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Foreshadowing is the use of a key phrase, action, or theme to proactively hint at future events in the story.

For other types of linkages between episodes, see also the Lexicon, Callbacks, and Metaphors pages.

Fulfilled Foreshadowing[edit]

  • A Chill Goes Through Her Veins:
    • There was a scene with a close up of Beckett saying to Montgomery, "There are people who knew the truth all along, but just decided not to come forward". This foreshadows the revelation that Montgomery knew the truth about the Johanna Beckett case but hid it from Beckett until the events of Knockout.
  • He’s Dead, She’s Dead:
    • Beckett is told by a psychic's daughter that someone named Alexander would be extremely important to her and would save her life. Later she finds out that Castle's given middle name is Alexander. This foreshadows their deepening partnership in which Castle saves her life multiple times (Death Defying Moments) and they eventually get engaged (Valkyrie). Beckett accepts his proposal using his full name, including Alexander.
  • Anatomy of a Murder:
    • As Castle contemplates the case in which a boyfriend risks everything to help his wrongly convicted girlfriend break out of prison, Martha comments that the boyfriend's sacrifice was the mark of "true love" and that this is a metric Castle could use to judge his own relationships. Later in the episode, as Castle talks with Esposito about a hypothetical scenario in which Castle is in prison, Beckett walks by and remarks "Don’t worry, Castle. I’d get you out". This foreshadows Beckett's willingness to help break Castle out of prison in Probable Cause when he was being framed for murder, and her underlying level of commitment to him at that point.
  • Nikki Heat
    • While admiring Ryan's engagement ring for his fiancee, Castle inadvertently asks Beckett if she will marry him. After a pause, Beckett explains to Ryan that girls prefer "more intimate" proposals than the grandiose suggestions Castle was making. This foreshadows Castle's simple, heartfelt proposal to Beckett at a park swing set in Watershed.
  • Knockdown
    • The blood on Beckett's shirt when Raglan is shot matches almost exactly the spot where Beckett is shot during Knockout.
  • Countdown
    • While trapped inside a freezer with Castle, Beckett tells him that as a cop "I always thought I'd take a bullet". This foreshadows her shooting in Knockout.
  • Law and Murder
    • The case that they are investigating strongly foreshadows portions of the Johanna Beckett case. In it the District Attorney covers up a crime, pinning it on the wrong person with a long criminal record in order to secure funding for his entrance into politics while justifying his actions by arguing that the man's guilt in other crimes makes it okay to send him to prison for a crime he did not commit; the District Attorney offers a bribe to Montgomery to facilitate the cover-up, which Montgomery refuses. Similarly, in the Johanna Beckett case the Assistant District Attorney covers up a crime, allowing a "thug" to go jail for a crime he did not commit in order to secure funding for his entrance into politics; those complicit in the conspiracy (including Montgomery) claimed they were serving the "greater good" because the "thug" had committed other crimes he was not convicted for.
    • At the end of the episode, the legacy of the disgraced District Attorney is contemplated:
Capt. Montgomery: "I mean Lou screwed up. He did, but that doesn’t take away from the good he‘s done."
Castle: "It’s unfortunate that despite all that good he’s only going to be remembered for this one bad thing."
This (inversely) foreshadows the legacy of Capt. Montgomery as portrayed in Knockout:
Beckett: "No one outside of this immediate family - ever - needs to know about this. As far as the world is concerned, Roy Montgomery died a hero."
Beckett: "He taught me that we are bound by our choices, but we are more than our mistakes."
Castle: "Secrets are like time bombs."
Beckett: "Eventually they explode."
This foreshadows the inadvertent revelation during a bombing investigation in 47 Seconds that Beckett lied about not remembering Castle tell her that he loved her.

Potential Future Foreshadowing?[edit]

  • He’s Dead, She’s Dead: Castle says that the psychic who is the victim in the case once told him that a "beautiful woman" would move in with him one day and "never leave". Castle joked that he didn't realize this was a reference to his mother, but in reality this is likely foreshadowing that Beckett will move into Castle's loft in a future episode and then never leave because they are getting married.
  • Disciple: Near the conclusion of the episode, Castle and Beckett are left a note in Dr. Nieman's office, stating "Better luck next time". The accompanying pen includes a hidden USB drive which contains the song "We'll Meet Again". This appears to be foreshadowing that there will be a future confrontation between Dr. Nieman and/or 3XK and the 12th Precinct. See also the Linda Russo Murder Board
  • Til Death Do Us Part: At the conclusion of the episode, Castle remarks that he is "kind of envious" of Ryan getting married, and Beckett turns to him and says "Maybe the third time's the charm"; then both walk down the aisle arm-in-arm together. This would seem to foreshadow them getting married in a future episode.
  • The Way of the Ninja: The case features a daughter seeking vengeance against the "Green Dragon" who killed her family. The dragon is ultimately brought down due to betrayal within his own crime ring, but his life is spared because Beckett tells the daughter that while she wants "blood for blood", it's "not worth it" and that it was better to "let him live with who he really is". The case has some parallels to Beckett's quest to bring justice to her mother's own killer and may hint at how that case will ultimately be resolved.
  • Knockdown : There was a seemingly unusually long monologue by the lady who got Lockwood's print on her arm about a guy who faked his own death -- is someone suppose to have faked his/her own death? See also some theories in Johanna_Beckett_Murder_Board
  • Will Castle die in the series finale?
    • The series starts with an author justifying why he had to kill off his main character, for both personal and dramatic reasons. Castle frequently has had to answer for why he didn't give Derrick Storm a crippling injury or retirement instead-- to his family, to his agent, to his publisher, to other mystery writers, and to fans. Beckett walks in on Castle's reading at the end of Hell Hath No Fury-- he's delivering the scene where Storm dies in an unknown heroine's arms.
She stood there in stunned disbelief as the light in his eyes dimmed. He reached out for her and she took his hand, squeezing it for the very last time. She felt her heart stop a beat and in that moment she knew he was gone. Darkness fell across the face of the city and across her face as well. "Good," she thought, as the wind gathered up her hair. '"No one will see my tears."
    • In Wrapped in Death, Castle tells Beckett to look after Alexis if he dies. (This isn't the first or last time he mentions this, but it's the most explicit.) He is shown reviewing and updating his will in the same episode.
  • Will Beckett die in the series finale?
    • In season 1 and 2, several episodes references Moby Dick (white whale references, once also with Castle describing the book, and Captain Ahab) and one can see the metaphor can apply to Castle being Ismael and Beckett as Ahab seeking her revenge to the mythical white whale. Well, those who read the book knows what happens to Ahab...
    • Linchpin : Sophia Turner brought up twice in this episode that Castle always "need to know how the story ends", at one point at Castle's apartment, seems to indicate one of the story being Beckett. That, and in the same episode when a man in the park was questioned by Espo and Ryan about Prof. Blakely, he made a curious comment that mentioned Blakely would "make some weird moves, like sacrifice his queen, just to see what happens", just gives a feeling that Beckett, the 'story' may end up dead in the end.