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Castle's Loft

The exterior of the building in which Castle's loft is located, frequently shown in the show, can be found in New York City at 425 Broome Street, at the corner of Broome and Crosby Streets.

The Pilot[edit]

In the original pilot, the scenes in Castle's loft were filmed in New York. The set was considerably different from what we know as Castle's loft today.

We see a large room with polished floorboards and a stylish grand piano. We also see Castle pushing Alexis down a long hall where framed posters of his book covers adorn the walls. Castle's office appears much smaller.

Seasons 1-3[edit]

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Set designer Alfred Sole designed Castle's loft as it appears now in the series. The set is built on stage 12 at Raleigh Studios in Los Angeles.

In season 2 the loft underwent some minor design changes including the addition of semi-transparent panels to the entry way.

All of the books in Castle's bookshelves are real books (excepting the ones written by Richard Castle previous to the Nikki Heat series as these don't really exist). Most of the books are thrillers and mystery novels.

In the series the bedrooms (except for the master bedroom) are upstairs; however, there is only one storey to the actual set. The stairs lead nowhere.

References to the loft in the show[edit]

  • Alexis and Castle lived in the loft when she was in the fifth grade (typically around age 10), as referenced in the dialogue in "Last Call" when her fifth-grade friend Grace comes to visit:
GRACE: So, your room... in the same place?
ALEXIS: Yeah. Same place. Same old room. You know, everything’s the same.

The Staircase Photograph[edit]

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The large staircase photograph in Castle's study is called "Lucee Charlemagne Staircase, Down View" and it is from Voila! Art for the Modern Eye.

You can contact Voila! Gallery at (323) 954-0418 for details.

They come in 3 sizes 17×22 / 32×48; the one behind Castle's desk is 48×72 and retails for $5,000.