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Anatomy of a Murder

Basic Details[edit]

Season 3, Episode 5 (39)

Original Air Date - October 18, 2010


Mysteries abound when pallbearers at a funeral lose control of a surprisingly heavy casket only to have a second unknown woman tumble out along with the original deceased. When Castle and Beckett learn that the victim was a doctor at County Hospital, their investigation takes them into the world of amorous, bed-hopping physicians. Did jealousy turn to murder, or did the doctor’s mysterious work outside the hospital lead to her demise? Meanwhile, Castle’s relationship with Gina is challenged when she tries to bond with Alexis.

Episode Images[edit]

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Main Cast[edit]

Guest Cast[edit]

  • Michael Cassidy – Greg McClintock
  • Brea Cola – Dr. Imani Phelps
  • Erin Fleming – Amy Porter 125,508
  • Bo Foxworth – Leonard Maloney
  • Cynthia Frost – Tova
  • John Kassir – Mr. Dreyfus
  • A Martinez – Cesar Calderon
  • Allyssa Maurice – Dr. Lissa Akerman
  • Monet Mazur – Gina Cowell
  • Carlos Sanz – Manuel Calderon
  • William Allen Young – Jerry Camden


Beckett: Castle, stop playing with her phone.
Castle: I wasn’t playing. I wasn’t! The last web searches on her phone were after 6p.m. yesterday. She was looking for a hotel in Ketonah, New York. I thought it might be relevant.
Beckett: Oh.

Nurse McClintock: Are you asking for my alibi? Seriously?
Beckett: Seriously.
Nurse McClintock: Seriously?
Beckett: Seriously.
Nurse McClintock (to Castle): Seriously?
Castle: Seriously!

Castle: Makes no sense. Why spend all that time listening to women and buying them things if you’re not gonna try and sleep with them? (Castle sees Beckett standing next to him) Beckett’s here.

Castle: If we’re talking about a field trip to a women’s prison, I’m in.
Capt. Montgomery: Easy, tiger.

Castle: Nothing says I’m an ass like a bunch of helium-filled rubber.

Castle: She’s growing up. She has a boyfriend now. You wanna know the truth? I feel like an outsider too.

Castle: How goes the haystack? Any needles?
Beckett: More like a pitchfork.

Castle (reading to Beckett from a letter): "No matter the obstacles, no matter how hard you try, you’ll never get rid of me. I love you."

Beckett: So, two lovers reunite after three years. Where would you go?
Castle: Motel.
Beckett: Really? That’s what you call special?
Castle: Well, I’m assuming they’re on a budget.

Martha: But the question is this: when you come right down to it, would you be willing to break her out of prison? Because that, my boy, is true love.
Castle (to Esposito): Nothing like a hypothetical prison term to let you know who your friends are.
Beckett: Don’t worry, Castle. I’d get you out.


  • This episode makes several tongue in cheek references to the television series Grey's Anatomy.
  • Castle repeatedly uses the phrase "McDreamy", the nickname for Derek Shepherd on "Grey's Anatomy", and once described the male nurse as "McSteamy", another reference to "Grey's".

Featured Music[edit]

  • You Know It's True performed by Jules Larson - Castle takes umbrage to Esposito saying that, if the two were in jail, he would escape and leave Castle behind, when Beckett overhears and reassures Castle that she would break him out.

Full Episode Recap[edit]

Mourners at a Jewish man’s funeral listen to a Rabbi perform the service. Pallbearers walk to the front of the room and pick up the casket containing the body of their deceased loved one. However, as the men begin carrying the casket towards the exit, they have trouble supporting its weight. After a few minutes, they finally drop the casket, causing the lid to pop off and the body of the men whose life they are celebrating falls out, along with that of a woman whom none of them recognize.

