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Cops and Robbers

© 2011-2012 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
© 2011-2012 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Basic Details[edit]

Season 4, Episode 7 (65)

Original Air Date - October 31, 2011


An innocent trip to the bank becomes a matter of life and death for Castle and his mother, Martha, when bank robbers hold them, and a group of other customers, hostage at gunpoint. When Castle suspects there is more to the situation than meets the eye, he works to communicate his findings outside to Beckett, who gets a crash course in hostage negotiation, and must also reassure a frantic Alexis.

Episode Images[edit]

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© 2011-2012 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
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© 2011-2012 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
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© 2011-2012 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
© 2011-2012 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
© 2011-2012 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
© 2011-2012 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.


Main Cast[edit]

Guest Cast[edit]

  • Dean Norris - Captain Peterson
  • Barry Livingston - Abe
  • Ian Kahn - Ron Brandt / Sal Martino
  • Noa Dori - Dr. Quinn
  • Darren Pettie - Trapper John
  • Ty Upshaw - Dr. Huxtable
  • Jonah Wharton - Dr. Howser
  • Frank Birney - Father McCaskey
  • Matt Medrano - Officer Monfriez
  • Tatum Shank - Officer Billups
  • Holly Daniels - Tanya Brandt
  • Quinn Friedman - Connor




Beckett: What do you want, Castle?
Castle: Tell me you need me.
Beckett: Excuse me?

Castle: I think this bank is about to be robbed.
Beckett: Really? Are you that bored?

Beckett: Castle, I need you to listen very carefully. How many are there?
Castle: There are three. (gun cocks in his ear) Make that four.

Trapper John: You gonna promise not to look for me?
Beckett: I don’t look. I hunt. And trust me, you don’t want that.

Beckett: This is Detective Kate Beckett. I understand that you wanted to speak to me.
Trapper John: Yeah, I don’t like that other guy.
Beckett: Yeah, me neither. (catches a look from Capt. Peterson, the hostage negotiator) You said to build rapport.

Martha: Richard, please, I know that look. Curiosity killed the cat.

Castle: Don’t worry, Mother. I saw this work on Die Hard.
Martha: Oh, great.

Martha: If I have to die, I’m glad I’m going with someone who knows my work.

Martha: Richard, be innocent, be innocent. You’re indicating. See, even a layman can spot an uninspired performance.
Castle: Yes, Mother.

Ryan: This is the NYPD! Open up please!
Esposito: The radio’s on. (backs up to kick in the door)
Ryan: Whoa! Whoa! We can’t go in there. We don’t have a warrant. We don’t have probable cause.
Esposito: Bro, Castle’s life depends on this.
Ryan: Did you just hear that? I think I just heard someone yell out ‘Help! Police!’
Esposito: (imitates woman) ‘Help! Police!’ There it is again.

Esposito: What could possibly be in her safe deposit box that would be worth doing all this?
Ryan: Nazi gold. Cold fusion. Map to Atlantis.
Esposito: Hey, Castle Junior, could you maybe start thinking like a cop please?

Ryan: (to Esposito, sarcastically) Hey, Supercop!

Alexis: You don’t understand. They’re all I’ve got. Do you hear me? They’re all I’ve got.
Beckett: Alexis, listen to me. I promise you they are gonna be ok.
Alexis: They better.

Beckett: (to hostage, with Castle nearby) Listen to me. I want you to know that there are people out there that care about you so just keep breathing. I promise you, I’m gonna get you outta here.

Trapper John: I’m done talking! (fires bullet)
Beckett: What was that?
Trapper John: A warning shot, Kate. The next one’s for the kill!
Martha: Don’t you touch him you son of a bitch!
Castle: Hold her back!
Trapper John: I’m gonna make pretty red stains outta your boyfriend, Kate. I got my gun to his throat and I’m gonna paint a Jackson Pollack with his insides.
Capt. Peterson, Hostage Negotiator: You need to calm him down.
Beckett: Listen to me, jackass, I do not control traffic, so you’re gonna have to give me twenty minutes!
Trapper John: You got one minute, Kate!
Beckett: No, I’ve got twenty! Do you hear me? Twenty. Because if you pull that trigger, I will walk through those doors and personally put a bullet through your skull.
Trapper John: Ok, Kate. You got twenty more minutes.
Capt. Peterson: Well, that’s one way to negotiate.

