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Flowers For Your Grave

Basic Details[edit]

Season 1, Episode 1 (1)

Original Air Date - March 9, 2009


Murder mystery novelist Richard Castle is bored and suffering from a case of writer's block, when serious, hard-nosed Homicide Detective Kate Beckett recruits him to help her solve a series of murders based on those in Castle's books. As they work, irritate, and flirt with each other, Castle is inspired by Beckett and not only bases his new character, Nikki Heat, on her, but gets permission from the Mayor of New York City to shadow her and her team for research on his next book. Meanwhile, Castle's home life changes when his broke ex-Broadway diva mother, Martha, moves in with him and his over-achieving daughter Alexis.

Episode Images[edit]

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Main Cast[edit]

Guest Cast[edit]

  • Colby French - Frank McNulty
  • Dan Castellaneta - Judge Markway
  • Keir Dullea - Jonathan Tisdale
  • Monet Mazur - Gina Cowell
  • Stephen J. Cannell - Himself
  • James Patterson - Himself
  • Kym Jackson - Allison Tisdale
  • Kurt David Anderson - Kyle Cabot
  • Brian Avers - Harrison Tisdale
  • Caitlin McHugh - Receptionist
  • Maria Diaz - Book Release Party Guest
  • Jason Mulcahy - Elite Guest
  • Sara DeRosa - Giggling Girl
  • Stephanie Scionti - Gold Digger
  • Andrew Stewart Jones - Bartender
  • Andrew Craghan - Roommate
  • Kevin Jiggetts - Golan
  • Joey Auzenne - Cop #2
  • Ian Jarvis - Silver Fox
  • Quarles Antoine - Background Book Signing Gala Attendee (uncredited)
  • Edward M. Kelahan - Publisher (uncredited)




Gina Cowell: Murder, mystery, the macabre.

Lanie: Who says romance is dead?
Beckett: I do, every Saturday night.
Lanie: Well, lipstick wouldn’t hurt. (Beckett glares at Lanie) I’m just saying.

Beckett: Plus, I've seen this before.
Esposito: You've seen it before. Where?
Beckett: Roses on her body? Sunflowers on her eyes? (She sees their confusion) Don't you guys read?

Castle: Writing Derek used to be fun, now it's like work.
Gina: God forbid you should work.

Martha: Really, Doll-face, who does homework at a party?
Alexis: I have a test next week.
Martha: So do I: liver function. You don't see me studying. All right, give me a hit of the bubbly.

Castle: So, mother-
Martha: Shh, shh, shh! Not so loud, I'm still hoping to get lucky.

Castle: You should have me committed.
Alexis: For what? Letting her move in? I think it's sweet.
Castle: It won't be when I strangle her. (Gives Alexis a glass of champagne)
Alexis: You know I'm only fifteen, right?
Castle: You're an old soul.
Alexis: Yeah, well, me and my soul can wait.
Castle: When I was your age... I can't tell that story, it's wildly inappropriate, which, oddly is my point. Don't you want to have wildly inappropriate stories that you can't tell your children?
Alexis: I think you have enough of those for the both of us.
Castle: Life should be an adventure. You want to know why I killed Derek? There were no more surprises. I knew exactly what was going to happen every moment of every scene. It's just like these parties they've become so predictable. "I'm your biggest fan!" "Where do you get your ideas?"
Alexis: And the ever popular, "Will you sign my "chest?".
Castle: That one I don't mind so much.

Castle: Just once, I’d like someone to come up to me and say something new.
Beckett: Mr. Castle?
Castle: (turns around expectantly holding a Sharpie) Where would you like it?
Beckett: (Flashes her badge) Detective Kate Beckett, NYPD. We need to ask you a few questions about a murder that took place earlier tonight.
Alexis: That’s new.

Beckett: Says here that you stole a police horse.
Castle: Borrowed.
Beckett: Ah. And you were nude at the time.
Castle: It was spring.

