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Carter Burke

A NYPD Psychiatrist that Beckett is required to see to pass her psych evalution. He appears in the finally minutes of Rise when Beckett returns to his office explaining that she lied before about the shooting. She confesses that she remembers everything.

Beckett returns to Dr. Burke's office again in Eye of the Beholder clearly upset that Castle seems to have taken an interest in insurance investigator Serena Kaye. Stating that Casle is supposed to be her partner and he's supposed to be on her team. That he's not supposed to be all smitten. Beckett admits to Dr. Burke that her relationship with Castle is complicated. Dr. Burke asks Beckett what she's really scared of; that Castle won't wait for her or that he will.

Beckett finds herself returning to Dr. Burke's office again in Killshot after experiencing increasing episodes of PTSD.