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Hell Hath No Fury

Basic Details[edit]

Season 1, Episode 4 (4)

Original Air Date - March 30, 2009


When a body of a New York City Councilman running for re-election is found wrapped in a rug on the sidewalk, Castle and Beckett’s investigation takes them deep into the cutthroat world of New York City politics. As the new partners dig beneath the surface of the case, they discover a world of high-priced escorts, arrogant tycoons, and corrupt private investigators along with the true cost of betrayal.

Meanwhile, Castle’s final novel in the Derrick Storm series hits the bookstores, causing his mother to search for any and all signs of failure. And at one of his book readings, Beckett tries to throw Castle off his game, only to learn that he has flipped the script on her once again.

Episode Images[edit]

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Main Cast[edit]

Guest Cast[edit]

  • John Prudhont - Jeff Horn
  • Jonathan Banks - Bruce Kirby
  • Tim Barraco - Delivery Guy
  • Michael Reilly Burke - Frank Nesbit
  • Bruno Campos - Calvin Creason
  • Carla Greene - Aide
  • Amy Hathaway - Attorney
  • Joshua LeBar - Jason Bollinger
  • Ron Rogg - Wolkowski
  • L. T. Tolliver - NYPD Uniform Officer
  • Lisa Waltz - Laurie Horn
  • Alicia Ziegler - Tiffany
  • Mark Casimir Dyniewicz - NY City Pedestrian (uncredited)




Castle: Oh, my god. This is quite possibly the worst coffee I’ve ever tasted. It’s actually kind of fascinating it tastes like…it tastes like a monkey peed in battery acid. Try some?

Beckett: Oh my gosh! I get it. You’re hiding. Your book is coming out today and you're hiding.
Castle: No, hiding would be building a fortress out of my comforter and then downing a fifth of scotch but apparently that’s considered unhealthy.

Uniformed Officer: This the guy?
Beckett: You heard, huh?
Uniformed Officer: Oh, everyone’s heard. You really basing your next character on Detective Beckett?
Castle: Every artist needs a muse.
Beckett: Call me a muse again and I will break both your legs, kay?

Esposito: While moving in, they see a rolled-up rug sticking out of a dumpster. They figure it’s their lucky day. They bring it home, only to find there’s a prize inside.
Ryan: (To Beckett) Dead guy in a rug, naturally we thought of you.

Castle: You okay?
Beckett: Yeah, why?
Castle: It can’t be easy breaking that kind of news.
Beckett: Yeah well, thanks for not making it a joke.
Castle: Hey. I’m a wise-ass, not a jackass.
Beckett: I didn’t know there was a difference.

Beckett: This, um, female detective of yours. Exactly how much will she be based on me?
Castle: Well, she’s not too bright... and kind of slutty.
Beckett: Right, so was that wise-ass or jackass?
Castle: Actually that was jackass.
Beckett: Hmm.
Castle: No, honestly, you are not going to have anything to be embarrassed about. She’s gonna be…She’s gonna be really smart, very savvy, haunting good looks, really good at her job…and kinda slutty.

Ryan: It’s an accepted practice bro. When you’re done with your old stuff you leave it on the street for those less fortunate: artists, students, former hedge fund managers. It’s trickle-down economics at its finest.
Esposito: Yeah, well, I prefer not to be trickled on.
Ryan: You know that red couch I have, the one you like so much.
Esposito: Don’t you say it, bro.
Ryan: 54th and Lex.
Esposito: That’s gross, gross. We are never playing Madden at your place again.

Castle: Promise not to hate me.
Beckett: I already hate you.

Beckett: You took photos of my crime scene?
Castle: Don’t get mad. I emailed a couple of them to a friend of mine.
Beckett: You emailed them to a friend.
Castle: Well, not exactly a friend. She’s my interior decorator, but then we slept together, so I don’t really know what she is now.
Beckett: What the hell were you thinking?
Castle: I know, right? You work together, you think it will be fun, but then it always makes things weird. It’s a real cautionary tale.
Beckett: I’m talking about the photographs, of the body.
Castle: What? No, I didn’t send her pictures of the body. I sent her pictures of the rug. I thought she might be able to tell me where it came from, and guess what? She did. (He shows her the rug on the floor of the hotel room.)
Beckett: That’s the rug. That’s the same rug. Don’t gloat, kay, ‘cause it’s really unattractive.