Castle: What can I say? The mayor is a fan, but if it makes you feel any better, I'd be happy to let you spank me.
Beckett: Mr. Castle. This whole bad-boy charm thing that you've got going, might work for bimbettes and celebutants. Me? I work for a living. So that makes you one of two things in my world: either the guy who makes my life easier, or the guy who makes my life harder. And trust me, you do not want to be the guy who makes my life harder.

Castle: Looks like I have a fan.
Beckett: Yeah, a really deranged fan.
Castle: Oh, you don’t look deranged to me.
Beckett: What?
Castle: Hell Hath No Fury? Angry Wiccans out for blood? Come on. Only hard core Castle groupies read that one.

Castle: Can I get copies of those?
Beckett: Copies?
Castle: I have this poker game, it's mostly other writers, Patterson, Cannell, you know, bestsellers. You have no idea how jealous those would make them.
Beckett: Jealous?
Castle: That I have a copycat. Oh, my gosh, in my world that's the red badge of honor. That's the criminal Cooperstown.
Beckett: People are dead, Mr. Castle.
Castle: I'm not asking for the bodies, just the pictures.
Beckett: I think we're done here.

Alexis: How was the slammer? Anyone make you their bitch?
Castle:' Sorry, Switchblade, I still belong to you.

Ryan: (Opens the book and reads) From the library of Katherine Beckett.
Beckett: Do you have a problem with reading, Ryan?
Esposito: Yo, check it, girl, you're totally a fan!
Beckett: Right. Of the genre.
Ryan: Right. Of the genre. That's why you're blushing.
Capt. Montgomery: Mr. Castle has offered to assist with the investigation.
Beckett: Really?
Castle: It's the least I can do for the city I love.
Capt. Montgomery: Considering the nature of the crime scenes, I think it's a good idea.
Beckett: Sir, can I talk to you for a minute. In private?

Beckett: What?!
Castle: Nothing. No, it's just the way your brow furrows when you're thinking... It's cute. I mean, not if you're playing poker. Then it'd be deadly...

Beckett: So what is it, Rick? Are you here to annoy me?
Castle: I'm here for the story.
Beckett: The story.
Castle: Why those people? Why those murders?
Beckett: Sometimes, there is no story. Sometimes the guy is just a psychopath.
Castle: There's always a story. Always a chain of events makes everything make sense. Take you for example. Under normal circumstances, you should not be here. Most smart, good-looking women become lawyers, not cops. And, yet, here you are. Why?
Beckett: I don't know, Rick. You're the novelist. You tell me.
Castle: Well, you're not Bridge and Tunnel, no trace of the boroughs when you talk, so that means Manhattan. That means money. You went to college. Probably a pretty good one. You had options. Yeah, you had lots of options. Better options. More socially acceptable options. And you still chose this. That tells me something happened. Not to you, you're wounded, but you're not that wounded. And it was someone you cared about. It was someone you loved. And you probably could have lived with that, but the person responsible was never caught. And, that Detective Beckett, is why you're here.
Beckett: Cute trick. But don't think you know me.

Esposito: A control-freak like you with something you can’t control? No, that’s gonna be more fun than Shark Week.

Castle: Tell me something. You ever have any fun? You know, let your hair down? Drop your top? A little cops gone wild?
Beckett: You do know I’m wearing a gun.
Castle: Ooh.

Beckett: I thought I told you to stay over there.
Castle: I got lonely.<br.

Beckett: Richard Castle, you are under arrest for felony theft and obstruction of justice.
Castle: You forgot making you look bad.
Beckett: You know, for a minute there, you actually made me believe that you were human. Cuff him.
Castle: Ooh, bondage! My safe word is apples.
Beckett: (To other police officers) Oh, there's no need to be gentle.

Martha: I wish I could say I was surprised; it's my fault, really. He never had a father figure.
Castle: Oh, that's not true, mother. I had lots of father figures.

Alexis: If I have to keep bailing you out, you're going to have to raise my allowance. By a lot.
Martha: Mine too.

Castle: He's dying.
Beckett: Who's dying? Tisdale?
Castle: Want a hot dog? I want a hot dog. What do you take on your...(Beckett grabs Castle's nose)...Ow. Ow! Apples, apples, apples!

