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Eye of the Beholder

© 2011-2012 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
© 2011-2012 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Basic Details[edit]

Season 4, Episode 5 (63)

Original Air Date - October 17, 2011


Castle is intrigued, and Beckett furious, when both are forced to work with sexy, intelligent insurance investigator Serena Kaye to solve the murder of an art gallery director and theft of a priceless sculpture. But there may be more to Serena's involvement, and Beckett's opposition, than initially meets the eye.

Episode Images[edit]

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Castle: (about a book character) He just went kersplat.

Martha: Darling, all you have been doing for the last few months is writing and working with Beckett. Now I think a fix up is in order. Unless…
Castle: Unless?
Martha: You have some reason for not putting yourself out there.

Castle: Let me guess: art theory in college.
Beckett: No. The closest I ever came to taking an art class was posing for one as a model.
Castle: Wait, posing in?
Beckett: Not a stitch.

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Castle: Looks like somebody gave him liberty and gave him death.

Castle: Somebody stole The Fist of Capitalism? Anyone check up the ass of socialism?

Castle: Oh, she’s good.
Beckett: At theory.

Castle: You know we really could have used her. She has valuable assets. Not those kind.

Capt. Gates: Beckett!
Ryan: Great. What’d you do now?

Capt. Gates: She has expertise which she can bring to bear as a consultant on this case.
Beckett: Sir, I prefer working with my team.
Capt. Gates: Which includes a consultant with no expertise in anything? Serena will be a value add for a change.

Serena: Think of it as a merger.
Beckett: More like a hostile takeover.

Serena: Now that we have some direction, I can get us some leads.
Beckett: Great. Let’s go.
Serena: You can’t come.
Beckett: Sorry, you might have misunderstood the word ‘consultant.’ This is my case.
Serena: The people there won’t talk to cops. But they’ll talk to me.
Beckett: Where are you going?
Castle: Ah, I’m not a cop either. So…
Beckett: Fine.

Informant: Busy what? With Jason Bateman over here?
Castle: Hey, that got me out of a speeding ticket once.

Doctor: And that bothers you?
Beckett: Yes, of course, it bothers me.
Doctor: Why?
Beckett: Because he’s supposed to be…
Doctor: Be what?
Beckett: My partner. I mean, he’s supposed to be on my team. He’s not supposed to be all smitten.

Martha: Oh Richard, honestly! Beckett has made it plain that she’s not available for now. And now you’ve met this woman. She’s smart, she’s incredibly attractive, you’re intrigued by her. Why not ask her out?
Castle: It’s complicated.

Doctor Burke: Kate, what are you really scared of: that he won’t wait for you or that he will?

Castle: Oh, you thought that we were-
Beckett: Yeah, I mean, you know. It’s pretty obvious that she really likes you, so...
Castle: It is.
Beckett: Hm-mmm.
Castle: So then you think I should…pursue it?
Beckett: You know, I mean, suit yourself.

Esposito: You really wanna nail this chick don’t you?
Beckett: Yeah, well, it’s what we do, isn’t it? Catch bad guys?
Esposito: Yeah, but, seems like it might be about more than that.
Beckett: Just keep lookin’, ok?

Castle: So you were kinda like the female Indiana Jones, only without hat and whip.
Serena: Well, without the hat.
Castle: Getting hot in here.

Castle: I don’t think she’s behind this.
Beckett: Yeah, well, you’re thinking with the wrong body part.

Castle: Beckett told me to stall her.
Esposito: She also tell you to use tongue?

Serena: Listen, I’ve done my homework on you, Detective. I know that you’re a smart, methodical cop with great instincts and those instincts are telling you right now that I’m innocent, but for some reason you’re ignoring them. Why is that?

Castle: Remember you’re trying to get us to trust you.
Serena: At least I meant it when I kissed you.

Castle: Think she’ll get him to talk?
Beckett: Who knows Castle? Maybe she’ll kiss it out of him.

Serena: I couldn’t have done this without you. I’m really grateful.
Beckett: So does that mean you’re cutting me in on the finder’s fee?
Serena: I’m not that grateful.

Serena: And I’m going back to my hotel. I would ask you to come, but, it’s like I said, I don’t steal things that belong to someone else.


