says her best option is to stay in New York and do her job as opposed to losing time by flying over there to find him. She adds that he said he knows someone who can help him. She tells Esposito to expand their search for flights going to Paris and asks Ryan to mine his contacts in Narcotics for information about Henson. Hopefully, they can find Alexis before Castle gets himself killed.

Castle meets with a foreign ministry contact, Gaston, and asks him for help getting in touch with a shadowy figure who could help him and who he learned of while researching a book. When Gaston resists, Castle tells him to think about his own daughters and tells him he will pay the man any price. Gaston tells him to keep his phone close and leaves.

Esposito finds Beckett at her desk and explains that a plane left Teterboro airport and flew to Brussels where it was designated a medical flight, carrying two young women in need of organ transplants. Witnesses in Brussels confirm that two young women were on board and unconscious. Even more confusing, he says, is the fact that the plane that flew the girls to Paris was owned by a wealthy Russian and was supposedly under repairs at the time, so nobody was even aware that it was taken. Ryan interrupts saying that his friends in Narcotics told him that Roger Henson had a girl friend.

Castle investigates the bridge were Sara was released and gets a text message telling him to meet someone at a certain church in one hour. He complies and an older man, Henri, sits next to him in his pew, promising to help him find Alexis, but tells him whether she is alive or dead is out of his control. He says he knows about the Skype call and is certain he can use that to find her.

They head into the sewers and Henri introduces Castle to a blind man known as The Mole. He takes Castle’s phone and uses his high-tech sound equipment to listen to Alexis’ Skype call. He hears church bells in the background and guesses she is 6 or 8 blocks away and that a restaurant is in the same building. Henri pulls up a city map on a laptop and tells Castle it will take some time to figure out Alexis’ exact location. He encourages him to get some sleep and Castle reluctantly agrees.

Meanwhile, Beckett isn’t getting anywhere interviewing Roger Henson’s girlfriend, who angrily refuses to answer any questions. At her wits end and furious, Beckett tips over her chair and yells at her that she is in the way of her finding her partner’s daughter. She shoves a photo of Henson’s dead body at her and tells her not to think of her as a cop. The woman says that Henson had men with accents calling him at odd hours, but she doesn’t know why and she doesn’t know the number he called. The woman also doesn’t recognize the sketch of the man seen at the farmhouse, but she gives Beckett’s Henson’s apartment address.

Beckett kicks in the apartment door and she, Ryan, and Esposito find that it has been tossed. Beckett tells Esposito to canvas the neighbors and Ryan finds Henson’s hard drive. She tells him to take it to Tech and have them tear it apart until they find something.

In Paris, Castle awakens to the sound of Henri cocking his pistol. He tells him that he thinks they’ve found where Alexis was held, but isn’t sure. Castle insists he is coming and after some prodding, Henri agrees.

They find the space where Alexis made the Skype call and the sound proof room where she and Sara were held, but it’s empty. Henri tells Castle that the place is clean, meaning the kidnappers are professionals with intelligence training. When Castle demands that he do something, Henri notices a notch in the far wall and finds a microphone embedded in it. Henri speaks into it, telling the kidnappers that he doesn’t care about their cause, but just wants Alexis back, and they should know he will not stop until he tracks them down. He threatens to kill them unless they agree to talk and almost immediately a nearby phone rings. Henri answers. Later on he tells Castle that since they want to negotiate, it means Alexis is likely alive. Castle insists that he come along, but Henri refuses since he is emotionally compromised. Castle agrees.

At the precinct, Esposito shows Beckett a sketch of a man seen leaving Henson’s apartment. They both notice that it matches the sketch of the man at the farmhouse, raising more questions. She asks a guy from Tech about Henson’s hard drive and he says it was erased using non-commercial software. He promises to do all he can to pull something off it.

In the sewer, Henri returns and says the kidnappers have agreed to release Alexis, who is safe, later that day in a forest outside of Paris.

The Tech detective continues to work on Henson’s hard drive and eventually recovers surveillance photos of Alexis which were saved on it. This means to Beckett that Alexis, not Sara, was the target.