At the loft of Richard Castle, his daughter Alexis picks out nail polish colors with Castle’s mother, Martha Rodgers, while Castle himself reads a book. Martha starts as the loft’s front door buzzer sounds. Alexis explains that Gina, Castle’s ex-wife and current girlfriend, invited her and her grandmother to join her at a spa for free manicures, pedicures and massages. Castle expresses surprise that Martha is joining the girl’s day out, and she responds that when it comes to Gina, perks outweigh her personal feelings. She opens the door and Gina greets Martha and Alexis warmly. Castle asks if he can join, and Gina refuses, saying she wants to spend the day bonding with Martha and Alexis. Alexis reassures her father saying that they have lots of other things to talk about, and Gina adds that she wants to get the scoop on Alexis’ boyfriend Ashley from the source. Gina then asks if Castle knew that they had a song and Alexis tells him that it is Mine by Taylor Swift because it was playing the first time they kissed. Castle covers his ears, not wanting to hear about his daughter’s love life. Alexis goes on to say that the song is why she wanted tickets to an upcoming exclusive Taylor Swift performance, only the show sold out and any leftover tickets were too expensive. Gina turns to Castle and asks him if he remembers their song. He breaks out into a smile and answers ACDC’s You Shook Me All Night Long. Alexis and Martha then painfully cover their ears, just as Castle did a few moments earlier. As they leave, Castle bids them good day and kisses Gina lightly on the lips as his cell phone rings. He grabs it off the coffee table and, when Gina sees the caller, she comments that it looks like Castle already has plans.

Later on, Detective Kate Beckett pulls up to the funeral home in her squad car, with Castle in the passenger seat. Castle can’t resist observing that they typically meet the body before the funeral, rather than during. They find Medical Examiner Lanie Parish inside and Detective Javier Esposito tells them that the mourners found a body in the casket. When Castle asks why that is so unusual, Esposito explains that the family was bidding goodbye to an older man, but found a younger woman in the casket as well. Lanie tells them that the murder victim is Dr. Valerie Monroe, an internist at County Hospital. Beckett asks if there might be any connection between Dr. Monroe and the original dead man, and Esposito says that his partner, Detective Kevin Ryan, is interviewing family members. Beckett asks Lanie about a cause of death and she says that it is unknown, since she can’t find any wounds, except for a nonfatal large bruise on the base of the back of Dr. Monroe's neck that was inflicted at the time of death. She also estimates the time of death as being between 7 and 9 the previous night. Beckett says that they can assume that someone was trying to get rid of the body and Lanie agrees, saying that whoever is responsible also tried to ditch Dr. Monroe’s purse and cell phone. Castle comments that the idea of disposing of a body by putting it in a casket with another body is actually quite brilliant, especially since Jewish tradition requires a short mourning period before burial. Beckett orders Esposito to talk to the funeral director to find out who had access to the coffin in the last day.

The funeral director tells Esposito that he has no idea who the woman is and that he has no idea how she got into the casket. He goes on to say that that morning when he came into work he found one of the windows smashed. Esposito, somewhat dubiously, asks if the man means to say that someone broke in and stashed Dr. Monroe’s body in the casket, the director answers affirmatively. He also insists that he called the police, but since nothing appeared to be missing, nobody responded and that if someone had, he wouldn’t have an angry widow on his hands.

Back at the precinct, Beckett tells Castle that according to the hospital Dr. Monroe finished her shift at 6p.m., roughly an hour or two before her murder and that hopefully she’ll be able to find out where she was headed from her colleagues. She then notices Castle playing on Dr. Monroe’s phone and snatches it out of his hands. He protests that he was not playing with it, but rather looking up Dr. Monroe’s most recent internet searches, which happen to have been made after she got off her shift and for a hotel in Katonah, New York, thinking that such facts might be relevant to the case. Sufficiently proved wrong, Beckett hands the phone back to Castle. Castle then guesses that Dr. Monroe was planning a liaison with a lover, and her boyfriend killed her in a jealous rage. Beckett doubts it, sarcastically saying that the bruise on the back of her neck surely indicates jealously as a motive. A uniformed officer enters and hands Castle a large envelope. When Beckett asks if he is receiving mail at the precinct now, he explains that he had tickets for the Taylor Swift show that Alexis wanted delivered to the precinct so he could surprise Alexis. He then tells Beckett that Alexis and Ashley have a song, and Beckett teases Castle that their song is “You Talk Too Much” by Clarence Carter. Ryan enters and says that the funeral director’s story about a break in checked out and that no prints were found on the window or the casket. Esposito adds that Dr. Monroe’s financial history indicates that every morning she would buy coffee. Ryan interrupts to poke fun at the seemingly innocuous fact, and Esposito finishes that what is unusual is the fact that the coffee shop is 20 blocks in the opposite direction from her residence and the hospital. He then says that he’s on his way to find out Dr. Monroe had a boyfriend in the area of the coffee shop, glares at Ryan, and walks away. Ryan sheepishly follows as Beckett’s phone rings.

