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Editing Guide

Basic Notes[edit]

Avoid adding information without a legitimate source and cite references where possible (see References).

Please make sure spelling is correct, and your sentences make sense.

Getting Started[edit]

Each existing page within the wiki site will have some tabs underneath the main site menu eg, Page | Discussion | Edit | History.

To edit an existing page simply click the edit button at the top of the page. You can also use the edit button to the right of individual sections of the page (sections are determined by level 2 headings).

Please note that some sections (eg Main Cast) are based on Templates and can only be edited by an administrator. Changing the template will change ALL references to that template throughout the site.

Use Existing Pages as a Guide.[edit]

Where possible, refer to existing pages as a guide when creating new pages. This applies particularly to Episode pages, Cast & Crew pages etc.

Recommended procedure to add new pages for Episodes, Cast, Crew or Characters is to go to an existing page (Eg, Episode 1 Flowers For Your Grave, click the page Edit button, then copy the entire text for the page. Start your new page by clicking on an existing link (eg on the Episodes page) and then pasting the information in and changing the details as required.



Code to use   End Result

== Level 2 Heading==

=== Level 3 Heading===

==== Level 4 Heading====

===== Level 5 Heading=====

====== Level 6 Heading======


Level 2 Heading[edit]

Level 3 Heading[edit]

Level 4 Heading[edit]

Level 5 Heading[edit]
Level 6 Heading[edit]

Line Breaks & Paragraphs[edit]

Adding a single line break in your text will NOT result in the text displaying on another line when you save your page. To achieve a single line break you need to add the code <br> to the end of the line you wish to break. If you do not add the <br> code your text will continue on the same line. Adding a blank line between two lines of text will insert a paragraph as you would expect.

Your sentence begins and has a middle and has an end but <br>
do you need the end to be on the next line...
Your sentence begins and has a middle and has an end but
do you need the end to be on the next line...

Text Styles[edit]

''italic'' Results in italic

'''bold''' Results in bold

'''''bold & italic''''' Results in bold & italic


Adding bullet lists is a fairly simple process. Use a * at the beginning of a line to add a bullet point, for each new point start a new line with a *. To intent the list add multiple stars at the beginning of each line.

* One
* Two
** Two point one
* Three
  • One
  • Two
    • Two point one
  • Three

The process for adding a numbered list is is the same as a bullet list but replace the * with a #.

# One
# Two
## Two point one
# Three
  1. One
  2. Two
    1. Two point one
  3. Three


To indent a paragraph ad a : at the beginning of the line, to indent further add additional : symbols.

no indent (normal)
:first indent
::second indent
:::third indent
no indent (normal)
first indent
second indent
third indent

Add Internal Links[edit]

Remember to add links to other pages within your new pages. One of the best things about a wiki is the cross referencing.

You don't need to link EVERY reference to another page, generally the first instance will suffice.

Even if the subject you are linking to doesn't yet have a page, adding a link is a great way to encourage someone else to create one. Clicking a link that doesn't yet exist will give someone the opportunity to easily create a new page for that subject.

For example, when you reference a character on your page, link to their character page. Usually this is achieved by adding square brackets around the name for example [[Richard Castle]] will convert to Richard Castle.

If you want to use a link but don't want to use the page title as the link on your page you should format it as follows: [[Page Title | Link Name]] for example the page name for the character Detective Kate Beckett is "Kate Beckett" if you want the link on your page to appear as "Detective Beckett" you would format as follows: [[Kate Beckett | Detective Beckett]] which would display on your page as Detective Beckett.

Add External Links[edit]

Unlike internal links, external links are enclosed in single square brackets. Open with a square bracket, add the URL include a space (do NOT use | symbol) then add the text you want displayed as the link.

Use: [http://castletv.net CastleTV.net] will display as CastleTV.net

Add Images[edit]

Create a link to the image on the page to which it's relevant first using the following format.

