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Cloudy with a Chance of Murder

© 2012-2013 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
© 2012-2013 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Basic Details[edit]

Season 5, Episode 2 (83)

Original Air Date - October 1, 2012


As Beckett returns to duty and is called upon to investigate the murder of a local TV weathergirl, she and Castle are determined to keep their relationship a secret from their perceptive colleagues. But when Castle agrees to a date with a feisty, aggressive entertainment reporter to keep up the public illusion of his being single, it causes Beckett to evaluate whether or not the secrecy will doom their relationship. Meanwhile, a gesture of Ryan's may thaw Esposito's anger at his partner.

Episode Images[edit]

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Main Cast[edit]

Guest Cast[edit]

  • Shannon Lucio - Rebecca Fog
  • Josh Randall - Miles Haxton
  • Jodi Lyn O'Keefe - Kristina Coterra
  • Kevin Daniels - Reggie Blake
  • Tyrees Allen - Harvey Milton
  • Louis Mandylor - George Cazuli
  • Andy Rolfes - Helicopter Pilot
  • Laura Niemi - Bernie Cosetti
  • Chris Elwood - Chip Chambers
  • Herbie Jackson - Bobby Jones
  • Scott Subiono - Johnny Goodheart
  • Candice Mann - Mandy Michaels
  • Bo Kane - Chuck Harrison
  • Christine Elise McCarthy - Suzanne Rizzo
  • Jaye Razor - Security Guard
  • Scott L. Schwartz - Big Guard




© 2012-2013 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Castle: No one is going to be able to tell we are together by how you are dressed.
Beckett: Oh yeah, I only work with a roomful of detectives. It’s their job. What about this one?
Castle: Meh…
Beckett: (exhales in frustration) You just want me to take my shirt off again, don’t you?

Castle: No one is going to find out, but just to be safe you might wanna change out of those pants.
Beckett: (picks up her chirping cell phone) Oh, there’s a murder uptown.
Castle: And looks like the pants stay on.

Castle: Good morning, Detective Beckett.
Beckett: Castle, where’s my coffee?
Castle: You already had one.
Beckett: You’ve been bringing me coffee for the past four years. I told you to act normal. This is gonna look suspicious.
Beckett: Don’t worry. Relax. You’re overthinking this, really.
Esposito: What? No coffee?

Castle: Mandy Michaels?! Really? Oh, man. I watched her every night. She had the best (sees Beckett’s glare)…forecasts.

Ryan: That’s Mandy’s phone.
Jonathan: No, it’s my phone.
Esposito: I suppose that’s your purse too?

Lanie: Someone’s trying to cover their tracks. Speaking of which, I figured out what’s different. You’re having sex.
Beckett: Excuse me?
Lanie: Oh don’t try to deny it. There’s a glow. I know that glow. So, who’s the guy?
Castle: Yeah, Beckett, who’s the guy?

Station Manager: The other weather girl, Rebecca Fog.
Castle: Is Fog her real name?

Chip: Whoa. Talk about New York’s finest. Is she really a cop?
Castle: Yes, she’s really a cop.
Chip: Chip Chambers. I do sports and you can arrest me anytime.
Beckett: Yeah, well, maybe I will.

Castle: That’s just their entertainment reporter. She’s…my agent has been haranguing me to promote Frozen Heat, so…
Beckett: Isn’t she the reporter that shows up to cover stories in her bikini?
Castle: Yeah, I don’t, is…I didn’t notice that.
Beckett: You wanna try it again? Make it sound a little more convincing?
Castle: No, I’m good.

Makeup Artist: You always think you’re being so discreet, but trust me. People know.

Castle: (about Ryan's and Esposito's whereabouts) Shouldn’t they be back by now?
Beckett: Maybe they hit traffic.
Castle: Or each other.

Castle: You and I were just friends for four years.
Beckett: Except you were trying to sleep with me that whole time.
Castle: What? Excuse me, it was you that was trying to sleep with me.
Beckett: What?
Castle: Don’t tell me you dress like that for Esposito.
Esposito: What’s for me?
Castle: Don’t worry about it.
Beckett: Nothing.

