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Driving Storm is listed on the richardcastle.net website as one of the original series of successful novels featuring Derrick Storm. However, it was never directly referenced in the show, nor has it ever been made available in the real world. It is possible that it is meant to be the same book as Storm Watch, which is directly mentioned in the show but never had a corresponding entry on the Castle website.


(From richardcastle.net) Storm faces his toughest case to date when CIA Agent Clara Strike asks him to clear her sister Susan’s name after she’s accused of murdering her husband. Strike insists that it was police incompetence and tainted evidence that led to her sister’s arrest. Storm tales the case, only to realize that the police conspiracy against Susan isn’t just Clara’s hunch, it’s a stone wall of silence even he may not be able to get past. And the closer he gets to the truth, the more danger he puts Susan in, leading Storm to a terrible choice – prove her innocence or save her life.

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