Castle: Mother, I find I’m no longer satisfied with the customer service at this establishment. I think we should take our business elsewhere.
Martha: I’m so sorry.
Castle: No.
Martha: Forgive me for dragging you into this.
Castle: It’s ok. It’s ok. I love you, Mother.
Martha: Right back at you, kiddo.

Castle: Even as a hostage, I help you solve murders. Beckett, I think you have the perfect partner.
Beckett: Yeah, except he doesn’t like doing paperwork.
Castle: Touche.

Castle: You ok?
Alexis: No, but ask me again tomorrow.

Castle: And I didn’t get a chance to properly thank you for saving my life.
Beckett: Oh, there’s no need, Castle. We’re partners. It’s what we do.
Castle: Yes, some of us more than others, of course.
Beckett: Wait, what is that supposed to mean?
Castle: Only that this is the eighth time you’ve saved my life and I’ve saved your life nine times.
Beckett: Ok, first of all, I can’t even believe that you’re keeping score and, secondly there is no way that you’ve saved my life more than I have yours. Nine? Please.
Castle: Let’s review shall we…The second time, the serial killer put a bomb in your kitchen while you were taking a shower. I had to brave the hellish flames to pull you out of your bathtub. Won’t be forgetting that anytime soon…


  • Regarding playing a bigger role in this episode than she usually does, Susan Sullivan said she was so tired that "I crashed my car on the way home [from the set]. I haven’t worked five days in a row, all day long, since this series began, so it was very, very intense."[1]

Featured Music[edit]

  • Too Deep performed by J. Mascis

Full Episode Recap[edit]

Richard Castle sits in the office of a bank manager, Mr. Davenport, with his mother, Martha Rodgers, as she negotiates a bank loan for repairs to her acting school. She becomes frustrated at the terms being offered her, but refuses Castle’s offer to co-sign the loan. He becomes bored and calls Detective Kate Beckett on her cell phone, hoping there is a murder he can help her solve. She says she has no murder cases, but reminds him that he can always help her do paperwork. He rebuffs her offer and notices a man and a woman, both wearing scrubs and trying to hide bulges under their coats, who have both entered the bank and suspects a robbery is imminent. Beckett chalks the idea up to Castle’s overactive imagination, but changes her mind when she hears a third man enter the bank, bar the door, and yell for everyone to get on the ground. Beckett tells Detectives Kevin Ryan and Javier Esposito to relay the robbery to dispatch and that Castle is there. Castle hides behind a desk in another office with Martha and reports the scene to Beckett: the bank robbers, all brandishing assault weapons, raid the cash drawers of the bank and one takes a key from Mr. Davenport. Castle counts only three, but changes his count to four when he hears a gun cock in his ear. The robber takes his phone and speaks briefly to Beckett, who encourages him to just take the money he came for and leave because he does not want to have her hunting him. The man refuses, crushes Castle’s phone, and orders him to lay down in the middle of the bank’s floor with the other customers. He refers to two of the robbers as Dr. Howser and Dr. Quinn. As sirens approach, the man tells his colleagues to follow their training.

As SWAT Teams and the press surround the bank, Beckett arrives and offers her help to the hostage negotiator, Captain Peterson, telling him her partner is inside. She relays to him the information Castle gave her and that she spoke to one of the robbers. He accepts her information that tells her to leave so he can do his job. She agrees, reluctantly.

Inside the bank, one of the robbers, who the others call Dr. Huxtable, tells the hostages that if they move, they’ll be killed. Castle tells everyone to stay relaxed and they’ll make it through.

Back outside, Beckett greets Ryan and Esposito and tells them their help isn’t wanted. She asks Esposito to find out whatever he can about the situation from a friend of his who is a SWAT Team member. She also asks them to work with Major Crimes to see if any other robberies have had the same MO.

They are interrupted when Capt. Peterson calls Beckett back into the mobile command truck and tells her that the leader of the robbers won’t talk to him, but will talk to her. She is reluctant to get involved, since she has no training in hostage negotiations, but Peterson tells her to do the opposite of her training, and simply to build a rapport with the robbers and keep them on the phone so they won’t have time to hurt hostages. She agrees and they call the robber back. He introduces himself as Trapper John and quickly reveals that he and his colleagues know the entire hostage negotiation playbook. He tells Beckett that the rules are simple: if she lies to him, jerks him around or if the department tries to storm the building, he will kill hostages, starting with Castle, who he refers to as her boyfriend.