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Castle and Henri arrive in the woods at the arranged time and see four men, heavily armed and with hoods covering their faces, exit a Range Rover. Castle’s cell phone rings with a call from Beckett, which he ignores. As they approach the men, Henri pulls out his gun, but Castle becomes suspicious when he doesn’t see Alexis. He begins backing away, but Henri puts his gun to the base of his skull. He takes the suitcase full of cash and tells Castle he never would have helped him out had he known who Alexis was. This confuses Castle, but Henri reveals nothing more. The kidnappers push Castle to his knees, where he makes a last plea for help. One of the men aims his rifle at Castle’s head and he braces for the bullet, but instead hears gunfire. When he opens his eyes, Henri and the four kidnappers are dead. A man calls out to Castle not to worry and that if he had wanted him dead, he’d have killed him already. Castle recognizes the man as the same man seen leaving the farmhouse and the man confirms this. He says he’s not surprised that Henri betrayed Castle and insists that they leave and get somewhere safe. Castle’s phone rings again and he answers Beckett’s call. Beckett begins to tell him that Alexis was the target, but the man takes his phone and destroys it by shooting it. Castle is furious, but the man against insists that they leave. Castle refuses until he tells him what is going on, but then agrees when he realizes he has no other options. The man reminds him to take the suitcase full of cash and Castle does. In Henri’s car, the man says his name is Jackson Hunt and confirms Castle’s guess that it is an alias.

Meanwhile, Alexis, now being held in a cage in a palace in Paris, calls out to her captors, but they ignore her.

Castle and Hunt arrive at his apartment and Castle is surprised to find photos of Alexis, taken from when she was baby on up to the present, on one wall. When Castle demands to know what is going on, Hunt tells him it is his job to find Alexis. Castle wants more answers, but is interrupted when an untraceable clone of his own cell phone rings with a local number. He answers and the man tells him he is the person holding Alexis. He asks to speak to Hunt and Castle passes him the phone. The man tells Hunt that if he wants to save Alexis, he will meet him the next morning at 6a.m. If he doesn’t show, he will kill Alexis. The call ends and Hunt explains that the man on the phone, who he called Volkov, figured out that if he took Alexis, he would come for her since she is his granddaughter. He then tells Castle he is his father.

Hunt explains that he is a spy and that he met Martha after doing a job in New York at the United Nations, but it went south and he had to leave. He found out about Castle a year later when he returned to the States. He reminds Castle that they’ve met before and recounts how when he was ten, Martha took Castle to the library where he gave him a copy of the book Casino Royale. Castle remembers and says the book made him want to be a writer. Hunt then says he’s read all of Castle’s books and even helped him get access to the CIA when he needed to do research. It made him feel like a father when all he’s been able to do is to watch over Castle, Martha, and Alexis from a distance since Castle was born. Hunt then explains that the man who took Alexis, Gregor Volkov, is a feared KGB assassin who kidnapped Alexis out of revenge for Hunt’s killing Volkov’s wife. He learned that Alexis was Hunt’s granddaughter and figured that if he could kidnap her along with someone who would give the case international exposure, it would be enough to get Hunt’s attention and into a situation where Volkov could kill him. He guesses that even if he doesn’t show up to their meet tomorrow, he’ll kill Alexis and if he does, he’ll kill them both.

Castle asks how he can help him and Hunt shows him a schematic of the mansion where Volkov has Alexis. He tells Castle that Volkov doesn’t know that he’s discovered his location and may not be prepared for a direct assault. He lays out a plan whereby Castle will go into the sewers and cut the power lines running to the mansion so they’ll have a tactical advantage. Hunt will wait in front of the building to storm it when the power goes out.

Castle follows Hunt’s plan and sets a detonator to go off on the power line, but is caught by Volkov’s men. They escort him into the mansion to the room where Alexis is held. Castle tells Alexis he was caught trying to save her and reassures her that everything will be alright. One of Volkov’s men hands him the walkie talkie Castle was using, which Volkov uses to threaten that if Hunt doesn’t surrender on his count of ten, he will kill Alexis and Castle. Volkov gets to two before a charge on the walkie talkie blows up and kills him and several of his men. This was part of Hunt’s plan all along. He keeps the men busy at the front of the mansion while Castle uses a special watch to break Alexis out of her cage. They both escape out the back of the mansion and make their way to the U.S. embassy and safety.

Hunt tells Castle that if he lives, he will disappear as usual, but Castle is disappointed since he has so many questions to ask Hunt. The older man promises that maybe one day he can answer them, but for now he’ll have to be content with not knowing if he survived. He adds that he’s always been proud of Castle.

The next day, in the hallway outside Castle’s loft, Alexis thanks her father for saving her. They hug and Alexis wonders if Hunt lived. Castle says he wishes he knew and then opens his front door. Martha and Alexis fly together and Beckett goes to Castle, hugging him and saying she is glad he is ok. She makes him promise never to do such a thing without her again and he agrees. She kisses him and hugs Alexis while Martha congratulates her son. She leads them all over to the dining room table where breakfast is waiting, but Castle finds a package on the kitchen counter. He opens it and finds a copy of the book Casino Royale inside, meaning Hunt lived. He turns to Martha and announces that he has something to tell her.


  1. Keck's Exclusives First Look: Castle Finds His Father...But Loses His Daughter? by William Keck, TVGuide.com, posted February 4, 2013

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