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Heroes and Villains

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Basic Details[edit]

Season 4, Episode 2 (60)

Original Air Date - September 26, 2011


Castle is delighted when a sword-wielding street vigilante wearing a comic book super hero's costume is the prime suspect in the murder of an ex-con. He's not so delighted, though, at the prospect of Alexis's determination to follow her boyfriend to Stanford University.

Episode Images[edit]

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Main Cast[edit]

Guest Cast[edit]

  • Valerie Azlynn - Officer Ann Hastings
  • James Ferris - Tyler Faris
  • Cody Kennedy - College Girl
  • Jamie McShane - Tony the Butcher Valtini
  • Kenneth Mitchell - Paul Whittaker
  • Marc Schaffer - Mugger
  • Maura Soden - Mrs. Faris
  • Shelia Tejada - Clerk
  • Eric Tiede - Mike Hoover
  • Michelle Van Der Water - Marie Marcado




Castle: I seem to remember asking you to make me an E.T. Halloween costume and you told me you didn’t know how to sew?
Martha: Details. Besides, you were 32 at the time.

Martha: Lady Beckett, my Lord. Richard, are you crying?
Castle: No, it’s the onions!

Beckett: You two are just not on the same page.
Castle: So what do I do?
Beckett: Let her go. Trust me. If you hold on too tight, you’ll just drive her away.

Beckett: So he was…
Lanie: Split right down the middle, from the top of his head all the way down to his…
Castle: Ack, ack…
Lanie: Please. The guy was sliced in two. I’d say his unit is the least of his problems.
Castle: Then you do not understand the sacred bond between a man and his unit.

Castle: A sword. That is so Game of Thrones.

Victim: Who knows what he would have done if…
Castle: If Conan the Barbarian hadn’t shown up?

Castle: Conan probably saved her life. She doesn’t want to throw him under the bus, or under a Ben Hur style chariot.

Beckett: Mrs. Faris, we’re very sorry for your loss.
Mrs. Faris: Don’t sweat it.
Beckett: Pardon me?
Mrs. Faris: These things can happen.
Castle: Not in this century they don’t.

Esposito: Maybe the sword is the criminal justice system.
Ryan: Yeah, if you’re Quentin Tarantino maybe.

Valtini: You don’t believe me? Just ask him.
Castle: Well, we’d have to hold a séance.
Valtini: He’s dead?
Castle: Let’s just say Tyler Faris is half the man he used to be. A man divided? Split personality? Really? Nothing?

Beckett: You were eavesdropping?
Castle: Can I help it if I have superhuman Daredevil-like hearing?

Castle: My Spidey senses are tingling.
Esposito: What’s with him?
Beckett: Something about Spidey senses and…tingling.

Castle: Oh, I plan to melt Captain Permafrost by solving this case.

Castle: If you could be any comic book character in the world who would you be?
Beckett: Electra.
Castle: Ah, a ruthless assassin who hides from her emotions.
Beckett: Yeah, well maybe it’s because she’s got bad ass ninja skills. What about you? Iron Man? Spiderman? No, wait! I know: Annoying Man.
Castle: Try billionaire industrialist Bruce Wayne, a.k.a. The Dark Knight. He’s brooding. He’s handsome. And he’s got all the coolest toys.
Beckett: Wow, digging deep on that one.

Beckett: You don’t have to answer that question. His ego does not need any more feeding.

Hoover: I’m sorry, Detective Beckett. I should have said spoiler alert.
Beckett: Oh that’s ok. I won’t be reading it.
Hoover: Really? I saw your name on our list. You pre-ordered a copy.
Castle: Did she now?
Beckett: I was just being supportive.

Ryan: Haven’t you ever wanted to be a superhero? Going out there, prowling the city, knocking some heads.
Esposito: I do that now.

Castle: How cool was that?!
Beckett: Which part? That that was our murderer or that he just got away?

Beckett: Our side doesn’t execute criminals.
Suspect: Yeah, neither do I.
Castle: Except for last night’s episode of two half men.

