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Deep in Death

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Basic Details[edit]

Season 2, Episode 1 (11)

Original Air Date - September 21, 2009


Castle is wrestling with how to repair his relationship with Beckett, while struggling to finish his soon-to-be-published bestseller, Heat Wave. But circumstances force the pair back together to investigate the mysterious murder of a man found dead, tangled in the limbs of a tree.

Episode Images[edit]

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Main Cast[edit]

Guest Cast[edit]

  • Stephen J. Cannell – Himself
  • Michael Connelly – Himself
  • Jonathan T. Floyd – Luther
  • Robert Gant – Ron Bigby
  • Elizabeth Ho – Amy Saunders
  • Laurel Holloman – Sandy Allen
  • Stefan Ionesco – Serge
  • David Meunier – Sasha
  • Luis Moncada – Jesus
  • James Patterson - Himself
  • Michael Petrone – Ivan
  • Peter Randolf – Photographer
  • Adam Smith – Tom Moroni
  • Bill Tangradi – Hank
  • Dmitri S. Boudrine – Ilya
  • David Bowe – Max Haverstock




  • Click here for a link to the Murder Board for Johanna Beckett's case.


Capt. Montgomery: What's the problem?
Beckett: Not only does he have the bachelor party cop twins using him as a stripper pole, while I make nicey-nice with the press, do you know what he said?
Capt. Montgomery: No.
Beckett: He said that he has been instrumental in helping us solve crimes.
Capt. Montgomery: Oh. Hasn't he?

Ryan: (To a photo shoot model) Nice to meet you. (To Beckett) We should have photo shoots here more often.
Esposito: Hey, Beckett, how come you don't wear a uniform like that?
Beckett: Because I don't want to get paid in singles.

Castle: Hey, can we talk about this, please?
Beckett: There's nothing to talk about.
Castle: Well, then, at least let me know what I can do to make it up to you.
Beckett: You could leave me alone.
Castle: Well, yes, I tried that and it didn't work. Hey! I could buy you a pony!

Castle: (About a corpse in a tree) It's raining men.
Lanie: Castle, what are you doin' here?
Beckett: Don't worry, we're still mad at him.
Ryan: Guy in a tree, Mom and Dad bickering. It seems like old times.
Beckett: How's it going up there?
Lanie: I got tree branches poking my boobs and a spotlight shining up my booty.
Esposito: It could be worse, you could be wearing a skirt.
Lanie: When I come down I'mma smack you.
Esposito: I'm looking forward to that.

Amy: You mean we have to ride with the body?
Lanie: You can take my seat up front.
Amy: You sure?
Lanie: Um hmm. I'm used to hanging out with stiffs.

Castle: Hi.
Lanie: Uh, uh, you do not get to say hi to me. I'm just doing my girl a favor.
Castle: Oh, you too, huh.
Lanie: Well, what did you expect? Beckett spent the first three years of being a cop trying to solve her mother's murder. It took everything that she had to put it behind her, so you couldn't respect that?

Capt. Montgomery: (About Castle) Well?
Lanie: He'll live.
Ryan: What, no brain damage?
Lanie: If he has some it happened way before before tonight and was probably self-inflicted.
Castle: Ahh. Good times.

Esposito: You know what I don't get, is who would steal a dead body?
Castle: Oh, plenty of people. Organ harvesters, cadaver-less med students, satanists, mad scientists looking to create their own monster.
Beckett: Or the guys who killed him might have left some evidence behind.
Castle: Boring. How about a spy having swallowed a top-secret microchip that the enemy forces murdered him over before the CIA could get a hold of him.
Beckett: As much as we all appreciate your insightful and incredibly believable theories, Miss Cosmo is gone so I believe you can go home now.
Castle: Oh no. Listen, this case just got good. And I'm a witness.
Beckett: All right, I'll let you work this one case with me, if you promise to leave me alone when it's over and not to weasel your way back in.
Castle: Deal. But fair warning, Detective, I will make you change your mind.
Beckett: I won't.
Castle: You will. So what's the next step? Victim's family?
(Ryan gives Esposito money.)
Ryan: I didn't think she'd take him back.

Martha: So, has she forgiven you?
Castle: Uh, not exactly, Mother. But I'm working on it. She has agreed to let me help on the case.
Martha: Well, that's a start, I suppose.
Castle: It is more than a start. It is an opportunity. She may have built a wall between us, but I am going to build a door in that wall. Or put up a ladder, or dig a hole.
Martha: You have a strategy.
Castle: Be my usual charming self.
Martha: Uh huh, what about plan B?

Alexis: So was it awful? Were you scared?
Castle: Me, scared? No way. C'mon. Now excuse me while I change my shorts.

Martha: Ah, they re-made Fame and A Christmas Carol, has Hollywood totally run out of ideas?
Castle: Well they just optioned Asteroid, the video game. So my guess is yes. But Ryan Reynolds is playing the Wee triangle and he's good.
Martha: Ahh.

