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Editing Guide

Basic Notes

Avoid adding information without a legitimate source

(ie, anything that can't be verified as true)

Getting Started

Each existing page within the wiki site will have some tabs underneath the main site menu eg, Page | Discussion | Edit | History.

To edit an existing page simply click the edit button at the top of the page. You can also use the edit button to the right of individual sections of the page (sections are determined by level 2 headings).

Please note that some sections (eg Main Cast) are based on templates and can only be edited by an administrator. Changing the template will change ALL references to that template throughout the site.


Some basic formatting tips can be found on the Help page.

Use Existing Pages as a Guide.

Where possible, refer to existing pages as a guide when creating new pages. This applies particularly to Episode pages, Cast & Crew pages etc.

Recommended procedure to add new pages for Episodes, Cast, Crew or Characters is to go to an existing page (Eg, Episode 1 Flowers For Your Grave, click the page Edit button, then copy the entire text for the page. Start your new page by clicking on an existing link (eg on the Episodes page) and then pasting the information in and changing the details as required.


Some templates are being established that will allow you to post certain information more efficiently.

Eg, when you want to add a list of the main cast members just add {{Main Cast}} on your page where you would like the cast list to appear. A full list of template names will be provided as they become available.