Later on, Peterson concludes that their lead robber is a pro since he knows their playbook. He asks a uniformed officer if he’s been able to tap into the bank’s security and he says not yet. Beckett, getting restless, asks what more she do and Peterson says nothing and that he wants to let Trapper John think things over before he calls him back.

Inside the bank, Castle watches the robbers and becomes suspicious. One of the hostages, named Sal, tells Castle it is his fault they are being held hostage since he called the cops. A pregnant teller, Simone, corrects him saying that the robbers did it on their own by pulling stacks of cash from the bottom of the cash drawers. Mr. Davenport adds that this triggered a silent alarm, so nobody is to blame for anything. Another hostage says they should let Simone go since she is pregnant and another guesses they all will die. Castle tells them he works with the police and promises them that his partner will save get them out.

Castle then sees Trapper John get a set of keys from Dr. Huxtable, grab a gym bag then head to the back of the bank where Mr. Davenport says the safe deposit boxes are located. He also says the key they took from around his neck opens the safe deposit boxes, further pricking Castle’s curiosity since the robbers haven’t touched the vault full of cash. Martha cautions her son against being too curious, but he comes up with plan, one he said he saw used in the movie Die Hard. He stands up and announces that he has to go to the bathroom and unless the robbers want a big mess, they’ll let him. Dr. Howser agrees and follows Castle to the bathroom, past the safe deposit boxes where he sees Trapper John pull out the contents of one box, photos and letters, and stuff them into the gym bag.

Outside, Esposito tell Beckett that the bank cameras are down and the walls are too thick to drill through to listen in, meaning that if SWAT storms the bank, they’ll go in blind, meaning the hostages chances of survival are low to none.

As Martha waits for Castle to return, Mr. Davenport apologizes to Martha for the loan, but she tells him not to worry about it. He confesses he is a fan of her acting, having seen her perform in A Midsummer Night’s Dream in the 1980s. Martha is flattered that he remembered and says she is glad to die with someone who appreciates her work.

Castle returns and Sal announces he has to go to the bathroom too. Dr. Howser goes with him as Castle reports what he saw: Trapper John using two keys to get into a safe deposit box from which he took letters and photos. Mr. Davenport says one key is his and the other must have come from the owner of the box. Castle still can’t figure out why go to all the trouble for just the contents of a safe deposit box. Further, the robbers are professionals and obviously set off the alarm deliberately. He figures out they needed the hostage standoff to give them time to locate the correct safe deposit box since the owner’s key isn’t numbered. Castle describes to Mr. Davenport which box Trapper John emptied and Mr. Davenport says it is box 120. Castle explains that if the police can figure out who owns the box, they’ll know more about what is going on. Castle asks Martha for the large bracelet she is wearing and she reluctantly hands it over to him.

Inside the mobile command truck, Beckett takes a call from Trapper John. She tries to get him to release Sloan, but he tells her she has to give him something in exchange. He asks for a bus with tinted windows to take him, the robbers, and the hostages to Teterboro airport where they can fly to the foreign country of his choosing. If she provides them with the bus, he’ll turn over Simone, and once the plane lands, he’ll release all the hostages. He gives her three hours then hangs up. To Beckett’s surprise, he orders a uniform to get them a bus he can use as leverage to hopefully lure the robbers outside where sharpshooters can take them out. One uniform then notices bright flashes hitting the ceiling just outside the bank on outside surveillance cameras. Beckett realizes it is Morse Code. They figure out the message is SDB 120 and that it refers to safe deposit box 120. Capt. Peterson wonders what that has to do with the robbery and Beckett says if Castle went to the trouble of sending the message, it must have some relevance. The uniform identifies Agnes and Gideon Fields as the owners of the box and that they access it monthly. Beckett says she’ll have Ryan and Esposito check it out.

Inside the bank, Castle continues to send the message, while Martha watches the robbers for him. She cautions him not to act too innocent after Dr. Quinn watches them for a minute. Sal returns from the bathroom, panicked, having seen what looked like C4 in one of the robbers’ duffel bags. He is convinced they are going to blow up the bank and worries about his family. Martha reminds him they all have families and tells him again to calm down. To calm Sal down, Castle asks him about his family and he says he isn’t married, but has a son named Connor. Castle tells him to focus on how he’ll see Connor again then promises to figure out a way to get them out. Martha guesses the C4 is to prevent anyone from ever finding out what the robbers took from the bank.