Suspect: I wanna be his disciple, maybe his partner. It’s my destiny.
Castle: He doesn’t want a partner.
Suspect: How do you know?
Castle: Lone Vengeance…LONE.

Gates: I told the Mayor we had our man.
Beckett: Yeah, well, you shouldn’t have done that.
Gates: Perhaps what I shouldn’t have done was place my faith in you, Detective.

Alexis: Why does everything I do have to make sense? Why can’t I just do what I want every once in a while? That’s all you ever do!

Castle: I found something that will shock and amaze you. I downloaded all of The Sword of Lone Vengeances.
Beckett: That’s not shocking or amazing.

Castle: Actually it makes perfect sense. As a crime reporter, Paul would see firsthand how lawlessness would ravage a community. Compelled to do more than just write about it, he would don a mask and form-fitting tights to become Lone Vengeance.
Ryan: But his plan to purge the streets hit a snag when Tyler Faris threatened to reveal his secret identity, causing Lone Vengeance to cut him down in a single fearsome blow. What?
Castle: The student has become the master. Or at least he tried. For a truly Castle-esque theory, it has to be fully thought through.
Beckett: Since when?!

Castle: Writers can be men of action.
Gates: I’ve yet to see that, Mr. Castle.
Beckett: I think she’s warming up to you.

Beckett: What do you think those cons are gonna do when they find out you ran around in tights?

Castle: Paul is the writer. Lone Vengeance is the subject. That’s their relationship. It’s you and me all over again, but I’m Paul and you’re Lone Vengeance.
Beckett: Really, Castle? Is that how you see me, like a sword-wielding killer?
Castle: Depends? Will you be scantily clad?
Beckett: In your dreams.

Beckett: Don’t be so driven by the past that you throw away your future.

Castle: A murder solved and a notorious hoodlum off the streets for good. I call that solid win.
Gates: I agree. All because of the hard work and dedication of this team.
Castle: Thank you, Captain. That means a lot.
Gates: Of police officers. Team of police officers, Mr. Castle.

Castle: A writer and his muse fighting crime. Just like us. (the writer and his muse begin making out in the precinct elevator, Beckett and Castle exchange awkward looks) See you tomorrow?
Beckett: Uh-hmm.

Castle: And you know what? Even if you’re not in classes with Ashley you still will see each other plenty.
Alexis: I know especially if we move in together.


Castle costume designer Luke Reichle provided commentary to this episode on ABC's website. He said the following:

  • He dressed the main cast in neutral tones with an occasional splash of color to replicate a comic book;
  • He uses a touch of red in Gates' costumes to show that her temper is always close to boiling over;
  • The Red Maroon costume was assembled from items bought at K-Mart;
  • The Lone Vengeance suit worn by Chad Hockney's character was made in two weeks;

Featured Music[edit]

  • Devil is a Lady performed by Chain Gang of 1974
  • Finish Line performed by Jen Hirsh

Full Episode Recap[edit]

A young woman runs down a dark alley pleading for help as a man gives chase. The man tackles her and pins her to the ground threatening her, but is stopped when a mysterious voice tells him to back off. The man refuses and pulls a gun, but the mysterious figure chops off the hand. The woman’s assailant stands up and screams in horror before his body is split down the middle vertically.

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At Richard Castle's loft the following morning, Castle prepares breakfast for his mother, Martha Rodgers, who enters the kitchen in Shakespearean garb. She explains it is for a Shakespeare class she is teaching at her acting school and is dismayed when her son incorrectly guesses the character she is supposed to be. Castle is jealous of the fact that she put together a Shakespeare costume for herself but wouldn’t make him an E.T. costume for Halloween, claiming she can’t sew, but Martha reminds him he was 32 at the time. Castle’s daughter, Alexis, ends a call to her boyfriend Ashley, who is away at college at Stanford University, and tells her Dad and Grandmother how great the school sounds. This brings home to Castle how serious his daughter is about going away to college and he tries to convince her to change her mind. Alexis barely hears him and runs off to use Ashley’s password to see what classes he is taking. Castle remains crestfallen as his cell phone rings. Martha hands it to him, observing it is Detective Kate Beckett calling, but notices he seems to be tearing up. He says it is the onions he was chopping to use in an omelets.