© 2012-2013 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Esposito: Yo, are you wearing makeup?
Ryan: No.
Esposito: Really? Because an hour ago you and I both had black eyes and now you don’t.
Ryan: No, this is not makeup. This is tinted moisturizer. Jenny just stopped by. She happened to have some in her purse and I figured since the…fine, just judge all you want.

Miles Haxton: Here’s the thing about a secret workplace romance, ok? In the beginning, you’re on a high. Every stolen moment feels like a shock of adrenaline straight to the heart. You get butterflies on your way into work. It’s exciting and dangerous and the sex is amazing.
Castle: And then what?
Miles: And then it imploded. We were never gonna keep up the secret. We were already drowning in all the lies we had to tell.

Beckett: Castle, what about that other stuff that they said? About how secret romances are impossible to keep hidden? I mean, you heard Miles. I don’t want to drown in a sea of lies.
Castle: Well, if it’s any comfort to you, I do know mouth to mouth.

Kristina Coterra: So, as a handsome, best-selling author, I’m sure you must have women throwing themselves at you all the time?
Castle: Well, we all have our crosses to bear.
Beckett: (to television) Yes, you are such a martyr.
Kristina: So no one special in your life right now?
Castle: Um, I, uh…No. Actually, no, no one special. I’m single right now.
Kristina: That’s good because there’s a question I want to ask you. Will you have dinner with me tomorrow night?
Castle: Oh, um…well, I’m flattered.
Beckett: (to television) But I have to decline.
Kristina: C’mon Castle, there’s only three seconds until commercial.
Castle: I, uh...

© 2012-2013 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Beckett: (to television) Exactly what are you waiting for? Hello?
Kristina: We’re gonna need an answer.
Beckett: (to television) No!
Castle: Actually, I would love to.

Castle: The direct tox monitor, of course!
Beckett: You have no idea what that is.
Castle: No. Not a clue.

Ryan: Speaking of missing something, Castle should be way more excited about his date tonight.
Beckett: Why?
Ryan: According to Celebrity Examiner, Kristina is notorious for seducing famous men with her extensive bikini collection. (Sees Esposito’s and Beckett’s looks) What? Jenny buys it and it just happened to be open to that page on the coffee table.
Beckett: What’s your point?
Ryan: Isn’t it obvious? She’s totally gonna put the moves on him.
Esposito: No way. Not gonna happen.
Beckett: Thank you for actually showing some maturity.
Esposito: He is totally gonna put the moves on her.
Beckett: Don’t you guys think that he’s actually evolved beyond that by now?
Esposito: He’s a man and he has a pulse so-
Ryan & Esposito: (simultaneously) No.

Beckett: Castle, I have twelve missed phone calls from Chip the sportscaster because he thinks that I’m single, but that doesn’t mean that I’m gonna let him mount me in his Speedo just to prove it.
Castle: You didn’t tell me he called.
Beckett: Really? You’re gonna play the jealousy card now?
Castle: Ok, look, I’ll make it up to you, alright? Whatever you want.
Beckett: What I want is not to have this image of a bikini-clad woman stuffing her boobs in your face, so good luck with that.
Castle: Don’t I even get credit for figuring out who the killer is?
Beckett: No!

Miles: I’m about ready to go live with a story.
Beckett: So are we.

Esposito: Funny how her co-workers thought they knew her so well and she had this whole secret life she was hiding from them.

Esposito: Yo, you took that punch for me. You didn’t have to do that.
Ryan: Well, that’s what partners do, right?
Esposito: C’mon. Let’s go get a beer. I’m buying.
Ryan: Cool. Anywhere but a sports bar.
Esposito: Definitely not a sports bar.

