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Gina Cowell

Gina & Alexis, © 2010-2011 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Second wife and publisher of Richard Castle. It was her threat to recover the money her publishing company, Black Pawn, advanced Castle for his first book after he killed off the popular character Derrick Storm, that prompted him to create Nikki Heat, along with his being called in to consult on a series of copycat murders by Kate Beckett. In the acknowledgments for Heat Wave, Castle writes, "Thanks are grudgingly due to Gina Cowell and the group at Black Pawn publishing, whose threats of legal action first inspired me to put pen to paper."

Relationship with Castle[edit]

At the end of season 2, Castle and Gina rekindle their relationship when Castle invites her to spend the summer with him at his house in The Hamptons after believing that Beckett was happy in her relationship with Tom Demming. In Poof, You're Dead, Castle breaks up with her for good, saying the two aren't in love with each other and that the relationship lacks the magic he is looking for.

While we don't know exactly why Castle and Gina's marriage failed, Castle does call Gina "high maintenance" and a shopaholic.[1] Gina, meanwhile, says that she was frustrated in the marriage because of Castle's constantly sheltering Alexis from her.[2]



  • Played by Monet Mazur
  • Incorrectly referenced in the print version of Naked Heat as Gina Griffin
  • Was originally envisioned to be a regular character on the show, and was featured in publicity shots with the rest of the cast, except for Tamala Jones, since Jones' character, Lanie Parish, was envisioned to be only a recurring character. By the time the show was picked up by ABC, Lanie had become a regular character and Gina had become a recurring character.


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