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After Hours

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Basic Details[edit]

Season 5, Episode 8 (89)

Original Air Date - November 19, 2012


A simple trip to interview a witness to a crime related to their most recent murder case becomes a touch-and-go test of survival for Castle and Beckett when they are forced to hide the witness from the mob and without access to police resources. In their downtime, they reflect upon their first dinner with each others' parents that didn't go nearly as well as they had hoped, causing Beckett to wonder if it is a signal of things to come in their relationship.

Episode Images[edit]

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Main Cast[edit]

Guest Cast[edit]

  • Tony Denison - Michael "Mickey" Dolan
  • Patrick Fischler - Leo
  • Scott Paulin - Jim Beckett
  • Bonita Friedericy - Sister Mary
  • Jamison Haase - FBI Agent Lucas
  • Jonathan Emerson - Father Joe McMurtry
  • Josh Feinman - Jerry Jenkins
  • Devin McGinn - Colin Clark
  • Bryan Friday - Thug #2
  • Daniel Steven Gonzalez - Bronx PD Officer
  • Bart Braveman - Cabbie
  • Glenn Herman - Burly Tenant




Martha: I call it 'Death By Chocolate.'
Castle: Now, given your baking experience, is that a prediction?

Castle: How about we dive into this dessert?
Beckett: Yeah!
Castle: 'Cause, honestly, that whole death thing is sounding pretty good right now.
Beckett: (checks her beeping phone) There’s been a murder downtown.
Castle: Close enough.

Castle: I’m just saying there have been worse dinners.
Beckett: Like what?
Castle: Well, the dining scene from Alien comes to mind.
Beckett: Honestly, a creature bursting out of my Dad’s chest might have lightened the mood.

Castle: Someone had a priest assassinated? It’s like a Vatican conspiracy. Ah, it’s The DaVinci Code.
Beckett: Or not…

Ryan: A nun walks into a precinct. It’s like the beginnings of a bad joke.

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Ryan: Catholic school is like combat – unless you’ve been there, you don’t know.
Esposito: Uh, I have been there, in combat, and it’s way worse than some old lady.

Leo: We’re gonna end up floating in the river with cement shoes on!
Castle: Technically, if you have cement shoes, you’re not gonna be floating.
Beckett: What?
Castle: You’re right. That’s not helping.

Castle: Dude, where’s your car?
Beckett: Where’s my car?
Leo: Where’s your car?

Castle: If I can figure out the passcode for this phone we can use it.
Beckett: So you’re the boy with the dragon tattoo now?

Capt. Gates: There’s no cause for alarm. It’s just that we’re having trouble pinpointing their precise location.
Martha: Oh please, stop. You are a terrible actress.

Capt. Gates: I don’t want to have to tell those two that I lost their kids.

Beckett: It’s an emergency. I’m a police officer.
Cab driver: I’m the Sultan of Siam. These are my subjects.

Leo: You have an engineering degree or electronics experience?
Castle: No, but I’ve seen every episode of MacGyver.

Martha: Jim, I don’t know how you do this. You know, I thought I would get used to this new part of Richard’s life, the constant danger, and the never knowing, but I really thought there would come a moment, just a moment, when the worry would stop.
Jim: Katie’s been doing this for more than a decade now and I’ve had this clench in my gut since the day they handed her the shield. She does say she always feels safest when your son’s watching her back.
Martha: He says the same thing about her. Well, at least wherever they are, they have each other to lean on.

Beckett: You said different worlds.
Castle: What?
Beckett: You said that they were from different worlds and that we should just expect it. And then I started thinking about us. You like this world-famous best-selling author and I’m just this cop and we’re in this relationship which makes absolutely no sense on paper. And sometimes I just start wondering are we just kidding ourselves? What if this bubble bursts? What are we then?
Castle: Kate, we’re not our parents.

Castle:(imitating a trucker) Breaker, breaker, I got a mama bear and two joes in need of a ride back to the bear cave. (sees Beckett looking at him) I once had Derrick Storm beat up a trucker.

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Beckett: Who are you? Dr. Phil?
Leo: No, just a guy that may die tonight, realizing that life’s short. Trust me, living your life for now makes a lot more sense that worrying about the future.

Beckett: (hugs Castle) I thought I lost you.
Castle: Never. Never. Never.

Capt. Gates: Detective Beckett, Mr. Castle, so nice to have you two back.
Castle: It’s nice to be back.
Capt. Gates: Well, as worried as we were, I don’t think we were nearly as concerned as your folks.

Beckett: I guess we can’t avoid dealing with them forever.
Castle: No, but you know what? Who cares if they don’t get along? They aren’t us. And so what if we don’t makes sense on paper. We don’t live our lives on paper.