Beckett: The point is, is I don’t even know how to do this. Do you remember when Miles said that it’s inevitable that this will fall apart, that’s it’s destined to implode.
Castle: Just a reminder, Miles is a lying killer, but ok, maybe people will find out and maybe we won’t get to work together and maybe we’ll implode or maybe we’ll continue to be amazing. The point is we don’t have the answers. We just have to live with the questions and find our way.
Beckett: Ok, well, can we just start here then? Can we say we will talk about dating other people but we won’t actually date other people?
Castle: Yeah. No, I can do that.
Beckett: Ok. Good, because I have a gun and you don’t really have a choice.
Castle: Clearly, I don’t have a choice.

Full Episode Recap[edit]

Detective Kate Beckett looks at herself in her bedroom mirror as she dresses for her first day back at work after being suspended. Richard Castle enters and calls her outfits sexy, causing her to change since she feels she is supposed to look normal or else her colleagues will suspect something is different. Castle is doubtful anyone will notice they are dating, but Beckett reminds him she works with detectives who are supposed to notice things and that the NYPD has a strict policy against co-workers dating. In that case, Castle says, their dating shouldn’t be a problem since he isn’t an employee, but Beckett doesn’t think Captain Victoria Gates will see it the same way. Castle promises nobody will find out and says even his mother, Martha, and his daughter, Alexis, don’t know, but Beckett counters that it’s because they’ve been in Europe celebrating Alexis’ high school graduation. Her cell phone beeps and she moves to Castle to answer it as he suggests she change her pants too. She notes that she’s caught a murder and makes Castle promise to act single when they’re both in public. He agrees, they kiss, and Beckett leaves.

As Beckett approaches the crime scene, Castle meets her carrying his own coffee, but none for Beckett. He disagrees that anyone will notice and tells her she is overreacting, but is proven wrong when Detective Javier Esposito notices. Beckett brushes it off as they approach the body, which Esposito identifies as that of local television weathergirl Mandy Michaels. Castle begins mentioning how he thought she was attractive then catches himself when Beckett levels a jealous stare. They find Medical Examiner Lanie Parish who welcomes Beckett back then notices something different about her, but Beckett says it is nothing.

Esposito tells them that Mandy died of a single gunshot wound around 10:30 the night before, no wallet, purse, or cell phone were found on the body, so tech is trying to trace her phone. Lanie notes that the body shows signs of a struggle since Mandy’s blouse was ripped and she found bruising on her shoulder. As soon as Detective Kevin Ryan joins them, Esposito leaves, casting a frustrated Ryan an angry look. He reports that Mandy was last seen by her camera crew doing a weather spot at a children’s hospital toy drive the night before at 9:30. Castle points out that the hospital is a good distance from the crime scene and Ryan adds that Mandy’s apartment is far away as well. Esposito returns and says tech succeeded in finding Mandy’s cell phone. Suspecting it will lead them to her mugger and killer, Beckett tells them to look into it while she and Castle talk to Mandy’s next of kin. Ryan and Esposito begin bickering, but Beckett quiets them.

In the apartment building, Esposito continues nagging Ryan and dials the number of Mandy’s cell phone to determine in which apartment it is. He succeeds and they bust down the door to see a man holding it, claiming it is his.

At the precinct, Esposito questions the man, Jonathan Goodheart, listing his prior offenses of stalking and indecent exposure, but Jonathan explains them away. He claims he found the purse in a dumpster near the crime scene.

At her desk, Beckett hangs up from talking to Mandy’s mother, and reports to Castle that she had no boyfriends and that they had no idea why she’d be in the park. Ryan joins them, having found a threatening note in Mandy’s wallet, but Beckett says the evidence points to a mugging.

Later in the morgue, Lanie rules out a mugging since the blood splatter indicates Mandy was shot before her blouse was ripped and that the bruising occurred postmortem, meaning the killer tried to make the murder look like a mugging. Lanie then surprises Beckett by asking who she is having sex with, since there is a glow about her and Castle covers by asking who the guy is. Beckett shifts the subject back to the murder and Lanie points out that she found makeup on Mandy’s blouse that is a different shade than her own, which indicates she fought with her assailant, and that is formulated for high definition television, meaning the killer could be one of Mandy’s co-workers.