A little later, Lanie shows Beckett and Castle grey nylon carpet fibers she found on Dr. Monroe’s body. Beckett asks about the cause of death and Lanie explains that the bruise on the back of her neck may have knocked her out, but didn’t kill her. She also shows Beckett and Castle a needle mark on the side of Dr. Monroe’s neck, indicating that she was injected with a syringe. When Beckett asks about poisoning, Lanie pulls out a syringe and demonstrates how the killer inserted an empty syringe into Dr. Monroe’s carotid artery, and pushed the plunger, which would have forced air into Dr. Monroe’s brain causing a fatal air embolism. She also guesses that it was all done by a medical professional leading Beckett speculate that one of her colleagues at the hospital might be the killer.

Later, as Castle and Beckett walk through County Hospital where Dr. Monroe worked, Beckett expresses surprise that more medical professionals aren’t killed every year, what with the cost of health care and the stress of the job. Castle adds that lust and betrayal could contribute as well, since he sees lots of doctors sleeping together on TV shows. His words irritate Beckett, who says that 4 out of 5 doctors prefer dating outside their profession. When Castle asks what kind of doctor would date a detective, Beckett says that she knows of at least one, leading Castle to realize that Beckett’s boyfriend Josh is a doctor. When he immaturely guesses what his specialty is, Beckett tells him that he is a cardiac surgeon and Castle is both impressed and disappointed. Beckett pushes him, saying that Josh saved a life just that morning while Castle was probably doing nothing of great importance. Castle, embarrassed, answers that he made waffles.

Beckett and Castle find Dr. Monroe’s boss who tells them that she never mentioned dating anyone. Beckett asks if there was any friction with any of her colleagues and her boss says that the day before just before going off shift, she did have a private meeting with a Nurse McClintock, who left meeting looking shaken. When he asked Dr. Monroe for more detail, she only said that it was a personal matter that she was looking into.

Still later, Castle tries to use Dr. Monroe’s private meeting with the nurse to prove his theory about a hospital love triangle, speculating that she was dating a manly colleague who she caught with the nurse with whom she met before going off shift, and that a “catfight to the death” ensued. He then muses about what a wonderful title for a book "catfight to the death" would be and Beckett asks him about exactly how much TV he watches. Castle answers that he watches enough to state with certainty that Nurse McClintock is probably a hottie. Just then, a young man comes up behind them and introduces himself as Nurse McClintock. Beckett asks Castle if he’d like to revise his theory, and he confidently refuses. A female doctor passes by McClintock, greeting him in a very friendly way and using his first name, Greg. He returns her greeting and watches her walk away. Castle then asks him about his meeting the day before with Dr. Monroe and he confirms that they met, but then tries to change the subject by telling Beckett that he likes her hairstyle. She is momentarily distracted then brings his focus back to the murder. Before he can answer another female doctor walks by and warmly greets “Greg.” Castle observes that he looks to be a pretty popular guy and Beckett presses him on the subject of his meeting with Dr. Monroe. Greg says that she told him that he was getting too friendly with the other doctors and he promised to back off. After the meeting, he walked her to the ambulance bay and they parted, Dr. Monroe going off with a guy he had never seen before. Castle doubts Greg’s story and Beckett asks him for his alibi for the previous evening. Greg is in disbelief that he has to give an alibi, but eventually says that he was getting coffee with one of the other doctors. He thinks for a second and corrects himself, saying that he was with a different doctor, who would be willing to verify his story.

Back at the precinct, Ryan tells Castle that Greg’s story about being with one of the doctors checked out and that the doctor went on at length about how sweet Greg is to her. Castle then says that it proves his theory about a hospital love triangle. Ryan says that he the same initially, then he found out that not one or two, but several doctors considered Greg their platonic “special friend.” Additionally, CSU swept the hospital and the fibers found on Dr. Monroe’s body don’t match the carpeting in the hospital. Castle then says that talking to women and buying them things makes no sense to him if sex isn’t in the plan. He then realizes that Beckett is standing right next to him, and quickly clams up. Ryan theorizes that Greg might be gay, and Beckett refutes him, saying that his attempts at hitting on her prove otherwise. Beckett then shows more of Dr. Monroe’s financial history, which reveals that while she had been making regular minimum payments on her substantial student loans since graduating from medical school, six months ago she began making $10,000 a week payments in money orders without receiving a pay raise from the hospital. Castle says that the money orders show that someone was making the payments on her behalf. Captain Roy Montgomery joins the group and shows them a surveillance photo from the ambulance dock which backs up Greg’s story: Dr. Monroe is seen being led away from the dock by a man the staff did not recognize. Beckett then says that the man might have been the last person to see Dr. Monroe alive, and Castle guesses that he might be their killer.

