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* Knockout
Jim Beckett "I've already lost my wife over this...I've already lost [pause].  It took me years to make my peace with them"  <BR>
* Knockout
Montgomery "I could protect you the way I should've protected her" <BR>
Her?  Seems to refer to Johanna Beckett, but why should he say he shouldn't protected her.  Seems more than saying he should protect a regular citizen as a cop back then.  Did he know Kate's mother?
* Knockout
Montgomery "He could've turned us all in, instead he asked for the ransom money..."
Someone who could turn 3 dirty cops doing incarceration but instead is powerful enough to keep it quiet and demand something for his silence would be?  A powerful enough cop?
* Rise
Spoken by Victoria Gates after Beckett surprise that the captain knows that Beckett was the youngest female made it to be a detective in the district "Everybody keeps score, Beckett, especially the ones downtown".  What's with the "ones downtown", and what and why are they keeping score?
* Rise
Seems to make a much bigger deal about the suspect of the trivial murder of the episode being a "He, or she" in one scene  Perhaps there's a "she" involved in the much bigger mom murder plot.  Correlates also in the same episode where you can see on Castle's notes on Johanna Beckett's murder the phrase "We created HIM" boxed with "HIM" underlined several times.

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