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===Guest Cast===
===Guest Cast===
*Michael Cassidy – Greg McClintock
*Brea Cola – Dr. Imani Phelps
*Erin Fleming – Amy Porter 125,508
*Bo Foxworth – Leonard Maloney
*Cynthia Frost – Tova
*John Kassir – Mr. Dreyfus
*A Martinez – Cesar Calderon
*Allyssa Maurice – Dr. Lissa Akerman
*[[Monet Mazur]] – [[Gina Cowell]]
*Carlos Sanz – Manuel Calderon
*William Allen Young – Jerry Camden

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Basic Details

Season 3, Episode 5

Original Air Date October 18, 2010


Mysteries abound when pallbearers at a funeral lose control of a surprisingly heavy casket only to have a second unknown woman tumble out along with the original deceased. When Castle and Beckett learn that the victim was a doctor at County Hospital, their investigation takes them into the world of amorous, bed-hopping physicians. Did jealousy turn to murder, or did the doctor’s mysterious work outside the hospital lead to her demise? Meanwhile, Castle’s relationship with Gina is challenged when she tries to bond with Alexis.

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Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Michael Cassidy – Greg McClintock
  • Brea Cola – Dr. Imani Phelps
  • Erin Fleming – Amy Porter 125,508
  • Bo Foxworth – Leonard Maloney
  • Cynthia Frost – Tova
  • John Kassir – Mr. Dreyfus
  • A Martinez – Cesar Calderon
  • Allyssa Maurice – Dr. Lissa Akerman
  • Monet MazurGina Cowell
  • Carlos Sanz – Manuel Calderon
  • William Allen Young – Jerry Camden

Ratings Information

Date Viewers (Mil) 18-49 Demo



This episode makes several tongue in cheek references to the television series Grey's Anatomy

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