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Basic Details

Season 8, Episode 22 (173) (series finale)

Original Air Date - 16 May 2016


Beckett, Castle, Hayley, and Vikram use the information Caleb Brown provided to set up an ambush for LokSat - but end up sitting ducks themselves. Once they escape, it becomes more and more difficult to figure out which clues are reliable, which are fabricated, and whom they can trust.

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Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Kristoffer Polaha - Caleb Brown
  • Gerald McRaney - Mason Wood
  • Jed Rees - Flynn
  • Rainey Spurlock - Lily
  • Brady Steib - Jake
  • Tyler Steib - Reece




  • After eight seasons and 173 episodes, Crossfire was the last episode of Castle. With the cast at the the end of their one-year contracts for season 8, negotiations had been under way for a short season 9 in which, it emerged, Beckett would not appear as a character. However, on 12 May 2016,, ABC announced officially that the show would be cancelled.
  • Crossfire had originally been intended as a season rather than series finale, but an alternative ending was shot during filming in case negotiations for a new season broke down. In the event, the cancellation was announced only four days before the episode aired, but it did appear with the alternative ending: a flash-forward epilogue seven years into the future that showed Castle and Beckett at home in the loft with their three children
  • At the start of the epilogue voiceover, Castle says: 'Every wrier needs an inspiration, and I found mine': a line from the pre-credit introduction sequence that appeared at the beginning of episodes in season 2.


Beckett: (looking across at vendor in park): Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Castle: Mm-hmm. You want a fudgeslcle too.

(on which bystander might be LokSat)
Castle: I got twenty bucks says it's the handsy yogi over there.
Beckett: I'm going for the Carrot Top Cruella De Vil. Wait, wait. Does she look a bit like your first ex-wife?
Castle: She kind of does. Oh, my God. Could my ex-wife be LokSat? 'Cause in a lot of ways, that would make perfect sense.

Beckett: You want to go back to being a government analyst?
Vikram: I want to go back to being boring. I've kind of forgotten what that feels like.

(Beckett is looking through her camera and the dead-drop)
Castle: What f-stop are you using?
Beckett: Excuse me?
Castle: F-stop. It's a function on the camera that tells it how much light to ...
Beckett: Yeah, I know what an f-stop is! This isn't a shoot for National Geographic. It's on auto.
Castle: Ha! Oh, no no no ... (he comes over). Never use auto here ... Let me just get ... ow!
Beckett: Castle, stop messing with my stuff!
Castle: I thought you liked it when I messed with your stuff!

Castle: Mason, you are quite literally a lifesaver! And talk about a getaway vehicle: a Korean barbecue taco truck? Are you serious? Is anyone hungry right now? Because I could totally whip up some kimchi tostitas.

Beckett: Loksat and his cleaner have had us running for cover like they're the hunters. That's good. They'll never see us coming.

Martha: A feisty Merlot, an elegant spread, delightful company ... If I wasn't scared out of my mind, this would be a lovely afternoon.

Castle: Who are you?
Flynn: Does it matter? I understand that, as a writer, the naming of a thing would seem to be of paramount importance. But trust me: my name is the least consequential thing for you to know right now.
Castle: It's one embarrassing name, isn't it? Like A Boy Named Sue?

Beckett: I need a miracle, guys.
Ryan: OK. You got it.
Esposito: One miracle coming up.

Castle: (voiceover) Every writer needs inspiration, and I found mine.
Beckett: (voiceover) Always.
Castle: (voiceover) Always.

Full Episode Recap


  • Victim: Unknown body in the trunk of a stolen car
Cause of death: Immolation when the car is set on fire
  • Perp: Flynn
Motive: Setting up false clues to mislead Castle and Beckett
  • Victim: Caleb Brown
Cause of death: Two gunshot wounds at close range
  • Perp: Kate Beckett
Motive: Self-defense

Previous episode: Hell to Pay