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Almost Famous

Basic Details[edit]

Season 3, Episode 7 (41)

Original Air Date - November 1, 2010


Responding to an "Officer Down" emergency call, Castle and Beckett's latest case takes a shocking turn when it's revealed that the victim isn't a cop but a male stripper dressed up as one. The murder leads them into the world of male strip clubs, the hardships of struggling actors, and the price that people pay in pursuit of fame. Did our victim's dreams of stardom get him killed, or was there something more nefarious afoot?

Episode Images[edit]

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Main Cast[edit]

Guest Cast[edit]

  • Mary Page Keller - Rebecca Dalton
  • Samantha Quan - Kathleen Park
  • Christina Vidal - Jamie Ruiz
  • Philip Anthony-Rodriguez - Michael Grant
  • Gideon Emery - Lloyd Saunders
  • Blake Gibbons - Billy Grimm
  • David Barry Gray - Bert Kramer
  • Adriana DeMeo - Bella Lombardo
  • Clint Glenn Hummel - Hans von Mannschaft
  • Austin Highsmith - Camille Roberts
  • Leandro Cano - Bouncer
  • Sam Doumit - Mandy Carson
  • Dana Frances - Bachelorette
  • Tracey Graves - Bachelorette
  • Kelsey Gunn - Sarah Lieberman
  • Corey Saunders - Derek Brookner
  • Dana Ward - Sexy Reporter
  • Mobin Khan - Gas Station Shopkeeper
  • Simona Morales - Bachelorette


Martha: We’ll all have plenty of time to sleep when we’re dead.
(Castle’s cell phone rings, Martha hands it to him and he sees it is Beckett calling)
Castle: Speaking of dead…

Castle: He’s not that handsome. You want my opinion? Three hundred bucks an hour: a little steep.
Lanie: As the person in this room who’s seen everything under the sheet…bargain.

Castle: Ladies! I'm not a stripper, though I can understand how you'd make that mistake.

Castle: Tell me again why Ryan & Esposito couldn’t come with you?
Beckett: We all agreed as Volunteer Assistant Homicide Detective you could really sink your teeth into this avenue of investigation. And they called ‘Not it.’
Castle: You know ever since I’ve been following you I’ve been dreaming of the day that you’d say ‘Let’s go to the strip club and get this dirtbag.’ I just never imagined it’d feel like this.
Beckett: Let me know if you need any singles.

Esposito: Up to his ears in A-Rods? I got an A-Rod for that sonuvabitch. Three years varsity ball, 2 years Special Forces triathlon, and NYPD police calendar 2007. What?
Ryan: It was a group photo.
Esposito: I got letters.
Ryan: Yeah, three. Two of them from your Mom.
Esposito: One of them was from my Mom.

Castle: You know, Mother? I think you’re a really good influence on Alexis.
Martha: What’s with you kiddo? Fever? Delirium?

Martha: Auditions are like men: there’s another one right around the corner.


  • This episode was filmed as #6 but rescheduled to air as the 7th episode.
  • Guest star Blake Gibbons said of his experience on the show "You couldn't ask for a nicer more grounded pair of actors than Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic. They're warmth and good humor truly enhanced an all ready cool experience."[1]

Featured Music[edit]

  • Friday Rock by Jim Bacchi - a police officer approaches an apartment
  • Hot in Herre by Nelly - song playing during the firefighter's strip tease
  • Stars Like You by Troy MacCubbin - closing song

Full Episode Recap[edit]

A man dressed in a police officer’s uniform approaches the front door to an apartment, suspicious about noises coming from inside. He puts a hand on his gun, knocks on the door, and identifies himself as a police officer, with a warrant for the arrest of a Jamie Ruiz. The noises coming from inside cease, and the officer knocks and identifies himself again. The door creaks open to reveal a faceless figure who grabs the officer by his shirt, pulling him inside. A scream rings out.

