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A Rose for Everafter

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Basic Details[edit]

Season 2, Episode 12 (22)

Original Air Date - January 11, 2010


When Castle and Beckett are called to a wedding to investigate the death of a bridesmaid, Castle is stunned to discover that the soon-to-be bride is his old flame, Kyra, “the one that got away” (guest starring Alyssa Milano). Complications ensue as Kyra, caught off-guard by Castle’s reappearance in her life, wonders if she’s marrying the right guy. With the nuptials forestalled and the entire wedding party under suspicion, Beckett questions Castle’s ability to be objective about the case. But when it looks to Beckett like Castle and Kyra might rekindle their romance, her judgment may be compromised as well.

Episode Images[edit]

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Main Cast[edit]

Guest Cast[edit]

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  • Alyssa Milano – Kyra Blaine
  • Gina Hiraizumi - Laurie Hill
  • Ryan Alosio – Mike Weitz
  • Graham Beckel – Uncle Teddy
  • Kimberly Estrada – Lisa Bloomfield
  • Kevin Herrera – Waiter
  • Mimi Kuzyk – Sheila Blaine
  • Brian Patrick Mulligan – Justice of the Peace
  • Joe Nieves – Boyd Gamble
  • Brady Smith – Greg Murphy
  • Deborah Strang – Ruby Osiris-Schwartzman




Martha: Well, hurry taping up your father. We don’t want to be late. Oh God. I can’t believe I just said that.

Ryan: Where's Castle?
Beckett: I don't know. Figured the death of a bridesmaid would be right up his alley.
Ryan: Heard "wedding" and probably got cold feet.

Castle: So, bridesmaid, huh? What happened? Wouldn't get caught dead in that dress?

Castle: Ah, see? Not a woman alive who doesn't think about her wedding day, not even Kate Beckett. Tell me you never tore a picture of a wedding gown out of a magazine.
Beckett: I've never torn a picture of a wedding gown out of a magazine.
Castle: You're lying. She's lying.

Beckett: Apparently, Castle has a history with the bride.
Lanie: Ancient, modern, or sexual?
Beckett: Seems like all of the above.
Lanie: You okay with that?
Beckett: Yeah. Why wouldn't I be? (Lanie gives her a look.) Just keep me posted on the labs.

Castle: Kyra Blaine. Wow.
Beckett: I take it she was someone very special.
Castle: She's the one that got away.

Kyra: I feel like I know you a little. From Nikki Heat, the dedication.
Beckett: Oh.
Kyra: I still read all of Rick's books.
Beckett: Yeah, well, most of that book is just a result of Castle's overactive imagination.
Kyra: It's funny that you call him that, "Castle." When I knew him, he was just "Rick," fresh off his first best-seller. Well, overactive imagination or not, I know he only dedicates his books to people he really cares for.

Castle: Detective Beckett, this is Sheila Blaine, mother of the bride. So, I guess I didn't end up homeless or teaching at a third-rate college in New Hampshire after all.
Sheila Blaine: There's still time.
Castle: I've missed our special talks. Sheila didn't approve of struggling artists. You must like Greg, though. He's from money, right?
Sheila Blaine: It was never about money. It was about character and you would know that if you had any.
Beckett: (To Castle) Wow…Just imagine if things had worked out you’d be spending Thanksgivings with her.

Mike Weitz: Where's that bitch, Sophie? I'll kill her!
Castle: Timing very poor.

Kyra: Mmm. If things had gone as planned today, I would be twirling around on the dance floor with my husband right about now.
Castle: Do you remember the last time we danced?
Kyra: Under the clock at Grand Central Station.
Castle: You were on your way to JFK to catch a flight to London.
Kyra: You were supposed to follow me.
Castle: You said you needed space.
Kyra: I didn't mean forever. So, you've done all of this before?
Castle: Twice.
Kyra: And each time, did you think that she was the one?
Castle: It seemed like the right thing to do at the time.
Kyra: But it wasn't, was it? Some girls would think what happened today is a sign.
Castle: The murder?
Kyra: And you.