As Castle and Beckett walk to the crime scene, Castle explains how upset he is at the prospect of Alexis going away to school. Beckett reminds him that he wants her to attend a good school, but he insists it will be hard to let his little girl go. She advises him, based on personal experience, not to hold onto her too tight since it will only drive her further away.

As they approach the entrance to the alley, they are besieged by reporters. Beckett refuses one’s request for comment and is led to the body by a female uniformed officer named Hastings. Both are surprised to see the state of the body. Medical Examiner Lanie Parish confirms the obvious cause of death and says the murder weapon was a sword, since the tip broke off in the body. She adds that blood spatter patterns indicate that the victim’s hand was chopped off before the big blow. Beckett tells Detective Javier Esposito to get photos of the bystanders since the murder could be a ritual killing. He agrees and tells her the victim’s name is Tyler Faris, a recently released criminal who did time for sexual assault. He adds that their only witness to the murder is Marie Marcado, the woman Faris was in the process of assaulting when he was killed.

Marcado explains she met Faris at a bar around the corner and that he kept bragging about “his ship coming in.” She left with him, but he got aggressive so she tried to run, but he knocked her down, only to have the killer, who she can’t describe because of the darkness, save her. As Castle and Beckett exit the alley, Beckett suspects Marcado is holding back and Castle suggests she is afraid of the killer being caught after he saved her life. Beckett disagrees, saying she could be afraid for her life since she’s the only one who saw the killer, but Castle points out she may have figured out that the killer wasn’t after her and theorizes it is a vigilante killing. Beckett remains doubtful that a vigilante would randomly show up and suspects the killer followed Faris from the bar. She suggests they talk to Faris’ next of kin.

Back in the morgue, Tyler Faris’ mother isn’t upset at all over her son’s death, saying given his penchant for bad choices, she always thought he’d end up dead eventually. She expected that he’d be involved in something that would get him killed, that he always said his ship was coming in, and that he had a long list of enemies.

At the precinct, Detective Kevin Ryan reviews Faris’ lengthy rap sheet and says despite his record, he didn’t deserve what he got, but Esposito disagrees saying he got what was coming to him. Ryan says the criminal justice decides that and Esposito responds that the sword was his justice. In reviewing Faris’ phone records, Esposito notices he made lots of calls in the last six months to an untraceable burner phone and chalks it up to his criminal past. He also sees that he got into an altercation over money with a Tony Valtini, who Ryan recognizes from his days in narcotics. He says he has serious mob connections and since his family owns a meat packing plant, he has a nickname of “The Butcher.”

Later, Beckett and Castle question Valtini in an interrogation room. He admits to arguing with Faris over back pay Faris says Valtini owed him after firing him from the family business but that they settled things. He suggests confirming the story with Faris, but Castle jokes that they’d have to conduct a séance to do so. Beckett tells him how Faris was split in two with a sword and Castle adds that the weapon is similar to that used in a meat packing plant. Valtini denies any involvement and pins the crime on a vigilante who attacked him and threatened him as he was leaving the plant one night two weeks ago. He then stands up, drops his pants and shows both an L shaped wound on one of his buttocks. He says they wouldn’t believe him if he tried to describe his attacker, but that he got surveillance video of him leaving the plant.

In the conference room, Beckett, Ryan, Castle, and Esposito gather around a TV monitor and search through the plant’s surveillance footage. Eventually they see a hooded figure in a red and blue costume with a scabbard holding a sword on his back running through the plant. They all look on in disbelief, except for Castle who is thrilled at the prospect of their suspect being a superhero.

