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Crashing Heat (Novel)


Crashing Heat is Richard Castle's 10th Nikki Heat book, published almost two years after the previous one in March 2019.


Marriage. It's a double-edged sword, or at least it is for Nikki Heat. Her husband, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Jameson Rook, infuriates her in a way no one else in her entire life has ever done. He also takes her to heights of pleasure she has never experienced. But most of all, she loves the man with all her heart and she'd do anything to protect him. Which is just what she had done not so long ago. It had almost cost them everything.

Now, Rook is given the honor to be a visiting professor at his alma mater, and he can't pass up the opportunity to mentor bourgeoning writers at his former award-winning college newspaper. Shortly after his arrival on campus, a female reporter for the paper is found dead?naked?in Rook's bed.

Dealing with betrayal from any man is not Nikki's style. She and Jameson have had plenty of conflicts during their complicated relationship, but none like this. Is her husband keeping secrets of his own, or can she really trust him? In order to find out, Nikki gives Jameson the benefit of the doubt and digs into Jameson's theory of a secret society within a secret society. What she finds puts her investigative skills, and her marriage, to the test.

Basic Details[edit]

  • Author: Richard Castle
  • Hardcover: 240 pages
  • Publisher: Kingswell (ABC)
  • Release Date: March 12, 2019
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-1-3680-4052-5


To games played in the dark. You know who you are.

Major Characters[edit]

  • Nikki Heat - Captain of the 20th Precinct, a tough and intelligent Homicide Detective who drove her career towards the NYPD in order to find her mother's killer. She is modeled after Kate Beckett.
  • Jameson Rook - Heat's husband and a world-renowned journalist with First Press magazine who met Nikki when he was assigned to shadow the 20th precinct for an assignment on NYPD Detectives. He is modeled after Richard Castle.
  • Detective Miguel Ochoa - a member of the 20th precinct's Homicide Division working with Nikki. He is modeled after Javier Esposito.
  • Detective Sean Raley - a member of the 20th precinct's Homicide Division and Detective Ochoa's partner. He is modeled after Kevin Ryan. He is known as the King of All Media Surveillance for his talent at noticing case-breaking details in hours of boring surveillance video.

Secondary Characters[edit]

  • Detective Randall Feller: a reliable member of Nikki's squad who transferred from the Taxi Unit.
  • Detective Dan Rhymer: a former burglary cop whose nickname is "Opie" because of his Southern accent.
  • Detective Inez Aguinaldo: a transfer to the 20th Precinct who previously worked with the Southampton Village Police Department in the Hamptons.
  • Detective Sharon Hinesburg: One of Nikki's colleagues in homicide, she has a reputation for incompetence, leaking investigatory details to the media. NB This appears to be a continuity error, because Det Hinesburg was shot and killed in Deadly Heat, long before Nikki became captain, yet this book otherwise seems to follow on chronologically from Heat Storm
  • Raymond Lamont - dean of the journalism school at Cambria University and an old college friend of Rook's
  • Chloe Masterson: a young journalism student who impresses Rook and Nikki.

References to Castle Episodes, Cast, and Crew[edit]

  • Rook mentions that his middle name is Alexander. In He’s Dead, She’s Dead, Castle reveals that his original given name was Richard Alexander Rogers

References in episodes[edit]

  • None (book published after series finale)

New York Times Bestseller[edit]


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