Beckett: Harrison's father is terminally ill, sir.
Judge Markway: What? I just saw him at a benefit.
Castle: Hope you took a picture.

Beckett: Castle, if you're going in you should be armed. My backup's in the glove compartment.
Castle: I can't find it.
(Beckett grabs his wrist and handcuffs him to the grab handle above the car door. She smiles.)
Beckett: This time you’re staying put.
Castle: Okay. Beckett. Very funny. Joke’s over! Come on! (Castle pulls out his wallet and searches for a key.) Cuff me once, shame on you. Cuff me twice... Shame on me.

Beckett: Castle, you okay?
Castle: Yeah, except psycho here needs a breath mint.
Harrison Tisdale: Shut up!

Beckett: What the hell were you thinking!? You could’ve gotten yourself killed!
Castle: The safety was on the whole time.
Beckett: You know, you could've told me.
Castle: Where's the fun in that?

Beckett: Well, guess this is it.
Castle: Well, it doesn’t have to be. We could, uh, go to dinner. Debrief each other.
Beckett: Why, Castle? So I can be another one of your conquests?
Castle: Or I could be one of yours.
Beckett: It was nice to meet you, Castle. (They shake hands)
Castle: It’s too bad. It would have been great.
Beckett: (Whispers in Castle’s ear) You’ve no idea.

Beckett: You wanted to see me, sir?
Capt. Montgomery: Yeah. I just got a call from the mayor's office. Apparently, you have a fan.
Beckett: A fan, sir?
Capt. Montgomery: Rick Castle. Seems he’s found the main character for his next set of novels: a tough but savvy female detective.
Beckett: I’m flattered.
Capt. Montgomery: Don’t be. He says he has to do research.
Beckett: Oh no.
Capt. Montgomery: Oh yes.
Beckett: No way.
Capt. Montgomery: Beckett, listen...
Beckett: Sir, he is like a nine year-old on a sugar rush...totally incapable of taking anything seriously.
Capt. Montgomery: But he did help solve this case. And when the Mayor’s happy, the Commissioner is happy, and when the Commissioner's happy I’m happy.
Beckett: How long, sir?
(Montgomery nods over Beckett’s shoulder to Castle, now sitting at Beckett’s desk.)
Capt. Montgomery: That’s up to him.
(Castle gives her the eyebrow and a smile.)


  • The original pilot was 38 minutes long and filmed in New York, when the series was picked up additional scenes were added and parts of the existing footage were re-filmed in Los Angeles.
  • Seamus Dever was not in the original pilot but added once the series was picked up.
  • For an explanation of references specific to New York City (such as Castle saying that Beckett's accent isn't "bridge and tunnel"), see the New York References page.
  • Frank McNulty vs. Kevin Ryan
  • Esposito & McNulty walk into the Allison Tisdale crime scene. When giving Beckett the rundown, its Esposito and Ryan
  • At the precinct we see Esposito and Ryan, but when Castle's mail arrives, its McNulty
  • McNulty announces that there's another body, and he goes to the pool with Beckett and is there throughout (weird)
  • Everyone leaves the pool because they ID'ed the finger print as Kyle Cabot's. Ryan is at Kyle Cabot's and sometimes McNulty is too
  • Ryan and Esposito are at the precinct checking the passports and credit card records of Harrison Tisdale, then get sent to watch Harrison Tisdale. McNulty and Esposito question Harrison's doorman. And ultimately Esposito and McNulty put Harrison in the police car (once again, no switch - weird)
  • At the end of the episode, when Castle disarms Harrison Tisdale, Nathan Filion ad-libbed his line "Tell me you saw that!".

Featured Music[edit]

  • Stop and Stare performed by One Republic - scene after the killer is arrested where Beckett whispers in Castle's ear
  • When I Grow Up performed by the Pussycat Dolls - scene at the book launch party

Full Episode Recap[edit]

Show opens with blood dripping down a dead body and flowers being placed on the body.