That evening, Castle approaches the front door to his loft, and pulls the Taylor Swift tickets out of their envelope, but hides them behind his back. He then gleefully enters his loft, and Alexis runs to him, saying that Gina got her and Ashley front-row center tickets to the show and backstage passes. Gina tries to downplay her efforts, explaining that her publishing company made a deal to publish her autobiography. Alexis runs off to call Ashley, and Castle drops his feigned look of happiness. He sits down next to Gina on the couch, shows her his tickets, and tells her that she should have checked with him first before getting her tickets. Gina asks why it matters who got the tickets as long as Alexis is happy, and when Castle tries to explain himself, she gets angry and says that she didn’t realize that by trying to do something nice she was also stealing his hero moment. She gathers her things and walks out angry.

Back at the precinct, Captain Roy Montgomery tells Beckett to go home and start over in the morning. Just as she begins to disagree, Esposito enters and says that he checked out the coffee shop where Dr. Monroe would get coffee every morning. He found that she was spending lots of time at a hotel nearby, where one of the permanent residents is a former drug lord, Cesar Calderone.

The next morning, Castle and Beckett ride the elevator to the penthouse of the hotel where Calderone lives. Castle is dramatically guessing at what kind of man Calderone is and why he might have murdered Dr. Monroe. Beckett says that her cause of death doesn’t strike her as being Calderone’s style and Castle guesses that Calderone killed Dr. Monroe the way he did in an effort to throw suspicion on the hospital staff and away from himself. Beckett says that she still doesn’t understand why Dr. Monroe was in bed with Calderone and Castle reminds her how ladies love bad boys, a fact Beckett does not dispute. She rings the doorbell to his unit and Castle, continuing his dramatics, braces the both of them for their meeting. The door opens and Beckett introduces herself to the middle-aged man who answers, asking to see Cesar Calderone. Initially, he tells them that they have the wrong address, then a voice tells him to let them in, since the famous author Richard Castle is calling. Looking very satisfied with himself, Castle enters and Beckett rolls her eyes.

Calderone welcomes them to his apartment and tells Castle that he needs no introduction, since he is an avid reader of Castle’s books especially the Spanish versions and his Nikki Heat series. Beckett is momentarily embarrassed then accepts Calderone’s invitation to sit. When they tell him they are investigating Dr. Monroe’s death, Calderone is immediately shocked and shaken. He says that Dr. Monroe had been his private physician since he went to the hospital several months ago for a heart condition and she took care of him. He hired her to be his caregiver five nights a week. Castle notes that that explains the $10,000 payments on her student loans. Calderone goes on to say that Dr. Monroe helped him regain his strength by taking late-night walks in the park. Beckett asks him for his alibi and he says that he was home and ordered hotel room service. Castle tells Beckett that the carpet is brown and not a match to the grey fibers found on Dr. Monroe’s body. Beckett shows Calderone and his brother Manuel the picture from the hospital surveillance camera and Manue; identifies the man as sometimes waiting for her at a café near her place.

Beckett and Castle head to the café, whose staff confirms that the man was a lunch regular, but hasn’t been in yet that day. Castle says that he may have killed Dr. Monroe then left town, but Beckett suggests that they wait a while to see if he shows up. She also says that the hotel staff verified Calderone’s alibi. Beckett then asks Castle how did it go surprising Alexis, and he tells her how disappointed he was that Gina beat him to getting the tickets without checking with him first. Beckett agrees, but says that it doesn’t change the fact that Gina still cared enough to get the tickets at all. She then notices the man from the surveillance photo approaching the café and intercepts him. When Beckett tells him that needs to ask him about Dr. Monroe, he says that she’ll have to call his office and walks off. Beckett threatens to arrest him and he reaches into his coat pocket, causing her to pull her gun on him. He turns and flashes his own badge, introducing himself as an investigator with the Attorney General’s office. He goes on to say that Dr. Monroe was working undercover for him.

