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Deadly Heat (Novel)


Deadly Heat is Richard Castle's fifth Nikki Heat book.

Official Synopsis[edit]

Picking up where Frozen Heat left off, top NYPD Homicide Detective Nikki Heat pursues the elusive former CIA station chief who ordered the execution of her mother over a decade ago. For the hunt, Nikki teams once again with her romantic partner, Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Jameson Rook, and their quest for the old spy and the motive behind the past murder unearths an alarming terror plot-which is anything but ancient history. It is lethal. It is now. And it has already entered its countdown phase.

Complicating Heat's mission to bring the rogue spy to justice and thwart the looming terror event, a serial killer begins menacing the Twentieth Precinct and her homicide squad is under pressure to stop him, and soon. The frightening murderer, known for his chilling stealth, not only has singled out Nikki as the exclusive recipient of his taunting messages, he then boldly names his next victim: Detective Heat.

Basic Details[edit]

  • Author: Richard Castle
  • Hardcover: 294 pages
  • Publisher: Hyperion
  • Release Date: September 17, 2013
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1401324800
  • ISBN-13: 978-1401324803


'To KB: May the dance never end and the music never stop'

Major Characters[edit]

  • Nikki Heat - a tough and intelligent Homicide Detective who drove her career towards the NYPD in order to find her mother's killer. She is modeled after Kate Beckett.
  • Jameson Rook - Heat's boyfriend and a world-renowned journalist with First Press magazine who met Nikki when he was assigned to shadow the 20th precinct for an assignment on NYPD Detectives. He is modeled after Richard Castle.
  • Detective Miguel Ochoa - a member of the 20th precinct's Homicide Division working with Nikki. He is modeled after Javier Esposito.
  • Detective Sean Raley - a member of the 20th precinct's Homicide Division and Detective Ochoa's partner. He is modeled after Kevin Ryan.
  • Lauren Parry - a Medical Examiner and Nikki's best friend who maintains a warm outlook despite her chosen profession. She is modeled after Lanie Parish.
  • Wallace "Wally" Irons - the Captain of the 20th precinct. He is loosely modeled after Victoria Gates, whose nickname is "Iron" Gates.

Secondary Characters[edit]

  • Bart Callan: An attractive Dept. of Homeland Security agent who inserts himself into Nikki's investigation of her mother's death. He also worked with Nikki's mother during her time as a spy.
  • Yardley Bell: Another DHS agent who gets involved in Nikki's investigation into her mother's murder. She is also an ex-lover of Rook's.
  • Detective Sharon Hinesburg: One of Nikki's colleagues in homicide, she has a reputation for incompetence, leaking investigatory details to the media, and for sleeping with Captain Irons.
  • Detective Randall Feller: The newest member of Nikki's squad, who transferred from the Taxi Unit.
  • Detective Dan Rhymer: A Burglary cop whose nickname is "Opie" because of his Southern accent.
  • Detectives Malcolm and Reynolds: Partners and Burglary cops assigned to Nikki for the case.
  • Salena Kaye: A highly-skilled assassin who makes numerous attempts on Nikki's life.
  • Fariq Kuzbari: Enigmatic security attache with the Syrian embassy in New York. Loosely based on Fariq Yusef, who appeared in Setup and Countdown.

References to Castle Episodes, Cast, and Crew[edit]

  • Salena Kaye is modeled off Serena Kaye, a beautiful art thief, who appeared in Eye of the Beholder
  • Bellevue hospital police Officer Slaughter is modeled off Detective Ethan Slaughter, who appeared in Headhunters
  • In one scene, where Rook spots a serial killer nearby a stone Castle in a New York City park, he calls Nikki and when she asks where the killer is, he simply answers "Castle."
  • Periodically throughout the book, Rook takes meetings with Hollywood film producers interested in making one of his articles about Nikki into a movie, just like Heat Wave (Novel) was made into a movie. In one such scene, producers mention the possibility of casting "Nathan, if he's available."
  • The serial killer who targets and taunts Nikki is a combination of Scott Dunn from Boom – (Part 2) and the Triple Killer from 3XK and Probable Cause.
  • The bioterror plot is reminiscent of the dirty bomb plot from Setup and Countdown
  • Dr. Ari Weiss, who Beckett's mother once spied upon, has the same name as Dr. Ari Weiss from Head Case, also a scientist
  • Throughout the story, Bart Callan tries to recruit Beckett to work more closely with him and the Feds on her mother's case, just like Jared Stack recruited Beckett to work for the federal government. His attempts at flirting with her, are a reminder of how Detective Inspector Hunt from The Limey and Ioan Gruffudd from The Squab and the Quail made plays for Beckett, even though she was either interested in or dating Castle.
  • The murder of a restaurant inspector in a pizza oven calls back to the murder in Slice of Death.
  • The murder of a TV news reporter calls back to the murder in Cloudy with a Chance of Murder

References in episodes[edit]

  • In Watershed (5x24), Castle believes that Beckett was "leaving him alone" for a couple of days to finish Deadly Heat when she went to secretly interview with the AG's office. In the same episode, Castle tries to distract Alexis by showing her two different proposals for the cover of the book, the red one that became the actual cover, and a green one. ("I like the green one, but it kind of looks like a giant green lizard's attacking the city. Which is cool, but it's not what the book's about.")
  • In Valkyrie (6x01), Castle returns from from an exhausting west coast book tour for Deadly Heat with a cutout of himself under his arm.
  • In Number One Fan (6x04), the book features in one of the telephone questions Emma Riggs asks Castle to prove that it's really him. ("In Deadly Heat, what's Douglas Sandman's nickname?")

New York Times Bestseller[edit]

Deadly Heat debuted in the New York Times Bestseller list at #8.

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