Beckett: I know what a red herring is, Castle. It’s a literary device used in literature. In real life, we don’t dismiss a suspect just because he appears too guilty. Besides, I thought you wanted to arrest him?
Castle: Yeah, because he’s a tool, not because he’s guilty.

(Castle is watching Beckett’s interrogation from the observation room.)
Beckett: Witnesses don’t place you at the club until one in the morning. And Horn was murdered somewhere between eleven and twelve.
Castle: Here it comes and…
Beckett: So where were you between eleven and twelve Mr. Creason?
Castle: Booya!
Creason: I was asleep.
Castle: Asleep. You are lame! You’re so lame! Lamey McLamersome, l-l-l-lame!!!!!

Beckett: Why is it always the family-values guys that get caught with their pants down?
Castle: Because the universe loves irony, and because most people are hypocrites.

Beckett: You were on the job?
Kirby: Twenty years out of the 134th. 'Course back then we had other cops as partners, not second-rate novelists.
Beckett: Yeah, don’t get me started.

Ryan: Dude, between you and me, you ever pay for it?
Castle: Are you counting my marriages?

Ryan: Look at her, if I had your money…
Beckett: This isn’t phone sex, Ryan. You don’t just pay for the two minutes that you used.

Beckett: Sites like these are designed to evade authorities. We’ll get there. Just take us some time.
Castle: Or you could just do it the easy way. (Castle dials the prostitute on his cell phone.)
Beckett: Castle what are you doing?
Castle: Hi, my name’s Richard. I’m a very generous man looking to arrange a very special date with Tiffany. Just give me a call on my phone which is 347-555-0179. Thank you.
Beckett: Castle, you can’t just call and arrange a date with a prostitute!
Castle: Why not?
Beckett: Because we’re the police.
Castle: No, no, no. You’re the police. I’m just a lonely upscale gentleman looking for a date. Bet I find her first.

Castle: You are gonna love this.
Beckett: No, I’m pretty sure I won’t.

Alexis: So by trying to look smart they were actually being stupid?
Castle: I think you just described the human condition.
Alexis: Speaking of the human condition, how’s it going with Detective Beckett?
Castle: What do you mean?
Alexis: Oh come on, Dad, you are basing a character off her, and you always say you have to love your characters.
Castle: Well, she is a character. But, ah, just research, nothing more.
Alexis: Yeah. I’m sure.

Alexis: Oh come on, you know she does it out of love, right? I mean she thinks it’s her job to keep you grounded.
Castle: Well, I certainly feel ground.

Lanie: Damn, girl, you scared me.
Beckett: Lanie, you’re surrounded by corpses.
Lanie: Yeah, I don’t expect the living after seven o’clock.
Beckett: Funny, neither do I.
Lanie: I’m an ME, what’s your excuse?
Beckett: Oh, don’t be mean.
Lanie: You deserve it, getting a drink with me after work instead of getting your freak on with Writer Boy.
Beckett: Yeah, well, he is annoying, self-centered, egotistical and completely-
Lanie: Fun! And take it from me, girlfriend, ya need some fun. I mean, how bad can he be?
Beckett: (Her cell phones rings and she answers.) Beckett.
Castle: Guess who’s got a date with a prostitute!

Capt. Montgomery: Waiting to receive a blackmail payoff from the vic? My three year-old son could come up with a better story than that.

Alexis: I’m proud of you.
Castle: Oh, you remember that next time I sing the peanut butter song in front of your friends.

Capt. Montgomery: Nice work. Very impressive.
(Beckett looks very pleased with herself)
Capt. Montgomery: Oh, and you too, Beckett.
Beckett: Sir?
Castle: Just yanking your chain, Detective. Just yanking your chain.