  • Castle's Jason Bateman reference came from an actual story told by Nathan Fillion on several talk show appearances. In the story, he is pulled over by a police officer in California who asks him for an autograph, then excitedly calls his wife telling her he has pulled over Jason Bateman.

Featured Music[edit]

  • True Love - Unreleased performed by Shana Halligan

Full Episode Recap[edit]

A dark figure crawls through the air duct of a museum and disables the security surrounding a valuable statue in a display case. They emerge out of the duct onto the museum floor and approach the case.

Later, a reception is being held in the same museum. A staffer greets benefactors Anton and Joy McHugh, thanking them for their support and promising to have the museum’s director fill them in on plans for the museum, but cannot find him. She motions for another staffer, a younger woman, to find him urgently. The staffer begins her search in an area cordoned off from the gala. She is shocked when she finds the director impaled on the spiky part of a Statue of Liberty sculpture.

Meanwhile, at Richard Castle's loft, the writer is at work on his latest book when his mother, Martha Rodgers, enters and tells her son that some students from her acting school will be rehearsing scenes from A Doll’s House at the loft the next evening and hints that he should join them. When he pushes her for details, she reveals that she wants to set him up with one of the students since all he has been doing for the last few months is writing and shadowing Detective Kate Beckett. He scolds her, reminding her about how the last time she set him up, the relationship ended in divorce. She counters that she only wants to perk up his social life, but intimates that she’ll back off if he has a good reason. Before he can provide one, his cell phone rings.

At the museum, Castle examines a sculpture composed of several television sets with image-bending glass panels in the center of each, trying to figure out its meaning. Beckett joins him and suggests he let it be, prompting Castle to ask if she ever took art classes in college. She responds no, but casually says she did pose nude for an art class, causing Castle give her a quick once over.

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They approach the body and Detective Javier Esposito fills them in on the victim: museum director Brian Hayes whose body was found at 10:21p.m. Beckett observes how risky it would be to commit murder during a gala, but Esposito guesses Hayes caught the killer stealing a valuable statue placed nearby, called The Fist of Capitalism, which is missing. Myrna Ramsey, the museum's development director, quotes its worth at $50 million, adding that the diamonds in the sculpture were worth $30 million and it was merely on loan to the museum. She adds that security is looking into why an alarm wasn't triggered since the Fist's display case is surrounded by security cameras.

Detective Kevin Ryan interviews Alyssa Lofters who found Hayes’ body. She explains how Hayes was a wonderful man, but lately he had been paranoid that the Fist could be stolen, even taking the time to review previous weeks of surveillance footage.

Later, Beckett and Castle spin the theory that Hayes went to check on the Fist, but interrupted its theft and was killed when he tried to stop the thief. They are interrupted by an attractive blonde woman who disputes their theory since all gala attendees were scanned at two security checkpoints and greeted upon entry, meaning the thief most likely snuck into the gallery through a duct in the ceiling to avoid being noticed. She introduces herself as Serena Kaye, the museum’s insurance investigator, who is charged with finding and returning the Fist. She also states that the thief most likely exited through the loading bay which was crowded with catering vans, making it easy for someone to blend in and since guards only checked people as they entered the bay, not as they left. Castle is impressed, but Beckett much less so. Serena proposes they work together to solve the case, since she wants to earn her finder’s fee for returning the Fist and Beckett wants to catch the killer. Beckett refuses the deal and Serena leaves unruffled. Castle protests Beckett’s decision, but she sees through his objection as simply wanting to work with an attractive woman. Castle presses her to look into Serena’s theory about the loading dock and she reluctantly agrees.

The next morning at the precinct, Beckett tells Castle that surveillance video of the Fist shows nothing but it sitting in its case undisturbed, meaning the thief tampered with the video feed. She adds that CSU found what they think is hair gel in the duct, meaning, to Castle’s excitement, that Serena was right. Ryan joins them and says she was also right about the loading dock since all vans checked out, except for one that was the same make, model, and color as the others, but lacked a catering company logo. Just then, Captain Victoria Gates calls for Beckett to come into her office and Castle does a spit take when he sees Serena inside.