Over coffee at the café, he tells Castle and Beckett that Dr. Monroe wasn’t investigating Calderone, but rather possible misappropriation of funds, prescription fraud and equipment theft at County Hospital. He says that since they couldn’t find the source, he asked Dr. Monroe to see what she could find. The day before she died she called him and wanted to meet, so he met her by the ambulance dock. She told him that she was onto possible drug smuggling, but didn’t want to name any names until she had verified some information up north. Castle then connects that to her search for a hotel in Katonah.

Back at the precinct. Captain Montgomery wonders what the connection is between drug smuggling and the small town of Katonah. Castle then mentions that Katonah is where Martha Stewart lives, causing Captain Montgomery to realize that Martha Stewart went to prison at the Bedford Hills women’s prison nearby. Castle gleefully volunteers to take a field trip to the women’s prison, only to have Montgomery quiet him. He tells Beckett to get the prison to send them the inmate list and visitors log for the last six months so she can check to see if anyone connected to Dr. Monroe showed up there. Castle begs off for the night, saying that he has to make amends with Gina.

A short time later at his loft, Gina arrives to find Castle standing in his living room holding a large collection of balloons. She is unmoved by his initial attempt at humor and goes to say that she is concerned about the parallel between this argument over the tickets and one they had while married when they couldn’t agree on who would give Alexis an expensive doll she wanted. Castle ended up winning, since he thought Gina’s doll was scary-looking. Gina tells him that she is frustrated by how he builds a wall around Alexis seemingly wanting to keep everyone else but himself out and that this time, she just didn’t want to be on the outside looking in. Castle says that now that Alexis is growing up and has a boyfriend, more and more he feels like he is on the outside too. He acknowledges that he was wrong and says that Gina should get credit for the tickets. They kiss each other and Castle lets the balloons go, allowing them to float to the roof of the loft.

The next morning he arrives at the precinct with his and Beckett’s coffees and she asks him how his apology went the night before. He responds that his bribery and a little sincerity did work, and she says that both usually do. Castle asks about the case and Beckett tells him that Dr. Monroe never visited the hospital, but that Greg McClintock did. Every week he visited an inmate named Amy Porter, who is serving a 30 year to life sentence for being the getaway driver in a failed robbery where a security guard was killed. Beckett also says that Greg was a character witness for Amy at her trial, leading Castle to conclude that Amy and Greg are in a relationship. Castle then theorizes that Dr. Monroe uncovered a plan by Greg to smuggle drugs out of the hospital and into the prison so Amy could sell them to her fellow inmates. All the hospital staff with whom Greg was friendly were his unwitting accomplices. Beckett goes on to say that she asked the prison warden to search Amy’s cell then have her sent down to the precinct for questioning. Esposito then interrupts and says that the warden just told him that Amy suffered a stroke that morning and was sent to County Hospital, the nearest hospital to the prison with a secure ward. Beckett then realizes that Amy was sent to the same hospital where Greg works.

Beckett and Castle hurry into the hospital and find one of Greg’s doctor friends who tells them that Amy died while having an MRI. Beckett asks to see the body and when they do, they find someone else entirely. Beckett and Castle then realize that Greg switched the bodies and that he wasn’t trying to smuggle drugs into the prison, but rather to break Amy out.

Back at the precinct, Captain Montgomery is surprised to hear Castle and Beckett’s explanation of Greg trying to break Amy out of prison. Beckett says that, with Lanie’s help, she and Castle think they’ve figured out how Greg did it. Greg made friends with certain doctors at the hospital who he knew could help him get the necessary paperwork and drugs he needed to pull the escape off. Lanie, Castle and Beckett explain that a pharmacist at the hospital gave Greg, thinking it was for his mother, a prescription for a botox-like topical facial cream that paralyzed half of Amy’s face to the extent that it could easily be mistaken as indicating a stroke. The prison sent her to County Hospital where another doctor friend of Greg’s ordered an MRI. Greg used his access to the emergency room to get morphine, of which he gave enough to Amy to cause her vital signs to drop to the point where she had no recordable pulse, making hospital staff to think she was dead. Greg wheeled Amy into the morgue and gave her an injection, bringing her out of her simulated death. Greg then got another friend of his to sign all the necessary paperwork releasing the body to him, replaced Amy’s body with someone else’s and the two took off. Beckett tells the Captain that while the police are on the lookout for any sign of Greg and Amy, she suspects that they’ve already put a pre-planned escape into action. Castle pulls a stack of letters that Greg sent to Amy from a box and supposes that their answer might be in one of them.

