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Death Wish

Basic Details

Season 8, Episode 17 (168)

Original Air Date - 11 April 2016


Castle is thrilled when it appears that the murder of an Middle East antiquities expert may have been provoked by the discovery of Aladdin's lamp.

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Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Denise Crosby - Dr Marion Baker
  • Carolyn Stotesbery - Genevieve
  • Erich Wildpret - Mike Harlin
  • Alexandra Chun - Miss Cross
  • John Ducey - Mark Nagle
  • TJ Ramini - Prince Khalid
  • Layla Alizada - Phoebe
  • Frank Tran - Lars Cross




Castle: Mother, what do you want?
Martha: I want for my son to grant me a very simple wish. Now it seems that my publisher says that, for my self-help book, I need a celebrity endorsement. And not just any celebrity endorsement – the endorsement of endorsements.
Castle: Mother, I would be delighted to write something for your book...
Martha: Oprah. I need Oprah.

Beckett: (answering her phone) Er ... Beckett. Oh! Hey, Ryan and Espo have caught a homicide. You wanna join them?
Castle: Why? We got a crime scene right here. My mother just killed the mood.

Beckett: I love being a captain. It's just that sometimes it feels more like being a kindergarten teacher.
(Esposito and Ryan, arguing, burst in)
Esposito: I'm a sergeant ...!
Ryan: Hey! ...
Esposito: (to Beckett): I just broke this case wide open.
Ryan: Actually, I did, so I'll go first.
Esposito: No, I think I'll go first. Mines bigger than yours.
Ryan: Yeah, you wish, pal.
Beckett: Guys? Play nice. Indoor voices. Espo goes first.

Castle: (reading about the symbol on the lamp Lars is holding in a photograph) "The seal of Solomon: The seal of Solomon was believed to be imbued with mystical powers - including the ability to seal genies into lamps. In the tale of Aladdin and the magic lamp, Aladdin finds a lamp containing a genie in a cave. Many believe this cave was actually King Solomon's tomb, which is most likely located on the border of Syria and Turkey." You guys! You know what this means? (Ryan and Esposito look baffled)
Beckett: (to herself) Oh please, no...
Castle: Come on! The money? The Porsche? Lars wished for them! And the wishes were granted ...
Beckett: (to herself) And here we go...
Castle: ... BY A GENIE!

Esposito: We're heading there now. Hopefully he still has the antiquities.
Ryan: Yeah, including the "magic lamp". (They head for the elevator)
Beckett: Guys? Guys! (They stop) If you find that lamp, and Castle's not there, I'm never going to hear the end of it...
Esposito: We'll have him meet us there.
Beckett: OK! (The elevator doors close) Great Oh! (embarrassed) And can you just ... (Esposito stops the doors) ... make sure he gets dibs on the first rub, please?
Ryan: Mm-hmm.
Esposito: Mm-hmm.
Beckett: Good. Thanks! I owe you. (turning away) Can't believe I said that.

Castle: (fleeing out of the warehouse with Genevieve): Couldn't you just have flown us out of there on a carpet?
Genevieve: What are you talking about?
Castle: You can't make carpets fly?
Genevieve: Can you?

Castle: Alexis! Good. Great. Tell these guys I'm not crazy for believing in a genie. And before you answer, remember I spent six months making an extra lunch for your imaginary friend.

Genevieve: Look, I didn't kill anyone. I was trying to keep the antiquities from falling into the wrong hands. And I would have too, if I hadn't had to save your reality-challenged husband.
Castle: I prefer 'fantasy-augmented'.

Castle: I have no need for a genie, because I already have everything I could wish for.
Beckett: (realising what he means) Back atcha, handsome. (they kiss) Wait .. so you wouldn't even wish for a working lightsaber?
Castle: (thinks) Nope.
Beckett: OK: transporter, like the ones in Star Trek? You'd never have to fly again.
Castle: I like flying.
Beckett: Time machine?
Castle: Only to go back and fall in love with you all over again.
Beckett: Wow, that was good.

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  • Victim: Lars Cross, sonar technician and aniquities enthusiast
Cause of death: Beheaded with scimitar in his apartment
  • Perp: Dr Marion Baker, archaeology professor, Lars's former teacher
Motive: Consumed with jealousy and greed over his great discovery

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