The basic format to use is [[File:filename.jpg]]

The thumbnail format to use is [[File:''filename.jpg''|thumb|''Align''|''Caption Text'']]

Use: [[File:ITGFountain.jpg|thumb|none|© 2010 CastleTV.net]] will display the image as follows:
© 2010 CastleTV.net

Filename should be relevant to the image and should avoid spaces. eg. [[NathanFillion.jpg]] for an image of Nathan and should not be something random like "img5678.jpg". It doesn't have to be the actual filename of the image you're uploading.

Caption Text can be basic copyright info or whatever you want to "name" the image.

Align should be either none, right or left. using right or left will wrap text around the image and place the image either at the right or left of the text.

Once you do that and save the page you'll see a link you can click on – that will take you to a special page where you can upload an image.

With images it's important to remember that the should always come from an official source if possible – and any promo images or screen caps should ALWAYS be accompanied by the correct copyright information from ABC (you'll find it in the footer of all pages on the main site).


Where possible always cite references for anything you state as fact. You can do this by using ref tags after the information you're citing a source for. Your link (see Add External Links should be enclosed within the <ref> tags.

Use: <ref>[http://www.castletv.net Castle TV Website]</ref> will display as [1] (see footnote for the link information this will automatically create)

When you add the first reference on a page you need to include a section at the very bottom of the page with the title References and <references/> under it, failing to do so will result in an error message on your page.



Some templates are being established that will allow you to post certain information more efficiently.

Eg, when you want to add a list of the main cast members just add {{Main Cast}} on your page where you would like the cast list to appear. A full list of template names will be provided as they become available.

Available Templates[edit]

Main Cast[edit]

Displays a list of the main cast including the section heading

Use: {{Main Cast}}


Wherever possible you should provide a source for facts used throughout this site by citing references. This is done by using the <ref> tag. When references are used you must also add the reference template to the bottom of the page the reference appears on, failing to do so will result in an error on the page.

Use: {{ref}}


Displays the ratings section including a table with headings and space for details - additional information needs to be input with the template code as follows:

Use: {{Ratings |Date|viewers|demo|date|viewers|demo|date|viewers|demo}}
Each entry in the resulting table needs to be replaced with the relevant data separated by | to indicate each cell in the table
Replace "Date" with the air date of the episode, "viewers" with the total number of viewers and "demo" with the 18-49 demographic number.
The template allows for three rows of data so there are 9 | separators in total, all are required, leave the space between them blank if you don't have entries for that row.
Example: {{Ratings|Mar 9, 2009|11.8|3.3|Mar 13, 2009|5.2|1.7|Mar 1, 2010|2.7|1.2|||}}
will display the following (example only not actual data)
Ratings Demo.jpg


Use the Stub template when creating a new entry with very little information to encourage others to contribute more. Add the template to the top of the page. In addition to adding the stub note to the top of the page the page will be added to the "stub" category which will be displayed for those searching for ideas on content to contribute.

Use: {{stub}}


Use the Formatting template when creating that has basic information but no or little formatting. This is particularly useful for those who are not confident with all wiki code. You can start pages or add information in a basic format and then add the Formatting template to notify others that the page needs formatting. Add the template to the top of the page. In addition to adding the format note to the top of the page the page will be added to the "Format" category which will be displayed for those searching for ideas on content to contribute.

Use: {{format}}

Useful Resources[edit]

CastleTV.net Website & Forums contain lots of useful information. There are pages for each episode that work as a good starting point and also bio pages for the main cast. If it's on the site itself you can consider the information accurate because the webmaster only uses official sources or checks facts if they are from a questionable source, if it's from the forums it's not necessarily fact but still a good starting point for information (eg, Caste's book list)

IMDB You'll find lots of information here including things like guest cast. IMDB is update-able by the public (a little like this wiki) so information is not always correct, a good example of this is some of the trivia listed for Castle is inaccurate. But again it is an excellent starting point.

ABC Castle page ABC's official site, anything here will be considered fact. Also check the Episode Commentaries for interesting facts.

Cast & Crew Twitter Accounts - they often post behind the scenes info about the show


  1. Castle TV Website