At the television station, the station manager tells Beckett and Castle that Mandy and another weathergirl, Rebecca Fog, had an altercation at the toy drive the night Mandy was killed. He leads them to an editing bay and asks an editor to pull up the video footage. As he queues up the footage, the station sports reporter, Chip Chambers, hits on Beckett, making Castle jealous, but she brushes him off. The station manager explains that the cameraman broke up the fight and left both women at the hospital.

Later, Castle and Beckett interview Rebecca Fog, who says Mandy’s days were numbered since she was getting older and calls her just a pretty face, whereas she, as a real meteorologist was doing the real work. She went to the toy drive to confront Mandy about some missing equipment she suspected she stole from her out of revenge for her forecasts being more accurate. As an alibi, she says she was at home sleeping and that someone in a silver SUV picked Mandy up from the toy drive.

At the precinct, Esposito phones Beckett to report that Rebecca’s alibi checks out. Beckett tells him to check traffic cameras and security footage to find the silver SUV. She tries to listen to him, but is distracted by Castle’s playing with the studio green screen. She ends her call when an attractive woman approaches Castle, they hug, and she flirtatiously demands that he appear on her evening entertainment report. Castle agrees and explains to Beckett that the woman is entertainment reporter Christina Coterra, and that his agent has been dogging him to do more publicity for Frozen Heat. Beckett wonders if she is the reporter who covers stories in her bikini, but Castle claims not to know. Still holding on to her suspicions, she explains that Ryan and Esposito found that Mandy was getting lots of calls from a burner cell phone generally between 2 and 4p.m.

The station makeup artists suspect that Mandy had a boyfriend she was hiding from everyone, since she was typically very open about her personal life, but when she got a call from that number, she made herself scarce. Their comment about no matter how discreet you try to be, someone always knows your secret strikes a nerve with Castle and Beckett. Through their clues, Castle figures out the guy is NBA star Reggie Blake.

At the precinct, Ryan and Esposito relay by phone that Reggie has a strict no cheating clause in his prenuptial agreement, so he’d lose a lot of money if he was caught with another woman, providing him with a motive to kill. Ryan adds that he also drives a silver SUV, so Beckett tells them to pick him up.

They track down Reggie at a public appearance and when Esposito continues to dog Ryan, Ryan suggests they call a truce, but Esposito ignores him. They get past one security guard, but are stopped by another, much larger one. Despite showing their badges, he refuses to let them past. When Esposito tries to push his way by, the man punches him in the face.

Back at the precinct, Beckett tells Castle that Mandy’s neighbors remembered hearing what they thought was a lover’s quarrel the night she was killed. They spin the theory that Mandy threatened to expose their affair, but Mandy isn’t intimidated by Reggie’s threatening note, so Reggie killed her. The elevator doors open and Ryan and Esposito, each with a black eye, exit, with Reggie and each of his security guards in tow.

In the interrogation room, Reggie apologizes, but Esposito doesn’t accept. He claims that he and Mandy were just friends out of mutual worry about their declining careers and that he picked Mandy up because he also attended the toy drive as he is a member of the hospital’s board, like Mandy was. He describes Mandy as someone who really cared about the kids from the hospital, as opposed to just using them to enhance her career. The night of her murder, he offered her a ride home, but she asked him to drop her off at the park so he agreed then went to a promotional event for his new shoe line. He remembers Mandy being nervous and suspects it had something to do with a recent trip to the emergency room.

That night, as Beckett and Castle look at the murder board, Beckett asks if Castle believes Reggie and he reminds her how they stayed friends for four years. Beckett tells him he was just trying to sleep with her, but he claims she was trying to sleep with him. Esposito says Reggie’s alibi checks out and that his wife confirmed that the three were just friends, so Beckett tells him to talk to the emergency room doctor to find out why Mandy was there. Ryan joins them and Esposito immediately notices that he has covered his black eye with makeup, which Ryan eventually admits to, claiming Jenny came by and he borrowed some of her moisturizer. Then he tells them that the surveillance camera on a store across the street from Mandy’s apartment caught news anchor Miles Haxton approaching her building around the time of her yelling match.