Later, Beckett briefs Captain Victoria Gates about the case, who is just as surprised at the suspect as the guys. Beckett explains that Marie Marcado held back on the superhero angle because she didn’t think the police would believe her. Gates asks Beckett how she plans to catch the killer and she says she is looking for murders with the same MO, looking for enemies Faris and Valtini had in common, and looking for where the suit and sword may have come from. Gates suggests she check with Bellevue mental hospital to make sure the killer couldn’t be a patient since he is clearly delusional or psychotic.

Outside, Castle disputes Gates’ thought that their killer is crazy. Beckett disagrees, but Castle insists that since the costume is not likely to be commercially available, the killer likely designed it himself, meaning he is highly functional. He says his idea is to uncover what drives this person to do what he does, since every superhero has an origin story and that a sub-culture of real superheroes does exist. He then shows Beckett an Internet video of a bumbling superhero named Red Maroon to try to prove his theory. Beckett is unconvinced and asks why a superhero that stands for good would kill someone. Castle suspects he was led astray and promises his idea will be prove to be correct.

He leaves Beckett alone at her desk as Esposito shows her a photo of a man in crowd at the crime scene who Tech says matches the height and build of their killer, and who ran off when he saw he was being photographed. Beckett tells him to have uniforms circulate his photo to get his name. Ryan then joins her and says Castle may be correct since a friend of his in narcotics told him he heard rumors about a sword-wielding masked vigilante who has been hassling drug runners. He says they are searching martial arts suppliers and specialty stores for recent purchases matching the murder weapon. Regarding the costume, as Castle suspected, it is not commercially available. An extremely proud Castle then rejoins them proclaiming that he knows who their killer is. He turns the murder board around to reveal several issues from his comic book collection, each about a different character. He explains that the killer’s costume is a combination of that of Spiderman, Daredevil, Dead Pool, and Black Panther, all of whom are driven by the death of a father figure or loved one and all of whom are mild-mannered out of costume, so their killer must fit the same profile. Gates joins them and dubiously asks how his conclusion could possibly result in any leads. He says that the golden belt worn by the killer is reminiscent of that worn by one of The Avengers in an early comic book, meaning their killer is a collector, so he has to have frequented the comic book store Comicadia.

On their way there, Beckett cautions Castle against spinning too wild a theory for Gates, but Castle promises to win her over. He begins to tell Beckett about how legendary the store is when she interrupts him, saying she bought her first comic book, Sin City, there at age 14. Now knowing Beckett is a hard core comic book fan, Castle asks what character she would want to be and she answers Electra. He guesses it is because of the character’s loss of her father, but Beckett says it is simply because of her ninja skills. She asks him the same question and he answers Batman since Bruce Wayne is “brooding, handsome, and he has all the coolest toys.”

Inside the shop, Castle immediately notices the display of his Derrick Storm graphic novel. An employee, Mike Hoover, excitedly greets them both, claiming to be a huge fan of Castle’s. Hoover shares his favorite part of the novel, and then apologizes for spoiling the book for Beckett, who denies any interest in reading it. Hoover is surprised since Beckett pre-ordered the book, and when questioned by Castle she claims she just wanted to be supportive. Beckett shows Hoover a photo of the man from the crowd at the crime scene and he does not recognize him. Castle shows him the man in the costume and Hoover recognizes him as the Internet comic superhero Lone Vengeance written by Sean Elt. Castle notices the knuckle rings on the costume and says he saw one at the crime scene, guessing it broke off the costume during the murder.

Back at the precinct, Ryan tells Esposito, who is on hold on his phone, their canvass with the picture of the man from the crowd turned up nothing and Esposito hopes they catch the guy. Ryan responds that he thought he was pulling for the killer, but Esposito says it’s different now that their suspect appears to be crazy. Ryan asks Esposito if he ever dreamed of roaming the streets and cracking heads like a superhero and Esposito says he does that as a cop. His caller comes back to the phone and tells Esposito they sold a sword matching the murder weapon two hours ago to someone matching the description of the guy in the crowd. Ryan guesses he is replacing the sword he broke off while killing Faris.