Capt. Gates instructs Beckett to work with her on the case since she has expertise in the area of art theft, but Beckett argues that she would prefer to work with her team. Gates criticizes Castle as having no expertise in anything and stands her ground, leaving Beckett no choice.

Outside, Serena asks if her theory about the thief turned out to be correct, which Beckett confirms by saying nothing, only sipping her coffee. Serena promises to get results, but Beckett is unmoved and unenthusiastically says she’ll have Ryan brief her on the case.

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In the conference room, Beckett scowls as Castle and Serena grin at each other while Ryan brings her up to speed. Castle wonders if the security video Hayes had reviewed would show the killer and thief casing the Fist, but Ryan says the footage was downloaded to a flash drive which has gone missing. While Castle talks, Serena catches the jealous looks Beckett casts him and her. Beckett tells Serena that they plan to look into a list of possible fences who would be interested in the Fist, but Serena doubts that would be productive. Esposito enters and is slightly confused when Castle introduces her as part of the team for the case. He shows Beckett an electronic device called an inductive signal interrupter which the thief used to scramble the alarm system. Serena is immediately familiar with the technology and recognizes it as the signature of a notorious art thief known as Falco, whose identity is unknown. Now that they have their thief, Serena promises to get them some additional leads. Beckett moves to join her, but to her frustration, Serena stops her, saying her contacts won’t talk to the police. She leaves and Castle enthusiastically follows.

As they wait for Serena’s contact in a bar, Castle and Serena flirt with each other. Serena’s contact arrives and after she slips him a wad of cash, he tells her that a man matching Hayes’ description had approached him a few days prior about his interest in some diamonds from a valuable sculpture.

Back at the precinct, Esposito finds Beckett in the break room, and to her added consternation, pronounces Serena to be right again, this time about Falco. He hands over his thick Interpol file, which confirms that he preferred to use inductive signal interrupters, but shows no tendency towards violent activity. He adds that Falco didn’t steal for himself, but was merely a contract thief, meaning if they can’t find Falco, they could always find who hired him. They are interrupted by Joy McHugh, who accuses her husband Anton of hiring Falco. She explains that they are in the middle of a nasty divorce and Anton disagreed with her position that the Fist should stay in the museum to the extent that he tried to steal it before

Later, Beckett and Esposito question Anton in an interrogation room. They remind him of how criminals acting as movers tried to intercept the Fist as it was being delivered to the museum, but Anton claims it was all a mix up. Ryan and Beckett explain that if Falco killed Hayes, that would make Anton an accessory to murder, but Anton denies involvement, saying his wife is framing him. He admits that he isn’t interested in the Fist at all, but is trying to use his wife’s desire for it as leverage to get their vineyard in Napa for himself in the divorce settlement.

Outside, Beckett and Ryan meet up with Castle and Serena, who doubts Falco was working with Anton since Hayes himself had put out feelers about fencing the diamonds from the Fist. They guess that Hayes hired Falco to steal the Fist, but got himself killed when Falco decided to keep the sculpture for himself. Beckett tells Ryan to look into Hayes’ financial records in hopes of finding a tie to Falco. Serena promises to work some other sources and Castle readily agrees to help, but Serena declines, saying it wouldn’t be as exciting as he imagines. As she and Castle flirtatiously say their goodbyes for the night, Beckett leaves in a jealous huff.

The following morning, Castle tells Martha about his plan to put a new character based on Serena into his book and Martha is pleased he is interested in someone. He describes Serena as impressive and claims not to be smitten, but rather intrigued by her. Martha asks if he plans on asking her out, but he balks, saying “It’s complicated.”

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In another part of town, Beckett meets with her psychiatrist, Dr. Carver Burke, and expresses her strong dislike for Serena. When Dr. Burke asks why it bothers her so much that Castle likes her, she stumbles over her words for a minute, then says he is supposed to be on her team as her partner and not act smitten. Dr. Burke then asks her which she fears more: that Castle won’t wait for her to be ready for a relationship with him, or that he will.

At the precinct, Castle greets Beckett, who says she expected him to be with Serena. He tells her she had a meeting with her bosses then realizes Beckett thought they had spent the night together. She admits, less than enthusiastically, that she noticed how much Serena liked him, causing Castle to ask if she thinks he should pursue her. Beckett nervously tells him to do what he wants.

