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Deadly Storm (Novel)

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Deadly Storm is Richard Castle's first graphic novel featuring his successful character, Derrick Storm.

Wrriten by Brian Michael Bendis and Kelly Sue DeConnick, in addition to Castle, and illustrated by Lan Medina, it was released on September 28, 2011.

The book is shown in Heroes and Villains, episode 4.2, and first mentioned in Knockout, episode 3.24.

Plot Synopsis[edit]

This graphic novel is an adaptation of Derrick Storm's first adventure, where he first meets CIA Agent Clara Strike.

Derrick Storm is a washed-up private investigator who has sunk to the level of trying to catch cheating spouses in order to make a living. He blows his cover after succeeding at tracking down the dishonest hubby and flees, but is later contacted by CIA Agent Clara Strike, who tells him she and the bureau have been trying to track down the man Storm found with apparent ease, so she recruits him to help her on her latest case.

Product Details[edit]

  • Pages: 112
  • Cover: Hardcover
  • Publisher: Marvel
  • ISBN-10: 0785153276
  • ISBN-13: 978-0785153276
  • Extras:
    • Introduction by Castle
    • Three breakdowns showing how a page is developed from script to final art
    • Author's biography (from richardcastle.net)
    • Illustrated, combined real/fictional bibliography (from richardcastle.net)

Major characters[edit]

  • Derrick Storm - Down-on-his-luck private eye whose life is about to change as a result of a simple infidelity case
  • Clara Strike - Charismatic, mysterious CIA agent who befriends Storm
  • Carl Storm - Derrick's father, retired from the FBI

Minor characters[edit]

  • Jefferson Grout, aka Daniel Sanchez - Cheating husband being followed by Storm who turns out to be of interest to the CIA
  • 'Mrs Grout' aka Connie Urso - Impostor who hires Storm to find her 'husband' Jefferson
  • Paul Urso - her father, ex-CIA
  • Rebecca - The super of Storm's apartment building, sympathetic to his money worries
  • 'Marian Kynde' - the supposed hooker Grout was visiting, who turns out to be his real wife
  • Sassy Monroe - Kynde's neighbour at their trailer park, a stripper who takes a shine to Storm
  • Detective Pumpkin Merunka - NYPD detective with a distinctive name who arrests Storm for murder
  • Detective Tomball - Merunka's partner
  • Helen Pierce - Storm's new CIA handler, succeeding Clara Strike

References in episodes[edit]

  • In Knockout, Castle brings the title artwork for the graphic novel into the precinct to show Beckett, but she is at the prison questioning Lockwood
  • In Heroes and Villains, a fan comes up to Castle at the Comicadia convention to congratulate him on the book, much to Beckett's chagrin

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