  • Patrick Fischler appeared in the 2012 independent movie Big Sur with Stana Katic. He also guest starred in an episode of the short-lived TV series Drive, in which Nathan Fillion starred.

Featured Music[edit]

  • Call Me Maybe performed by Carly Rae Jepson - the ring tone on a cell phone Beckett steals to use to call for help

Full Episode Recap[edit]

A priest enters a dark warehouse and calls out that he came as instructed. He turns and finds a man aiming a gun at him.

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At Richard Castle’s loft, he and his mother, Martha Rodgers, Detective Kate Beckett, and her father, Jim Beckett, are having dessert after their meet-the-parents dinner. Things take a bad turn when Martha implies that Jim is boring and he that Martha isn't serious. They are saved when Beckett’s cell phone chirps with a message about a murder. They leave Jim and Martha together.

As they approach the crime scene, Castle muses about how it doesn’t surprise him that dinner went badly since Jim and Martha come from different worlds and Beckett blames the debacle on Martha. They find Detective Javier Esposito, who comments on how Beckett is dressed up and gets a glare from both she and Castle in response to his question about their dinner. They find Medical Examiner Lanie Parish over the body and explain that their victim is Father Joel McMurtry. Lanie puts the time of death as between 7and 10p.m. the night before and that the cause of death is likely three gunshot wounds to the chest. Esposito notices how close together the shots are and is positive their killer is a marksman. Lanie notes that he picked up all his spent shell casings as well. When Beckett guesses that someone had a priest assassinated Castle jokes that it is straight out of The Da Vinci Code, but Beckett is not amused. She asks Esposito to dig into Father McMurty’s life and Esposito says a nun who knew him is on her way to the precinct. Detective Kevin Ryan joins them, makes the sign of the cross on himself when he sees the priest, and reports that a nearby bartender has information on the murder.

At the bar, the bartender says the night before a guy named Leo drunkenly blabbed about hearing gunshots nearby and seeing a man flee the scene. And now that a priest has been killed, he’s thinks Leo is a witness to the murder. He says he called a cab for him and gives them his address.

At the precinct, Ryan nervously watches as uniforms lead their nun from the elevator. Esposito pokes fun at his partner, but Ryan tells him Catholic school will scare anyone. However, Esposito still isn’t convinced.

In the conference room, Sister Mary tells them that Father McMurtry was friends with notorious mobster Mickey Dolan and that he tried to get him on the straight and narrow, but recently they had a fight that left Father McMurtry upset. The night he died, he got a phone call about Dolan and left in the middle of mass.

Castle and Beckett arrive at Leo’s building in a bad part of the Bronx and continue to bicker about dinner. Eventually, they agree to drop it and upon finding Leo’s apartment, are held at gunpoint by mobsters. Beckett hands over her gun, badge, cell phone, and wallet and Castle follows suit. They tell the guy they know about Father McMurtry’s death, but they vow they won’t get to Leo before they do. Then Leo answers the door, Beckett hits two of the men, Castle knees the third, and they slip inside Leo’s apartment and lock the door. While Castle and Leo move a china closet in front of the door, Beckett finds Leo’s phone is dead. As the guys pound on the door to break it down, Beckett and Castle tell him why they’ve come and that his life is in danger. Beckett pops out the grating covering a window and the three escape into an alley just as Dolan’s men break inside. They turn and find Beckett’s car has been stolen and take off running with Dolan’s men in pursuit.

Meanwhile, Ryan briefs Captain Victoria Gates by showing her surveillance video of Dolan’s and Father McMurthy’s argument which supports Sister Mary’s story. Gates asks about the phone call Father McMurtry got, but Ryan says it came from a pay phone. Esposito joins them and says Dolan’s apartment looked to uniforms like Dolan hasn’t been there and that the Organized Crime Task Force told him he fell off their radar. They suspect it’s because of a possible turf war within the O’Reilly family, for which Dolan works as an enforcer, and he went underground to hide. Gates reminds them that even if they knew where Dolan was they don’t have enough to charge him and tells them to send his mug shot to Beckett to see if their witness can identify him.

Later, Ryan and Esposito tell Gates they can’t get in touch with Castle or Beckett via their cell phones or Beckett’s car’s radio and that GPS says Beckett’s car is heading down the New Jersey turnpike. She tells Ryan to have New Jersey state troopers pull over the car and Esposito to go to Leo’s address and investigate.

Outside an apartment building, Castle repeatedly buzzes various units until an irate resident tells him to stop or else he’ll beat them all up. They give up and move on down the street while continuing to bicker as Leo observes. Seeing a parked car, Beckett breaks one of its windows, sounding its alarm, and pulls a cell phone out. She is dismayed to find it is password protected, but has no time to think further, as Dolan’s men round the corner in a car.