Castle: Detective Beckett, to what do I owe this very unexpected pleasure?
Beckett: …I just figured if you're going to bother me at my work I should bother you at yours. That was, um, quite a reading, very moving.
Castle: Are you making fun of me?
Beckett: ‘“Good,” she thought as the wind gathered up her hair. “No one will see my tears.”’ How does wind gather up hair? I’m just curious.
Castle: Oh, you’re telling me how to do my job.
Beckett: Irritating, isn’t it?

Beckett: Nikki Heat?
Martha: The character he’s basing on you.
Beckett: Nikki…Heat.
Martha: Uh oh.
Beckett: Can I talk to you for a second?
Castle: Of course.
Martha: Let them be.
Alexis: I want to hear.
Beckett: What kind of a name is Nikki Heat?
Castle: A cop name.
Beckett: It’s a stripper name.
Castle: Well, I told you she was kinda slutty.
Beckett: Change it, Castle.
Castle: What, hang on a sec. Think of the titles. Summer Heat, Heat Wave, In Heat.
Beckett: Change the name.


  • Roadkill: Leaving your old unwanted stuff out on the street for the less fortunate: actors, students, former hedge fund managers. It’s trickle down economics at its finest.
  • Beckett is wearing the same red blouse that she wears in Home is Where the Heart Stops
  • As Castle runs out of the precinct to get to his book reading, where's the elevator?
  • Beckett learns name of the character in Castle's new series of books that is based on her is Nikki Heat
  • Cover background of Storm Fall is the same picture of New York City as the background of the Castle Logo.

Full Episode Recap[edit]

Scenes starts off with various New York City landmarks, specifically the Statue of Liberty. Something is being rolled out; it is a body on a rug.

Richard Castle is at the precinct drinking coffee and mentions that the coffee tastes horrible ("like a monkey peed in battery acid"). Detective Kate Beckett mentions that Castle's latest book, Storm Fall, is coming out today and deduces that he is hiding because he is worried what people will think about his latest book. Beckett gets a call about a dead body, and she and Castle head to the murder scene.

Detective Javier Esposito mentions that people who were moving in saw a rug sticking out of a dumpster and decided to take it. The victim was killed at close range by a .38. Esposito says that it could have been a robbery gone wrong because there was no wallet, the victim's pockets were empty and he wore no jewelry; both Beckett and Castle say it wasn't a robbery because if it were, the robber wouldn't take the time to wrap the dead body. Castle discreetly takes pictures with his camera phone. Beckett asks Esposito and Detective Kevin Ryan to take a team and go to the dumpster to find an identification. Castle sees the victim's face and says that he knows who the victim is.

The victim is Council member Jeff Horn, who was running for re-election; Castle recognizes him from the bus ad. Captain Roy Montgomery tells Beckett and Castle to notify the family before the press do. Castle and Beckett talk to the widow, who tells them that the last time she heard from her husband was the previous night at around 11 PM. She mentions that he was finishing a fundraiser and heading back to the office to continue working on his campaign. She says that it wasn't unusual for Horn to crash on the couch in his office and not come home, but then Horn's campaign manager, Frank Nesbit, called that morning. Castle asked if her husband seemed troubled last night, and she said no and that he was a good person trying to make the world a better place.

At the car Castle asks if Beckett is okay, because it can't be easy breaking that kind of news. Beckett thanks Castle for not making a joke about it. Castle replies that he is a wise-ass, not a jackass. He asks what they will do next, but Beckett asks how much his new character will be based on her. Castle said that she has nothing to be embarrassed about, and that his new character will be smart, savvy, beautiful, really good at her job, and kinda slutty.

Before Beckett can comment, Castle gets a phone call from Martha, who is at a bookstore, telling him that his new book is not selling. Castle mentions that it just came out two hours ago and what did Martha expect, a line out the door? Martha mentions that there was one for the last Harry Potter. Castle says that Derrick Storm is not Harry Potter, and Martha replies, "Clearly." Beckett asks Castle if he is okay and he says yes, but he looks worried.