At the crime scene, Castle finds the knuckle plate and Beckett thinks she sees a partial fingerprint on it. However, Lone Vengeance appears, knocks it out of her hand and by virtue of some nifty gymnastic moves, escapes the alley despite Beckett’s order to stop, jumps on a motorcycle and takes off. Beckett pulls out her phone to call in an APB, but is interrupted by Esposito’s phone call. She tells him what just happened and he reports that they found a Chad Hockney bought a samurai sword from a pawn shop just like their murder weapon and paid for it with a check, so they have his address. Beckett and Castle find him in full Lone Vengeance costume and practicing with his sword.

Back at the precinct, Gates observes Hockney, who continues to practice swordplay in the interrogation room, from the observation room and doubts he is their killer. Beckett explains that he lives four blocks from the murder and that CSU is combing his apartment for anything that would link him to the murder. Gates orders her to get a confession.

Under interrogation, Chad claims that he is on the cops’ side. Beckett and Castle tell him how a witness identified him as being the killer, how he realized he lost part of his suit in the alley and returned to claim it. Castle asks if his superhero actions are about his dead father and Chad says his father is alive. He denies killing anyone since Lone Vengeance would never do so and says he isn’t the real superhero, but emulates the real one in an effort to become his sidekick since his previous character, Red Maroon, bombed on him because of the Internet video. He said he sought his counsel and eventually found him, but he told him to leave him alone. Castle reminds him that Lone Vengeance doesn’t want a partner because his name is “Lone.”

In Gates’ office, the Captain is furious that Beckett cannot make a case against Hockney because his alibi checked out and since she already told the Mayor that they had their guy. Beckett blurts out that she shouldn’t have called the Mayor and immediately regrets her mouth. Gates retorts that maybe she shouldn’t have trusted Beckett to solve the case.

Back at her desk, Beckett asks if Ryan and Esposito have made any progress on tracking down Lone Vengeance’s motorcycle. Esposito says not yet, and Ryan adds that they have uniforms canvassing the area where Hockney said he found Lone Vengeance. Beckett tells them to get a court order for everyone who downloaded the Lone Vengeance comics since one might be their killer.

The following morning Castle looks through Lone Vengeance comics as Alexis approaches him. She says she thinks he should be happier for her since going to Stanford is what she wants. Castle confesses that he is happy for her, he’ll just miss her. He then asks what classes she wants to take, and she lists the same classes Ashley is taking. Castle questions her about this and she gets defensive saying she wants them to spend as much time together as possible. Castle cautions her against making irrational decisions and Alexis becomes furious saying not all of her decisions have to be rational and that she can do what she pleases, like he constantly does. She stalks away and while Castle recovers, he notices something in the comics that gets his attention.

He knocks on Beckett’s apartment door and she answers, out of breath and sweaty from a yoga session. He enters and shows her a panel where a man lays face down in an alley with an L carved into his buttock and explains that the issue came out after the attack on Valtini, meaning the writer of Lone Vengeance is borrowing real stories for his comics and since nobody else was in the alley with Valtini, their killer must be the writer of the Lone Vengeance comic, Sean Elt.

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Later at the precinct, Beckett tells Castle that Sean Elt doesn’t exist and Castle quickly figures out that it is an anagram for Stan Lee, the comic book genius. Ryan joins them and says ownership of the Lone Vengeance website is a dead end, since it is registered to Sean Elt, and Esposito says he found two more references in the comic to real-life events: once where Lone Vengeance shook down a drug dealer and another where he set a truckload of flat screen TVs on fire. Beckett tells him to pull the police reports in hopes of finding anything in common between the two. Castle says it doesn’t make sense to him why Lone Vengeance is so interested in helping people then all of a sudden turns to murder. Beckett guesses his crime fighting got personal and Castle wonders of Faris knew Sean Elt.