Esposito joins them to report that CSU found traces of hair gel on the head rest of the thief’s van and are trying to identify the manufacturer. Ryan arrives and adds that Hayes’ financials indicate he was deep in debt over his mother’s long term care bills, indicating a motive for stealing the Fist, and that his email account shows he sent numerous emails about the museum’s security system to an untraceable account. One message references a meeting the day before the theft which must have taken place between noon and 2p.m. since Hayes was gone from the museum in that time. Esposito corroborates this, saying Hayes’ phone records show he made a reservation at a restaurant for that day. Castle guesses this was when he met Falco to arrange the theft.

At the restaurant, Castle and Beckett show Hayes’ picture to a waitress who recognizes him. She adds that he met with a tall attractive blonde woman in her thirties. Castle shows her a picture of himself and Serena from his cell phone and the waitress positively identifies her, meaning, to Castle’s chagrin and Beckett’s pleasure, that Serena is their thief.

That evening, Ryan and Esposito tell Beckett and Castle that prior to being an insurance investigator Serena was actually an art thief. She knew so much about how the thief broke into the museum because she was the thief then she got involved in the investigation to steer them towards Falco and away from herself. Castle laments how she played him, just as Captain Gates leans outside her office and angrily instructs Beckett to get solid evidence that will enable her to arrest Serena and save the department any embarrassment. Castle tells everyone Serena is at her hotel and that she had invited him out for a drink, so Beckett tells him to agree to meet her and show her a good time while she and Esposito search her hotel room.

The plan goes off without a problem that night. Castle and Serena flirt over champagne, and Serena eventually admits that she was a thief, but didn’t steal pieces for herself, rather in order to return them to their rightful owners just as she had with a piece the Nazis had stolen from a relative. Castle is fascinated and begins to change his mind about Serena’s involvement in the theft and murder. As they are about to order dessert, Serena invites him to her room and deflects his attempts at stalling her. As she leaves the table, he sends Beckett a quick text message to get out.

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Meanwhile, as Beckett and Esposito search Serena’s room, Esposito teases Beckett about having an alternate motive for wanting to nail Serena other than to catch a criminal, but she glares at him and tells him to keep looking. After a bit, Beckett finds emails on Serena’s tablet computer to fences asking about their interest in diamonds and Esposito finds an inductive signal interrupter and other equipment implicating Serena as the thief.

As Castle and Serena head down the hallway to her suite, Castle gets a text from Beckett telling him they are leaving and to stall her a few minutes more. Seeing the handle to her suite turn, Castle pins Serena up against a wall and kisses her passionately just as Beckett and Esposito emerge. They break apart when Beckett yells at them and pronounces Serena under arrest.

Back at the precinct, Beckett is aghast that Castle no longer believes Serena is involved with the murder and theft, since if she was, she wouldn’t tell him about her past. Beckett suspects Castle is blinded by her attractiveness, but he defends himself by saying he only kissed Serena to distract her so she and Esposito could get out of her room, where, Beckett reminds him, she found evidence implicating her in the crime. She makes her way into the interrogation room where Serena waits, but refuses to let Castle join since she doesn’t believe he can be objective. He angrily heads into the observation room where Ryan and Esposito, both wearing knowing grins, clear a seat for him.

Inside, Beckett tells Serena they know about her meeting with Hayes the day before his murder and how she killed Hayes after using him to steal the Fist then inserted herself into the murder investigation to deflect attention from herself. Serena claims Hayes arranged the meeting to go over security for the gala. She explains away her equipment by saying the insurance companies don’t care how she gets the stolen pieces back and says the emails to fences were an effort to flush out who Falco would use to move the diamonds. Serena then catches Beckett off guard, correctly guessing that her focus on her is personal and challenges her to put aside her agenda and verify her alibi, which will exonerate her. She also promises to stop keeping secrets and says she knows who Falco is.