Esposito and Ryan are dumpster diving, looking for the victim's wallet and any other evidence. Esposito mentions how it is not cool to take things out of dumpsters. Ryan says it is trickle-down economics at its best, and that it is an accepted practice to leave stuff you're done with for the less fortunate. Ryan mentions a red couch that he has that Esposito likes a lot and tells him that he got it at the corner of 54th and Lex. Esposito is disgusted and says they are never playing video games at his place again. Another cop finds the wallet without credit cards or money.

Castle and Beckett are walking and Beckett tells Castle what was found at the dumpster. She asks Esposito to check Horn's phone records. Castle ask if the neighbors heard anything and Beckett said the usual noises. No one heard any gun shots and there's no blood splatter; the sloppy cover up indicates the murder was premeditated. They stop at Horn's campaign headquarters. They talk to Frank Nesbit and he mentions having grief counselors for the kids, as Horn meant a lot to everyone working on the campaign. He says that he and Horn were together until 11 PM; Nesbit offered to share a taxi, but Horn wanted to walk. The fundraiser was a few blocks away from campaign headquarters.

Beckett asks if Horn had any enemies and Castle asks about Horn's opponent, Jason Bollinger, but Nesbit says he can't imagine Bollinger doing the murder. Beckett asks if there were any threats against Horn, and Nesbit mentions Calvin Creason, who is a hotel and club owner. Nesbit says that Creason bought a new property on the Lower East Side to turn into a new nightclub, but the neighbors didn't want drunks in the neighborhood and Horn killed the project, leaving Creason with worthless real estate. Nesbit says that Creason may have had a beef with Horn, but he wouldn't have killed him.

Beckett and Castle interview Creason, who seems happy with Horn's death and brags about what his property does for the economy. His alibi for the night of the murder is that he was at his club in SoHo. Castle and Beckett leave to go check his alibi; however, Castle says that it isn't necessary. He tells Beckett that he took pictures of the crime scene and sent them to a friend of his. Beckett is angry because she assumes it was pictures of the body, but it turns out he took pictures of the rug. His friend is an interior designer. The interior designer texted Castle where the rug came from and it turns out it came from Creason's hotel.

At the precinct Creason is in the interrogation room, and Beckett says that Creason didn't arrive at the club until after midnight. Castle says it's too obvious that the murderer is Creason, so Creason has to be innocent. He says that Creason is a red herring, and Beckett says that just because a suspect appears too guilty doesn't mean that they dismiss the suspect. Castle says that Creason isn't dumb enough to wrap a guy in his own rug. Beckett asks Esposito to find information on that rug, which rooms are missing a rug, and who had access.

Beckett is in the interrogation room with Creason and his lawyer who says that all the rooms of the hotel had the same rugs. Beckett says that witnesses place Creason at the club at 1 AM in the morning, mostly because he made quite an entrance with a supermodel on each arm. Beckett asks him again where he was between 11 PM and midnight and Creason finally admits that he was asleep, and also that he has no witnesses to corroborate that. Beckett is ready to leave and says that he has motive and opportunity; however, Creason insists that he didn't need to kill Horn because Horn was going to lose the election, and he mentions Horn's opponent, Bollinger.

Beckett and Castle interview Bollinger, telling him what Creason told them, that he has something on Horn that would guarantee that Bollinger would win the election. Bollinger tells them that he hired a private investigator who went looking for information about Horn's weakness, and that as long as Bollinger was ahead in the polls, there was no reason to use it. Bollinger pulls out a manila envelope containing photos of Horn in bed with a young woman who isn't his wife.

Esposito calls and says that the rug is a dead end because, according to housekeeping, they dumped a couple dozen last week, half in the dumpster and the other half donated. Beckett and Castle interview the PI, Bruce Kirby, who tells them he worked for the Bollinger camp for a couple of weeks and saw that while Horn told his wife that he was working late, he was actually with the girl in the photos. Kirby mentions the girl is a pro and Beckett asks for an address; Kirby directs her to the girl's website.