Meanwhile, Ryan and Esposito knock on the Fields’ apartment door, but nobody answers. Ryan wonders what the elderly couple has to do with the bank robbery. Esposito gets a text message and says the precinct tells him that Gideon Fields died four years ago, meaning whoever was accessing the box wasn’t him. Ryan knocks again, but all they hear is a television going inside. Esposito decides to break down the door, but Ryan stops him since they don’t have a warrant or cause. Esposito reminds him that Castle’s life is in danger, and Ryan fakes that he heard someone yell for help. Esposito agrees, and kicks in the door. They burst in and find Agnes Fields’ decomposing body in the apartment.

Later, Esposito calls Beckett and tells her it looks to him like Agnes has been dead for a week, ligature marks on her neck indicate she was strangled, her apartment was ransacked, and a chain around her neck indicates that a key was taken off her body. Beckett concludes the chain probably held her safe deposit box key. Esposito is confused about how the Fields are related to robbery and Ryan spins some Castle-esque theories. Esposito tells him to wise up and think like a cop then finds a bug hidden in the apartment. Beckett sees Alexis, tells them to dig into the Fields; backgrounds, and ends the call.

She approaches a panicked Alexis who says she cannot get ahold of either Castle or Martha on their cell phones and now that Beckett is at the crime scene they must be inside as hostages. Beckett tells her to relax and confirms that they are inside.

Meanwhile inside the bank, Castle tells Martha he has to get near window to communicate to Beckett about the C4. Martha tells him it is too dangerous, but he stands up and asks Dr. Quinn if he can get some cushions from a sofa near the windows for Simone. She agrees, but keeps her gun aimed at him. He turns his back and reaches inside his coat pocket, raising Dr. Quinn’s alarm. She tells him to get down just as Sal stands up calling for air. He begins foaming at the mouth as the robbers yell at him and Castle to get down. He takes off his jacket as Castle begs Dr. Quinn not to shoot. Sal falls to the ground and Castle figures out he is having an epileptic seizure. Castle tells Dr. Quinn that they need to get Sal to a hospital and she tells Dr. Howser to get Trapper John.

Back outside, Beckett continues to try to calm Alexis, telling her they are doing everything they can. Alexis tells her Martha and Castle are all she has for family and Beckett looks her directly in the eye and promises that they will be alright. A uniformed officer interrupts her, saying they have an incoming call to the mobile command truck. Alexis calls her boyfriend Ashley and leaves a tearful, panicked message on his phone saying she needs him immediately.

Inside the van, Trapper John tells Beckett how Sal had a seizure and that if she sends in one paramedic to get him and has the bus outside in twenty minutes, he’ll release Sal. Beckett tells him she needs more time, but he refuses, threatening to kill hostages if she doesn’t come through. He ends the call and a uniform tells Beckett they need 35 minutes to get the bus. Beckett doubts he’ll agree to give her more time, so Peterson says they’ll storm the bank instead. Beckett disagrees and suggests they send in a cop in paramedic’s clothing to get the lay of the land inside the bank.

© 2011-2012 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Inside the bank, the robbers unbar the door as Beckett, wearing an FDNY paramedic’s uniform pushes a gurney inside. Castle immediately recognizes her, but keeps his cool. As they frisk Beckett, he pulls a deposit slip from a desk and quickly writes out a message about the C4. He crumples it in his palm, places his hand over Sal’s and explains to Beckett what happened to Sal as if she is a paramedic he’s never met. Beckett tells Sal there are people outside who care about him and that they will get him out. As she speaks, she lays her hand over Castle’s and gives him a long look. He realizes her words spoken to Sal were for him. Dr. Huxtable tells them to hurry it up and Beckett and Castle help Sal onto the gurney. As Beckett straps him down, she slips the note from Castle’s palm into her own and pushes Sal towards the bank entrance. She casts another look over her shoulder at Castle, then leaves.

Back outside, real paramedics take care of Sal and Beckett tells Alexis her father is fine. She uncrumples the note and tells Alexis to get back beyond the police line immediately. She hurries off as Alexis’ cell phone rings. It is Ashley, but he tells her he doesn’t have time to talk. She begs him not to hang up, but he does anyway.

