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Costumes, or a character's wardrobe, on Castle play an integral role in not only describing the character, but advancing plotlines.

Richard Castle[edit]

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Richard Castle is typically dressed in dark blue jeans, a pin stripe button down shirt or dress shirt, a matching blazer and dark shoes for when he is at work at the precinct. In his more casual moments, he sometimes substitutes a plain grey t-shirt and plain black sweatshirt for the button down shirt. He rarely wears business suits, except when on a date. Even at book launch parties and the funeral for his mother's, Martha Rodgers', boyfriend Chet, he wore a dark shirt and dark suit, with no tie. He rarely wears bright colors and never anything patterned, unless it is vertical and/or horizontal pinstripes.

The blazer and dress shirt reflect his intelligent, charming side, while the jeans, and the fact that the top two button on his dress shirts are always open, reflect his loose, playful, more casual side.

Kate Beckett[edit]

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Detective Kate Beckett's clothing style has evolved throughout the show's run. In the pilot, she wore mostly dark pants suits, a colored button down blouse, and black heeled shoes. As her relationship with Castle has grown, and as the audience has learned more about her as a character, her wardrobe has also become more multi-layered. Sometimes she pairs dress slacks with a button-down blouse. Other times, she wears dark jeans with a different button down blouse, a long-sleeved boatneck top, or a turtleneck. In season 3, she has mixed both styles more, sometimes combining long dress coats with a button down blouse and blue jeans, other times wearing a turtleneck under a matching suit. She sometimes wears bright colors, and rarely anything with a pattern.

For colder seasons, she prefers long dress coats or leather jackets. She wears little in the way of accessories, unless outside the precinct when they are simple in style, except for her deceased mother's wedding ring on a chain around her beck, and her father's watch on her wrist. This also shows her no-nonsense, professional demeanor when at work, and her more introverted, but feminine and sexy side when out.

For dates and other special occasions, she wears body-hugging, short cocktail dresses that not only accentuate her tall, toned body, but show off the saucy side of her personality. She is also well-known for wearing stiletto heels.

Sometimes the colors she wears match the colors being worn by Castle.

In the episode Tick, Tick, Tick many of Beckett's clothes were damaged by smoke however it seems some of them were saved.

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Beckett outfit early in season 3, © 2010-2011 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
Typical Beckett outfit in season 2, © 2009-2010 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Detectives Esposito and Ryan[edit]

The clothing of Beckett's colleagues, Detectives Javier Esposito and Kevin Ryan run the gamut between business suits, polo shirts and slacks, and dress shirts and jeans. In season 3, a new costume designer was hired for the show who plans on dressing the two in different styles to reflect their different characters: "They want [Ryan] slim and neat and [Esposito] sort of baggy and messy," Seamus Dever says.[1]

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Martha Rodgers[edit]

Martha Rodgers, Castle's mother, wears anything from pant suits to skirts to dresses, almost always in bright colors, with shiny fabrics and bold patterns to reflect her blunt, flighty, ex-Broadway diva personality. Her outfits are also heavily accessorized.

Alexis Castle[edit]

Castle's daughter's clothes are reflective of a young woman dressing with the latest trends in clothing for teenagers. They are not often in bright colors, but rather have accents like ruffles to reduce any plainness. This reflects the playful side she inherited from her father, and her responsible side as a young woman who must watch out for her father and grandmother. Being a student at a private school, she wears a uniform to school each day.

Lanie Parish[edit]

As a Medical Examiner, Beckett's best friend wears scrubs to work in varying colors or blue or red with a standard white lab coat overtop. But in her moments outside the lab, she likes button down blouses in pastel colors with dress slacks or pants suits with the same button down blouse underneath.

For dates, she wears, like Beckett, short cut cocktail dresses with shiny fabric that show off her curvy body and medium to large sized feminine earrings. Also like Beckett, she rarely wears anything patterned. All this shows that she is an intelligent, professional woman who takes her job seriously, but who also has a sassy side and enjoys having fun, but to a point.

Captain Roy Montgomery[edit]

Beckett's, Ryan's and Esposito's boss, Captain Roy Montgomery generally is dressed in a business suit, reflecting his higher rank and supervisory role over the other detectives. He is a man with class and integrity and dresses to match.

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