The boys are looking at the website and Castle spots the girl. Beckett arrives and says the 800 number shown is registered to a PO box from out of state, so they'll need to track down the IP. Castle has an easier way: he calls the 800 number and arranges a date with Tiffany (the prostitute) and Beckett takes offense to that. A delivery man arrives with a big package and asks for Castle, and it turns out that the delivery is actually an espresso machine Castle has bought for the precinct, to return the favor of them being hospitable (and because their coffee is horrible).

Cut to Alexis Castle at the loft, cutting onions while wearing their onion goggles. Alexis is confused; if Creason didn't do the murder, how does the rug fit in? Castle says that the murderer probably heard about the feud and decided to frame Creason to shift suspicion, which was stupid, because without the rug it would have looked like a mugging gone wrong. Alexis turns the subject to Beckett and asks how it is going, pointing out that he is basing a character on her and that he says that you have to love your character. Castle says it is just book research and nothing more; Alexis is skeptical.

Martha comes in and shows Castle a bad review of his latest book, and tries to cheer him up by saying that Harper Lee only wrote one book, and he has written dozens although Lee's book was "literature". She leaves and says that she will write the reviewer a piece of her mind. He asks Alexis how long it took Martha to find that review and Alexis says all afternoon, and that Martha does that out of love and feels that it is her job to keep him grounded. Castle's phone rings and it is the prostitute he left a message for earlier.

Lanie comes into the ME office and is surprised by Beckett who is waiting for her. Lanie is upset about Beckett getting drinks with her instead of getting her freak on with Castle. Beckett than says that Castle is annoying, self-centered, egotistical and completely.... Lanie says FUN; she says Beckett needs some fun and how bad can Castle be? Beckett's phone rings and it's Castle who says in a sing-song voice, "Guess who's got a date with a prostitute?" at which Beckett gives Lanie a "this proves my point" look.

At a fancy restaurant, we see Tiffany coming in to see Castle and getting surprised when Beckett joins them, saying that they need to talk to her about Councilman Horn. Tiffany says that Horn was one of her regulars, but she wasn't involved in his death. The relationship began because he wanted to talk, and the last time they were together was a couple of weeks ago; he was hysterical and insisted that they couldn't see each other anymore because he was being blackmailed and that there were photos. Horn thought Tiffany was the blackmailer, but it wasn't her. Horn wanted to make a deal because he couldn't keep paying without the campaign finding out. Beckett and Castle go to Bollinger, who says that he kept the pictures under lock and key. Beckett says they want a list of people who come in and out of the office. Bollinger is upset that they want to investigate his campaign with two weeks left before the election. Castle ask why is he worried, as he is running unopposed. Bollinger says not any more and that Horn's widow is running for her husband's seat; with the sympathy votes the guesses they would be tied by the end of the night as opposed to having an 8 point lead. The irony is that if the campaign releases the photos now, the voters would like her more.

Castle and Beckett are in the car. Castle is looking at the list saying there are at least 300 names on the list and asks if Beckett is going to question them all; she says no and that it is just for references. Beckett says that Horn was worried he couldn't keep paying without the campaign finding out, so if money was coming from the campaign there is bound to be a trail. They show the incriminating pictures to Horn's campaign manager, finding that he had no idea about the blackmail or the pictures. Frank tells Beckett that if these pictures are released it will do irreparable harm to Horn's reputation and cause pain to his family. Beckett says they have no plans to release the pictures - but that these things often get out.

Esposito comes in and says that they cross-referenced Horn's campaign payouts to the volunteers and employees at Bollinger's office; there was a series of off-book payments totaling $30 grand, routed bank to bank, no name, but there was an account number; they tracked the account number to Bruce Kirby (the PI who took the pictures), concluding that he is the blackmailer. They ran him in the system and found out he lost his badge due to excessive force, and that he has a registered .38 gun, the same caliber used to kill Horn.

They interview Kirby and he says that he is the blackmailer and that Horn found out who it was. Beckett asks if it got violent, but Kirby says no, that he didn't kill Horn, and that he was meeting him with a proposition to see what it would take to make the pictures go away forever. Kirby asked for $250,000; he didn't think Horn would say yes, but he did. The night he was killed, Horn was going to give Kirby the payment, but Horn never showed.