Inside the truck, Beckett tells Peterson about the C4, and he rules out storming the bank. He figures their best chance would be to take them out on the bus, which Beckett says is 20 minutes away, only Trapper John’s deadline is 5 minutes away. Peterson says they have no choice but to get more time. They call Trapper John and tell him the situation and he threatens to begin killing hostages. He becomes rattled the more they talk and fires a gunshot over the hostages’ heads into a computer. He then walks over to Castle, aims his gun at him and tells Beckett he will shoot “her boyfriend.” Beckett drops the conciliatory tone and demands 20 minutes, but Trapper John refuses. Beckett then threatens to walk into the bank and personally shoot him in the head if he kills Castle. They standoff for a few seconds before Trapper John gives Beckett her 20 minutes and backs off Castle, surprising Peterson.

Castle asks Trapper John why they are robbing the bank as Dr. Huxtable answers a phone call. Castle explains how he noticed that the robbers aren’t wearing gloves, meaning they aren’t worried about fingerprints since they aren’t in the system and their accents indicate they are professionals. He makes an effort at finding out why they’re really robbing the bank, but Trapper John just laughs and says he’ll kill Castle last since he likes him. Dr. Huxtable then tells Trapper John they are good to go and they get the hostages on their feet and begin tying their hands.

Inside the truck, Capt. Peterson briefs his team on how they plan on taking out the hostages while Beckett thinks. She realizes Trapper John gave her 20 additional minutes without asking for anything in exchange and wonders why. He tells her to take the victory, but she continues to suspect something is amiss.

Inside the bank, the robbers lay out the bricks of C4 and set their timers. To lighten the mood, Castle tells Martha he isn’t satisfied with the service they’ve received at the bank and that they should take their business elsewhere. Martha apologizes to Castle for getting him involved by dragging him with her, but he quiets her, telling her he loves her. She returns the sentiment.

Inside the truck, Beckett talks to Esposito, who says Agnes Fields’ phone records and financials don’t reveal anything suspicious. They also say they have no leads on who might have been posing as Gideon to access the box. Their only next of kin is a former son-in-law since Agnes’ daughter and grandson died in a boating accident a year ago. Beckett begins telling them they don’t have time to wait for return phone calls, but is interrupted by a massive explosion outside. She freezes in fear and eventually makes her away outside where she stares in terror at the hollowed out shell of the destroyed bank.

Beckett leads a SWAT Team into the bank, desperately calling Castle’s name. She hears a muffled voice and finds him and the other hostages safe and sound inside the bank vault. She signals the SWAT Team and the hostages cheer. While the SWAT Team members tend to the other hostages, Beckett goes to Castle and cuts the bindings on his hands. She gently rubs his coat lapel and they share a long, warm moment, before Martha reminds her that she and others need help too.

As they make their way out of the vault, Capt. Peterson tells Castle and Beckett that the robbers are dead, having blown themselves up in the explosion. Castle doubts that is the case, since C4 isn’t an unstable explosive, but Peterson says he has four sets of broken body parts that prove different.

Castle and Martha help Simone outside the bank, where paramedics take hold of her. Mr. Davenport gives Martha his business card and they talk briefly. Castle notices Alexis, who runs to him and hugs him tightly. Martha joins them and they share a hug as Beckett looks on grinning. She sees Ryan and Esposito and leaves the Castles to their reunion. She reiterates to them her thinking that the case doesn’t make any sense and asks about Agnes Fields’ son-in-law. Ryan says his name is Ron Brandt and does a lot of business overseas, so he probably didn’t return their message because he is out of the country. He shows Beckett a picture of him and she recognizes him as Sal, who they took out of the bank and to the hospital. She immediately calls to check on him and is told her checked himself out of the hospital against doctor’s orders. She now knows he faked the seizure and planned the entire the robbery himself.

At the precinct, Esposito tells Beckett and Castle that Ron Brandt runs a company that supplies military contractors to special forces around the world. Castle theorizes he used his contacts to put together the team of bank robbers then rigged the C4 to blow up early to eliminate any loose ends. Castle also realizes Trapper John must have given the photos and letters from the safe deposit box to Ron when he went to the bathroom since he faked the seizure afterward. Esposito tells Castle about the death of Agnes Fields’ daughter, Tanya, and grandson, Connor, but Castle believes Connor is alive since Ron spoke of him, but not a wife. Ryan joins them and says neither Connor’s body, nor Tanya’s was recovered from the accident scene, leading all of them to believe they faked their deaths because Ron was abusing Tanya and used his wealth and connections to escape prosecution. The team then figures out that Tanya didn’t sever all ties with her family, but kept the safe deposit box as a means of communication with her mother, only Tanya couldn’t risk making the drops to the box herself, so their mystery man who had been accessing the box monthly did it for her. Ron comes to suspect she faked her death so he bugged Agnes’ apartment, killed her to get the safe deposit box key, then staged the entire robbery to cover his getting the contents of the box to find out where Tanya and Connor ran off to.