In the precinct conference room Castle and Beckett sort through Greg’s letters to Amy and her responses. Beckett is frustrated that she doesn’t see any clues to their escape in the letters and Castle suggests that they look at them as romance novels instead of evidence, since Greg and Amy bared their souls to each other through their writing. Beckett says that she still sees no reference to the escape at all in Amy’s letters, merely claims of her innocence and stories about how much she misses Greg. Castle reads one of Greg’s letters in which he composed a poem that fails to rhyme. Beckett quips that not everyone is as talented a writer as Castle and reads from one of Amy’s letters where she told Greg to move onto someone else. Castle pulls out Greg’s response and reads a passage where Greg tells Amy that she’ll never get rid of him and that he loves her. After speaking those words, Castle and Beckett freeze for a moment, looking deep into each other’s eyes. They finally break eye contact, embarrassed, and Beckett tries to figure out where they might have gone after their escape. Castle supposes they went to a motel, a suggestion which Beckett finds ridiculous and un-romantic. She guesses that they’d go somewhere with special meaning to the both of them and Castle pulls out another letter of Greg’s where he mentioned how they met at a burger joint in New Jersey. Beckett still doubts Castle’s idea and he agrees.

Later on over coffee, Beckett laments to Castle how her APBs and credit card holds have gotten them nowhere and that Greg pulled all his money, $8000, out of the bank weeks ago. Castle guesses that with that kind of money, they could be half way to Canada by now and Beckett says that she’s even given his and Amy’s photos to the border patrol in case they do try to leave the country. Ryan enters and says that the lab identified the carpet fibers from Dr. Monroe’s body as coming from the trunk of a fairly new Cadillac Deville. Castle then supposes that that explains how Dr. Monroe’s body got to the funeral home. Beckett orders Ryan to check out surveillance cameras in the area of the funeral home for the car, from which they could a license plate number. Captain Montgomery then enters and announces that New Jersey state troopers Beckett got to cover the burger joint where Greg and Amy met just pulled them out of the drive through. Castle questions Beckett, saying that he thought she said his idea was stupid, and she corrects him, saying that he was the one who thought it was stupid, and she proved him wrong. Castle chases after her, claiming he was right.

Later in an interrogation room, Greg maintains that he broke Amy out of jail because he couldn’t stand to see her imprisoned for a crime she didn’t commit. Beckett reinforces to him that she didn’t bring him and Amy in because of her crime, but because of Dr. Monroe’s murder, and she demands to know who his accomplice is. Castle guesses that the real subject of his meeting with Dr. Monroe was for her to tell him that she was on to his plan, and that afterward Greg killed her so she wouldn’t blow the whistle on him. He insists that he didn’t kill her and that after their meeting he knew she was on to him, and that he only changed the planned date of Amy’s escape. When Castle presses him, Greg says that Dr. Monroe seemed to be fishing for information when they met, so he tried to distract her from the subject by asking her about the bracelet she wore, knowing that he would have time in the next two days, while she was off, to put his plan into action. He says that she told him the bracelet was a gift from her boyfriend, and that when she took a call on her cell phone, he took off. Castle disputes that Dr. Monroe had a boyfriend, but Greg insists.

Outside by Beckett’s desk, she expresses her frustration about how at no point in the investigation did anything indicate that Dr. Monroe had a boyfriend. Castle supposes that Greg is lying and points to the photos of Dr. Monroe’s body at the crime scene where she is clearly not wearing any bracelet. Ryan enters and shows a surveillance photo of the only Deville that passed in the direction of the funeral home just after Dr. Monroe’s time of death. The angle of the shot does not include any view of the license plate. While Beckett and Ryan talk, Castle notices that photo of Dr. Monroe by the ambulance dock with the man from the Attorney General’s office in which she is wearing a bracelet. Ryan says that the bracelet wasn’t found on her body or in the casket so it must have been taken by the killer, which wouldn’t make sense if the motive was robbery since Dr. Monroe’s purse was still with her. Castle corrects him and asks Beckett to look closer at the bracelet. She complies and recognizes the bracelet’s design.