Early the following morning at the Castle loft, Richard Castle is awakened by his mother, Martha Rodgers, and his daughter, Alexis, making loud noises in the kitchen. Eyes still heavy with sleep, he approaches them as they take a break and tells them of a dream he was having where the Swedish bikini team recited positive reviews of Naked Heat while he floated on a lily pad. When Martha asks why he is telling them about it, Castle says they interrupted the dream by making the kitchen sound like a cat shelter. Alexis explains that she and her grandmother were doing voice exercises to strengthen her abdominal breathing. When Castle asks why they were doing so at 5 in the morning, Martha says that to give an inspired audition, one must be prepared. As Martha goes to the kitchen, out of earshot of Alexis and Castle, Alexis tells her father that she told Martha the night before how she was thinking of auditioning for a part in her high school’s production of Grease. Castle now understands why they are both up so early: because of Martha’s propensity to go overboard out of a belief that acting is in Alexis’ blood. Alexis says she had no idea that Martha would get her up so early to practice. Martha comes back from the kitchen and tells Alexis that an actor must learn to make sacrifices for the sake of the craft and that everyone will have plenty of time to sleep when dead. Castle’s phone rings as both he and Alexis yawn widely. Martha picks up the phone and smiles as she sees who is calling. She hands the phone to Castle who fibs to the caller about already being out of bed.

Later, Castle hurries to follow Detective Kate Beckett to the scene of a murder, saying she needn’t rush since the dead body isn’t going anywhere. Beckett tells him that this case is different and meets up with Medical Examiner Lanie Parish, who confirms that the victim is a police officer. They find the body of the man who was pulled inside the apartment door the night before. Lanie tells Beckett that the victim sustained a single gunshot wound to the chest and wasn’t wearing his Kevlar bullet proof vest. Beckett asks to examine the body closer and pulls the victim’s badge from his shirt. She notices his badge is an old-style badge. Castle supposes the guy likes to do things old-school and is paying homage to a long career on the force. Lanie disagrees, since the guy is in his twenties, not old enough to have served for so many years. Castle shoots back that he could have been a genius like Doogie Howser and Lanie looks at him dubiously. Beckett also notices that the officer’s gun is fake. Castle tastes the liquid he finds on its tip and identifies it as cheap tequila. Beckett concludes that the victim was not a cop and Castle guesses that he was impersonating a cop to pray on vulnerable women. Lanie discovers that the victim’s pants are tear away, leading Beckett to conclude that the guy was a stripper. She pulls his keys from his pockets and presses the button on the remote lock. When a beep sounds from a short distance away, she and Castle go to check out the victim’s car.

Castle teases Beckett about pulling a case where the victim is a male stripper and she chalks it up to mere luck of the draw. As they approach the car, he jumps in front of the passenger door and calls shotgun. Beckett bursts his bubble telling him that he’s the only other person there and he sheepishly agrees. They climb in the car, and Castle says the mess and smell inside remind him of his first dorm room. Beckett locates the victim’s wallet and says his name was Derek Brookner. Castle finds a bank deposit slip on which is written an apartment’s address. Beckett observes that Brookner was found midway between where his car was parked and the address. Castle guesses that that was where Brookner was coming from.

Castle and Beckett knock on the door of the apartment, which the audience can recognize as the door on which Brookner knocked the night before. The door opens to reveal a very hung over young woman who tells them to go away. Before she can shut the door, Beckett stops her and flashes her badge. The woman lets Beckett inside and she and Castle are surprised to find the remnants of a wild bachelorette party. Castle stumbles over his words as one of the women wakes up, thinking he is another stripper. Slowly the other women wake up and dizzily start shouting for him to take off his clothes. Castle says he is not a stripper, and Beckett rolls her eyes as he adds that it would be easy to mistake him for one. Beckett identifies herself and says they are investigating Derek Brookner’s murder. One of the women recalls Brookner as “Officer McNaughty”, their stripper from the night before. When none of the women can recall when Derek left the party, Beckett tells them that a trip to the precinct should jog their memories.

