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Hell Hath No Fury (Novel)


Hell Hath No Fury is one of Castle's bestselling novels written in the years before he met Beckett at the start of the series. It is one of his 'standalone' books, not part of the Derrick Storm series. Although referenced in the show, it has never been made available in the real world.


(From richardcastle.net) Taking a sabbatical from his college teaching job, Adam Parel has moved his family to the remote Oregon town of Jessup to finish his first novel. At first, Jessup seems ideal. Adam’s wife and sons make friends quickly and there’s enough quiet for Adam to get his work done. But as he researches his new hometown, Adam becomes convinced there’s something sinister going on beneath Jessup’s peaceful façade. People have gone missing here for decades and Adam eventually discovers the horrifying reason why: an obsessive cult that will stop at nothing to keep their sacred region ‘pure.’ As Adam struggles to escape with his family, he soon finds himself hunted by bloodthirsty fanatics for whom killing is the only way of living.

References in Episodes[edit]

Flowers For Your Grave (episode 1.1) – during Castle and Kate Beckett's first interrogation. Beckett shows Castle a photo of a crime scene where a small claims lawyer was murdered and posed similar to a scene in the book. Castle notices that Beckett recognized the similarity between the crime scene and the book scene and figures out that she is a hard-core fan of his writing. He also mentions that the book has to do with "angry Wiccans out for blood."