Later at the murder board, Castle and the team try to figure out who the middle man is who was accessing Agnes’ safe deposit box. Beckett wonders if Tanya was paying the middle man, probably in cash since it’s untraceable, and Ryan remembers how, at the time she staged her death, Tanya was sending monthly contributions to a church, leading Castle to guess the priest is the middle man. Castle and Beckett visit Father Sean McCaskey, who is initially reluctant to reveal anything about Tanya and Connor, but gladly gives them their address when they tell him how Ron discovered their location.

Meanwhile, Ron arrives at Tanya’s house, and forces his way inside. When she threatens him with a baseball bat, he knocks her to the ground. He finds Connor in his bedroom and picks him up to take him. Connor cries in fear, but Ron ignores him. Tanya begs for him not to take Connor, but Ron aims a gun at her and pulls the trigger. It is empty. He tells her he wants her to live a long life knowing how she will never see her son again. He leaves, but is stopped on the front porch by the loc al police department.

At the precinct, Castle, Ryan, and Esposito wait tensely for word on Connor and Tanya, as Beckett is on the phone with the local police. With a sigh of relief she reports they caught Ron Brandt and that Tanya and Connor are safe. Ryan and Esposito leave to go get Ron for themselves as Beckett slumps back into her chair and Castle congratulates himself for being such a big help even while he was held hostage. Beckett offers to buy him a drink at The Old Haunt, but Castle promises to do her one better.

A little later, Castle and Beckett arrive at his loft and Martha joyously greets Beckett by pulling her into a big hug. Beckett sees a large dinner spread on their dining room table and Martha pronounces that they are having a celebratory feast after surviving the robbery. Castle asks were Alexis is and Martha soberly points to his office. Castle excuses himself as Martha and Beckett get wine.

Castle stops in the doorway to his office and listens as Alexis tells Ashley for the last several weeks he hasn’t been there for her when she needs him and how she can’t continue waiting around for him to have to call her. She ends their relationship and hangs up. Castle asks if she is ok, and she answers no, but tells him to ask her again tomorrow. They both head back to the dining room: Alexis to help Martha, Castle get the glass of wine Beckett poured for him.

Castle thanks Beckett for saving his life and she humbly says it’s what partners do for each other. Castle teases that some are better at it than others, provoking an incredulous query from Beckett. Castle tells her, by his count, he has saved her life nine times while she has saved his eight. Beckett can’t believe he’s actually keeping score, and further doubts that he has saved her more than she has saved him. As they head to the dining room and sit down to dinner, Castle reviews all the times he has saved her since their partnership began, remembering especially the time he saved her from her apartment after a crazed fan blew it up.


Who: Agnes Fields
Where Found: In her apartment
Cause of Death: Strangulation

Who: Castle, Martha, Mr. Davenport (bank manager), Simone (bank teller), and several other civilians
Crime Committed: Held as hostages in a bank robbery

Who: Bank robbers, aliases Dr. Quinn, Dr. Howser, Dr. Huxtable, and Trapper John
Where Found: The bank vault
Cause of Death: Blown up by C4

Who: Tanya and Connor Brandt
Crime Committed: Tanya: assaulted by ex-husband; Connor: attempted kidnapping

Perp: Ron Brandt
Motive: Revenge: his ex-wife faked her and her son's deaths to get away from him because he was abusing both of them. However, she kept in contact with her parents via a safe deposit box. Brandt hires Dr. Quinn, Dr. Howser, Dr. Huxtable, and Trapper John to rob the bank and empty out the safe deposit box so he can discover where his family is and kidnap his son.


  1. "'Castle Is Definitely a Hero' During a 'Crazy Intense' Hostage Crisis says Susan Sullivan" by Matt Webb Mitovich, TVLine.com, posted October 30, 2011

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