Later at the precinct, Detectives Javier Esposito and Kevin Ryan attempt to ask one of the women questions about the party, only she throws up so much that they can’t get much information out of her. In the break room, Beckett tells two other women that Derek was killed in his uniform, making their party the last place he was seen alive. Castle brings them both coffee as one of the women tells Beckett that she arranged for Derek to perform for them, since the bride has always had a thing for cops. Castle grins and informs them that he is a Volunteer Assistant Homicide Detective, eliciting smiles from the women, but a hard look from Beckett. The woman who planned the party explains that she booked Derek by calling Mucho Men, a service she found online and that they charged her $300 for an hour’s performance. Castle asks if Brookner mentioned where he was going after the party and the woman says she doesn’t remember since they were all drunk when he arrived. Castle then asks if any of the women took pictures of the party and the woman gives a slightly embarrassed look.

A little later, Castle, Beckett, and Esposito look on as Ryan connects the last woman’s camera to his computer. The woman tells all of them that she figured the bride could look back on the pictures when she is older and bored in her marriage. Beckett and Castle exchange meaningful looks as Ryan downloads the pictures. As Ryan clicks through the pictures, Castle comforts Esposito, who is bothered the women treating Brookner like a piece of meat. Beckett stops Ryan when he comes to a picture where Brookner stands in the background seeming to have an argument with an angry woman. Beckett asks who the woman is and the woman from the party identifies her as Camille, a friend of the bride’s. Beckett remembers that she wasn’t at the apartment that morning and the woman from the party remembers that she left after Brookner did.

Later on, Esposito reports that Camille had a restraining order filed against her several years ago by Brookner. Still later, Ryan says that Camile is waiting in an interrogation room and that he didn’t find much in Brookner’s apartment except for some books on finance and his day planner that holds a business card for a Jesse Mandelay. Beckett tells Ryan to see what he can find on Mandelay.

In interrogation, Camille admits she left the party after Brookner and went home to be by herself. When she realizes that Beckett suspects her in his death, she insists that the restraining order was a misunderstanding and that Brookner broke her heart, but she eventually got past it. Beckett shows her the picture from the party and Camille admits to being upset at seeing him strip, but maintains her innocence of his murder. Beckett reviews the facts that make her a suspect and Camille says she confronted Brookner at the party about giving up on his dream of being a serious actor. She says he told her he was stripping because he was desperate for money, having quit a recurring gig that he feared would kill him. She then breaks down.

Outisde interrogation, Beckett says her instincts tell her that Camille is innocent. Captain Roy Montgomery agrees, but tells Beckett to check Camille’s clothing for gunshot residue. Beckett asks Esposito about the gig Camille spoke of and he says that Brookner’s agent told him he hasn’t booked any work in over a year. Ryan pulls up Brookner’s acting reel and plays a commercial for a male enhancement drug and a clip of Brookner playing the wanted leader of a notorious biker gang on an “America’s Most Wanted” type show. Beckett concludes that the gig Camille mentioned wasn’t related to Brookner’s career and tells Ryan and Esposito to go to Mucho Men and see what they can find out. Beckett’s cell phone rings and she answers.

At the morgue, Castle examines Brookner closely and says that, in his opinion, he wasn’t that handsome nor was worth $300 and hour. Lanie opines that he was a bargain, based on her having seen him naked. Beckett is momentarily distracted and Lanie tells them she found that Brookner’s hair was recently dyed grey. Beckett says most men dye their hair to cover up grey and Castle supposes that one of Brookner’s stripper gigs required him to look like someone’s father. Beckett again disagrees, saying it’s more likely Brookner colored his hair for an audition. Lanie then shows them a single long blonde hair, which Beckett guesses came from one of the bachelorette party attendees, only Lanie says it tested positive for steroids, making the owner of the hair male.