We then go to a launch party of Richard Castle's latest book and his last book of the famous Derrick Storm series. Detective Kate Beckett comes upon the crime scene and learns the victims name is Allison Tisdale. Victim was shot six times to the chest with a small caliber gun. Beckett ask if this murder scene looks familiar to anyone and figures out that it is from a book.

Back to the launch party we figure out that Richard was married to his publisher and we discover why he killed off Derrick Storm and his publisher/ex-wife, Gina Cowell, grills him on why he hasn't written anything in months and that if he doesn't come up with a manuscript soon his publishing company Black Pawn will want their advance back and Castle mentions he already spend it divorcing her. We then met Castle's mother Martha Rodgers and daughter Alexis. Castle is asking his daughter doesn't she want inappropriate stories to tell. His mother has also recently moved in. Detective Beckett arrives at the party and Castle thinks she wants an autograph but turns out that she wants to question him regarding a murder.

At the interrogation Beckett mentions the murder of Allison Tisdale and Marvin Fisk both murdered the same way as in Castle's previous books Flowers For Your Grave and Hell Hath No Fury and Beckett lets slip that she is a fan due to the fact that she read Hell Hath No Fury, which only hard core Castle groupies read. Castle attempts to flirt making comments about Beckett's eyes and he ask for copies of the pictures so he can brag to his other author friends because copy cat killers are the red badge of honor.

We enter Castle's Loft to see Martha preforming and Castle explains to Alexis why he was called in by the police. Beckett comes into the precinct with her own copies of Castle's books and hands them to Detectives Javier Esposito and Kevin Ryan. The next day Beckett comes in with stacks of Castle's fan mail and finds Castle talking to her captain. Castle and Beckett sniff through his fan mail and during the scene Castle ask why Beckett became a cop because she had better options and he concludes that something happened to Beckett that caused her to go on this path but stops when he gets too close and he tells her that his point is that there is always a story. Beckett finds a drawing of the Tisdale murder and lab was able to get a print but due to back log prints will take a week to get a match but due to Castle's connection with the mayor he is able to get the lab to run the prints. Beckett tells Castle that there is procedure and protocol.

There is another murder where the victim, Kendra Pitney is floating on the pool with a knife in her back similar to the murder in Death Of A Prom Queen, another of Castle's books. Castle mentions that due to lack of blood around the wound she wasn't stabbed and the lack of foaming around the mouth rules out drowning. And Beckett gets angry at Castle because he disregarded her orders to stay put. Castle mentions the difference between the book murder and the actual murder was that the dress in the book was blue and not yellow. Castle ask if there was any connection between Tisdale and Fisk and motive, Beckett mentions that they didn't find a connection between the two victims and that serial killers don't need motive. They were able to get a match on the fingerprint and it belonged to Kyle Cabot and they go to Cabot's place and finds Castle's books as well as clippings of Tisdale's murder. They also discover a shrine dedicated to Castle, Allison's blouse and the gun matching the murder weapon. They discover Kyle hiding in his closet and that Kyle has Pervasive Developmental Disorder and that his caseworker was Allison Tisdale. Castle mentions that it is too easy and Beckett replies that this isn't one of his books and that all evidence point to Cabot.

Castle is having a poker game with James Patterson and Stephen J. Cannell. Castle mentions the case pretending it is a story pitch and the other writers mention the lack of a twist. The next day Castle is at Beckett's desk looking through Beckett's stuff and gives her an advance copy of his book and they part on good terms until she realizes that he took the case file with him. Beckett goes ballistic at Castle arresting him for felony theft and obstruction of justice at the library. Castle mentions that the flowers were wrong meaning that Cabot is innocent and Beckett goes back to the murder board saying that it doesn't make scene that Cabot goes from a murder of convenience to murdering someone he knows back to murder of convenience.

Castle is talking to Alexis saying that the murderer was trying to pin the murder on Kyle saying that the murderer only wanted to kill one of the victims and that the murderer had a motive. And the reason the murderer killed the other two was because at one you look at motive at two you look for a connection and at three you look for a serial. Beckett mentions that due to Cabot's condition the murders would have been exactly like in the book. Castle and Beckett both conclude that Allison was the intended target due to her connection with Kyle.