Beckett: They found his body. Again.

Lanie: They cut him open and took all of his organs out.
All: Ooh! Ouch!
Castle: Somebody hated his guts.

Castle: (Watching while Lanie carefully works on evidence in her lab) You want me to put on some music? Whenever they do this sort of thing on CSI, they always do it to music in poorly lit rooms. Kinda reminds me of porn.
Beckett: Zip it, Castle.
Castle: Ever consider becoming a model?
Lanie: Keep talking and I'll practice on you.

Ryan: Some tight-end Russian mobster was after me, I could see taking a job as a drug mule.
Esposito: A tattooed Russian in New York City. Well, that narrows it down.

Michael Connelly: Look, Ricky, doing the research is one thing, but the Russian Mafia, the triads? You tangle with those people, and all the best sellers in the world are not going to protect you.
Castle: No, I don't plan on tangling. I'm just going to be another rich, bored, thrill-seeker looking to try my luck down there.
Stephen J. Cannell: You must really like her.
Castle: Who?
Cannell: That police detective of yours. Look, Ricky, there's only one reason that you'd be dumb enough to go down there, and that's to impress a girl. Why don't you cut yourself a little slack and just buy her some flowers.

Beckett: Anybody else have a bad feeling about this? (Esposito and Ryan raise their hands.) Yeah, that's what I thought.

Ryan: You think he has any idea that he's recapping a conversation we just heard in its entirety?
Esposito: Give the guy a gadget and he thinks he's Bond.
Ryan: Let's just hope he remembers he's wearing a camera before he goes and takes a leak.

Esposito: Seems like he's making friends.
Beckett: They just said they're going to take him for everything he's got.

Esposito: What? You speak Russian?
Beckett: Semester in Kiev, between junior and senior year. (In Russian accent) Sometimes when I am bored I go to Glechik café in Little Odessa and pretend to be Moscovite.
Esposito: Now that's kinda hot.

Esposito: What are you going to do? Lip gloss them to death?
Beckett: Something like that.

Beckett: (In Russian accent) Him a cop? Don't make me laugh, he's barely even a man.
Castle: Beckett?
Beckett: But you are man, aren't you? Very handsome man. Richard, are you bothering this handsome man?
Guy in White: Go away.
Beckett: Okay! Boys and their guns, am I supposed to be impressed?!
Guy in White: It doesn't concern you.
Beckett: Actually, (She gets the gun, incapacitates the Guy in White, and drops the Russian accent) It does.
Castle: Is it just my imagination or did you change?

Castle: I mean, sometimes we do the wrong things for the right reasons.

Castle: Speaking of happy endings, thanks for saving my life.
Beckett: Oh, I was just trying to avoid the paperwork.
Castle: Ahh. We make a pretty good team, you know. Like Starsky and Hutch. Tango and Cash. Turner and Hooch.
Beckett: You know, now that you mention it, you do remind me a little of Hooch.

Beckett: What if I don't want to know? Did you ever think of that? What if I'm not ready? What if the idea of catching my mom's murderer and then having to sit there and watch as he cuts some deal that puts him back out on the street in ten years makes me nauseous? You dredged up my past for you, Castle. Not for me. And you're too selfish to even see it. The case is closed, Castle. We made a deal and I expect you to honor it.

Alexis: Why do boys do that? Why do they always have to justify everything? Why can't they just say they're sorry?
Castle: Thank you.
Alexis: For what?
Castle: For just being you.

Castle: I'm sorry. What I did was wrong. I violated your trust. I opened old wounds and I did not respect your wishes. And if we're not going to see each other again, then you deserve to know, I'm very, very sorry.
Beckett: Castle…I'll see you tomorrow.

Featured Music[edit]

  • Can I Get Get Get performed by Junior Senior - opening scene during Castle's photo shoot at the precinct
  • Highschool Hoodlums performed by The Datsuns - NYPD busts some small time drug dealers
  • River to Your Soul performed by DJ Dimi - Castle enters a high-stakes poker game in Chinatown
  • 50-96 performed by Charles Fearing - Castle gets more deeply involved in the poker game
  • My Fault, Your Mistake performed by Lex Land - Castle apologizes to Beckett

Full Episode Recap[edit]

Full episode recap from ABC.com


Who: John Allen, white male, late 30's, lives in the upper west side, works in insurance
Found: in a tree at night
Where Killed: in an abandoned building, then thrown off of the roof
How: Strangled by hand

Killer: Ilya, Russian thug who works for loan shark Sasha
Motive: Loansharking

Drug Runners:

  • Luther Whitehead
  • Unnamed accomplice #1
  • Unnamed accomplice #2

How: Stole the body from the "morgue-mobile" and then "operated" on John Allen post mortem
Motive: to retrieve the packets of drugs from him - he was their drug mule

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