Ryan and Esposito arrive at Mucho Men and before they can question Lloyd Saunders, the booking agent, he addresses Esposito, saying he has plenty of guys wanting to pose as A-Rod, then addresses Ryan saying he is in need of guys who can look like one of the actors from the movie Twilight. Saunders throws Ryan a red g-string, offers him padding if he needs to make it fit, and tells him to try it on. Esposito pulls out his badge and says they have questions about Brookner. Ryan gives the g-string back, says he wouldn’t need any padding, and asks about Brookner’s recent bookings. Saunders says most of Brookner’s recent gigs were stripping at bachelorette and birthday parties. Ryan asks about the hair found on Brookner’s body and Saunders says it could have come from someone at Brookner’s other job, a strip club called The Package Store. He also says Brookner told him that the guys at the club could be very difficult to get along with. On their way out, Saunders tells Ryan that if he changes his mind, he’ll provide fangs. Ryan is speechless and walks out. Esposito follows, looking offended.

Back at the precinct, Beckett, Ryan and Esposito look at The Package Store’s website, but don’t see any performers pictured with long blonde hair. Beckett theorizes that the pictures on the website are old and Ryan says it’s possible they change their style based on the latest trend, citing how Saunders said the Twilight look is popular. Esposito shoots him a harsh glance and Ryan guesses that the Fabio look may be coming back. Beckett tells them there’s only one way to be sure, and walks off calling Castle’s name, leaving Ryan and Esposito curious.

That night, Castle follows Beckett, dressed in a very sexy outfit, into The Package Store and asks why Ryan or Esposito couldn’t go with her. She tells him they all agreed since Castle dubbed himself her Volunteer Assistant Homicide Detective that this was a line of investigation he should help her look into and that they called “not it.” Castle responds that since he’s been working with Beckett, he’d always hoped to go to a strip club with her to catch a suspect, but he never expected it to feel so uncomfortable. Beckett teases for him to tell her if runs out of one dollar bills and walks off as Castle instinctively catches a pair of chaps thrown in his direction by a stripper dressed as a cowboy. Women flock to him as he tries to follow Beckett.

Back at the precinct, Ryan prepares two cups of coffee and laments the sadness of how Brookner just wanted to be respected as an actor. Behind his back, Esposito agrees, removes his sweater, and begins flexing his arm muscles in a mirror. He then begins to do push-ups, placing his feet on the arm of a chair, and pushing up off the edge of another chair. When Ryan questions what he is doing, Esposito stands and angrily expresses his indignation at Saunders’ brushing him off earlier. He ticks off how he played years of varsity sports, was a Special Forces triathlete and was included in the 2007 NYPD calendar. Ryan reminds him that he was in a group shot, and Esposito returns that he got letters as a result of his appearance. Ryan continues rattling his partner by saying that he only got three letters, two of which were from his mother. Esposito corrects him that one letter was from his mother, takes his coffee and walks out of the break room.

Back at the strip club, Beckett finds Castle surrounded by attractive women. Castle plays Beckett off as his girlfriend and the women slowly slink away. When they are alone at a table, Castle thanks her for saving him from the women, likening them to piranhas. Beckett relates that one of the bartenders told her that a dancer named Hans was upset that Brookner was getting the headliner shift. Castle gets up to head backstage to find Hans, and Beckett stops him, saying Hans is performing in the next act. They watch as a group of men dressed as firefighters take the stage and begin stripping. Castle covers up his reluctance to watch by complaining that the stage lighting could give the guys skin cancer, and Beckett tells him to relax and look for Hans. When one dancer removes his helmet revealing a long mane of blonde hair, Beckett approaches the stage, flashes her badge, and orders him to come down so she can talk to him. Hans thinks she is just playing and he and other dancers surround her, despite her protests. They finally stop when Castle sprays them with a fire extinguisher, eliciting a glare from Beckett.

Backstage, Hans criticizes Brookner for not rehearsing their dances and always touting his acting gigs while he worked hard at the club. When he reveals his last name of Von Mannscaft, Castle laughs at his obvious choice of a stage name. Beckett asks if any of his relatives ever served time for murder and Hans immediately drops his German accent in surprise. Beckett tells him about how Brookner was murdered the day before, one of his hairs was found on his body, and that since he admitted to her how they were rivals, she considers him a suspect. Hans disputes that he killed Brookner and explains that their costumes are stored in the same closet, which clarifies how his hair got on Brookner’s clothes. He alibis that he was at the club performing the night Brookner was murdered and asks if they talked to Derek’s girlfriend, an older woman who was obsessed with Derek and with whom he must have broken up since her regular flower deliveries stopped last week.

Beckett and Castle return to the precinct, where Esposito teases them about running out of singles. Ryan confirms Hans’ story about the flowers, saying that prior to last week they made 4 months of weekly deliveries to the club for Derek. He adds that the flowers were ordered by a Rebecca Dalton. Esposito chimes in that Rebecca is the widow of a wealthy publisher and a former runway model. Castle then spins a dramatic tale about how Rebecca felt trapped in her first marriage and felt so free and alive when she met Derek that she couldn’t handle it when he broke off the relationship and killed him so nobody else could have him. Ryan teases Castle about watching Sunset Boulevard before going to the club and Beckett sarcastically thanks him for the story, but says that they will have to interview Rebecca in the morning. As she and Castle leave, Castle gleefully confirms that Ryan and Esposito liked his story.

Back at his loft, Castle finds both Alexis and Martha in 1950s clothing drinking root beer floats. He assumes they are celebrating Alexis’ getting the part of Sandy in the play, but Alexis tells him she is only a finalist. Martha explains that they’re running lines in costume so that they will come as second nature to Alexis when she auditions again tomorrow. Castle then notices that Martha is wearing tight black pants from her younger days and she says that some of her happiest memories took place while she was wearing them. Alexis heads off to bed and Castle tells Martha he appreciates how his mother is a good influence on his daughter. When Martha suspects Castle is feeling ill, he tells her how dedicated she has always been and that it couldn’t have been easy for her. Martha agrees, saying she often had to take menial roles like an elf in a Santa Claus display, The Statue of Liberty outside a low-cost tax service, but that she was especially awful working as a secretary.

The next morning, Castle and Beckett exit the elevator at Rebecca Dalton’s floor and Castle muses about all the young boy toys who have walked the same hallway to Rebecca’s door. Beckett suggests they talk to Rebecca before Castle writes her life story and Castle tells her he thinks that Ashton and Demi would be perfect for the movie version. The door to Rebecca’s apartment opens and Michael Grant, Rebecca’s lawyer, introduces himself. Rebecca says she met Derek at fundraiser where he was supposed to encourage the guests to bid on silent auction items and that she liked him immediately. She says he never hid from her the fact that he was a stripper and she respected his tenacity. Beckett asks why they broke up and when Rebecca says the relationship ran its course, Beckett suspects she is lying. Grant says that Rebecca broke off the relationship because Derek asked to borrow $25,000 from her. Rebecca adds that she learned never to mix relationships and money since it clouds intentions and that Derek didn’t say why he needed the money. He also seemed distant, which made her suspect he was cheating on her. She had Grant hire an investigator to follow Derek, who found that he was mixed up with some disreputable people. Beckett asks to see the photos.

Back at the precinct, Ryan shows Captain Montgomery, Castle and Beckett one of the photos in which Derek seems to be having an intense argument with a young woman who is in a biker gang. Beckett recognizes one of the bikers as being the wanted biker gang leader Derek portrayed in his acting reel, Billy Grimm, leader of the Visigoths. Later, Esposito brings Beckett and Montgomery Grimm’s rap sheet. He explains that Grimm was caught as a result of Brookner’s portrayal and that he was released from prison when a guy he attempted to have killed became too scared to testify against him. Beckett wonders aloud why Brookner was talking to a female member of Grimm’s gang and Ryan says that Grimm swore revenge against Brookner when he was caught. Esposito puts in that he learned from his experience on a gang task force that members have to spill blood to get into Grimm’s gang. He suspects that Grimm resented Brookner wearing the Visigoth’s colors on TV. Beckett guesses that the woman set up Derek to be murdered.

Beckett and Castle visit the Visigoth’s hangout, a garage where they work on cars and bikes. A nasty dog scares Castle, and Beckett calmly tells him to relax since the dog is chained up. She flashes her badge at one gang member and asks to speak to Grimm. Beckett ignores his question about whether or not she is Castle’s “old lady” and enters the garage with Castle following nervously behind. Grimm denies knowing anyone named Derek Brookner, but changes his tune when Beckett threatens to call the department’s auto theft detail to check the VIN numbers of the cars in the garage. Castle puts in that he must have resented seeing Derek wearing the Visigoth’s colors on national television and Beckett says she knows he put a contract out on Derek once he was arrested. Grimm admits he was upset, but says he backed off once Derek gave him $25,000. The woman from the photo joins them and kisses Grimm as Beckett accuses him of sending her to extort the money from Derek and killing him when he couldn’t pay. She then shows Grimm the photo of the woman arguing with Grimm. Grimm confronts the woman who tells him that she got scared that he would do something to land himself back in jail, so she told Derek to preempt Grimm’s threat by giving the gang money. Grimm grabs her by the arm and kisses her passionately for such a romantic gesture as Beckett and Castle look on dumbfounded.

Back at the precinct, Ryan confirms Grimm’s alibi for the night of the murder. Esposito says he checked with some loan sharks who said that Derek didn’t hit them up for the $25,000, leading Beckett to wonder where Derek got the money. Castle guesses that Derek had invested in gold and Beckett scolds him for watching too many infomercials. Ryan adds that Derek never carried a balance of more than a couple thousand dollars in his bank account. Castle remembers that the address of the bachelorette party he found in Derek’s car was written on the back of a deposit slip for a different bank, Rampart Federal, than that where Ryan said Derek had an account. Beckett tells Ryan to search for a withdrawal of $25K from Rampart Federal made on the day Grimm was paid.

Later, Esposito announces that the withdrawal from Rampart Federal was made by a Jesse Mandelay. Ryan remembers how he found one of Mandelay’s business cards in his apartment, but that the number was disconnected. Captain Montgomery guesses that Mandelay loaned Brookner the money. Castle supposes that Brookner couldn’t repay the loan fast enough, so Mandelay killed him. Esposito says the bank is sending over the surveillance footage of the time of the transaction and they all head over to his computer to watch. Beckett sees Mandelay on the footage and notices that Madelay is actually Derek Brookner, but with gray hair.

Later, Beckett gets off her phone and says Derek withdrew money from an account held in the name of Sunfire Limited for which Jesse Mandelay was the signatory. Sunfire is linked to an offshore account and the only person the bank can trace it to is Mandelay. Castle figures out that Brookner was merely playing the role of a distinguished businessman, leading Beckett to realize that whoever hired him is the person behind Sunfire. She tells Esposito to find out who deposited checks into the Sunfire account, saying hopefully it will lead them to their killer.

Later, Beckett and Castle interview Bella Lombardo, who identifies Derek in the bank photo as Mandelay. She says he gave a presentation a family member attended where he promised that attendees could buy a $400,000 loft if they invested $10,000 in a riverfront apartment complex called the Braverman Lofts. She tells them that everyone who attended the presentation that day wrote Derek a check for $10,000 and that he promised the contract was in the mail.

Beckett and Castle meet the developer, Burt Cramer, at the Braverman Lofts. He admits to knowing Jesse Mandelay and says he caused him lots of grief when he tried to sell the lofts as if they were his own development. He explains that Mandelay told him he was a real estate agent who said he wanted to bring a large group of clients by on a Sunday to tour the lofts, so he gave him access to the building. He figured out Mandelay wasn’t legitimate when people began threatening to sue when he wouldn’t close their sales. Beckett asks if anyone else contacted him about Mandelay’s deal purporting to be his business partner and Cramer says no, but that he called some other developers who said Mandelay pulled the same scam on them. Before leaving, Beckett asks Cramer for brochures about the property, telling him she is in the market for a new place since hers blew up. Cramer flashes a disbelieving look.

In the building lobby, Beckett says she doesn’t understand why Derek was still stripping if the real estate scam was earning him thousands of dollars. Castle says he must have been merely the hired help brought in to charm the investors. Beckett figures out that when Grimm and the bikers threatened Derek, he raided the bank account for the $25,000, and his business partner found out. Castle adds that a heated confrontation must have resulted and theorizes that Derek wanted out of the scam. Beckett’s cell phone rings, she speaks to the caller briefly then hangs up. She tells Castle that Ryan and Esposito tracked down the articles of incorporation for Sunfire Limited, which were signed by Rebecca Dalton, meaning she was Derek’s business partner.

Back at the precinct, Captain Montgomery asks Beckett if she is sure about her theory that Derek was killed because of his refusal to continue to play Jesse Mandelay and Beckett answers yes. Ryan joins them, saying he confirmed Rebecca Dalton’s alibi for the night of the murder. Castle admits that he is impressed with how the case shook out, having written many a fantastic ending to a murder mystery.

At Rebecca Dalton’s apartment, the two confront her and her lawyer with what they found. Beckett tells her how they know how all of her business ventures begun since her husband died have failed. Rebecca insists that the failures don’t necessarily mean she murdered Derek, and Beckett insists it was only a matter of time until all her late husband’s money was gone. Castle chimes in that when she met Derek, he provided her with the perfect opportunity to set up a real estate scam, with Derek posing as a bogus real estate agent and developer. Beckett hands over the articles of incorporation for Sunfire with Rebecca’s name on them. She denies having signed them and Beckett agrees, saying she knows Rebecca was in Paris at a fashion show the day the articles were signed. Castle goes on to tell her how Grant used his access to her information and bank accounts to set up the real estate scam in her name without her knowledge, and that he was also stealing money from her business ventures and funneling it into an offshore account in the Cayman Islands. Beckett and Castle continue that Grant hired Derek to pose as Mandelay and that when the bikers demanded money from him, he took $25,000 out of the account. When Grant discovered the withdrawal he confronted Derek, Derek said he wanted out of the scam, and Grant killed him to keep him from exposing his crimes. Grant smugly refuses to answer any more questions. Castle teases him, but asks if he wants a real lawyer or if he’d prefer to hire an actor to play one for him.

Back at his loft later that night, Martha asks Castle about the case while preparing dinner. Castle says they found the murder weapon at Grant’s office and he confessed in an effort to cut a deal. Martha expresses sorrow at how Derek was simply trying to build a career as an actor, but kept stepping in life’s dog poo. Castle sarcastically tells her to stitch the line onto a pillow as Alexis walks into the loft. She says she didn’t get the part in the play and Martha hurries to hug her, saying the rejection is probably the best thing to ever happen to her. She goes on to proclaim that until an actor has suffered, he hasn’t really lived and that, like men, another audition is most likely right around the corner. She then hurries out to get ice cream. Once gone, Alexis admits that once she became a finalist for the part and had to compete against a classmate who clearly wanted it more, she realized she really didn’t want the part. She also figured out that she doesn’t love acting like Martha does. Castle tells her he is proud of her and Alexis says the director offered to have her be stage manager, which is more her style and will allow her stay in all her after school clubs. The two do their "feed the birds" hand signal and Alexis helps her father make dinner.


Who: Derek Brookner, age 27, struggling actor, male stripper, con artist portraying Jesse Mandalay
Found: on a sidewalk at the bottom of some stairs, below street level, near West 59th Street
Where Killed: where found
How: single gun shot would to the chest

Killer: Michael Grant, attorney to Rebecca Dalton
Motive: Cover up his scam (where he had Derek play the role of Jesse Mandaly) and the embezzlement of his clients money. Derek wanted out and made an unauthorized withdraw of $25,000 from his account.


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