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Death Defying Moments

Season 1[edit]

  • Flowers for Your Grave - Castle chases Harrison Tisdale down an alley. Castle gets captured and Beckett comes to the rescue, but Castle hits the guy, grabbing the gun and freeing himself. (Castle: "Did you see that!" Beckett: "You could have gotten yourself killed!" Castle: "The safety was on" Beckett: "You could have told me" Castle: Where's the fun in that")
  • Home is Where the Heart Stops – Beckett steps on the bad guy's wrist while he's reaching for a gun (Go ahead, I need the practice) saving Castle

Season 2[edit]

  • Deep in Death – Beckett saves Castle from being shot by the "Tattooed Russian" (Castle to Beckett: "Is it just my imagination or did you change")
  • Vampire Weekend - Ryan and Esposito pull Morlock off of Castle, under the direction of Beckett
  • Tick, Tick, Tick. – (Part 1) – Castle calls a showering Beckett warning her that Ben Conrad was NOT the killer, giving Beckett time to escape back into the bath tub before her apartment blows up
  • Boom – (Part 2) – Castle frees Agent Shaw and then shoots the gun pointed at Beckett out of Scott Dunn's hand (saying: I was aiming for his head)
  • Den of Thieves - Esposito gets caught with his former parter, Ike Thorton breaking in to Racine's vault by the bad cop Stan Holliwell. Holliwell shoots Thorton and intended to kill Esposito. Esposito gets Ike's gun and shoots Holliwell.

Season 3[edit]

  • Esposito actually keeps Ryan (Annie Oakley) from shooting Castle, but Beckett and Ryan and Esposito all had their guns out and aimed at him … twice.
  • At the beginning (or was it the end) of the episode Castle and Beckett have their guns aimed "at each other" but are actually aiming at the bad guy/gal behind the other person.
  • Under the Gun – everyone except Castle has a gun, so is he "saved" by anyone? Or does he save them by throwing dirt a the bad guy/gal
  • 3XK – Beckett "rescues" Castle and Ryan from the hotel room after the killer has left
  • Murder Most Fowl – Castle determines that the kidnapper is in a room and where he is, shuts down the lights so Beckett can go in and shoot the bad guy.
  • Beckett "saves" them both after Ragland is shot, but since the killer is a hit man and Castle and Beckett were not his targets, they were both safe, even though they didn't know it at the time.
  • Castle and Beckett kiss their way into the location where Ryan (mostly) and Esposito are being tortured by Hal Lockwood
  • Castle "jumps" Hal Lockwood before he can get a killing shot off at Beckett. Castle proceeds to beat the stuffing out of him.
  • Setup – does the shootout in the warehouse and jumping into the freezer container count? If so, Beckett saves both herself and Castle.
  • Ryan and Esposito find Castle and Beckett trapped in the freezer container. Josh gets some credit here too.
  • Castle pulls the wires of the bomb thereby disabling the bomb (saving he and Beckett and half of NYC)
  • Ryan and Esposito find Violet Young on the streets of NYC and Donald Mannis has arrived to kill Violet. Mannis's phone rings as he begins to shoot at the three of them, they duck to safety and Esposito shoots Mannis. Esposito answers Mannis's phone and it's Beckett on the other end.
  • Beckett chases Ganz on the Stana Monica Pier and shoots him and looks like she just might kill him where he lays
  • Captain Montgomery orders Castle to get Beckett out of the hangar (Captain Montgomery dies in the ensuing shootout; killing three thugs and Hal Lockwood)
  • Castle pins Beckett against the car, preventing her from returning to the shootout in the hangar
  • Castle spots the sniper - too late, Beckett is shot before he knocks her to the ground

Season 4[edit]

  • Castle and Martha have been taken hostage in a bank robbery, and Beckett becomes the lead negotiator to free them. As the lead robber (Trapper John) holds a gun to Castle's throat, Beckett threatens that "If you pull that trigger, I will walk through those doors and personally put a bullet in your skull", forcing Trapper John to back down. Castle thanks Beckett for saving his life at the end of the episode.
  • Espo kills Lee Travis, the sniper, who is about to shoot Beckett as she tried to talk him into surrendering.
  • Espo and Ryan rescue Beckett and Castle just as they are about to be eaten by a tiger while being held captive.
  • Castle rescues both himself and Beckett from a sinking car by locating her gun and using it to free them before they drowned.
  • Ryan grabs Beckett's hand just as she is about to fall of the edge of a building, and together with his back-up, pull her back on to the roof safely.

Season 5[edit]

  • Espo saves Beckett and Castle while they were being held captive by Cole Maddox, who intended to come back and kill them.
  • After Beckett is taken hostage by 3XK, Castle saves her by grabbing her gun and shooting 3XK multiple times and causing him to fall off a bridge.
  • Beckett covertly slips Castle a clue that Leo is actually a killer, not a witness, and that he needed to take precautions when he, Mickey Dolan, and Dolan's accomplices met her and Leo under the bridge for a supposed "talk". Leo then emptied his gun into the car that Castle, Dolan, and Dolan's accomplices had arrived in but had already vacated because of the warning.
  • Castle's father, known as Jackson Hunt, shoots those who had taken Castle hostage and were about to execute him.
  • Jackson Hunt and Castle team up to save Alexis, who is being held captive by Jackson Hunt's spy nemesis and who would otherwise have been killed the following morning.
  • Espo, Beckett, and Castle rescue Ryan and his old girlfriend just before they are murdered by the Irish mob.
  • Castle saves Beckett by returning in the final few minutes before the bomb she is standing on is scheduled to explode, and insisting that they can still figure out what the disarm code is (even though they only have a "1 in 100,000 chance" according to Beckett, who was insisting that he leave her to save himself). Castle then works with Beckett, Espo, and Ryan to determine the disarm code, and Castle types it in just in time.