At the studio, Miles admits to having a relationship with Mandy and says he covered it up because of the station’s policy against co-workers dating. They had been dating for only a couple months, but the lies they’d had to tell to keep it a secret had put too big of a strain on things. He tells them he has a shot at a spot on the national news so he couldn’t risk the secret getting out and his being suspended. He says at the time of the murder he was at a new cell phone launch party and he doesn’t know why Mandy ended up in the hospital, but that she had been acting strange lately.

As they walk through the studio, Beckett worries that their relationship will suffer the same fate as Miles’ and Mandy’s, but Castle’s flirt cheers her up. Her cell phone rings and Esposito reports that Mandy was treated for a severe asthma attack at the hospital, but Beckett says Mandy’s condition was common knowledge. Esposito adds that the news helicopter brought her there, making Beckett and Castle wonder what she was doing up there. They turn to go interview the helicopter pilot, but one of the makeup artists intercepts Castle for his appearance on Christina’s show, so they separate.

The helicopter pilot admits Mandy paid him $1000 to keep their flight quiet. Mandy tells him to fly over New Jersey and just as they get airborne with a lot of equipment, Mandy has a severe asthma attack, so he flew her to the hospital.

Later, Beckett catches Castle’s interview with Christina on a TV monitor and becomes concerned when he tells Christina he is single and she asks him to have dinner with her. He stumbles over a response, but eventually agrees, much to Beckett’s chagrin.

The next morning at the precinct, Castle tells Beckett his date with Christina is simply a cover for his relationship with her. Esposito’s high-five for scoring the date proves his point and he explains he’ll simply take her to a very public restaurant in hopes they’ll appear on Page Six. He asks if she is ok with the situation and she lies, saying yes. Castle then asks about her talk with the helicopter pilot and Beckett says the equipment she flew with was what she had stolen from Rebecca Fog.

In the conference room, Rebecca sets up the equipment and notices one instrument that measure air quality recorded a high reading of styrene, which can cause respiratory distress, just like Mandy’s asthma attack. Castle suspects that there is a connection between Mandy’s helicopter ride and Reggie’s story about her interaction with kids at the hospital.

One of the kids Mandy talked to tells Castle and Beckett she asked him where he played baseball in suspicion that it could have something to do with his own asthma. Ryan pulls Castle away and says all the other mothers of kids Mandy talked to said the same thing: she asked them about their practices at the same baseball field which is located in the area of New Jersey she flew over in the helicopter. Ryan adds that the local hospital reported an increase in asthma attacks in kids for the neighborhood near the field. Castle suspects Mandy was killed because she discovered the cause.

Later at the murder board, Ryan and Esposito explain that of the eight factories located near the baseball field, only one, Cazulli Carpeting, uses styrene and its logo matches the logo at the bottom of the threatening note in Mandy’s wallet. Esposito continues saying the factory owner has a record that includes assault and battery, spousal abuse, and attempted arson. They then spin the theory that Cazulli killed Mandy to keep her from going public about the fact that he was polluting the air.

In an interrogation room, Cazulli refuses to answer any questions until his lawyer arrives, so Castle and Beckett review his file and the case in front of him, including the fact that he had to know his factory was using an illegal amount of styrene, that Mandy tried to confront him, and that she was headed to an Environmental Protection Agency office to report him when she was killed, in an effort to provoke an outburst. It works and Cazulli admits to threatening Mandy, but says he merely intended to scare her. Beckett thanks him for admitting to motive and leaves, letting his attorney in behind her.