Later in the conference room, Serena produces the museum’s missing flash drive of surveillance footage and points out a man she says is casing the Fist. Beckett laments that all they can do is send his picture to TSA and put out an APB in hopes of getting his name. Esposito pokes his head inside and says CSU identified the hair gel from the van and air duct as a proprietary formula sold at a very exclusive hotel in the city. Beckett tells him to show the man’s picture to the hotel staff in case someone can identify him. That evening, Esposito, Ryan and a SWAT Team burst into the hotel room of the man they know is Falco.

In an interrogation room, the man claims to be William Holt, not Falco, says he enjoys traveling to famous cities and checking out their artwork, not stealing it, denies ever having seen an inductive signal interrupter and says the hair gel found in the air duct and on the van could be anybody’s. Knowing they have nothing on him, he challenges them to charge him with something, but Castle and Beckett merely exchange frustrated looks.

In the observation room, Ryan says uniforms found no evidence linking the man to the theft of the Fist or Hayes’ murder. Serena volunteers to talk to him, since she suspects he knows something, but doesn’t want to talk to the cops since telling what he knows will put him at the crime scene.

Falco is lead into the break room where Serena seductively gains his trust by revealing her own accomplishments as a thief. He denies killing Hayes, but goes on to say that an anonymous contact paid him to break into the gallery, disable the security and get out before 10p.m. He did so and was on his way out, but the temptation of the Fist proved too great, so he doubled back but found a woman in a black dress had beat him to it.

Later on, Serena tells Beckett and Castle she knows Falco isn’t lying because he has no reason to. Castle concludes that with Hayes’ money troubles he can’t have been the person to hire him and Serena guesses he approached fences about the diamonds out of paranoia, which turned out to be correct, that the Fist would be stolen. They all conclude that whoever Falco saw is their killer, but without a more detailed description, they can’t narrow down the suspects and furthermore, it would be hard to get the Fist out of the museum unnoticed anyway.

Beckett, Castle, and Serena walk through the crime scene with what they know so far: their suspect waited for Falco to disable the security system, came in through the gala, but was interrupted by a paranoid Hayes. Hayes is killed out of necessity and the Fist is stolen, but they can’t figure out how it is taken from the museum, since the only exits are through the crowded loading dock or the gala. Castle then notices the nearby sculpture with the numerous televisions mounted on top of an enclosed wooden panel and kicks the panel in to reveal the Fist.

Later, Castle and Beckett interrogate Alyssa Lofters, who is horrified that her television sculpture has been damaged. They accuse her of using her position at the museum to get her piece placed in the exhibit so that when the exhibit was done, the piece would be returned to her with the Fist inside. She denies this saying her piece had already been sold to Joy McHugh.

The following day, Beckett interviews Joy in an interrogation room, and lays out their evidence against her: that she bought Alyssa’s piece with the plan to stash the Fist inside, only Hayes caught her stealing it after Falco disabled the security as she had paid him to do. She finally breaks, saying she couldn’t let her husband have the Fist, and Beckett tells her Anton wasn’t interested in it at all, making all her plotting unnecessary.

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Outside at her desk, Serena thanks Beckett for her help in finding the Fist. Beckett half seriously and half jokingly asks if she is grateful enough to give her a cut of the finder’s fee, but Serena says no. Beckett then gets serious and tells Serena that Castle believed in her the whole time, indicating just what kind of man he is. Castle arrives with coffee for both women and Beckett excuses herself claiming she has filing to do. Seeing Castle watch Beckett leave, Serena also excuses herself to head back to her hotel. She admits she would invite Castle to join her, but reminds him that she never takes something for herself that belongs to someone else. She kisses him on the cheek and leaves. Beckett comes back and is shocked that Castle didn’t leave with Serena. He gives as a reason that he can’t afford it since the museum sent him a large bill for the damage he did to Alyssa’s artwork. Beckett then offers to treat him to a burger, he accepts, and they leave musing over what Castle could have spent the money he will pay to the museum on and how lucky he is to be so rich.


  • Victim: Brian Hayes, Executive Director of an art museum
  • Cause of Death: Impaled on the spike of a Statue of Liberty sculpture

  • Killer: Joy McHugh
  • Motive: Greed: she was afraid her soon-to-be ex-husband would be given a valuable sculpture in their divorce so she paid a notorious art thief to disable the museum's security so she could steal the sculpture. Unfortunately, Brian Hayes caught her in the act.

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