Esposito arrives at Leo’s apartment and finds the door broken in, the phone line cut, and further evidence of a struggle. He calls Ryan to report a problem.

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As Dolan’s men search, Castle, Beckett, and Leo hide in a piece of playground equipment. Castle suggests he try to find the password for the stolen cell phone so they can use it to call for help, but Beckett doubts he will be successful. She asks Leo about nearby subways and he says there is a stop six blocks away. Beckett guesses they might be able to make the last train, but Castle reminds her that New York City subways never run on time. After slightly more arguing, they agree that if Castle can’t figure out the phone’s password, they’ll make a run for the subway.

At Leo’s apartment, Esposito tells Captain Gates that a neighbor said he saw two guys push their way into Leo’s apartment, leading her to believe Dolan’s men came for Leo and Castle and Beckett got caught in the middle. She tells Esposito that they found Beckett’s car in the hands of joy riding teenagers. Both now become worried that Castle and Beckett are in the hands of Dolan’s men. Gates ends the call as Martha and Jim arrive in the precinct asking about their kids. She tries giving them the standard line about not knowing they are, but Martha is unmoved and believes both are in serious danger otherwise neither she or Jim would have been called. Gates confirms that they lost contact with Beckett and Castle, but reassures them that they are doing everything they can to find them and suggests they go home. However, both refuse to leave and head for the break room.

Ryan approaches her and she begs him for information, not wanting to give Martha and Jim bad news. Ryan says he’s only found out that all of Dolan’s associates have left town, but he tracked down one, Colin Clark, who is scheduled to leave for Dublin in the morning. Gates tells him to bring him in.

Meanwhile, Castle has successfully figured out that the stolen cell phone’s password is the name of the owner’s cat, but he still doesn’t know the name. This infuriates Beckett and as she and Castle continue to argue, the phone rings. Castle answers and finds the owner on the line threatening to call the police on him. He tells her to do so, but when Leo tells them to mention the killer, she misunderstands and thinks Castle is threatening her. She hangs up, but Castle says he knows the password, since the caller mentioned her cat’s name. He tries to enter it, but finds the phone has been locked from use. Just then Beckett sees a cab drive by and they all hurry to catch it. In the process, Leo sprains his ankle, but the cab driver doesn’t believe that Beckett is a cop anyway and leaves them all stranded. As the cab drives away, Dolan’s men round a corner and spot Beckett, Castle, and Leo. After a brief foot chase, Beckett, Castle, and Leo duck into the basement of a row home. Leo explains that he can hardly stand on his ankle, making running difficult. They also knows they can’t stay where they are very long.

At the precinct, Captain Gates interrogates Colin Clark, threatening to make him miss his flight out of the country, but he gives up nothing, except that she has no idea what’s about to happen. In the observation room, Esposito bets he can make Clark talk, but Ryan would rather try to figure out where Dolan is by finding out what Father McMurtry and Dolan were arguing about. He thinks Tech might be able to blow up the church surveillance video so they can read both men’s lips.

Beckett peers out the basement window and sees one of Dolan’s men outside. Leo doubts he can make an 8-block run to a subway, but Beckett finds the menu for a Chinese restaurant two blocks away and suggests they wait for Dolan’s man to leave then go to the restaurant to get help. Castle tosses Leo a roll of tape to tape up his ankle and announces that he found tools and a broken CB radio which he thinks he can get to work since he’s a fan of the TV show McGyver. Beckett angers Castle by rolling her eyes, but both insist to Leo that there’s nothing wrong. Finally, Castle tells him about dinner and Leo, having been through extensive therapy, says their argument isn’t about their parents, but each other.

At the precinct, Martha bring Jim a cup of coffee and both awkwardly apologize for their conduct at dinner. Martha finally breaks down and says she doesn’t know how Jim lives day-to-day with the worry about something happening to Kate. Jim admits that he’s always scared for her, but that it helps that Kate feels safest when she’s with Castle. Martha says Rick feels the same about Kate.

Castle continues to work on the radio, but a spark shocks him. Beckett joins him and they agree that Leo, who they think is out of earshot and looking out a window, doesn’t know what he’s talking about. However, Beckett frets that not only are Jim and Martha from different worlds, as Castle had said, but they are too and that they are kidding themselves in thinking their relationship can work. Castle starts to tell her that they aren’t their parents when the radio sparks to life. Castle attempts to contact someone, but the voices they hear merely report static. Leo then says that Dolan’s man is gone, so Beckett says they will all head for the Chinese restaurant. Castle disagrees, saying that Leo will be better off safe with her and that he will be less conspicuous. Seeing Beckett’s worry, he kisses her then leaves.