They interview Faris’ mother again who says her son didn’t know a Sean Elt, but that he had gotten into the Lone Vengeance comics. She also recalls an incident where Tyler got into an argument with a man in front of their house, saying “I know who you really are.” The description she gives of the man matches that of the reporter who questioned Beckett at the crime scene, Paul Whittaker.

Later in front of the murder board, Ryan briefs everyone on Whittaker: a crime reporter for the New York Ledger and former graphic artist who has since gone missing. Castle begins spinning the theory that working the crime beat inspired Whittaker to become a superhero. Ryan picks it up, in dramatic Castle style, guessing that Whittaker’s plan was foiled when Faris threatened to expose his identity, forcing him to kill him. Castle congratulates Ryan on his effort, but says for his idea to be truly “Castle-esque” it has to be fully thought through, to which Beckett scoffs. Castle asks Ryan how Faris discovered Whitakker’s identity and Esposito puts in Faris’ phone calls to the burner phone were to Whitakker, leading Castle to conclude that Faris was Whitakker’s source or an informant. Ryan continues, suggesting that Faris was tipping off Whitakker to crimes in the area, and when Lone Vengeance showed up, he discovered his real identity. Beckett doubts this as a plausible motive for murder just as her phone rings. After the call, she reports that Whitakker maxed out his credit cards at an ATM one block away from Comicadia.

At the store, Castle and Beckett arrive in time to find an impatient Whitakker trying to sell his comic book collection, saying he needs money.

In the observation room, Beckett and Castle brief Gates on their findings as Whitakker waits in interrogation. She is surprised that their killer is a writer and shoots Castle down when he suggests that writers can be men of action. Gates orders Beckett to get a confession since she wants to call the Mayor. After Gates leaves, Beckett teases that she is warming up to Castle.

In the interrogation room, Beckett and Castle present Whitakker with their evidence and add how they know he was mugged near an abandoned tenement building some time ago, but the mugger got it worse than he did, leading them to conclude that Whitakker beat him up then was driven to become a superhero to avenge the near-crime. Beckett promises to get him in segregated housing in prison to protect him from inmates who wouldn’t appreciate his avenging crime in tights, if he cooperates and confesses to killing Faris. He agrees, but Castle is doubtful, so he asks him how it felt to kill Faris and violate Lone Vengeance’s code and Whitakker’s answer is unconvincing. Beckett picks up on Castle’s idea and asks why he chopped off Faris’ hand after he killed him. Whitakker again gives a thin answer.

Outside at her desk, Beckett tells Ryan and Esposito that Whitakker isn’t their man since he admitted to chopping off Faris’ hand after killing him, when Lanie said it was chopped off before. Castle guesses he is protecting the inspiration behind his character, just like Castle tries to protect Beckett. Beckett asks if Castle really thinks of her as a sword-wielding killer and Castle says only if she is scantily clad. Esposito interrupts, wondering about Whitakker’s mugging and Castle supposes Lone Vengeance saved Whitakker, explaining how the muggers got beaten up, but Whitakker was barely hurt. In answer to Beckett’s question about the location of the tenement near which Whitakker was mugged, Ryan says it is near where Chad Hockney said he found Lone Vengeance. They all conclude the tenement must be Lone Vengeance’s lair.

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The four head to the tenement building and Castle and Beckett find the unit Lone Vengeance calls home. While they search it, Ryan reports via walkie-talkie that their subject is headed their way on the fire escape. Beckett pulls her gun and both hide. Once Lone Vengeance appears, she announces herself and tells the character he is cornered and to remove the mask. He does so and reveals himself, to Beckett and Castle’s shock, to be Officer Ann Hastings from the crime scene and 12th precinct.