That evening, Beckett tells Castle and Esposito that without more concrete evidence against Cazulli, they can’t charge him with Mandy’s murder. Ryan enters and says they found Mandy’s file of evidence in Cazulli’s office and inside is a photo taken of his factory. The time stamp indicates that it was taken while Mandy had to be at the studio doing her report, so she must have had a partner in her effort to expose him. Beckett suggests they order dinner and keep working, but the guys remind Castle of his date. He gleefully leaves, but masks his concern for Beckett by asking if all of them will be ok without him. Beckett bites her tongue, so he goes.

Later at his loft, Castle hears a knock on his front door and answers to find Christina there with a bottle of wine, and a refrigerated container of oysters and chocolate-covered strawberries. She saunters inside and makes herself comfortable.

Back at the precinct, Ryan says nobody at the station knew what Mandy was working on, so none of them could have been her partner. The boys then wonder why Castle isn’t more enthusiastic about his date with Christina, especially since, Ryan adds, she is famous for seducing men with her extensive bikini collection. As Beckett works harder at hiding her concern, Esposito is confident that Castle will try to seduce Christina instead.

At his loft, Christina pins Castle up against his refrigerator and, reaching into his back pocket, accidentally dials Beckett on his dell phone. Beckett answers and only hears Castle yelling in panic and a ceramic dish crashing to the floor. Thinking he is being attacked, she runs out of the precinct. Christina seductively helps him clean up then backs him up against his couch where she admits she has only been rejected once, and not intending to have it happen again, she rips open her dress to reveal one of her bikinis. She pushes Castle onto his couch and pounces on top of him, kissing him furiously. Beckett bursts inside in time to catch them together.

At the television station, Beckett remains angry at Castle, who says the only reason he agreed to go out with Christina is because Beckett insisted they act single. She retorts that she hasn’t asked Chip Chambers out to prove her single status despite his repeated phone calls. Castle becomes jealous then agrees to make it up to Beckett, but she refuses. They bring Miles into a conference room then present him with their evidence, including the fact that he turned down Christina because he’s gay, that the photos of Cazulli’s factory were found in his apartment, and gunshot residue was found on clothes in his apartment and on a ski mask. Castle and Beckett suppose that Mandy cared about the kids suffering with asthma and didn’t want to wait for the story to be vetted through the station’s legal department, so she decided to go to the EPA, meaning Miles loses the story that would have given him the national anchor’s spot. He finally admits that he just wanted to scare her, but she fought with him and the gun went off accidentally.

Later at the precinct, Castle explains to Ryan and Esposito that the station manager told him Miles was going to lose his job if he couldn’t deliver a big story, so he snuck out of the cell phone launch party to confront her. Beckett announces she is leaving for night and turns down Castle’s invitation to walk her out. He watches her leave then exits himself. As Ryan takes down the murder board, Esposito catches the evening sports report which features video footage of his and Ryan’s fight with Reggie’s security. He sees Ryan take a punch for him and is flattered. When Ryan simply says he was just backing up his partner, Esposito offers to treat him to a beer.

Later on, Castle goes to Beckett’s apartment and apologizes for going out with Christina, further admitting he doesn’t know how to act single. Beckett says she doesn’t know either, but she also doesn’t want to have to worry about him being with other women, to which he answers that he had no intention of sleeping with her. Beckett then worries that their relationship will implode, like Miles had said, but Castle comforts her by saying he is a lying murderer and that they can only do the best they can, despite not knowing what the future holds. Beckett asks if they can just talk about dating, but not actually go out on dates and he agrees. They move in to kiss, but Beckett backs off, unable to get the image of Christina’s boobs in Castle’s face out of her mind.


  • Victim: Mandy Michaels
    • Cause of Death: Gunshot wound
  • Perp: Miles Haxton
    • Motive: Greed: He and Mandy had been working on a story about a factory that was using a chemical that caused asthma attacks in children and Mandy wanted to take it to the Environmental Protection Agency so it would break sooner than if the TV station she and Miles worked at. Miles needed to break a big story to win a spot as anchor of the national news, so he intended so just scare Mandy with a gun, but she fought him and it went off.

Episode Analysis[edit]


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