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For Better or Worse

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Basic Details[edit]

Season 6, Episode 23 (128)

Original Air Date - May 12, 2014


On the eve of their wedding, Castle and Beckett discover that Beckett has been married for the last 15 years to an old flame, Rogan O'Leary, sending her on a mission to get him to dissolve the marriage. Unfortunately, Rogan is kidnapped before she succeeds, forcing Beckett to solve the crime. Meanwhile, the wedding seems to be falling apart right in Castle's lap.

Episode Images[edit]

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Main Cast[edit]

Guest Cast[edit]

  • Eddie McClintock - Rogan O'Leary
  • Scottie Thompson - Tildy, bar owner & Rogan's girlfriend
  • Maya Stojan - Tory Ellis, NYPD Tech
  • R.D. Call - Mickey Barbozza
  • Randy Oglesby - Pastor Bob
  • Sarah Karges - Sapphire
  • Nicole Butler - Cassandra
  • Kristina Hayes - Deputy
  • Doug Simpson - Henry Browning
  • Reatha Grey - Geneva
  • Mercy Malick - Crystal
  • Helen Wilson - Cloris Maguire, Tildy's mother
  • David Castillo - Curtis
  • Josh Harp - Strip club patron
  • Mark Kubr - Meechum
  • Andra Petru - Wedding guest




  • This episode and the following one, Driven, are the second and third episodes in the series in which no one is murdered, and the first since Little Girl Lost in season 1.


Castle: What’s this one?
Alexis: Final payment for the rooftop venue.
Castle: You mean, the perfect venue. A 360 degree view of Manhattan, the stars above us, the world at our feet. It’s too bad Beckett didn’t want to bungee jump off the side of the building for our big exit. Now that would have been cool.

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Beckett: Actually, the only thing I’m not excited about is having to say my vows in front of all those people.
Ryan: Just imagine your wedding guests are murder suspects.
Esposito: In their underwear.
Beckett: Or not.
Capt. Gates: You know, I was so nervous before my wedding that I ran into a wall and got a black eye. You’re supposed to be a wreck. You’re about to experience one of the most important days of your life. I’m so happy for you, Detective.
Castle: Hey guys!
Capt. Gates: In spite of who you’re marrying.

Beckett: Do you have our paperwork?
Castle: I do. (He pauses and laughs) I’m just practicing.

Beckett: T-minus 72 hours until we are married. This feels like a dream.
Castle: That’s because I’m dreamy.
Beckett: Oh, shush.

Clerk: Proof of divorce?
(Castle hands over another stack of papers. The clerk flips through them and sets them aside. She waits expectantly.)
Castle: Is – is there something wrong with my documents?
Clerk: They’re in order. Miss Beckett, do you have yours?
Beckett: Pardon me?

Martha: Rogan O’Leary? Well who is Rogan O’Leary?
Castle: A guy she met freshman year at Stanford.
Beckett: Oh, I think I’m going to be sick.

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Castle: And here I thought you were a one and done kind of girl.
Martha: (to Beckett) Does your father know about this?
Beckett: I really am going to be sick.

Beckett: So, what do we know about him?
Esposito: Well, your boy got around. He was charged with theft in Austin in ’05, he did time for a DUI in ’07.
Ryan: He was arrested for fraud in Kentucky and oh, this is a good one, he was put in jail for impersonating an FBI agent in New Orleans.
Castle: (to Beckett) I must say, given his record, I’m really surprised you stayed with him all these years.

Beckett: Excuse me. Hi. I’m looking for one of your bartenders. Rogan O’Leary?
(There’s a crash and Rogan stumbles from behind a door.)
Rogan: Come on, Tildy!
(He has to duck when she throws a glass at it. It crashes on the floor.)
Beckett: Never mind.

Beckett: Ah … no. Do you remember a trip that we took to Vegas?
Rogan: Ah … I don’t know. It’s a little fuzzy. But most of my best memories are.

Rogan: New York. Let me guess. Lawyer.
Beckett: Detective.
Rogan: Detective!
Beckett: Yeah. NYPD.
Rogan: Wow! So tell me, how does a girl go from picking the lock on Pearl Jam’s tour bus so she can steal Eddie Vedder’s jean jacket to becoming a cop?

Castle: (About Beckett and Rogan O'Leary) They’ve got a lot in common. She can talk about all the people she’s put in prison and he can talk about all the people he’s met in prison.

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Ryan: Um … Alexis? I haven’t gained this much daddy weight.
(Ryan’s tux is too small through the arms.)
Alexis: That can’t be right. I double checked the size ten times.
Esposito: Hey, maybe you finally hit that growth spurt you’ve been waiting on, bro.

Deputy: And your friend that got taken, what’s his name?
Beckett: Rogan. Rogan O’Leary.
Beckett: What? Why are you closing your notebook?
Deputy: Ma’am, the department doesn’t have the resources to investigate every claim involving Mr. O’Leary.
Beckett: But someone took him.
Deputy: I’m sure they did. I’m sure they had a very good reason. And in a few days he’ll show up drunk, bruised, and sorry as hell.
Beckett: I don’t have a few days. I need to find him now.
Deputy: Ma’am, from one woman to another … let him go.