Castle: We met in college. We were together nearly three years.
Beckett: I didn't ask.
Castle: Yes. You were not-asking very loudly.
Beckett: She's different from your ex-wives.
Castle: What do you mean?
Beckett: She's real. I didn't think you went for real. Tough breakup?
Castle: It was a long time ago.

Beckett: What?
Lanie: Don't "what" me. Castle's lost love?
Beckett: Yeah, what about it?
Lanie: Girl, I'mma smack you. You work side by side every day. He writes a sex scene in his book about you that had me reaching for ice water. Now Little Miss Bride shows up. Don't tell me you're not the least bit jealous.
Beckett: Oh, please. You've been inhaling too many autopsy fluids. (She turns and walks out)
Lanie: Honey, just because you can't see what's going on, doesn't mean everyone else doesn't see what's going on!
Beckett: (From outside the autopsy room) Shut up!
Lanie: (To the dead body) Mmm-hmm. 'Cause I see it. You may not, but I do.

Ryan: All day yesterday, I kept feeling like I'd heard the name Kyra Blaine before. And then it hits me. The dedication of Castle's second book, A Rose For Ever After.
Esposito: "For Kyra Blaine, you make the stars shine."
Beckett: When I'm not here, do you guys braid each other's hair and debate who's the coolest Jonas brother?
Esposito: No. But it's totally Nick.
Ryan: Absolutely Nick.

Martha: Richard Castle, what the hell are you doing?
Castle: Nothing.
Martha: She's getting married to another man.
Castle: It's just a picture.
Martha: No. It's a loaded gun.

Beckett: What did I tell you?
Castle: What?
Beckett: Did I or did I not make myself clear?
Castle: Yes.
Beckett: Do you know how much it annoys me knowing what you're doing? Touching things that shouldn't be touched.
Yanking on things that shouldn't be yanked.
Castle: No, no. Nobody yanked on anything.
Beckett: Really? Then how do you explain this?
(Beckett rolls back her chair and kicks her legs, which are dangling a few inches from the floor.)
Castle: Huh?
Beckett: Oh, don't give me that look. I've told you a million times not to mess with my chair.
Castle: Right. No, I'm sorry. And it-- it won't happen again.

Esposito: Hey, the financia... (He sees Beckett and Castle facing off.) Everything okay?
Beckett: Yeah.
Castle: No.

Uncle Teddy: A layman like you couldn’t possibly understand the financial and the legal complications of an estate like Greg’s.
Castle: (To Beckett) I think he just called you stupid.

Kyra: Of all the murders, in all the cities, at all the weddings, and you walk into mine.
Castle: I'm glad I did.
(Kyra kisses him on the cheek. Beckett watches them in the conference room from her desk.)
Kyra: Thank you, Rick.
(As Kyra exits, Beckett whips her attention back to her desk and pretends to look over paperwork. Kyra approaches her and she looks up.)
Kyra: He's all yours.


  • Executive Producer Andrew Marlowe said that the scene where Alexis tapes Castle to a chair with duct tape is an homage to when he wrote the film Air Force One. He was trying to work out a scene where a character escapes after being tied to a chair, so he had his wife, Terri Miller, tie him up.[1]
  • Castle's and Beckett's conversation in the elevator about Kyra is a callback to their elevator conversation in Little Girl Lost. Both say "I didn't ask." "You weren't asking very loudly."

Full Episode Recap[edit]

Full episode recap from ABC.com


Who: Sophie Ronson, 35, from LA, a bridesmaid
Found: stuffed in the armoire in her hotel room
Where Killed: in the hotel room
How: Windpipe crushed. Strangled from behind, one earring ripped out. Distinctive scars on her back from before she was killed

Killer: Ted "Uncle Teddy" Murphy (Greg - the groom's uncle)
Motive: Greed. Uncle Teddy needed the break up the wedding so Greg would not collect his trust, from which Uncle Teddy was embezzling


  1. Castle's Andrew Marlowe Previews "Cuffed": Expect Lots of Relationship Fun by Carita Rizzo, Wetpaint.com, posted December 2, 2011

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