In an interrogation room, Beckett tells Hastings how CSU is going over her suit to find Faris’ blood, but Hastings disputes that they’ll find any. She then says she admired Beckett and wanted to get to know her because of the kind of cop she is. Beckett sees that Hastings had a stellar record and asked why she let it go. Hastings tells her that her Dad was killed by a robber who held up her Dad’s dry cleaning business and that she applied to the academy the day after she buried him. She goes on to say they aren’t much different since Beckett lost her mom got revenge, then presses her about her shooting and a rumor that it is connected to her mom’s murder, but Beckett insists they are nothing alike since she didn’t chop her mom’s killer in half. Hastings denies that she killed Faris, but Beckett is unmoved. Hastings goes on to say the knuckle plate in the alley didn’t come off her suit and that she returned to the crime scene that night and took it from Beckett in an effort to find the killer. She says in her canvassing she found out that Faris drank in the same bar every night, and left around the same time into the same alley always with a girl, making it very easy for the killer to find him.

Outside, Castle tells Whitakker they arrested Hastings. Whitakker begins to tell him why he confessed, but Castle figures out it is because he is in love with her.

Later, Beckett tells Castle her gut says that Hastings is innocent. They study the murder board and wonder who else could be impersonating Lone Vengeance. Castle guesses that the killer wore the costume to frame Lone Vengeance for Faris’ murder while protecting his own identity. They both speculate that the killer is a criminal who would want Lone Vengeance off the streets and Tyler Faris dead, who knew Faris’ habits, knew how to wield a blade and who accused Lone Vengeance of the murder in the first place.

Castle and Beckett confront Valtini with their evidence against him: Faris figured out Lone Vengeance’s identity and offered to sell the information to him since he wanted him to stop hassling his drug dealers and burning his trucks. He figured out Faris was tipping off Lone Vengeance since he had a beef with him, so he came up with a away to get rid of them both: kill Faris and frame Lone Vengeance for the crime. Valtini says they have no evidence, but Beckett presents him with the knuckle plate from the alley whose partial fingerprint matches Valtini’s cousin Ernesto, who admitted to making a Lone Vengeance suit for Valtini. Valtini lawyers up.

In lock up, Hastings is released and as Castle and Gates look on, Beckett counsels Hastings not to throw away her future because of her past, especially since Whitakker cares for her. Hastings thanks her and leaves with Whitakker. Castle comments on their success in solving the case, which Gates chalks up to the hard work of the team. Castle is flattered until Gates clarifies that she means the team of police officers.

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Gates asks Beckett why she isn’t pressing charges against Hastings for fleeing the alley. When Beckett stammers, Gates fills in that they can’t be sure who was in the alley in the Lone Vengeance costume and they wouldn’t want to tarnish the record of an outstanding cop, provided Lone Vengeance never shows up again. Beckett says that shouldn’t be problem and Gates heads back to her office. Castle wonders if she grew a heart, but Beckett guesses she wants to save the department the public embarrassment of exposing a vigilante as one of their own. Both see Hastings and Whitakker board the elevator in the precinct and Castle compares their crime fighting to his and Beckett’s. As the elevator doors close, they see Hastings and Whitakker kiss passionately. Beckett and Castle exchange awkward looks before Castle finally excuses himself to go home for the day.

Castle arrives home to find Martha in another Shakespeare costume. When Castle again incorrectly guesses who Martha is portraying, she gets frustrated and leaves to work on her makeup. Castle joins Alexis, who finishes a Skype session with Ashley, and tells her how she has always been serious, but that he doesn’t want her to hide her romantic and impulsive sides either. She then says he was right and that she needs to follow her own passion, so she will pick her own classes. Besides, she adds to Castle’s shock, she and Ashley will see each other plenty, especially if they move in together.


  • Victim: Tyler Faris
  • Cause of Death: Body sliced in half with a sword

  • Perp: Tony "The Butcher" Valtini
  • Motive: Greed: Tyler Faris was tipping off the masked vigilante Lone Vengeance about crimes being committed by Tony Valtini and his mobster colleagues at his warehouse. When Lone Vengeance threatens him, he decides to kill Faris and frame Lone Vengeance for the crime.

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