Alexis: This is a disaster.
Castle: I have no place to get married and no one to get married to. I think disaster is an understatement.

Beckett: Thanks for coming up, babe. I’m so sorry about this whole mess.
Castle: Oh, what’s a fiancé for if not to help find his future wife’s current husband?

Tildy: I mean, I can overlook the fact that he’s not a regular job kind of guy or that he can’t marry me while his wife’s in a coma, but he should have never put my bar in jeopardy.
Beckett: I’m sorry, he said that he had a wife?
Castle: A wife in a coma.
Tildy: Yeah. He married in college, she got in an accident. Been in a coma fifteen years. Katie … something.
Tildy: It’s kind of tragic, really.
Castle: So very tragic.

Beckett: He’s in trouble all right. I mean, all these years he knew that we were married. He knew when I got here. And for fifteen years he’s been using that as an excuse not to commit.
Castle: Coma wife. (He chuckles) It’s kind of brilliant.
Beckett: You mean despicable, right?
(She shoots him a glare and he pauses.)
Castle: Yeah, that’s what I meant.

Beckett: I’ve gotta call Lanie. I’m not going to make my spa bachelorette party this afternoon.
Castle: You were going to have naked ladies at your party, too? (She glares at him again) Wow.

Beckett: Are you okay?
Castle: No, Mrs. O’Leary, I’m not okay. I happen to like my legs. And yours too.

Beckett: Castle, can you look up the address to the roadhouse? I want to know what was on that stripper’s phone.
Castle: Find a local strip bar? Now that I know how to do.

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Castle: It’s only a dress. It’s not the end of the world.
Beckett: Then why does it feel like it is? Our wedding was supposed to be magical. It was supposed to be out perfect day and now it’s just … falling apart.
Castle: So we’ll put it back together.
Beckett: Castle, I’m married to someone else. And I have no idea where he is, we don’t have any leads, and then to make things worse the venue and now this? I mean, it just feels like all of this is one big sign.
Castle: Well, maybe it is a sign. A sign that ours is a great love story. Because what’s a great love story without obstacles to overcome? Every fairytale has them. Terrible trials that only the worthy can transcend. But you can’t give up. That’s the deal. We want the happy ending, we can’t give up.
Beckett: And that’s why I want to marry you.

Pastor Bob: Well you said on the phone it was urgent and helping people is my calling.
Castle: Does that include helping people out of their clothes while they’re sitting on your lap?

Pastor Bob: What? No, I didn’t kidnap him. What kind of a man do you think I am?
Castle: Well, I think we’ve got a pretty good picture. We have a few pictures, actually.

Castle: So your husband is hijacking someone else’s blackmail. It’s kind of ingenious in a degenerate sort of way.

Castle: What if we get caught?
Beckett: We’ll tell them we’re tourists from the city. We got lost.
Castle: Yes. That worked out really well in Deliverance.

Beckett: This guy is Richard Castle. My future husband.
Rogan: Really? Well, after his little scream you may want to uh … recheck his man parts.
Castle: My man parts are just fine, thank you very much.
Beckett: Could everyone please stop saying man parts?

Rogan: What, you don’t trust me?
Castle: In fairness, you did blackmail a pastor.

Beckett: Tell me this is still part of the fairytale.
Castle: If it is it’s a Grimm one.

Rogan: What do – what do you think they’re going to do?
Beckett: My guess? Once they recover the photos they’ll probably kill us.
Castle: Yes. Thus making this the worst bachelor party ever.

Castle: I’m a sucker for happy endings. Let’s get the hell out of this town and go get our own.
Beckett: Yes. We’re getting married!

Lanie: Wow. You look like an angel.
Beckett: Really?
Lanie: Yeah. For a second there, I wanted to marry you.
Beckett: Oh, just stop, Lanie!

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Beckett: Martha, I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am to you and Alexis for … for putting this all together.
Martha: And I want to thank you, for making my son so very happy. (She holds out a box) I brought you something. In case you didn’t have something blue.
(Beckett opens the box. It’s a pair of sapphire drop earrings.)
Beckett: Oh, wow. They’re…beautiful.
Martha: They were given to me by my mother to wear on my wedding day and by her mother before. Only women of substance have worn these gems. They’ve been waiting, Katherine. For you.
Beckett: I’m so honored Martha, thank you.

Beckett: Hey lover. How close are you?
Castle: Twenty minutes. And you’ll be happy to know things went smoothly with the judge. You are a free woman. But not for long. I’ve got our marriage license in my pocket and I will be there soon. And Kate?
Beckett: Yeah?
Castle: I love you.
Beckett: I love you, too.

Full Episode Recap[edit]


  • Victim: Rogan O'Leary
    • Crime: Kidnapped

  • Perp: Mickey Barbozza
    • Motive: Revenge: Rogan blackmailed a stripped for photos of a local priest, not knowing that she also had incriminating photos of a mobster as well.

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