At the precinct, Ryan and Esposito tell Gates that Tech couldn’t read Dolan’s or Father McMurtry’s lips, but as the video plays they see Dolan leave and federal agents pull up to confer with Father McMurtry. They guess the priest was informing on Dolan, which gives Dolan a motive to kill him. Gates also realizes that the agents likely know where Dolan is.

Castle comes within sight of the Chinese restaurant, but, before he can get there, Dolan’s men catch him and push him into their SUV where Dolan himself is waiting.

In the basement, Beckett attempts to send SOS with the radio, but is interrupted by Leo who tells her it is alright to be nervous. He also admits that he heard her earlier conversation with Castle and recommends that she stop worrying about the future and live for now.

Inside Dolan’s SUV, Castle refuses to give Beckett’s and Leo’s location, but Dolan guesses it anyway. Leo then sees the men coming back and asks Beckett what they should do.

At the precinct, Captain Gates talks to one of the federal agents who was working with Father McMurtry. At first, he refuses to discuss the case, but gives in and explains that Father McMurtry was trying to get Dolan to turn state’s evidence against the O’Reilly family for whom he was working. They had Dolan in protective custody, but when he heard about Father McMurtry’s death, he disappeared. As a result, all members of the O’Reilly family are leaving the country to avoid being caught. Ryan, Esposito, and Gates now know Dolan isn’t their killer and guess that the O’Reilly family had Father McMurtry killed to draw Dolan out so they can kill him too.

In the basement, Beckett knocks one of Dolan’s men down and he loses his gun. To her shock, Leo picks it up, knocks the man out, and points the gun at her, professing to be doing his job. Later on, as Beckett ties up Dolan’s man, Beckett figures out that Leo killed McMurtry knowing that if he acted like a witness that Dolan would come to him. He admits that he didn’t kill Castle and Beckett because their dead bodies would have been more of a liability. Dolan’s man hands over his cell phone just as Castle tries to killing Beckett and Leo. Dolan corrects him, saying he has no plans to kill Beckett and that he didn’t kill Father McMurtry either. He goes on to say that he merely wants to find out who killed him by bringing in the witness. Dolan promises that once he gets what he wants, Castle and Beckett can walk away.

Meanwhile, Leo has Beckett dial Dolan’s man’s cell phone. Dolan answers and Beckett acts like she took out Dolan’s man. Dolan proposes that he trade Castle for the witness, but Beckett refuses unless she knows Castle is alright. Dolan hands him the phone and he tells her he is unhurt. Castle says that all Dolan wants is to talk and Beckett believes him. She even proposes that they all go to a baseball game with their parents. Dolan takes the phone back and agrees to meet Beckett under a nearby bridge in fifteen minutes.

As Leo and Beckett walk to the meet, Beckett suggests that he let her go to avoid the NYPD coming after him for killing a cop. They see Dolan’s SUV and Leo begins shooting inside, terrifying Beckett that Castle will be hurt. Both are surprised to see the SUV empty and to see Dolan, Castle, and one of his muscle appear. Leo aims his gun at them, but Dolan says he knows he emptied his gun already. He admits that Castle helped him figure things out and Castle tells Beckett that he figured out something was amiss when Beckett suggested that his mother might enjoy going to a baseball game. Dolan pulls his gun on Leo, but Castle talks him out of killing him. Leo vows that the O’Reilly family will just send someone else to kill him and Dolan responds that he can live with that. As Dolan’s man goes to take Leo’s gun, the cops arrive, arrest Leo, and take Dolan away. Beckett and Castle hug and Castle gives Beckett back her gun, badge, and cell phone. They ask a uniformed officer for a ride back to the precinct, but he says he’ll be tied up at the scene for a while. He whistles for a cab, and realizing he has no money, Castle asks if the uniform can loan him some cash.

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As the sun comes up, Ryan says that Dolan is offering to serve time for his previous crimes and Esposito reports that Leo confessed to killing Father McMurtry. Captain Gates joins them and welcomes them back, saying that they weren’t nearly as worried as their parents. Esposito tells them that in trying to reach both of them he ended up calling their parents. Gates tells them they are in the break room and she, Ryan, and Esposito leave. Beckett braces herself to face them, but Castle professes that he doesn’t care that they don’t get along or whether or not he or Beckett are from the same world, suggesting they just live their lives as best they can and deal enjoy the surprises that come along. As he speaks, both see Martha and Jim step out of the break room looking cozy with each other. Castle tells Beckett not to question anything to which she agrees. She runs to hug her father as Martha watches, smiling warmly.


  • Victim: Father Joe McMurtry
    • Cause of Death: Three gunshot wounds to the chest

  • Perp: Leo, professional hitman
    • Motive:Revenge: Leo was hired by an Irish gang to kill Father McMurtry, who he knew was a close friend of the head of a rival Irish gang, Mickey Dolan, to drive Dolan into the open where he could also be killed.

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