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The writers have a tendency to foreshadow future plot points...

Fulfilled Foreshadowing

  • A Chill Runs through her Veins:

There was a scene with a close up of Beckett saying to Montgomery, "There are people who knew the truth all along, but just decided not to come forward".

  • Knockdown

The blood on Beckett's shirt when Raglan is shot.

Potential Future Plot Point Foreshadowing?

  • Kockdown : There was a seemingly unusually long monologue by the lady who got Lockwood's print on her arm about a guy who faked his own death -- is someone suppose to have faked his/her own death? See also some theories in Johanna_Beckett_Murder_Board
  • Rise : There was a seemingly extra fussy dialog about the suspect being a "he or she". Possibly hinting the big bad can also be a she? Since this is also the episode that Captain Victoria Gates is introduced, seems likely hinting that she is not just a new captain but something more.
  • Heroes and Villains: Castle said to Lanie "You obviously don't understand the sacred bond about a man and his unit". Possibly trouble between Lanie and Episito in the future?
  • Heroes and Villains: Castle described set of comic book super heroes (spider man, avenger etc.) and asked what do they have in common. Beckett answer that they are all driven by the death of a father figure or a loved one. ..OK, we've already heard that there will be more story to be revealed about Castle's father.