Later, Castle and Beckett return to Cesar Calderone’s apartment and question him about the real nature of his relationship with Dr. Monroe. He maintains that she was just his physician. Castle shows him the surveillance photo of Dr. Monroe wearing the bracelet, saying that he also noticed how it was similar in design to the necklace he wears around his neck. Calderone says that he gave her the bracelet, which belonged to his mother, that the necklace he wears belonged to his father. Beckett then presses him about how the bracelet wasn’t found on Dr. Monroe’s body and Castle asks him if she rejected him, causing him to kill her. Calderone maintains that he loved her, but didn’t kill her, and restates his alibi, which Beckett says he could easily have bought. Beckett then shows him the photo of the Deville passing on its way to the funeral home and says that she matched the fibers from Dr. Monroe’s body to those in the trunk of Calderone’s car. Calderone then remembers that he lent the car to his brother Manuel that night and is shocked to see guilt in his eyes when he confronts him. Manuel admits to killing Dr. Monroe because he knew that she was an informant of the Attorney General’s office and suspected that she was sent to investigate Calderone. Castle and Beckett explain to Calderone how Manuel killed Dr. Monroe and put her body in the casket in hopes that it would be buried without ever being found. Beckett arrests Manuel, who insists that he did it to protect his brother. Beckett then tells him that Dr. Monroe wasn’t investigating his brother, but rather the hospital, making the murder all for nothing.

Back at Castle’s loft, Castle has a glass of wine with Martha, who talks about how Greg’s willingness to risk everything to break Amy out of jail impresses her and that everyone should have someone willing to do the same for us in our lives. Castle agrees. Alexis enters, having come from the concert, and says that she had an amazing time meeting Taylor and listening to her play hers and Ashley’s song. She then hugs Castle and thanks him for the tickets, saying that Gina told her that the tickets were from them both. She then heads off to bed while Martha pronounces Gina’s act as very considerate. Castle asks her if she’s beginning to like Gina and Martha replies that she stopped becoming emotionally invested in Castle’s relationships when he was in high school, figuring that she’ll be happy if he’s happy. She then says that Castle should ask himself would he be willing to break Gina out of prison, because that is true love. She leaves, and Castle reflects on his mother’s advice.

Back in a precinct holding cell, Amy kisses Greg’s hand furiously, and they reaffirm their love for each other. Castle and Beckett arrive and tell Amy how they found in her arrest file that her public defender did a lousy job of presenting her case. The Attorney General’s office reviewed the file as well and agreed to reopen her case, saying that she had reason to be optimistic. They go on to say that if Amy is cleared, the Attorney General’s office has also agreed to recommend probation for Greg. When Amy asks why Beckett did what she did, she answers that someone convinced her that true love like theirs deserves a happy ending, and looks at Castle. Beckett elbows Castle and he adds that they felt bad that their attempt at reliving their meeting at the burger joint was interrupted, so they thought they’d give them a chance to relive it in jail. He steps into the cell and places two sodas and a bag of burgers from the burger joint in between them. They laugh as Castle and Beckett step outside.

In the hallway, Esposito tells Castle that they both did a good thing with Greg and Amy. Castle says that he just thought they deserved a chance and that if it were he and Esposito, they’d both be stuck there forever. Esposito disagrees, saying that he’d escape and leave Castle behind. Castle laments his attitude, saying that it shows him who his true friends are and Beckett, having over heard their conversation, tells Castle not to worry and that she’d break him out. She walks past him, leaving him slack-jawed at her comment, especially in light of what Martha told him earlier. Beckett walks halfway to the precinct elevator, stops and turns to see Castle and Esposito watching her. She asks Castle if he’s coming with her. He agrees, and hurries to catch up to her, leaving Esposito smiling at the sight of the two of them heading for the elevator.


Who: Dr Valerie Monroe (from County Hospital)
Found: In a caskett at a jewish funeral with the deceased man. She was moved here in the trunk of a car.
Where Killed: Somewhere in the city - unknown
How: Hit on the head, knocking her out, then given an injection with air into her carotid artery, causing an air embolism

Killer: Manuel Calderon
Motive: Protection. Manuel Calderon thought that Dr. Monroe was providing information to the "feds" (Leonard Maloney of the Attorney General's Office) on his brother's (Cesar Calderon aka El Diablo) former narcotics activity. But she was not involved in that investigation. This was another murder done for the wrong reason ... see Inventing_The_Girl
Unexplained: where did "Jane Doe's" body in the hospital morgue come from?

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