Season 6[edit]

  • Beckett works throughout the episode with her federal partners, McCord and Richmond, to find the antidote to a poison Castle had been exposed to. Castle and Beckett pick up on the final clue, leading them to find the antidote with villain Brad Parker at the home of the Secretary of Defense, who had also just poisoned the Secretary's wife.
  • With Castle and Mrs. Reid both dying, Beckett goes in without back-up to try and nab Parker, but is taken by surprise and is held at gunpoint by Parker. Beckett is then in turn saved by McCord, who unbeknownst to Beckett had followed her there.
  • While negotiating for the release of hostages, Castle is shot and survives only because he is wearing a bullet proof vest. The bullet "dots the 'i'" in the word "Writer" that is printed on the vest. Castle bought the vest back in Season 1 and Beckett helps him put it on in this episode before going into the dental office where the hostages were being held.
  • While searching for a suspect in an abandoned power plant, Beckett is taken by surprise and knocked out by the killer. Castle leaps on to the killer from behind, pulling him away from Beckett before he can cause her further harm, but then during the ensuing struggle is nearly choked to death. Another person of interest in the case known as Simon Doyle intervenes and chases the killer away.
  • Esposito tips Ryan to the fact that they are about to be shot at, pushing him down the passenger seat of his car to help him take cover. Both protect each other in the subsequent shootout.
  • Esposito frees Ryan after he becomes pinned under heavy debris during a building fire.
  • Esposito and Ryan are saved from a building fire after Beckett, Castle, Gates, and the NYFD determine who the arsonist/murderer is and where they are located so they can be rescued.
  • Castle Sr. kills the suspect who had taken Castle hostage and was threatening to kill him.
  • Beckett is about to be executed but at the last moment is saved by contract killer Elena Markov, acting upon the orders of drug lord 'Lazarus', who told her he "owes" Beckett. Beckett infers that Lazarus must in fact be Bracken, paying her back for saving his life in Recoil.
  • Espo, Ryan, and Castle are attacked by a ninja, but are saved by a second ninja before any harm comes to them.
  • Castle and Beckett are nearly shot by a ninja, but are saved by a second ninja in the nick of time.
  • Beckett, cornered by Bracken in her safe house and apparently drugged as part of an attempt to fake her suicide, manages to avoid taking the drug and fights her way out, shooting two of Bracken's thugs. But she is struck on the head during the struggle and collapses: Castle returns in time to find her and carry her out.

Season 7[edit]

  • Two months after his disappearance, Castle is discovered floating unconscious in a dinghy 80 miles off the coast of Delaware and rescued by the Coast Guard.
  • In the alternate universe of Castle's dream, he throws himself in front of a bullet to save Beckett's life. As he loses consciousness in the alternative reality, he wakes up again in the real world.
  • Facing a deadly shootout with Grady in the saloon of the Wild West-themed ranch, Castle is saved by Beckett shooting the gun out of Brady's hand.
  • Apparently lured into a trap by 3XK at a remote house, Castle keeps him talking until Esposito is in position to shoot 3XK from a vantage point outside. Beckett, captured by Dr Nieman and on the point of being tortured and killed, breaks are and kills Nieman with her own scalpel.
  • Threatened by Russian assassin Ilya Golovkin, Castle is saved when the mysterious 'Henry Jenkins' shoots Golovkin.
  • Fighting serial killer Dr Holtzman in his barn hideout, Castle is having the worse of the encounter and is pinned down by the barn door. Beckett cannot break the lock and get in, but she passes her pistol under the door and into Castle's hand, and he shoots Holtzman.

Season 8[edit]

  • When Vikram and Beckett are cornered by a CIA hit team in a building, Beckett shoots her way out, saving them both
  • When Castle is captured by the hit team looking for Beckett and is about to be shot, Beckett appears and opens fire, driving the killers away and saving him
  • When one of the killers tries to escape from the precinct, she grabs an officer's gun and opens fire around the bullpen wildly. Ryan and Esposito shoot her before anyone is killed
  • Castle and Beckett, separated and imprisoned with two groups of strangers, must find their way out of an abandoned building full of lethal booby traps
  • When Caleb ambushes Castle and Beckett in the loft, shooting Castle, Beckett is able to shoot him while herself being shot

Who's saved who the most?[edit]

At the end of Cops and Robbers, Castle says to Beckett: 'This is the eighth time you’ve saved my life and I’ve saved your life nine times! Beckett replies "Ok, first of all, I can’t even believe that you’re keeping score and, secondly there is no way that you’ve saved my life more than I have yours. Nine? Please."

So what's the real answer? If you include moments when one of the characters saved both their lives at the same time, the totals look like this: