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Alexis Castle

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Alexis Castle is a 16 year old kid wise beyond her years. She is the daughter of famous mystery novelist Richard Castle and the granddaughter of actress Martha Rodgers. She has a really close relationship with her father and grandmother.

Her mother is Castle's first wife, Meredith, who lives in California. The relationship between Alexis and her mother appears to be weak because they rarely see each other (Episode 110 ("A Death in the Family") and because Meredith is slightly crazy.

Home Life

Alexis helps her dad with his novels either by making suggestions or by being her dad's personal spell checker.


Alexis gets accepted into a summer program at Princeton University.

In (One Man's Treasure Alexis volunteers for a class project at the Precinct where her Dad works with Beckett.

In Wrapped Up In Death she works on a school project that requires her to study splatter patterns.

Hobbies & Interests

She once decided to try out cheer-leading (Episode 216 "The Mistress Always Spanks Twice") but then decided it was not for her. School activities she participates in regularly include playing the violin and fencing.

Alexis takes violin lessons.


Alexis is asked to Junior-Senior Prom by a boy named Owen who was in her poetry class at school. She breaks up with him in a later Episode. In Episode 224 ("A Deadly Game").

Alexis met a Ashley they both attended a summer program at Princeton University. While Ashley promised to Alexis her after she returned home he didn't call. Eventually Alexis calls him and they start dating. In Punked Castle walks in on them at Castle's Loft and catches them kissing.