Castle goes to see Mr. Tisdale (Allison's father) and Beckett re-interviews the father and Castle ask if anyone could profit from Allison's death. Castle mentions that Tisdale is worth $100 million and ask what would happen to the money if anything were to happen to him. Mr. Tisdale mention that half would go to charity and the other half to his children but corrects himself and says his son. Castle says that Mr. Tisdale is dying because he is much thinner now, and that he was self conscious about his hair piece and wearing too much makeup trying to seem healthier than he is.

Castle asked if they interviewed the brother and they haven't because there wasn't a reason to but there is now.

They interview the brother (Harrison Tisdale) and he mentions how his sister wanted to see the best in people and she tried to get Cabot hired in her brother's company. Beckett ask where he was at the time of his sister's murder because she doesn't want the jury to have doubts and he says that he was travelling for business and has the passport to prove it. And that he was away during all three murders. Beckett says he was lying because he already had an alibi for the other two and that innocent people don't prepare alibis. Castle realizes that there is a second passport. Beckett and Castle go to Judge Markway so he can sign the search warrant for Harrison's office

We see Harrison arrive home and he tries to shred the passport and other evidence. The police arrive and learn that Harrison is in debit for millions of dollars. In order to make Castle stay put Beckett tricks him into getting a gun out of the compartment where she cuffs him, however Castle is able to unlock the cuffs. Beckett and the other cops enter the apartment where Harrison escapes using the fire escape and Castle calls Beckett letting her know where Harrison is. Both Beckett and Castle chase after Harrison and Harrison holds Castle hostage and Castle figures out that it wasn't just the money but Harrison was also jealous of his sister. Castle hits Harrison with the cuffs and knocks him out knowing that the safety on the gun was on the whole time.

Beckett and Castle arrest Harrison and the case is over and Castle ask Beckett that they could debrief each other over dinner but Beckett turns him down. Castle says too bad it would have been great and Beckett response with you have no idea. We see Castle writing on his laptop and the next day Captain Montgomery ask Beckett in his office and tells Beckett that Castle has a new inspiration for his next series...A tough but savvy female detective and that Castle has to do research on.


Who: Allison Tisdale, age 24
Where: at home
How: Two small caliber (.22) gun shots to the chest, left her nude, but covered modestly with rose petals, and sunflowers covering her eyes, no sexual assault - right out of "Flowers for Your Grave" (the book) and NO fingerprints.
Miscellaneous: the flower petals were of the wrong type: they were Grandiflora not Hybrid Tea

Who: Marvin Fisk
Where: in his office two weeks before Allison was murdered
How: Strangled with a neck tie - right out of "Hell Hath No Fury" (the book) and NO fingerprints.
Miscellaneous: He should have been suffocated with plastic bag

Who: Kendra Pitney
Where: "mid town"
How: unknown, but the set up is right out of "Death of a Prom Queen", knifed in the back - knife still in place, placed face down in a swimming pool.
Miscellaneous: Castle notices the "set up" because of the lack of blood around the knife so not a stabbing, no foam around her mouth means she didn't drown. She should have been wearing a blue dress not a yellow one. Killed somewhere else and posed here - and NO fingerprints.

Killer: Harrison Tisdale - Allison's brother
Red Herring: Kyle Cabot - NYPD found his fingerprint on a fan letter to Castle, he has all of Castle's books and a "shrine" to all things Castle and he has "souvenirs" from the victims. Has been diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder and has a history of delusions. Allison Tisdale was his social worker.
Motive: Harrison wanted / needed ALL of his inheritance from his father, Jonathan Tisdale (who is terminally ill). He also wanted to punish Jonathan before he died because he would not give Harrison the money he needed to save his business.
How: Harrison used his knowledge of Kyle Cabot's illness to set him up as a mentally unstable killer, so Marvin Fisk and Kendra Pitney were used to cover up the needed murder. Harrison had two passports and was out of the country on his US passport at the time of each of the murders.

Next episode: Nanny McDead