Beckett ask what Captain Montgomery thinks, and he says to book him for the blackmail until they see what the search comes up with at Kirby's place. One thing they learned was that Horn had a quarter of a million dollars on him when he was killed.

They talk to Frank at a campaign rally and he says that they count on small time donations, not big ones, and that he wouldn't help them start a witch hunt on their top supporters. They can look at the campaign contributors because that is a matter of public records, but for anything else they are on their own.

Alexis comes into Castle's office to tell him that Gina called to remind him about a book reading for tomorrow night, and that if he doesn't show Gina's threatening him with physical pain (1,000 fire ants in his eyeballs). Castle is wondering which is worse -- 1,000 fire ants or reading a bad book (according to a reviewer). Alexis then shows him the positive review of his book by the Ledger. Castle then asks Alexis, if she needed a quarter of a million dollars, who would she ask? and she replies that she'd just ask him. Castle looks at the article regarding Horn's first campaign.

At the precinct, Beckett is at her desk reviewing the case. Castle surprises her, showing up as she's making coffee, and he says that there is something he needs to show her. Turns out that Horn's wife comes from money and it was her money that financed his first campaign. They first thought that Horn was hiding his affair from his wife -- but what if she knew about the affair and was getting the blackmail money from her? Esposito says that Mrs. Horn marked about $300,000 worth of stocks last week. They were looking through her finances and discovered that money was withdrawn two days before the exchange.

It turns out that Horn forged his wife's signature; she figured it out when the trust called to confirm the stock sale, and when he was found out, he said he needed them for tax reasons. Mrs. Horn says that between blackmail and public humilation she preferred blackmail. They ask if she was sure he had the money when he left, and she said he did. She learns that they found the money at her house thanks to a search warrant.

Mrs. Horn says she called her husband at 11 o'clock to tell him that the blackmailer changed the location of the meet, for him to go down by the overpass where nobody can see. She says that it was all arranged, even the rug, and all she had to do was make the call; he would make it look like someone else did it and nobody would ever know. She says it wasn't supposed to be like this -- that they were friends and they were going to change the world. That's when Beckett and Castle realize it was Frank Nesbit that killed Horn, and that he figured once the Horn scandal came to light his career would have been over. Alexis calls Castle and asks him where he is, reminds him about the reading and book signing, and Castle rushes to get to the book store.

He does a reading of his final Derrick Storm book, and Beckett comes in wearing a stunning dress that has Castle doing a double take, but he manages to finish the reading. Castle and Beckett banter. Martha and Alexis come in and Martha reports that the book is selling so well that he'll be number one in the best seller list. Martha says she hopes Nikki Heat does as well as Derrick Storm, Beckett doesn't like the name as she feels it's a stripper name, but Castle refuses to change it, citing "artistic integrity".


Who: Jeff Horn, two term city council member, running for re-election. Castle ID'ed him when they rolled him over.
Found: Rolled up in a rug by Jack and Hall (they thought that they were scoring a piece of "road kill" -the carpet-) in their new apartment. They were moving into an apartment and found the rug in a nearby dumpster. Looks like he was killed near the rug and then rolled up. Rug was found on East 3rd - two blocks from the apartment
Where Killed: Under a bridge
How: Gunshot, 38 caliber, close range, killed instantly
Motive: Castle says: "Politics, escorts & blackmail".

Killer: Laurie Horn (wife of victim) and Frank Nesbit (Campaign Manager)

  • Laurie Horn was jealous because her husband was visiting a prostitute AND that someone was blackmailing him. She wanted the "issue" to go away permanently, and she was going to run for his seat. She made the call to her husband telling him where to meet the killer - Conspiracy to Commit Murder.
  • Frank Nesbit felt that he would be "damaged goods" in future politics if the prostitution, blackmail, shifting of funds to pay the blackmailer / prostitute scandal ever came out, and he became Laurie's campaign manager. He shot and killed his friend, rolled him up in the rug and dumped him in the dumpster.

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