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[[File:21RyanCloseUp.jpg|thumb|right|© 2014-2015 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.]]
==Basic Details==
==Basic Details==
Season 7, Episode 18 (145)
Season 7, Episode 18 (145)

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© 2014-2015 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Basic Details

Season 7, Episode 18 (145)

Original Air Date - March 23, 2015


Ryan takes a side job with her brother-in-law's security company and witnesses an assassination attempt on up-and-coming Congressman Alex Lopez. While he blames himself for the security lapse, he is further upset when evidence points to his brother-in-law as being more involved than he originally let on. Meanwhile, Castle learns than Beckett is studying for the NYPD Captain's exam.

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Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Maya Stojan - Tory Ellis, NYPD Tech
  • David Conrad - Frank Kelly, Ryan's brother-in-law
  • Ricardo Chavira - Congressman Alex Lopez
  • David Andrews - Carl Shelton, wealthy donor
  • Annie Little - Carolyn Decker, head of water charity
  • Reiko Aylesworth - Mia Lopez, Congressman Lopez's wife
  • Ali Hillis - Megan Brooks, Congressman Lopez's Chief of Staff
  • Jeremy Tardy - Julian Bailey, hotel worker




Esposito: Oh come on, Castle, no hard feelings. I tell you what: I will buy the first round at the Old Haunt.
Ryan: Sorry, guys, I can't tonight. I have another security gig with my brother in law.
Esposito: Really? Again?
Ryan: Yeah. The good news is, Sarah Grace will have enough money for college. The bad news is, she'll have no idea who I am.

Castle: That means this goes beyond the usual pro athlete or reality star. This is someone important, someone ... revered. Perhaps the Pope? The Dalai Lama? Angela Merkel?
Ryan: My lips are sealed.
Castle: Ryan! Is it One Direction? You'd tell me, right?? (Ryan walks away) Are they in town?
Esposito: They're in Hong Kong.
Castle: Right.

(Ryan's phone rings)
Ryan: Bad news travels fast. (He answers)
Beckett: Are you OK?
Ryan: No, not really. Can we talk later?
Beckett: No, Kev, this can't wait.
Ryan: Beckett, I have to work this case.
Beckett: Look - it's a homicide now. I'm at the hospital. Carolyn Decker just died in surgery.

Boyce: Detective Beckett? Jim Boyce, state party chair. This whole thing is just terrible. Is there any news?
Beckett: Just that we're doing everything we can to apprehend the suspect.
Boyce: Well, I'm glad that you're the one handling the case.
Beckett: I'm sorry, Mr Boyce - do we know each other?
Boyce: No, but you have an outstanding reputation, and it's got the attention of some of the people in my world. I won't hold you, detective. Pleasure to meet you. (He leaves.)
Beckett: Yeah, likewise.
Castle: (baffled) What was that about?
Beckett: (baffled) No idea.

Beckett: Chambers isn't talking.
Ryan: Well, that may not matter. I think we literally just found the smoking gun.

Ryan: Julian Bailey?
Bailey: Yes?
Esposito: You mind telling us what you were doing in a storage room last night?
Bailey: I wasn't in any storage room.
Ryan: (showing photograph): Then who's this, your evil twin?

Castle: (seeing Beckett enter ballroom) Oh, good! You're here.
Beckett: What is this? What are you guys doing?
Castle: Well, Ryan was working all night and ... he texted me.
Beckett: You texted Castle and not me?
Ryan: Well, when you have a crazy theory, you don't call the voice of reason.

Castle: I know I have occasionally theorised that a conspiracy was afoot ...
Beckett: Occasionally??
Castle: .. but this time a conspiracy really is afoot!

Beckett: (taking pictures down from murder board) Backstabbing, conspiracy and betrayal. That is why I hate politics. Representatives of the people should be honourable. They should be trustworthy.
Castle: Well, I'm sure some of them are, but I'm sure Washington could use a few more people that think the way you do. (Moving a pile of paper to find a book about the NYPD Captain's Exam) What's this?
Beckett: Oh, study materials.
Castle: The captain's exam! So, are you going to go for it?
Beckett: Well, it's the next step. I'm not sure if it's the right one yet. But I thought I'd take the test, see how I do.
Castle: And if you do well?
Beckett: Then maybe that'll make my decision for me. You ready to go home?
Castle: (grabbing her hand): Yeah.

Full Episode Recap


  • Victim: Carolyn Decker
    • Cause of Death: Shot in the back and bled to death
  • Victim: Congressman Alex Lopez
    • Crime: Shot in the shoulder, but survived
  • Perp: Megan Brooks
    • Motive: Revenge: Megan heard a rumor that Carolyn wanted her fired as the Congressman's Chief of Staff, so she plotted to kill Carolyn and to frame Eric Chambers for the crime.

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